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Translator French->English

Hello !

I search a french translator for some copy ad to translate in english.

ONLY skilled english copywriter. (Bi-language)

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We would like to ad an additional feature to our site we currently have a click to earn feature but we would like to add a daily click feature.

Fundamentaly the existing click to earn feature could be used as a framework however it would need to automatically reshow the offer to a member 24 hours after the first time they clicked, and every 24 hours after that untill the offer has expired.

This means a new link would be needed on the list of earning methods in the earning area. A new option would need to be added in Admin for Daily click offers to be added. And the ability to buy daily clicks on the purchase page. would need to be added to the purchase page.

Our site is

To have a look at our offers page you have to
1)sign up
3)click on earnings area
4)click paid to sign up

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Simple Ad Posting Job!

i am in need of a people who can do ad posting at a very Quick rate and with dedication.

after registration you will be told all the work to be done.
you will get RS 100/- or $2.15 for each ad you addition to this you will be given many software that you can sell at your own price and use them also. there are about 150 free softwares.
there is no fixed income, the more you work the more you earn.
only join if you can work hard and are ready to register yourself.
let me make it clear that this is long term project so you should have patience.

no need to bid on this, just register yourself on the site and you can earn hard cash there itself.

happy working.

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Need Experienced Craigslist Ad Posters

I need 2 experienced posters to post 30 ads on Craigslist (post 100 ads day 7 days each week). My rate is $0 .50 per posted ad.
— Ads are to be posted in 10 cities, 3 different categories in each city (2 ads in Jobs section and customer service section).
— I will furnish the ad titles, content, and cities for the postings.
— I will not pay for ads that are ghosted, flagged, removed, or otherwise become inactive
— All paid ads must last 24 hours or more.
— You must furnish report for ads each week.
— Payment

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Banner Ad Designing For German Website

German online shop is searching for a creative designer, who will build concept based banner ads for use in different online formates, e.g. portals, bulletin boards, main information sites. These ads should have different sizes. They will link to our main page.

We are looking for an eyecatching idea / format, based on substantial design of our website. Banner ads should follow a straight idea in fundamental recognition of the brand. (Partly)Animation is welcome, annoying things like sound, colour overload or other kinds of "too much" have to be avoided.

Banner ads should get a spcecial touch. We are open for new ideas.
Do you think, you are a clever one? Are yo all the time a little step further than others?

If you can adapt and transform styles and if you have proven your creative skills before, feel free to contacting us. References, concept idea should be included.

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Coldfusion / Css Developer

I have ongoing contract jobs available for regular bidding. Must be well-versed in coldfusion and advanced css. Do not contact if you dont know coldfusion inside-and-out. Must be willing to work on a per job per contract basis. Reasonable turn-around time expected. Must have access to all necessary tools (pref. CS4) We host coldfusion 9, so you must be able to work with it. Also, have need for graphic design artist, so if you dont know how, please tell a friend of this ad who does know. Need to be in contact easily and regularly. Send me your expected hourly rate and how much you would charge for a nicely pre-templated 4-6 page brochure type site (which we will provide the templates).
We dont use CMS, rather we program from the ground up, but if you have any ideas we are always willing to listen.

English proficiency a must – we dont want to edit your mistakes. Grammar and spelling are imperative.

Send me at least 4 samples of your work.

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Planned Diet

I am looking for writers to generate content for my dieting website.
I pay 50% of all ad revenue.

Please PM for more information

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Google Ad Words

Looking for help wth a google ad words capaign

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2 Page Static Website Selling Merchant Services

I am after a professional website for use on google ad words it will feature a bold selling headline photos of creditcard machines that i will provide, bold "discount rates" banners or stars. I want it to flow with the white page flowing from top to bottom (like Yahoo!)with greens. blues and red strategicly placed in page. i can proive links to templates with look i am after.

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Need Dynamic Website Design

I need a dynamic website design for my little tour company. It will have approximatelly 6-7 pages. The website has to be dynamic because I want to be able to change pages and maintain it by myself. I need one feedback form type of thing where my customers will be able to input their details in order to make reservation. This fedback form will be transfered right away to my email. Body ad text is ready and waiting. THe last thing would be to position it google and search engines as well aas to maintain ranking later on.

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Craigs List Poster Needed

We are looking for a dependable company that can work for us between 6am and 9pm PST (Los Angeles time). This is to promote Los Angeles Limo Service by posting on CL, Backpage, Kijiji. Most important is CL. We will need 18 ads to be posted daily in 2 categories Services>>Events and Travel. The ads have to be posted every 3 hours starting at 6am pst. 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm.
We will expect daily reports! So, only serious and professional people should bid. We dont play games and we will not tolerate it either. We must have great communication either via Yahoo or Skype IM.
We are looking for long term commitment, so please consider this when giving us a price.
Please let us know if you can design a great eye catching ad for us and the price.



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Classic City Calendar

To Whom It May Concern,

Our online business, "Classic City Calendar" overall needs to be
a website that is both ergonomical, easy-to-use, and visually
striking. I have included rough mock-ups of the home page, one toggle
through page for the music calendar page, and one mock-up for the
editorial "Hot Events" section. We would like our pages to be all
background black, with brightly colored tags and buttons. We would
like five sections on the tag bar at the top of the home page. These
five will stand for the music calendar, non-profit calendar, fashion
calendar, theatre calendar and overall calendar(all events). In
order, these tags will be blue, green, pink, purple, and orange.
Below those tags we would like a large, yellow search bar that is the
slightly larger than the above tags. Underneath that, we would like
an grey editorial box slightly smaller in width than the search bar.
On the sides of the page, vertically should be ad space.
Each of our separate calendar pages should include the tags to click
back to and the search bar as well as ad space on the sides. Then it
should be be headed with the name of the page and the week. Below
that should be a large, stylized calendar for seven days. This
calendar should take up most of the page, be easy to read, and simple
yet stylish.
Finally, our editorial page for "Hot Events"should also include the
tags and search bar at top, and ad space on sides. It should also
include an editorial square, a little less broad than the search bar.
This box should be grey.
All text should be black, elegant, but simple and clear. All boxes
should be well-defined and balanced. We need also this site to be
easy to update, since it will be added to weekly, even daily. Above
all, we want our layout to be easy to navigate. Our selling point is
the ease of use. Thank you for your interest.

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Hello Folks,

I need an experienced CRAIGSLIST POSTER, to post 500 ADS DAILY, throughout the CRAIGSLIST WEBSITE, to market our Companies .

ADS will be posted throughout different parts of craigslist

ADS will be , with unique content.



PAYMENT: Payment will be settled by PAYPAL

This is a very clean project that will last for the long term, only serious people should apply.


Only BID if you understand this project and can complete the work

we wont provide any tools or software
Thank You In Advance

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Automate Web Sign-in And Submit

I need to automate sign in to a website in order to resend my ad with a password (
Clicking on the link [bearbeiten/verlängern oder löschen] at the top of the page left, would take me to

I then need to supply my password and click on the button BEARBEITEN.
My password is "links" without the quotation marks.

I dont want to make any changes, but automatically hit the button at the bottom of the page.

I need to automate this process and submit this form every 5 minutes.

Open for any suggestion/solution.

M. Aoun

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Carpooling Services

No Readymade scripts plz.

I need a script for car-pooling, where in people who would want to share their cars out and people who would want to look for people who would want to share cars. The entire search parameters are based on the city, address from and address to, based on type of cars, price. Also peopole who would want to share their cars will be registered for free intially, but our admin system should have the capability of adding the paid membership module on click. Also need the mass mailing, reports, shoutbox where people can request perticular route, also the billing system. Auto email reminders for new cars added in their routes. Mass mailing to all the members. Ad banner management.

Designing will be provided by us.

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Automated Marketing Program

Looking for a software, to promote any website.

or affiliate type product or program.

It will have a target search list ( a space to type into ), to place a name

or phrase, to seek out people inquiring about a business

or an offer, they are searching ( looking for more information )on. You can put a link ( code ) into

the software,to have a auto responder track leads, make a subscription list and conversions ( sales )

Also.Want to split test 2 or 3 websites

( open up 2 or 3 windows within the software to split test)

or affiliate type products or programs to see, if they are converting well

( Meaning: which one doing good or not )

Want it to have a auto type set up feature or a manual feature, if your

wanting, to have more control over your program.Also looking place You tube code,if your wanting to

place video ( video ad or affiliate ad )through the program to get traffic, to promote any website.

or affiliate type product or program your in. Include a security feature, to protect from fishing or

stealing leads, from ex. redirects or breaking links to send customers to their product, taking


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Craigslist Poster1

I need an experienced CRAIGSLIST POSTER, to post ADS DAILY, on a TRIAL BASIS throughout the CRAIGSLIST WEBSITE, to market our Companies Many Products and Hopefully this will turn into a full time arrangement.

ADS will be posted throughout different parts of craigslist

ADS will be IMAGE/HTML ADS, with unique content.



PAYMENT: Payment will be settled by PAYPAL or other mutually agreed upon method.

This is a very clean project that will last for the long term, only serious people.

You must understand and know all changing IPs, ghosting, and all the issues that surround posting on craigslist. Several PVAS is preferred. Ads must stick for more than 3 days.

You must be able to rotate Ad titles, post image ADS, rotate IPs, Monitor ADS, prevent Ghosting, and be able to create AD reports.


Daily posting of 50 ads to start

If you also have a way of providing qualified leads from other methods please provide the info.

Only BID if you understand this project and can complete the work

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Web Crawler Data Extraction For Newspaper Classified Ads

Need a web crawler program with data extraction/scraping.

Specified URLs will be used.

Program will be crawling the classified ad sections of online newspapers looking for new "Legal Notice" ads that contain specific keywords such as "cvd"

Ability to extract/scrape the data which would be the complete classified legal notice

Save/export data to one log sheet, text file, etc. which would display for each new ad:

1) Date of search
2) Complete classified ad
3) URL Location where classified ad was extracted.

User friendly program that easily allows the addition/deletion of specified URLs (newspapers) to crawl

Mac OS X 10.5 & Firefox compatible

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Need 10 Ads Posted On Craigslist Per Day In 10 USA Cites

I need someone to post 10 ads on Craigslist per day in 10 Different USA cities of which I will provide list.


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Need 10 Ads Posted On Craigslist Per Day In Phoenix, Arizona

I need someone to post 10 ads on Craigslist per day in 10 Different USA cities of which I will provide list.


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NS2 Project

I need to do project in NS2. To implement my idea for wireless ad ho networks. The changes will be required at MAC layer. I will provide further detail if some one show his/her interest in my project.

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PHP Script For Yellow Pages Posting

I need someone to create a posting script that will post very basic information input by a business and display in my yellow pages section. Part of this will include a separate paid posting function that will post a full page ad for the business. This all must be done with mysql database and tables. All categories under letter "A" must be in one table, "B" in another table etc. This will be done for multiple cities but I just need the script for one city and I can duplicate your work for the others.

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Free Sms Site Script Like Way2sms

I need a script which can perform like way2sms site.

* Send sms to any mobile in India with the gateway I have from smsjunction.
* Admin panel with features to restrict free users from sending x number of sms per day and also registered users sms restriction per month
* Ad text advertisement at the end of text sms that the users send
* Registration on site should be followed by a verification sms
* Invite friends through sms, email
* Add contacts and create groups

Send me a pm for any queries. If you already have a script I would be interested too.

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$500 For Managing Apartment Hunt In Washington DC

Hi CL,

I am looking for a successful and reliable professional or student to outsource my apartment/room search. I am a recent graduate working in DC and due to my day job I do not have the time to actively search CL for housing opportunities.

The ideal candidate will be able to perform the following tasks:
-Clearly and professionally communicates my housing needs to prospective landlords and roommates
-Work at least 2 hours a day for 15 days, thats $26/hour
-Schedule apartment visits and roommate requests
-Posses general knowledge of the DC/Virginia/Maryland area
-Understands how CLs housing site works and able to recognize scams

If you match this description and wish to make $500, please respond to my ad with your availability, experience and any additional information you think I should know. I am looking to hire someone by the end of the month as my lease is up late March.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Need Someone To Create Software For Posting On Craigslist

I know there are many requests out there for CL Posting.

I am not looking for someone to post to CL.

I am looking for someone to create software that runs
on your pc and automates the whole process of posting on CL
in any of the sections using multiple email accounts and clears
cookies as it goes to post next one…so on and so on.

You can do it in any programming language that you want as long
as it works on pc (xp,vista, win7 etc)

In order to do that successfully, you have to find a way to
find and log into a proxy server, which is based in US , fast
and reliable. The software must be able to scan the entire
internet and find the available proxy server and be able to post.
You may have to have certain ips from certain major us cities to
overcome CL geo-ip blocking.

Another issue is to be able to switch ips also. The other part is
to be able to scrape emails, ads etc. This part has been done before
and might be fairly simple. Just need to add on to the software.

So once the software is installed on the pc, you should be able to post
any number of times in any city in any category. The way I would use it
is to post 1 ad using email. I would want to switch ips after 4 or 5 ads.
To post 5 different ads I will use 5 different emails but 1 ip. After each
post clear out cookies. My intention is to basically post 100 or so ads in
each city every day. Hope I am making myself clear.

Need experienced software engineers only who have done this type of work

need to be able to test it out completely.

At completion all the source code and everything associated with project
will be given up including any rights to software.

Please PM me if you have a question about the project.

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