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Forged Specialties Back End

I have a site and it is very simple, I am needing to just have some input a back end into it so I can just go in and upload pictures and info when I want. I want to keep the same layout it has already, just need it to be easily adjustable so when I want to add pictures its not a problem.

I will also need it tweaked just a little to fit more styles, but the site is done already. I will probably need someone also though from time to time to adjust a page to fit more styles when available.

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Web Page Update. Need Index Paged Changed, And Seo Work

Hello Designers.

I looking for a skilled web designer to implement an HTML page I recently had created for my os commerce site. I need all links to functional along with review of my existing seo meta and keyword information. I would like to have this done by the beginning of the year(1st week of January). This can turn long term based on results. Portfolio preferred along with Good feedback. Please let me know if you understand the terms and conditions by typing 7778 . I look forward to working with you.

Happy Bidding

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Simple Stats Feature From Admin To Show On The Index Page

I would like to have a stats feature added to the index page. The stats is working in the admin and I would want basically that stat to show on the home page

You can see the test here

if you login to the admin you can see the stats I am wanting on the home page.

user and password: admin
Please dont change so others can see

Once you are in the admin go too:
You will see "View All Members:" click the submit and then you will see all the members info and this is about the same format I want on the home page with a few things left out.

What I want to show on the home page is around the top center:

Username – Sponsor – No. Of Active Positions – No. Of Cycles Out

I want it always show the last 30 signups. This way its will always show the active users.

This is a test site, once done I will need to know what files are updated to move this to my site

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Flash With Backend Programming Skills Required

I am looking for someone to assist develop a unique website that requires Flash and backend programming skills to automate the movement of low resolution files on a page with high resolution files for printing.

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Add Google Analytics For Flash Book AS2 And AS3

I currently create flash e-books from pdf files, I need to be able to provide statics for each book.

I know that google now offers this for as3 and I think it can be done for as2 also.

I am looking for these stats:
Statistics wanted:

– Time spent viewing whole e-book
– Time spend on each page
– Pages viewed
– Last time e-book was viewed
– Pages that have been zoomed
– Home site clicked
– E-mail sent
– Which pages printed
– PDF downloaded
– Links clicked on
– Which words searched
– External links clicked

or as many as possible.
example of my flash ebook:

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Customise Flash Page And Add Tax Calculation Calculator


I need an individual to customise my flash template and to add a tax calculation calculator to the site. Users should be able to calculate the possible tax refund amounts and then upgrade that to an enquiery with a form along with calculations.

The site is:

Flash files will me made available to make adjustments to the animation.

Work needs to be completed within 1 week so only bid if you have the time to complete within this timescale.

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Add WYSIWYG Editor The Website.

I have a website that needs that need to be edited regularly, therefore i need a provider to install some of my existing ASP code into my sites (with modification) and make 8 pages of the site be WYSIWYG format. the ASP code was from some other website so it need to be edited.

I need:
– login screen
– forget password section
– menu page with 8 pages (News, Career, etc) to be editable format. WYSIWYG editor.

database: mysql,

I expect to be complete this within 2 working days as this is a simple task.

budget: $100

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Add New Web Page In My Existing Flash Website

I would like to add a page to my flash Website. This site already running just need to add few static pages.



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Forum S.E.O. – Need Index Page On Google

Hi everyone,

I have a forum which I need the actual .com address to be indexed on google. Right now, google indexed the direct link to the forum (/forums/forum.php), but this bypasses our landing page. I need someone who can guarantee that my .com landing page will replace the forum link on google. Thanks.

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I need someone to finish the project.
Freelancer who began working on the project was not able to complete it.
I have a mockup, which is in PNG format. Use this mockup to complete the project.
Those who have given their offers should know php. Please If you are a beginner
or do not know php well, ""please do not waste my and your time"". Im pretty tired of this.
-Index Page
-2 Inner page

Budget $40-$90

Thanks !

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Website Redevelopment

Need to re-vamp my website big time

Will need space for banners and advertised races, plus prominant display of issuu, 2010 events and other things on index page.
Need it in a form that I can edit down the road easily with web expression

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Flash Project

Such script is necessary to me : + slidebar for widht and height

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Add Blogs and News Section to the Site.

Hello Bidders.

I have a Site I want to Add Two more Extra Pages to the Site under Information Section at the Left Handside of the Page.

1. Blogs
2. News

And in the Blogs Section it should contain at least 5 Blogs per Page rest to be shifted to Page 2 of Blogs Section.

As for News it should Contain 10 News Per Page and rest to be shifted to the 2nd next Page of News Section.

On the Blogs and News at Heading should be Posted on ( Date / Month and Year ) and than the Details. And than again Posted on ( Date /Month and Year ) and than the Details. I should be able to Post it from my admins itself. The old Entries will go back and the new entries to be on the firt page it should be sequence wise like this Site.

After it has been done. Use 301 Re-direct to Re-direct urls to its static url.

Enjoy Bidding.

I want like that for my Site

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Convert html to clipshare index page

I need a freelancer to convert an html page (send me a message for the url) to the tpl files so that it may be used with clipshare. Do not bid if you do not have prior experience with Clipshare!

below is an image intended to clear up any confusion.

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Need my site updated!!!

I have a website that needs some revamping and updating.
I found my sites designer on this site but it seems he doesnt want the job of updating and revamping our site. He gave me a price and I agreed but he wont contact me so it is up for grabs.
I need to add a breed standards page and a few more options.
If your bid is the winning bid, there WILL be more work for you.


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SEO extranet

The purpose is to import csv files that contains keywords position benchmark made on several search engines. The benchmark will contain the following data:
keyword, search engine, benchmark date, client_site_url, position, Search_engine_result_page.
The benchmark will be generated by another tool as CSV file.

The project is about building an extranet with the following requirements :
1) Admin section for creating user and sites associated to a user
2) Admin section for adding competitors websites url to a client.
3) Admin section for importing data
4) Admin section for deleting previous imported data
5) Admin section to manually add pageRank, number of indexed pages for a website.
6) Client section to view imported data as chart and boards
7) Client section to switch between several sites of a given client
8) A client can only see result for his websites.

We need to be able to view the result for a given date and the trend between several dates.
The trends should give us the number of keywords with result in time. The number of keywords between position 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 et 41+

There are about 15 pages for the web sites. It needs to be coded in Ruby on rails 2.1.1. The database will be mysql and the OS linux.
Were expecting the code, all the test written in rspec, cucumber is a plus, as well as the capistrano file for deployment.

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private 50$ project

index page – changed to show category

acp new category page

item list page see this page

column for image

show item page – new fields other items by this user

post #

link to sellers store

shipping fee

select category page see this page

left box acp – post left box

edit left box

post feedback – post feedback page (just stores to DB)

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Flash Opening

We need a simple flash opening before our index page is reached, where a person must click to enter, simple graphics, some music

$30.00 for this small job PLEASE do not big over $30.00 USD

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