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Illustration For The Background Image Of A Website

We are currently designing a website for ESL students. We want to do a site similar to (namely ) and and would need you to do the illustration of the background image. Since the site will be targeted towards ESL students, the main theme should only incorporate prominent landmarks of English-speaking countries. These should include:

– Mount Rushmore (at the top)
– Big Ben
– Stonehenge
– Sydney Opera House
– London Bridge
– double-decker bus(es)
– red telephone booth(s)
– The London Eye
– Statue of Liberty
– Hollywood sign

Other notable landmarks that you can include depending on whether you believe it fits into your composition:

– The White House
– Golden Gate Bridge
– Washington National Monument
– of course, your own ideas are welcome too

The width of the complete background should be 1600px; the height should be around 1600px; the contents of the page will have a width of 900px (background is centered on screen, like That means that you will place the landmarks around this area (similar to the mentioned sites).
We need you to provide us with the original files you used (.ai or .psd or .svg).

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Improve Call To Action On Homepage

Need to increase the size of Zip code box and add a arrow and a background.

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Update Brading

Id like to update my branding design to add hexagons in the background.

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Add Wp Blog

I have a existing website that is a wp theme, I want to add a wordpress blog to the site (Not a sub domain like fantastico uses) I want the blog to be added to the domain (add a page). Also I will be purchasing the wp robot 3 autoblogger (before work starts on the product) I want it installed with google adsense as well. Thanks Thats it…

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JQuery Background Image Animation (sliding Up/down)

I have a very simple jQuery script which performs a very basic swing animation vertically using the jQuery .animate function. The animation makes one background image animate across the top of another background image. This works perfectly except the code currently takes a starting and ending point from a fixed pixel value. What I need is for the coordinates to be calculated dynamically by taking the overall height of the containing DIV container and working out at what pixels the animation should start or finish. The reason this is so important is the animation overlays onto another background image and so the position of the overlay image is determined based on the height of that particular DIV tag. For this reason having variable content makes the height of the DIV tag taller or shorter meaning the animation falls out of alignment.

You can see an example of the differences in the animations from one page to another here;

It should only require a couple of lines of code to adjust to make it work.

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Crop Out The Background From Image

I need background of about 453 number of photo to be crop out.

I will provide you the JPEG photo.

I expected the result to be in Photoshop format with 2 layer
– the first is the photo itself with crop background. The crop out background need be transparent.
– the second (lower) layer just contain black color.
Make sure the all Photoshop file are store in the same folder as the JPEG photo.

More job of similar task will be given to the freelancer if they are diligent and good.

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Add Background Image To Exising Zen Template

On an existing Zen Cart site with template 7b from I need the following:

1. Insert a background image (I will provide this to you – need to know what size you need)
2. Modify code such that the category headers will display an image (I will provide this to you)
3. Modify code such that the actual product categories text displays in uppercase letters.

Thats the job.

Many thanks.

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Mask Image And Then To Add Cartoon Effect

The project is to modify an entire image as though it was drawn as a cartoon. The next step is to mask out a section of the image and supply that as a second image.
I have approximately 10 images in total as part of the project
Max budget is $100

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WordPress MY Mag Add Ons

Need small changes to wordpress and paypal added to page

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Need Imacro Expert

Looking for an IMacro scripts specialist, who can create a macro that downloads captcha image from ebay registration page.

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Background Image For Website

Your job is to bring up a solution for a background of a website. This solution might be a graphic element, derived from a logo, which can be used as a background image. Terms of previously discussed matters regarding a background design apply.

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Change Image Background Color

The project would be to change the white background of 50-55 to pictures to black.

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