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Price Bermuda Option – Matlab (URGENT!!)

I need to price a Bermuda Option with matlab,
the program has to be 100% accurate and has to pass the test provided in the"project.pdf" file,
if possible please follow framework in "projectTip.m"

I need this in 1 day!!!!! please provide comments in the program so I can follow the code!

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Web Gallery Design

Hi there,

Required web developer for Web Gallery design. visit the following link and checkout the gallery look and functionality. I want to add additional feature with new gallery design. quot your price for complete gallery design.

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Need server management software developed

Basically, I need something that use to be something like NocSuite. Search on google, and youll see what I mean (or

I want to sell (and use) software that does the following:

Client Management
– Add/Edit/Delete Clients
– Email Client Logins Upon Creation
– Add/Edit/Delete Staff
Server Management
– Add/Edit/Delete Servers
– Option To Enable or Disable Reboot Portal
– One Click Reboot Email Submission
– Set The Reboot Email On A Per Server Basis
– Clients Can Update Server Logins
– Fields To Support Wheel Username and Password
– Option To Email Updated Logins To Admin
– Supports Dedicated Server and Server Management Providers
Support Management
– Option To Enable or Disable Internal Helpdesk
– Set Staff Emails To Receive Ticket Alerts
– Clients Can Create and Update Tickets
– Staff Can Update and Change Ticket Status
– Tickets Placed On Hold Cannot Be Reopened
– Option To Allow Customers To Reopen Closed Tickets
– Server Logins Automatically Displayed On Staff Side
– Client Sent Email When Support Ticket Updated
– Staff Can Enter Internal Notes For Other Staff

(Note, no copyright infringement will accure, because I now own the domain, name and rights to NocSuite.

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Add Drop Down to menu

Take a look here:

I need to revise CSS code so I can add a drop down option for any particular link. This needs to be in CSS adn match the current design.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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