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I Want To Add Video Email And Live Chat To Text To My Websit

I want to develop two new features for my website. An enterprise system that would allow me to set each one of my customers up with video email with custom templates that clearly display their brand and clearly show the recipeant that it is a video mail.
I also want to add im to text program that a customer can live chat from their computer directly to a salesman using his cell phone and text messageing…

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Web Of Trust, WOT Browser Add-on + Web Reputation Rating

I need a online website that functions like WOT, I only need

1. All the browser add ons, featuring a logo of our company trust seal on the side of links on search engines or otherwise. it should look something like this:
(Require all major browsers as shown in WOT download page

2. Require a WOT community web reputation scorecard system as linked from point no.1, sample reference:

3. WOT plugins available for wordpress:

I will be rewarding USD$1500 to 3000 for this project, with additional $1000 reward on completely successful project, to be credited to your personal paypal account or otherwise.

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Bring Our Page To 1st 5 In Google -keywords "gay Video Chat"


Need experienced SEO for our gay video chat website –

Payment will be made as follow:
25% payment when our site appears in 2nd page on Google.
25% payment when our site appears in 1st page on Google.
50% payment when our site reaches position 5 on 1st page on Google.

Please indicate SEO Methods used and Time frame to reach Top 5 position.
Onsite SEO is not possible (apart from keywords and website title and description) – this is white label website.

— ABSOLUTELY NO BLACKHAT OR GREY HAT METHODS, ONLY WHITE HAT METHODS. — Google guidelines must be followed and no way should be compromised.

To avoid time wasters, Again we cannot make this any clearer…

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Create Page For Adult Watch To Add Video By Url


I have just purchased Adult Watch with ebeding. You can view the site at and create an account to see the upload features. I would like the page to be the same as upload but winstead of uploading a file, i wish to be able to put a url for the video

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Promotional Video With Voice Over

We need someone to create a short 2-3 minute promotional video to promote our newly created training business website. The video needs to be only with graphics, animation and images with a voice over that needs to be mixed with appropriate music to sound professional.

We will provide the script for the voice over and enough materials for you to pick the story board.

The target audience of this video are marketing professionals so the quality must be exceptionally good. The video will be placed at home page. I am looking for something similar to

Your bids must accompany your sample video link.

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Photography Web Page Retouching/Add Features

The page is up and running. What we need is to modify some of the existing content and create missing parts of the page.

What is needed is:
-Modify contact form to add 2 fields.
-Modify the web gallery to show the pictures full page and add fade between them and fix the slide show timer.
-Add video section with integrated flash player and possibility to watch HD and SD videos.
-Overall page retouching/fixing.
-Create customer access/online ordering section with backend with users administration (this is probably the biggest part of the project but we need priority on the other modifications. This part might also require changes while is created).

Flash and HTML Project files are available

The page is:

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social website upgrade & name change

If your bidding on this contract you must obey the following

1. You will not be paid until the job is finished
2. You will be paid by paid pal and by no other means
3. If you bid on the job you better be able to do it i dont pay for half done jobs
4.No time wasters or inexperience people
5. Must have good English
6. Must have own hosting capabilities so i can check the process of the job
7. Must have skype, msn or able to answer emails in a timely fashion not 24hrs later
8. Read all information before bidding as you will not be able to increase your price

if you can obey these rules there will be a lot of work for you in the future and not just this one job

Here is the following information that you will need to do your task I have also bolded notes for you

1. Under Join events and create event once that is pressed it should take the users to a menu where they can choose one of the following I want it read like this

What type of event would you like to create?

o Public event (This is event any one can join)
o Private Event (Invite your friends from joinmeet to a private function NOTE only your fiends can see this event) (Once they click on this option a box will pop up with all their friends for them to select with tick boxes and for the lazy users there should be a select all bottom up the top and a next button down the bottom when they have finished selecting there friends it will go back to the regular create event page for them to create there private event and there friend will get a invite though there news feed shown on 1 ‐My Life.jpg in the center)
o Personal Event ( this is event for the Individual user so you can add events to your social calendar so you never have social clashers again NOTE only you can see these events)
o Group Events (Invite your groupie

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