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500 TARGETED Facebook Fans Needed.

I require 500 targeted facebook fans.

The facebook users must be:

– Between the ages of 20 – 50 years old.
– A mix of male and female
– MUST be at least 90% from the U.S, Australia, New Zealand.
– A small percentage can be from the UK, Canada, Italy, France and Spain.

– ALL must be from major capital cities in the above countries, such as New York, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, etc. No users can be from rural areas, small towns, third world countries, etc.

Our business is in high-end accessories, so users must have liked similar fan-pages in the fields of art, fashion, design, architecture, media, luxury goods and premium international brands.

ALL users must be 100% real, with at least 50 friends and 10 photos on their profile, at minimum. They must also have status updates that go back at least 30 days.

They cannot have any racist/homophobic/suggestive/sexual/pornographic/dating/gambling or any other possibly offensive material or inappropriate comments on their facebook profiles!!!!

No bots, no fake accounts, no spam!!

Please disclose your strategy/methodology in your bid email. Only good practices for inviting fans will be accepted or tolerated. Our facebook account cannot be at risk for being banned at any time.

When bidding please provide examples of other facebook accounts you have done this for – and also excellent references.

Payment: You will be fully paid within 2 weeks of completing this job, just to make sure that fans are not deleted or disappearing.

Deadline: the 500 fans must be delivered within 2 weeks, staggered gradually during that time.

If we are happy with the quality of your work, we will continue to buy blocks of 500 fans from you on an ongoing basis.

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Need 500 REAL Facebook Fans 2

I need 500 FB fans/likes added to a fan page. The fans must be from Cuddalore(city),tamil nadu(State),india only! No other countries or states or cities mixed in.

Must be real people! – No Fake profiles.

Must start adding fans within 5 days of awarding the project.

This is a confidential project and you may not share the url of the Facebook page nor post in your portfolio after finished.

The page currently has 0 like.

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Need 500 REAL Facebook Fans

I need 500 FB fans/likes added to a fan page. The fans must be from Coimbatore(city),tamil nadu(State),india only! No other countries or states or cities mixed in.

Must be real people! – No Fake profiles.

Must start adding fans within 5 days of awarding the project.

This is a confidential project and you may not share the url of the Facebook page nor post in your portfolio after finished.

The page currently has 0 like.

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10,000 Targeted Facebook Fans Reqd Urgent

I need 10,000 Facebook fans from India for a fanpage

serious experienced freelancers only apply

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Targeted Facebook Fans 500

We need 500 new Facebook fans for a Facebook page. The added Facebook fans must meet these requirements:

*** All fans must be real people with active Facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon-

* Fans must be from the US
* All fans must have at least 40 friends
* All fans must have status updates that go back a minimum of 15 days
* ABSOLUTELY NO fans with illegal pictures, pornography, or hot ladies

* You will not be paid if the Facebook page is banned/deleted/FAKE people.
* Random checks on people will be done to ensure they are real.
*there is nothing on my page against facebook to get it baned so no pay if it gets baned

* Please PM what method you plan to use,

* You will be paid 2 weeks after you are done just to see that fans are real and not disappearing.

* Any fans that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for.

There is more work if this job is completed efficiently.

First I require pricing for: 500 USA Social media targeted facebook fans
Secondly: tell me how you will get me that 500 USA social media niche targeted fans.

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Non Targeted Facebook Fans Needed.

No bots, cheats or fake accounts. Just genuine facebook users should be there as fan. All the fans should have minimum 3+ photos and 50+ friends. No accounts newly created. Every accounts should have posts to the facebook wall within 15 days. You have to give 200 trial likes. Skilled and experienced people bid please. If you can satisfy me with the trial 200 fans then you will get the project and if you satisfy me by total project then we will look out for a long term contract.
**No payment for trial 200 leads
** I need 5000 leads only so your bid should be low as possible
***If my page gets banned for very fast fans in short time, you will not be paid a penny. So do it in average speed.
Tell me what will be your fan adding speed in pm. I mean how many days would you take for 5000 fans?

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5,000 UK Targeted Facebook Fans

We are looking for someone with proven experience at adding large number of fans to business pages. We are looking for 5,000 UK fans, all of which must be real people who choose to like the page.

Under no circumstances should any black hat or unethical methods be used, you will not be paid if any underhand methods are found to be used or if our page is deleted or suspended in anyway.

Each fan must be a real person with a minimum of 100 friends.
All fake profiles, bots or spam profiles will be deleted and you must replace these before you will be paid.
All fans must live in the UK and be aged between 18-60, any fans who do not fit this target audience will not count.
Each fan must remain a fan for two weeks at a minimum after the job is completed and any who do not remain a fan must be replaced.

We are looking for a natural increase in real fans for our business, not a short term boost of spam accounts. We do not expect a sudden or large drop of fans as you will be using legitimate methods.

You will be paid two weeks after the completion date once we are satisfied that the work has been done ethically and as requested. We do not expect this to occur quickly and would prefer this done properly and not rushed.

Remember: we are only looking for real UK fans and will not permit, nor pay for services which are underhand.

Experienced people only. Please inform us of your experience and references where possible when bidding, the time frame you feel you can work within (give yourself a good amount of time please) and your bid for the 5,000 UK targeted fans.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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10,000 Targeted Facebook Fans

I am looking for a facebook fan provider. I get new orders on a daily basis. I am looking for someone that can deliver both real targeted and non-targeted fans for a good price. I can start immediately, and i am ready to send a order. I will not release milestone payment until fans are on fanpage. Once trust is established i will send orders several times per week. I understand you will not be making a ton of money by providing each order for me. But you will make up for this for with the volume of orders. Please, no spamming, or bot methods. Nothing that will get users account suspended or removed. Please give me your best prices for each non targeted and targeted.




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1000 Targeted Facebook Fans From The United States


This project is for a professional Facebook fans acquisition expert that can fulfill the following objective:

Get 1000 Fans from the United States. Fans should be 80% women. I will give you keywords that you can search within (activities, interests.) to target the fans from through 100% whitehat, Facebook-approved practices for acquiring/inviting new fans (e.g. manual invites etc)



Besides the standard requirements for professional Facebook fans acquisition, please see below for the other requirements:

– All fans must 100% be REAL, ACTUAL PEOPLE who actively keep up their Facebook accounts (at least 1 status update or wall post reply a week)
– Strictly no fake accounts, potentially risky accounts, spam or bots etc
– All fans must have at least 4 photos and 20+ friends
– All fans must stay active and any suspended fans or fans that leaves within a 2 weeks grace period after project completion needs to be replaced at no cost.
– All fans must be acquired/invited through 100% whitehat, Facebook-approved practices for inviting new fans (e.g. manual invites etc)
– The specific fan page must never be put at risk. This includes never ever using non-whitehat and non-Facebook-approved practices to acquire/invite fans. If the fan page gets banned, no payment will be made.


1) When making your bid, please message proof of your previous work (details of what you did before and the links to the fan pages).
2) You need to explain how exactly you will be inviting/acquiring the fans and the duration. We need to make sure it is completely safe and approved by Facebook.
3) Kindly put the word "PARENTING" in capital letters in your bid to show that you have completely read and understood all the details here.
4) You must only bid if you have the necessary experience as this is something only a Facebook expert should be doing.

We will pay 50% once half of the project is completed and the remaining 50% after the 2 weeks grace period after the project is fully completed.

The bidder offering the lowest price and demonstrating the most experience and proof/most whitehat and Facebook-approved methods will be chosen. You will have the opportunity to be awarded several more projects like this if you are awarded here this time so there is a great, long term benefit when you win this project.

Good Luck!

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