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Webbased Timeslotsbooking

We need a page for timeslotsbooking.
Built in Asp.Net vb, Mysql-database.

We like to have a clean nice looking calendarview, that shows free and avaliable times.
All other booked times and unavaliable times should be readonly with no info about the booker. So the user can only see and manage their own booking on avaliable times.
It is supposed that the user clicks on the desired time and then confirm it with another click. And only then the reservation is stored in the database. So the user can click around without submitting, without any stored reservations.

Admins can set the times to be booked from some simple adminpage. Like every weekday 07:00-16:00, in 30min´s interval, except between 12:00-12:30 and 15:00-15:30 just as an example. Of course you should be able to put these times how they want.
Also an option to close an whole day for bookings, like an holiday.
It has to be an option to set how many bookings allowed per slot. Default 1.

Admins can also see the whole calendar and granted full rights for any changes they want.

Here is an excellent example but in .php.

This is how i want it to be like, except from some things. Every timeslot has to be dynamic from the admin-settings, like if you want to give the possibility to book 1-5 reservations on every slot, you can set this param in admin-area.
So the time is avaliable until the slot is full.
The ability to disable part of day, or whole day is neccesary. Like if you dont want to book on lunchTIme and BreakfastTime. Or Holidays.

No payment is necessary. No styling except from edit the css is necessary. No name-form is necessary beacuse this data is already saved in a variabel during login.

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Private For Admin And Sunny

As discussed….!!

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Iphone Developer Delhi (India)

A Person who have knowledge of iPhone SDK and Objective C. Cocoa and Xcode is a must.
Please send us some examples of your work.

We are a reputed software development company; we have a very strong team of IT professionals. We provide comprehensive IT solutions and services, including mobile and PDA applications, website designing and development, ecommerce, GPS trackingsystem

[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]
[Removed by Admin]

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Install Icecast Server

[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]
[Removed by Admin]

offers audio streaming software

I simply need this installed on my Centos server

You should only appy if youve done this installation before. From what I hear, its a cinch, and you should be able to install it and have it working fine in a lil more than 30mins

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2000 Real US & Canadian Facebook Fans Wanted Without Admin

We want 2,000 Real U.S. & Canadian Facebook fans. We will NOT give admin access – please do not bid if you need admin access to do this.

We want REAL fans, no fake accounts. Only from the United States or Canada and a mix of male and female. No SPAM posts to page, they will be deleted and banned.

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Time Tracking Application

I need a website to do a simple time tracking web based for a department

1.System will have department and each department will have x amount of users
2.Each department will have one administrator/manager
3.Each user will have its own login
4.Users cannot see tasks of other users
5.Only admin/manager can see all tasks
6.Only Admin/manager can create/edit/delete tasks
7.Admin generate a task list and assign each user with a task list
8.Users will see his/her own task and report on each individual tasks by the clock assigned by the program
9.Admin/manager can generate reports based on date range (on demand)
10.Standard reports will be available by day/week/month
11.Admin/manager can check user performance by task or by day
12.Admin/manager can check department by task or by day
13.System will give possibilities to multiple administrators

I have a couple of more requirements ( small ones) but contact me and I will give you more details

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Article Writers Needed- Urgently

Hi FreeLancers,
i need some fresh article writers who are very good in english with unique Skills.
Would be having around 100 articles daily. let me know ur rates. or get in touch with me on gmail with [Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]
[Removed by Admin]

100 % original writing
articles should be fresh
payment would be by paypal or GAF
english vocabulary and word stock should be good

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Roulette Website Script

Hello I am looking for an easy to install roulette games script for my website.
I would like for users to sign up and play using a points system 🙂
For the user to get points for in game play the user would contact an admin and the admin will edit the users points.
Also a very basic and simple points page where the user can exchange the points for prizes.

Thank you in advance please post your price and keep it affordable because its basically an arcade script with manually added points and only 1 game.


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Website Edits

We have got a website developed in joomla in which the front elements were implemented in Jooml. At the time of development it was realized that the predefined Joomla environment does not help in some of the features of site. The site (Admin part) was custom coded.
The codes for both is uploaded here.
Please send PM to us for password for the file.
We want the following done.
1. The front end has to be coded. We do NOT need the Joomla framework.
2. The front end requires a drop down menu system, manageable via admin.
3. The content in the menu linked to simple cms like tiny mce, manageable via admin.
4. The front page layout can be copied from joomla site.
5. Newsletter publishing to be managed via admin
6. Fetch feed from different sites.
7. Other activities.
Our estimate is a weeks work maximum for a talented programmer. Possibly lesser.
This leads to two more of our projects, that need to be coded from scratch.

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Tutor Active Directory And Exchange Server On New 2008

small server to take exchange for limited users and possible file server , help is needed with setting up active directory and exchange to manage e-mails , project to be complete by Sunday 10th april either by remote or by site visit in manchester england area,mentoring or tutoring for admin role, free tea , coffee and biscuits food etc maybe transport if close to M60

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NRTA Website

NRTA= is name of TV/Radio

The concept of this website is to publish NRTA content on website. The contents of this website are; video clips, photos and text.
This website is not only bound for Afghanistan visitors, the target is visitors all over the world who are interested to use this website.

NRTA website areas:
This website will have Admin and User front end.

User front end:
Front end area will contain 12 pages static and dynamic pages as following:
1- Home Page (dynamic)
This page will have blocks for
Latest news (grab latest news from news area)
Latest video clips (grab latest news from news area)
Latest photos (grab new photos as thumbnail from photos page)
Informational block (static data, if added)

2- About Us (static)
This page will have text about NRTA, static data added by admin.

3- News page (dynamic)
This page is for news; categories of news, news will be added from admin area.
List of news in this page, each news with short text and thumbnail (if added) and link read more to read full story and in full story page have comments box for visitors. (Enable, disable, edit and delete news and comments (approve by admin) from admin area)

4- Photo Gallery (dynamic)
In first page have categories list (thumbnail and text) and after clicking the category loads another page having pictures of this category. Comment box (approve by admin) and admin area to upload photo, delete, edit, or disable and enable a picture.

5- Video Gallery (dynamic)
Same as photos gallery to have category with thumbnails and text, comment box but the video clips from youtube, admin will add link of video from youtube and will appear in video page.

6- Programs Page (static)
In this page to have schedule of Radio and TV programs.
Two blocks one for TV and one for Radio.

7- Jobs (dynamic)
Page for job, jobs will be added from admin area and will show here as list. And read more link for details page

8- Web mail
No page, but a link to another website.

9- Term of use (static)

10- Privacy

11- Contact us
Contact form and above block to have text there.

12- Articles (dynamic)
Articles page to have list of articles and read more link to read full story

13- Share point for Files (dynamic)
Only can be accessed with username/pass. A place to share files like File Manager.
This share point will have videos, photos and others categories/directories.

Admin Area – back end:
A place to edit and control all contents of above pages.

1- All text field should have advanced editor to add content in it both source editor/Rich formatting with necessary formatting bar.
2- Comments list to approve, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
3- Photos and video clips; add, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
4- Article and News; add, delete, edit, disable/enable.
5- Edit About us page.
6- Edit Privacy page
7- Edit Term of use page.
8- Edit contact us page
9- Jobs; add, delete, edit and enable/disable.
10- Edit Programs page.
11- Upload/change logo
12- Website settings; Title/ meta tags and more.
13- SEO friendly and separate meta tags for 12 pages.

Other features if needed to add.

Language Support:
Website will be in three languages;
Dari left to right layout
Pashto left to right layout
English default right to left layout

For each page and content there should be 3 blocks to add content for every language separately, even data for meta tags.

Search Engine:
To have search engine to search for content in page.

Statistic block in front end
Number of articles
Number of videos
Number of audios
Number of photos
Users online

Add captcha to prevent spammers

Includes latest, news, photos, videos, articles and jobs

All thumbnail and graphics will be provided by us, if needed during design. The overall theme should be theme of Media.

And some minor things at end if needed.

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Multiple Members/ads Link Tracking. – Auto-responders – Mana

The description below is a general description. Please contact me for full details

Fast and quick version

lets say I post an ad…

You click on it (track which ad, which url, keeps hit count)(For ADMIN)

Takes you to landing page with a form((select random MEMBER)collect -name, email, phone, time, date)

You submit the form
a)collected info goes to ADMIN list – (name, email, phone, time, date)Admin can email one or all, Edit (view,delete,edit), Download.
b)collected info goes to MEMBER list – (name, email, phone, time, date)MEMBER can view and/or download
c) Takes them to a page with instructions
"An Email with instructions on how to access the information you requested has been sent to (email address here).
To access the information
1. check your email
2. Click on the link
You will then be automatically be forwarded."

You click on the link above (verifiyng your email, auto-responder starts)

You End up at MEMBERS page (Track the visit to MEMBER page)

I would need of course an admin section, and a member section and some stuff that can show up on main page. (top 10 referer, Top 25 Clicks, etc). i.e. This sites has (340) members, with (1400) ads and has served (1,456,986) visits to Their sites.

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I Will Buy Your Old-Style Facebook Groups For $10 Each

Hi and thanks for reading.

I would like to buy only OLD STYLE facebook groups for $10 per group.

The groups must be the old style with the option to invite friends not add friends.

Groups MUST be from OCT 2010 or prior.

I will purchase up to 25 of these groups for this project.

Milestone payment will be created, then released after admin is transferred to me.

Please bid how many groups you wish to sell.

I dont care about how many members you have, or what they are interested in, it does not matter to me. I just want admin privileges, again please bid the total of facebook groups to be sold.

Thank you again for your help.

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Joomla Expert

We need someone to finish an unfinished Joomla project.
It is for a Villa booking website. So far html and joomla have been done.
You will have to finish admin part and develop a search form and set up the database.
The end result should be something like or etc… with a good admin section where we can add new Villas, set prices etc… There will be no need for online payments on this website.
For more info of what is done so far please have a look at clarification board.
Please only bid if you are really good and fast with joomla. We have no time to waist.

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Commenting Out Unneeded Options In Vtiger Admin Settings Pag

To better focus my organizations efforts inside the admin section I would like the following commented out of the Admin settings page so that the user will be unable to see these options:

Customer Portal
Inventory: Terms & Conditions
Backup Server
Tax Calculations
Inventory Notifications

These also need to be eliminated from the side column options shown on the left hand side in many different menus.

Budget is very tight on this and since time should be minimal to just comment these out Id expect bidding to be inline.

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Webshop Similar To NikeID (incl. Customization Area)

We need help developing a website that is very similar to We will be selling custom belts. We need the website to help the visitor to design their own belts (styles, colours, options, etc.), purchase the belts (merchant account integration), and follow the status of their order.

We will provide the logo and website text. We have ideas on the creative design, but are however open to your input.

Please visit and make sure you see how complex the project is. We need a team with proven website development. In particular, we need a team comfortable doing interactive graphics applications via a website without slowing down performance

It is also important that all content will be driven by admin control cms. We do not want any text hard coded into web files. All content must be database driven. Along these lines, item maintenance needs to be as clean as possible for the admin. Please make sure you think about both the frontend and the backend.

Please let us know cost, timing, platform for development, and how you will tackle the interface for the interactive design piece.

Attached a document with a brief description on the requirement for this new website. As much information as currently available has been put into this document, with respect to design and functionality.

Please note that we are looking for a partner for the long term. We have several IT projects we are currently working on. So we are looking for a partner we can build a long term relationship with.

Looking forward receiving your quotations. In case you have additional questions, let us know please.

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PowerMTA Admin/Setup

I am looking for someone to Setup and configure PowerMTA.
Must have experience with PowerMTA.

We are looking for FULL setup to the point where we can send mail with decent delivery to yahoo hotmail and Gmail

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Admin Panel Redesign

Create a easy-to-use admin panel for the Nigburs Fine Furniture site, including client instructions to make the admin pages usable for a non-tech-savvy client.

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Install Web Admin Script And Check For Errors

I have a web manager script that I would like installing.
It does come with instructions but these are in Italian which are no good to me.
Also I would like the winning bidder to have a quick look over the script when installed to make sure everything is running properly with no errors.
Should be a fairly easy job for someone to complete.


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Model Directory

I need a Php and Mysql admin panel and image display for dancers. The admin panel needs to be a password protected. In side the admin I need the following.
2 Categories to upload pictures and tect data too.
Inside each category I need Text boxes for the following information.
I also need 1 text area box for a BIO or Profle
The final thing is Up loading pictures
1) Be able to Upload 1 Main Profile image
2) Be able to upload 10 other images

Also beable to enter admin panel and be able to EDIT or Delet each entry in either of the 2 categories.


1) Print out all main images and name for each categorey on a page
2) Be able to Click on a image and see the bio and all text data mainimage & other images as thumbs or just smaller
3) You can enlarge each image.

This has to be done quickly its probable something someone good can do in a morning or a day.
Thank You For Bidding In Advance

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Virtuemart Customization


I need a customization on my existing virtuemart component.I use the virtuemart as homestay booking system. What i need is:

(Front end part)

1.add check in/check out insert calendar at product detail page,so that guest able to select check in/check out date. this check-in/check-out date will be appear on guest ordering cart.

2.admin will able to set price base on selected date,when guest pick a check in date,the price at cart will be change base on price for each date set by admin(i try to accomplish kindda price base on HI,LOW and PEAK season)

(admin part)
1.admin will able to add a custom price for each date at virtuemart admin section.(low,hi,peak season)

Please bid if you know what the requirement are.I have bad experience with recent freelancer.
Joybidder please stay away.

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Data Entry-Admin

Need someone who can copy images and text from one of my websites and place onto admin in another
You need to have excellent english, be computer literate and more than just a data entry person
Also conform methods of communication you have (msn? Skype etc)

First part is to copy image+description+telphone number from one website and place into admin section of another
Have 150 to do, quite simple but need someone who understands admin/PC work

Please tell me your experience in your own words so I can assess your level of english
Thank you

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Create A Job Board Script

We are

We need to develop a new Script like

We need a script for being listed in our scripts product list

Front end example

With same features.

Script must be easy to being installed by a customer who ll buy from us this script with a simple 1,2,3 steps (that make client able to install it simply on his server), user must be able to traslated it in a new language uploading a language.txt file from admin. User must be able to replace some content pages (like about us…) and logo from admin. Script must be multilingual.

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Create A Dating Script

We are

We need to develop a new Script like

We need a script for being listed in our scripts product list

Front end example :

With same features.

Script must be easy to being installed by a customer who ll buy from us this script with a simple 1,2,3 steps (that make client able to install it simply on his server), user must be able to traslated it in a new language uploading a language.txt file from admin. User must be able to replace some content pages (like about us…) and logo from admin. Script must be multilingual.

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Create A Script Like

We are

We need to develop a new Script like

We need a script for being listed in our scripts product list

Front end example

With same features.

Script must be easy to being installed by a customer who ll buy from us this script with a simple 1,2,3 steps (that make client able to install it simply on his server), user must be able to traslated it in a new language uploading a language.txt file from admin. User must be able to replace some content pages (like about us…) and logo from admin. Script must be multilingual.

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Create A Script Like

We are

We need to develop a new Script like

We need a script for being listed in our scripts product list

Front end example :,
Back end example :,general.htm )

With same features. Script must be easy to being installed in 1,2,3 steps, user must be able to traslated it in a new language uploading a language.txt file from admin. User must be able to replace some content pages (like about us…) and logo from admin.

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Develop Php Website Using Yii Framework

Hi looking for experience php programmer to develop my website ( using Yii Framework ) budget USD200

I already have the website design and already convert it to .xhtml , css , right now im looking the correct person to make my website working with php work , im running download site software like

I need my website have function like:

– each profile must have option to add:
– full name
– email
– own photos
– can signup or login using facebook ( using facebook api or something like that so easy to signup or login )

– Have control panel for
– admin can do:
– approve / create / delete / ban
– software/application
– news/tutorial
– staff/user account
– banner advertising
– view logs
– change password
– newsletters
– any related that admin must have
– must have option to one click check if the have any duplicated or spam or new updates program added or release
– if the have any duplicated or suspect using .xml to spam ( that mean the developer using the same product but using different information them will be banner forever if get detected )

– staff can do:
– create/edit new news or tutorial or review articles.

– software/application developer
– can add/update software or application them submit to my website ( all new submission or update must be check or review by admin using admin control panel )
– can check what , how many , popular product of them get download, search , click.

– normal user:
– can do add favorite software or application or news or tutorial or reviews to user control panel
– get the latest product information and details

– Have PAD from latest specification of the software or application owner can submit them product to my website just using the .xml file.
( pls read the for webmaster so u understand what im looking for )

– Have TinyMCE – Javascript WYSIWYG Editor fuction so admin or staff can create new news or tutorial information ( admin must approve or reject any news or tutorial that staff create ) if the have some change in the news or tutorial the current information must not replace with the new one before the admin check the information and decide to approve the change or not , if approve the change will be accepted but if not nothing will be happen ( this is important to protect the current news or tutorial from the staff that make any mistake )

Must have function for newsletter and subscribes , and all work must be url seo friendly with where i can edit any related information like each page example i can edit/change any single page title , meta description , meta keywords and any related

Code must be in nice structure for php code and mysql code ( i dont want the code that hard to handle when need to edit soon )

and must have a good site map function so google , yahoo , bing can craw my website faster. i will lets u know what features i forgot , thanks

pls contact me at PM to discuss

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Fix Registration That Is Not Posting To Admin Area

I have an existing website where a feature was previously working and does not work anymore. The site has a registration page to register with user and password and name and address, etc. Once registered, an email is sent to the admin email address and that part is still working, but once you log into the admin area, the registration information is not displaying so the admin person can accept the registration. I need someone to determine why the registration info is not showing up in the admin area.

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E-currency Exchange Script

i need a functioning e-currency exchange website.

Essentially i would like a clone site of or the software they are trying to sell, anyway, with customizable website, customizable fonts, etc.

Some similar sites that have the same function (automatic e-currency exchange) are listed below :


*Automatic and manual exchange option
*admin can suspend exchange of certain currencies
*admin can add new ecurrency
*admin can adjust commission rates and change text and all things naturally an admin must do
*customer ability to create support tickets
*contact form
*admin ability to create pages [About us, News, Contact, FAQ etc]

e-currencies and payment options needed to be featured: (USD & EUR)

Western Union

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