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Affiliate Shopping Cart Site

Hi This is Basha and I am Outsourcing Consultant. I urgently need flex developer for some imp work.

Project Overview:

Need login-protected rich internet application developed with adobe flex for users and administrators. I will provide site design/wireframes (and HTML templates, if needed). Site is primarily a (non-monetary transaction) shopping cart. Cart contains only categories and products. Checkout creates pick list that, once submitted, auto-sends email alert(s) and system logs for (admin) approval. No further functionality of cart is needed beyond this. Developer may customize/modify an existing cart. Site also requires advanced NEWS dashboard. News items are posted by administrators and can either appear as general news [text area with images], or also as individual/timestamped news articles. Developer will need to be able to style site layout and all aspects of shopping cart.

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Human Resource Management

Modules Overview

An overview of each module is provided below to outline expectations of the details required for that module with access rights, workflow requirements and administration.

Country Set Up: Define country level information such as statutory reporting information, currencies, calendars, etc
Company Set Up: Define company information such as company structure, registration details, work calendars, standard pay functions, etc.
Personnel: Define employee personal information including address, contacts, statutory details, job data and payslip and year end form display (where legal)
Leave: Define leave and provide for leave application, workflow for approval, administration and leave balances and history views
Claims: Static claims sheet with entry capability for Client Administrators only, Claims with applications, workflow approvals and administration for set up of claim forms, limits, etc.
Time sheets: Static time sheet screens with entry capability for Client Administrators only – Allow for claiming of overtime for employees with work flow approval from managers.
Note: this will not provide for a full time management solution
One Time Payments: Providing for client administrators to enter or load one time payments for commissions, bonus, etc
Adhoc Reporting: Enabling managers and administrators to produce reports on pre-determined data fields within the system. This may include aggregated payroll data that is fed back from payroll systems for viewing and consolidation
Issue Ticketing: Allowing employees, managers or client administrators to raise issue tickets with workflow to appropriate point within the organization matrix or to Pay Asia Administrators
Notice Boards: Allow bulletins to be created for specific groups or company wide

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School Intranet Using Moodle And Few Front-end Pages!

Project Description:

I have project in hand to develop 5-10 pages front-end pages for primary school and back-end CMS for student, teacher, parents to interact.


Simple few graphic page (preferably image slider using AJAX/Javascript) with maximum of 10 pages.


Using Moodle, I want to develop School Intranet where teachers, students and parents can interact. Administrators will have full control on it. There will be many teachers that teaches different classes. There will be many students that study in different classes. 

1. Secure logins and account management for 4 levels

1) administrators, 2) teachers, 3) students (grouped by classes)

- Have full power to manage all accounts (create/edit/suspend/delete)
- Have full power to manage and edit content on site
- Anything a teacher or student can do, an administrator should be able to do

:- Can send student and their parents invitations to create accounts,
– Upload test/exam results, homework, picture slide shows in their class groups
– Interact with students to help them with their class works.

Students can:
– Check homework, assignments, results, announcements and grades

- Access relevant forums (forums that pertain to their school)

– Read announcement boards

2. Forum for teacher and student discussions (as a class/group)

– Forum should have a feature for forbidden list of words or phrases

3. Announcement board

– For administrators and teachers to post announcements

4. Grade tracking (where the teachers can post grades)

- Administrators and teachers should be able to create categories, add students and enter their grade

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Ticketing Support Site

We need a developer that knows what we mean " from our documentation " that will be send if asked for this project.

Description of site:

Its almost the same as a ticketing support site. With some specific features like you can read beneath:

The site must have a small menu with a small CMS

Authors, editors and administrators may edit the global content of the site at the back-end and the fron-end (depends of the rights they have)
Super administrators and Administrators may freeze, delete, disable, ban (by IP), members
Super administrators and Administrators may freeze, delete, lock, tickets
Super administrators and Administrators may delete, disable, ban (by IP), Specialists

Members do have to register while submitting a ticket.
Members do have to authenticate that they are really the person they say they are (by mail).
Members can have 1 or more tickets
Members can have a specialist after confirmation

Members do have their own small back-end where they can change their profile
Members can not delete their own profile (they have to ask the superadmin)
Members do have their own ticket management system
Members can delete any reaction of other people (members) that was submitted at their ticket.
Members can notify administrators that reactions at their tickets are misplaced

A specialist is also a member but do help the member
A specialist may react at a ticket

Tickets can be closed by the specific member
Tickets can not be closed if the member did ask for a specialist and the specialist already confirmed
Tickets will have a Name, an ID and some other properties

There must be a Tag module like a FAQ section.
There must be a voting module for every ticket name
There must be a graphical diagram module for every ticket name
There must be an Advertorial module that could be implement / installed 3x/page (e.g. ADSENSE)
All modules can be enabled / disabled by the super admin

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Customized Website

I want a website built, using either an existing cms, or custom development. If a cms is to be used, it must be efficiently fast, scalable, secure, and able to handle heavy user traffic

What I want:

1. I want a website built that will allow clients to sign up for a small fee and allow them to upload content to their UNIQUE USER FOLDER.
2. General users will then be able to sign up for free and request to download specific files from various clients (not just one). Administrators will manage all user requests to download clients files. Once approval is given by administrators, an email will be sent to the user stating that they may now login to download the files.
3. User logs in and in their homepage, the files that they have been approved to download are now visible as a download or play in browser option.
4. User downloads file, modifies it, then upload the modified file back to the respective clients folder.

Problems I am having:

* I want everything to be automated, except for administering which files get assigned to what user.

Along with a bid, also send me a link to a website you think is similar to what I have described above. This will help me determine if we are on the right track. Thanks.

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Indian Computer Course Needs Lead Generation / Sale – HOT

We wish to liase with call centres who are interested in working in partnership to set up and run a tele-marketing campaign to generate leads, and close sales in india prefereably Tail Nadu. This would be a long-term, and mutually beneficial arrangement.

We already have more than 5000 interested Enquiries for which the calls needs to be made,We are looking telecall centres in india preferably Tamil Nadu, who have experience in doing domestic calling.

What do we want to sell ?
We are a information security institute, we have a list of database to whom we want you to make calls and make the participant join our information security (Ethical hacking,Cyber Forensics courses). will give you more idea on our courses.

You would be a call centre with a team of at least 3 available staff, with the necessary infrastructure in place.

what will you have to do ?
Telemarketing,Lead Generation and cold calling to sales conversion.For now the calls to the existing database of customers will suffice the need.

Who are the target audience ?
Will be Indian students,Colleges,Universities,companies, Auditors,Site Administrators,Research Analysts,Web Developers and Designers,Systems Administrators,Network Administrators,Wireless/Blackberry Administrators,Security Officers,Security Professionals,Anyone Seeking a Career into information security,etc..,

Based on these , there are at least two possibilities for earning ;
1. We pay you for every lead generated or
2. We provide you with a generous percentage of the deal profits, which can be easily verified by yourselves

We will provide scripts, deal materials and the needed training to have your team geared up.

If you are interested – please set an arbitary bid, and then we can discuss further requirements, details and costings. Thanks

Many Thanks,

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IPhone App For IT Administrators

We are looking for iPhone App developers who can contribute to the project in the following ways

– UI design suggestions (Initial designs provided)
– Coding for iPhone/iPod Platform utilizing Networking, XML Parser and Graphics Frameworks
– Potentially use CoreData framework

We will provide the application flow, model and the details upon selection of the developer.

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Game Server Administrators Creators (Cabal Online)


Is going to launch the game server Cabal Online.
Becouse I cant do all myself, I am looking some people forward to working on the server along with me.

All resources under the server will be given by me.
It will be a fresh new server that we need to configurate and make it a thing attracting users.

Please contact only the people who have already had to deal in this area and experienced or understood from what will have to do.

Olso we need *nixwin programmers.

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Develop And Host A Moodle Site Integrated With Moomis

Moodle is an online Learning Management System used by universities and schools all over the world. See

I want to build and host a dummy Moodle site for businesses using the Moomis plug in.

MOOMIS is a suite of business tools that we have developed for the Moodle e-learning application. Like Moodle, MOOMIS is an acronym – Modular Object Oriented Managed Intelligence System. The tools comprise:

Competency Manager
CPD (continuous professional development)
Events Manager
Performance Manager
Report Creator
The core tool is Groups, which enables administrators to allocate any number of users to any number of different groups AND designate any number of managers to each group. Once users are allocated to groups, administrators and managers can use the Report Creator to obtain management information for those groups including courses completed, quiz scores, levels of access and CPD.

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Linux/Windows Administrators

We are looking for system administrator who got knowledeg of
Windows OS
Linux OS
Hyper V

Scope of work
1. Setup server monitoring port and process monitoring. Reboot or call IDC if server goes down.
2. Backups to remote backup server using script (Windows and linux)
3. Hardening of the servers (windows and linux)
4. 24×7 tech support for level1, level2 and leve3 with support response and resolution
5 Live chat support option for clients

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IT & System Administrators

Needed IT professionals with the following skillsets :-

1) Server monitoring and administration

2) Programming with exposure to payment / transaction gateways, PHP, Ajax

3) Mysql Database setup and administration

4) Post pro affiliate

5) Managing and setting up sites for affiliates

6) Log Analysis

Need highly experienced & qualified individual/s. Prior experience with Ecommerce would be an added advantage. Proof of experience & qualification required. Responses without credentials or proof of translator skills will be disregarded.


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System Administrators ( Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) — Full Time

We are in the process of setting up a remote system administration firm and have acquired a office space in Bangalore. For the same we need level1, level2 and level3 system administrators. This is full time job and applicants need to relocate to Bangalore if selected. We might as well appoint a couple of level 3 on remote system admin basis, if we find the applicant to be good.

We are looking at recruiting atleast 30 people (spread across all Levels).

If you are interested please attach your resume, mention the CTC (annual) you are looking for and which Level (L1, L2 or L3) do you belong to.

The interview procedure will be sent to you via email.

We are going to wait for maximum 4 days, before we start the short-listing.

Thank you.

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