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Webbased Timebooking

We need a page for timeslotsbooking.
Built in Asp.Net vb, Mysql-database.

We like to have a clean nice looking calendarview, that shows free and avaliable times.
All other booked times and unavaliable times should be readonly with no info about the booker. So the user can only see and manage their own booking on avaliable times.
It is supposed that the user clicks on the desired time and then confirm it with another click. And only then the reservation is stored in the database. So the user can click around without submitting, without any stored reservations.

Admins can set the times to be booked from some simple adminpage. Like every weekday 07:00-16:00, in 30min´s interval, except between 12:00-12:30 and 15:00-15:30 just as an example. Of course you should be able to put these times how they want.
Also an option to close an whole day for bookings, like an holiday.
It has to be an option to set how many bookings allowed per slot. Default 1.

Admins can also see the whole calendar and granted full rights for any changes they want.

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Need A Php Interface & Html

Please read the description entirely as this project is a bit tricky. I also want a PM where you confirm you understand all the points under.

I need a php interface customly made. Here are the specs:

-Being able to log as an master admin and create other admin
-Being able to create from admins, users.
-Being able to create from admins, pages/areas where content can be downloaded and viewed.
-Being able to allow from admins users to view the pages/areas created.

This interface must be flawless and highly secure. I will hire a 2 freelancers after to test it, if it fails I cannot release the milestone payment. I would also want something clean and graphycally beautiful.

Please note, the provider will also need to transform an already cut psd to html immediatly after project award.

I need this on a short term (3 days) so I need someone discipline and who speaks english well. I live on the New-York time, the provider must be avalaible during my day. I am not interested in pre-made stuff.

I will pay up to 100$, I will take the person with the most interesting bid content, reviews and $ offer.


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Need A Php Interface

Please read the description entirely as this project is a bit tricky. I also want a PM where you confirm you understand all the points under.

I need a php interface customly made. Here are the specs:

-Being able to log as an master admin and create other admin
-Being able to create from admins, users.
-Being able to create from admins, pages/areas where content can be downloaded and viewed.
-Being able to allow from admins users to view the pages/areas created.

This interface must be flawless and highly secure. I will hire a 2 freelancers after to test it, if it fails I cannot release the milestone payment. I would also want something clean and graphycally beautiful.

I need this on a short term so I need someone discipline and who speaks english well. I live on the New-York time, the provider must be avalaible during my day.

I will pay up to 130$, I will take the person with the most interesting bid content, reviews and $ offer.


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Captcha Admins


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Need Admins Pannels

I need virtua cloud and captcha buster admins
I need main main admins not teams or sub admins.
only serious people bid here

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FGuru Only, Missing Features+Help Install APP On New Server

This is for FGuru only — Reward $200

* Help installing the app on Debian Squeeze, make it work. (Currently not working)
* Bigger version, total size of app around 960 px width (video dimensions around 640 px width, maybe with HD detection, so the height of video is dynamic)
* Make watermark config/text work. (is already in Config but does not appear on the video)

* Admins (bit 1) should be able to see userlist
* Admins (bit 1) should not appear in userlist (invisible)
* Private video session automatically records to a file.
* Log chats

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Facebook Like Site Exactly Like

This is a simple website to create. We need a web developer who are expert in creating optimized PHP/Mysql site.


* Everyone can submit content. No need for approval.
* No HTML is allowed.
* Shows most popular and recently created content
* Shows random and next content
* Friendly URLS
* Admins can create multiple pages at a time
* Admins are able to delete multiple content


* Optimized and clean coding
* Caching is needed
* Able to add safe coding to prevent spam
* Delivered in a 1-2 weeks
* Must be an expert with Facebook social plugins.
* We are interested in how you code websites.
* Dont worry about the designs. We can do it.
* Bid with "XOXO" code.


If you really read this please bid with XOXO

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Drupal Developper For Modules Install/config

Hi there —

The basic idea is a casting/audition project scheduling/management.

Participants can create/edit their account/profile themself.
Data needed in participants profile :
– Personal info (name, address, phone, email)
– Physical details (size, weight)
– Pictures (upload)
– Participants have status: idle (not assigned to any project), assigned (to a project), scheduled (for a session), confirmed (before session), not confirmed (before a session), rejected (from a project, after a session), "still in" (after a session, thus likely to be called for the next session), shortlisted (after the last session).

2/Projects :

– A project involves one or more sessions.
– A session takes place on one or more days, where participants are assigned (by admins) configurable time slots (e.g. 30mn each) throughout the given day.
– Sessions have a location.
– A project is either open or closed.

Team members that can assign participants to a project/session. Send mails to participants.

4/Relations :

– Admins may be involved in multiple projects.
– Projects may involve multiple admins
– Project may involve multiple sessions
– A session is part of only one project
– Participants may be involved in multiple projects, and multiple sessions within one project
– Only admins assign participants to projects/sessions/time slots within one session.
– Sessions involve multiple time slots; one given time slot is only part of one session

5/Features needed :

– Participants profiles may be created/edited by admins or participant themselves through a form
– Admins can assign participants to a projects; a session within one project; a time slot within one session
– Admins can print configurable session or project sheets (tables with pre-filled participants details + "comments" field for hand written comments)
– Integrated session location map using google maps
– Project/session monitoring panel (session date, time, location, participant list, confirmed participants)
– After a given session, a participant is either "out of the loop"

6/Mailing :

– A mail is sent when participant register
– A mail is sent when a participant is assigned to a session
– Participants must confirm participation by answering mail or clicking a link
– The day before session, a reminder is sent with session details (location, map, time slot, other info)
– Several pre formatted email answer

– this is mostly backend; only front end part is for participants to register.
– As I know a bit of Drupal, this doesnt necessarily have to be absolutely turnkey, meaning that, if the structure, and required Drupal modules are installed and properly configured, I may/should be able to add new fields, views, email templates, etc. myself, e.g. participant profile, once setup with a few fields, I can add more. What I need is the core installation/configuration of required Drupal modules. This should be fairly simple for an experienced Drupal developer, as everything can be based on existing Drupal modules (CCK, Views, etc.). If you think there is more to it, please explain. Thanks.

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Basic Matchmaking Site (dating Site)

Please make sure to read the attached document for a more in depth discussion of the project.

Basic details:
This project is for a matchmaking site. What that means is that it is a dating site, however, no searching or viewing of other peoples profiles is available for basic users. Only admins can see peoples profiles and thus make matches. This will be a completely free site so there are no issues of subscriptions or special paid features.

The main parts of the project are:
– Several HTML/CSS information pages, nothing fancy
– PHP and MySQL based submission form to create user profiles
– Two different admin control panels that will allow admins to search profiles (like a normal dating site) and one for super admins with all the privileges of the first control panel plus ability to create more profiles questions, add users, delete users, modify users, etc. This will require a location based search so knowledge of using google maps API is a plus.

This can be built from scratch or you can modify an existing design (like boonex dolphin). I will provide all the profile questions along with a data dictionary of all the possible values and corresponding database fields and values (excel spreadsheet).

It will require knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. Although fluency in English is not required, it will make your life much easier if you are as we will be able to communicate much better.

Payment will be as follows: 50% when you upload a functional site with the remaining 50% after we have resolved any and all fixes.

Feel free to see my reviews, I am an easy-going boss and I respect my freelancers very much. If you work hard and communicate with me, I will do my best to help you out and make the work enjoyable for both of us.

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Social Engine Avatar/Profile Pic Approver From Admin Panel

We are looking for a developer that can make a plugin or code that enables so that the admins have the right to approve or dissaprove newly uploaded avatar/profilepictures.

Scenario, * = new steps:

1: User uploads profile pic.
2: User gets the choice to crop picture.
* 3: Instead of displaying picture right away, the user now gets a temporary avatar saying avatar awaiting approval
* 4: In the admin panel administrators now see how many pictures is awaiting approval. (just like View Reports but for profile pictures)
* 5: Admin now can approve or dissaprove picture.
If approved, users now have the newly uploaded picture as avatar.
If dissaproved, admin will type some text with reason, users will have no avatar (back to initial pic), and a message is generated to the user with the reason.

Estimate hours and cost, and show portfolio with previous SE related work.


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Idle Time Notificaiton

I need an application to monitor a remote computers idle time. The idle time must be displayed as a screensaver on the local computer and reports about idle time for each computer must be available from admins computers. The idle must be set by admins by method: keyboard, mouse, keyboard+mouse.
Thank You!

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V3 Arcade (reverse Engineer)


v3 Arcade is an addon to vBulletin that allows forum admins to install an SWF games arcade on their forum. The SWF games must be modified to include a call-back mechanism that sends the user ID and score back to the page, on game over, to update the backend and refresh the page.

There are already 1000s of SWF games that have been converted to use with v3 Arcade.

I am building my own arcade site, but I want to use the same mechanism as v3 Arcade, so that I can take advantage of the 1000s of games already converted to work with it.


What I want is a simple stand-alone page in php/AJAX, capable of displaying one of the modified SWF games, and using the same mechanism as v3 Arcade, communicate with the SWF to refresh the page on game-over, showing the users id and score. I want to use the exact same mechanism as v3 Arcade, taking whatever precautions they do to stop users submitting fake scores, etc (md5?). I dont need a fully working site, or any backend/database work, I just want a simple stand-alone page, capable of playing the modified SWF games, and displaying your username and hi-score on Game Over.


There is some information about how the SWF games communicate back to the page here:
(Although you may need a valid vBulletin licence in order to view it)!

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Skype/Msn Type Instant Messenger

Hello i am looking for a developer that has deep knoweledge and experience in software development. No what i need is simple. I need an Instant messenger similar to Skype and MSN.

*Must have all the general functions of typical instant messenger
* Must have customizeable Chat Box interfaces that only Admins can change.
*Enable users to create small profiles that includes uploaded profile pics, a brief intro, and uploaded videos.
*Users can set paid webcam confrences in which they can set their own prices.
* Double webcam confrencess in which two users can be viewed at a time.
* Each conference should allow unlimited amount of users to view( Have to pay to view selected conference)
* A captcha box is needed for sign ups also
* Must include database that shows all online users and have users to search for preferences.
I will consider the cheapest bets first.

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Data Entry Admins Available

I do have 20 (twenty) admins available for any kind of data entry. We do our job fast and precise. We are available 24/7

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Social Engine – Emblems

Hello all!

Id like an emblems system, much like that of Gamespot.coms profile Emblem feature!


Users can earn emblems based on profile statistics or can be given them by administrators.

Here is a mockup design Ive created:

When an emblem is hovered over a description will be displayed.

More Detail:

The descriptions must appear on Firefox, Chrome and IE.
Users should be able to click through emblems on their profile (thats what the arrow is for. *ajax?*)

Emblems should be awarded automatically for things such as 50 friends or 100 comments etc.
An example of how we do this currently is:
{if $total_friends >= 300}<img src="300friends.gif"> {else} <img src="300friendsno.gif">{/if}

Admins also require a admin panel where they can give users emblems as they see fit.
There should be NO limit on how many emblems can be attained.
The panel could be incorporated into the admin view_users_edit.php panel.

The maximum emblems displayed at one time on a profile should be 4.

On the header where it says My Emblems (5), when the number is clicked, an ajax box should pop up in the center of the screen listing all their current emblems (again, on hover a description comes up).
This is then closable.

I will design all the icons, so no photoshop work by you is required.

Payment by escrow, YOU MUST HAVE FEEDBACK TO BE ACCEPTED (Preferably over 10)

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Magento Multistore Configuration

I have a magento store setted up and i am interested in configuring a multi website to work under the same catalog,
programmer will have to configure the tasks and instruct us on how to do it in the future

things i need:

1. ability to set up different template for each website
2. each website will have unique URL i.e and (each will have unique SSL feature)
3. admin needs to be individual for each website (control info only for the same website) – control customer – control sales – control category name and URL – control CMS for main pages and other pages

so basically we want a main store which will give authorization for various admins to run their own website under same product catalog and under the control of the master admin

Please note that we require full configuration + instruction for the entire process


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Booking Engine/Reservation System

Online booking engine/reservation system needed — with SMS Text Only ability, with options of &/or email selected for appointment confirmations & reminders. System will feature some interesting security, and information cloaking abilities. Requirements include: Systems ability to kill appointment session upon recognizing any info — including bad IP address(es)from blacklisted previous clients — along with fraudulent, and disruptive prankster attempts to access and schedule bogus appointments.

This therapy business presently has studios in 4 San Diego locations, with 17 practitioners. The practitioners do not always practice at same location. The system must scale to 8 separate locations with 37 practitioners who may work in multiple locations.The system needs to scale to as many as 5 admins that are granted varying levels of permissions.

I have a client that has therapy business in 4 locations with 17 practitioners. The practitioners do not always practice at same location we need to be able to scale to 8 locations with max 37 practitioners.

1. Clients are able to be have appointment confirmations, and up to 3 reminders of an appointment by their choice, or Admins: Via SMS Text Only, &/or by email.
2. Also when the appointments are sent to practitioners at various locations by SMS text only &/or email (choice by admin) The scheduled practitioner only receive clients name and appointment time, and service type scheduled — all other client
information needs to be cloaked, or remain confidential for admins use only.
3. Ability to block or revoke session and scheduling by a previous customers or prankster who are blacklisted (blacklisting to be entered by admins only)based on info given and most importantly recognition of IP addresse(s).
4. Ability to have Multiple administrators with varying levels of permission granted by Main Admin. system must be able to add up to 5 admins in future with vary level of permission granted.
5. Potential clients are not able to schedule online for 1st time appointment currently they see web site or advertising and call call our call-center in for 1st time appointment. After 1st appointment they will be sent a password via email or SMS text that allows them to log-in online to self schedule appointments The receive a password good for admins approved time period.
** It would be a nice tech enhancement but absolute requirement at this time — to allow clients with passwords to schedule via mobile web enabled phone as well.
6. When a previous client is logged in to schedule and appointment he can decide to schedule appointment by location (with only a general description of studio location) & or Practitioner info from website or Reservation system description. Upon scheduling an appointment online the client only receives that actual physical address w/ Google type map upon confirmation; and only for the location that he has scheduled for. The system must throw up flags stop session and prevent another session until call in to reset appointment and receive new pass code/word; and ask clients that try to schedule multiple sessions to call in to our call center to complete appointment. So if client schedules and tries to reschedule without calling in to cancel he is unable to schedule at another location in that or upcoming session. until he calls in to be reset &/or set-up with a new appointment by call center.

1. Client will need 2 weeks to properly test system, and expects to be given full source codes; and will have code verified for any possible bugs, errors, & infringement violations.
2. This is not rocket science in 2010 . . yet for a reservation and booking system, the requirements are unique in placement.
3. Proprietary code could be sold in future to another non-competing company with owners permission.
4. We are requiring daily, & weekly reports with ability to test key components of system as project develops. Client is not wanting to force compliance with strict time for completion. This is tricky to build, and there may be unforeseen issues, we understand this. Interface for end users, and admin must be smooth and intuitive. There are elements that we have not considered that may come up. We are uniquely set for prompt communication and will reply immediately; and expect such from selected bidder . . if there are problems, or time for completion is not realistic . . then we expect to know the moment it is known by developer –so we can adjust our time-lines, and extend time for completion. Good communication is vital, and will be key to successful happy client who will sing praises, give good marks, and offer written testimonials and take real-time phone calls in support of developer.

Name: johnny spicer
Position: Biz Dev
Company: Defiant Sun Media — Authorized Reviewing Agent for Confidential Client.

Client Info:
Zip/Postal Code:
Website URL:
Annual Revenue: $0-1.5 Million
Number of Practitioners 17 currently — plans to scale to 35 max.
4 Studio locations currently — Planned scalability to 8 locations

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Business Card Listing Site

The following are the specifications of a business card listing site:

– The ability for registered members to add/edit/delete/view cards (alphabetical and by category).
– The ability for registered member to hide or make public the current added cards.
– The ability for registered members to search the database after being approved by the site owner.
– The ability to pay through 2CheckOut or PayPal.
– The ability for the user to upload a real card and the site must resize the image to make them all the same size (the form mentioned below must be filled anyway).
– The site must have the ability to create business cards for those who doesnt have one, like uploading his own picture and the details go on the side.
– The business card must contain: full name, job, position (CEO, secretary, manager, etc), company name, company field, phone, fax, email, website URL.
– The ability for members to publish some of their works (just a simple page for each member with WYSIWYG).
– The ability for member to specify Google map address for his location (just URL field — no API).
– Print card feature (view printable version)
– The admin control panel must allow multiple admin logins along with the necessary features like add/delete/edit/view admin.
– Each member must have a page where all of his cards and displayed along with links to display each card individually.
– Th ability for site admin to email one or all of the registered members.
– Member must be able to send emails to the admin from his control panel.
– Member must be able to email other users if the specific user if given the ability.
– The ability for admins to stick a cards the the homepage.
– The search functionality must contain basic and advanced search. The advanced search must allow the member to search by country, city then profession, etc.
– The ability to search by name, phone, email, address, or profession.
– The page that will be displayed to the user contains the following:
— The name, avatar (can be uploaded or chosen from a list), profession, works (text, images or video as links), links, business card images, email, Google map, country, city, contact methods.
– The admin should have the ability to specify which items are displayed in search results.
– The admin should be able to put registered people in three categories: 1. Bronze 2. Silver 3. Gold.

Max bidding accepted is $300.

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I Need Privite Web Forum With Private Web Browser.

The forum must be able to se only if costumer have our web browser. It must be modified forum with chat between users, and chat betwen admins and moderators. All files must be crypted. No body cant see what is on server. i mean admins of server can see but they cant read this. All users must have special login and pass for browser. I need it asap.

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Website Design And Community For Ghost Group

I am looking for someone to create a website/community for my ghost hunting organization.

The site must include the following: Flash intro, other additional flash effects that will make the site original, A page for EVP

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SMS Server For Prepaid Card Market

Require to setup a new SMS server for prepaid cards Recharged use.

We would provide all Hardware setup. We require u to write a new SMS server program that can do the following.

1) Generate Pins(New card Pins for us to print) {Must be able to generate diff types of Pins for diff denomination)
2) Communicate with Multiple GSM Modems
3) Verification of Pins upon receiving sms from users
4) Execute/Run Service/Commands Upon verification of pin success
5) Reply user with sms.

Admins -> Generate New pins

Users -> Purchase new cards/Pin –> Sms command + PIN to our GSM modem(A) –> Get reply from our system

System -> Recieve Sms –> verify Pins –> Run USSD Commands from multiple GSM Modems(b,c,d etc..)

SYstem must also support mass sms.

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Game Control Panel For Steam Games

We are a GSP (Game Server Provider) that currently uses a very savvy Game Control Panel which allows our clients to work with their servers, as well as our company to create and administrate their Game Servers. However, there is a lot of things missing in it. Seeing how our current system has been ioncube encoded, and we can not decode it, we are seeking to create a completely new solution (modeled after our current one). Our company is run a bit different than others, so we seek a different solution.

It will need to be coded in PHP/mySQL, and will need to have the following abilities:
1) Ability to create accounts (username/password for clients only)
2) Ability to create Admins (username/password for admins only)
3) Start/Stop/Restart Game Servers (PHP will have to connect to server via SSH & start a Screen Session, due to the nature of the games we run – Stopping server will have to have ability to know which session to kill and clean)
4) Install Games via repository files (tar.gz files put in a specific directory which must be pulled and extracted by this new system in one shot!)
5) Ability for admins & clients to use a WebFTP
6) Ability for Admins to use a Web SSH (for quick troubleshooting)
7) Ability to create servers with Game Server specifics (IE: Player Slots, Start Command, Map name… etc)
8) Billing Solution allowing client signups.
9) Emails from billing solution telling of new customers, their IP, the game theyve chosen, slots..etc
10) Monthly Billing Automation – accepting only BluePay (same API as, just pointed at BluePay services) and PayPal Standard (NOT pro).
11) Monthly reports on Paying & non-paying customers…
12) Perhaps automation to suspend non-paying accounts passed X amount of days overdue.

We realize this isnt the most clearest requests, as it is very hard to state exactly what we are asking for. The best example I can give you is SwiftPanel (Our current Game Control Panel). We basically want to re-create Swift, but ad a few things to make it more geared towards us. Please go check out the SwiftPanel project before bidding or corresponding with us. Its not a very big system at all. In fact its rather simplistic and has very few files (in comparison to some of those HUGE CMS systems out there).

This project will require a PHP/MySQL/LAMP technology guru. You will need to know how to control SSH via PHP/mySQL. You will need to be very savvy with Linux as well. One of our company owners is a PHP guru as well, and can help as much as possible – but busy schedules dont allow for much time on his part.

Please dont tell us of your "Joomla, osCommerce, Open-Source CMS" experience. As this project is far from those systems, and will require a clean build. We would consider some type of Joomla integration, but would prefer NOT to go down that road.

We are very open to your bids, ideas, and opinions! We may consider "alternative" offers as well.

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Online Appliation Form Management Site

Our purpose for a site is to manage application forms of the colleges of our zone in a web portal. This is a membership cum onlinestore kinda project. We are looking for Drupal experts with good knowledge in PHP, AJAX and CSS.
-Provide users Locationwise, Coursewise and colegewise search about various colleges.
-If application forms are available then users should be able to go ahead and fill the forms after making the payment and college admins should be able to track their sold application forms.
-Includes little community features also like forums, blogs and groups, which are halfway taken care of. Detailed project will be explained in more details and site blueprint will be provided to the selected expert. Can expect more projects from us once the project quality of your work doneis assured.

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Joomla Website Modification


Current status and description of my website:

I have a website which is already built by a web developer. He used photoshop to design the template and than integrated it with Joomla. So the website is being run by Joomla right now and there is a forum in the website which is Joo!BB. The Joo!BB is bridged throughout the website so whenever anyone logs in anywhere in the website they are logged in the forum as well.

Small jobs required:

1) In the forum when you click on a members name and try to send him a private message, an 404 error occurs and its leads to an error window. I need a component installed which will enable private messaging. I believe the best component for this is Uddeim and is available to download for free, I just need someone to install this for me and make sure it works perfectly.

2) For the Administrators of the website, the rank appears as Newbie and there seems to be no way to change the rank. The only way ranks increase is by posting the set required amount of posts. I wanted to know if this can physically be changed as it looks inappropriate for Admins to be newbies.

I will also be needing a change in my current template, currently the page is not using the whole window and I can only have sub menus etc on the left hand side and not in the right hand side. So I wanted to make the screen whole page and use the right hand side aswel for adds and menus etc.

Basically I need a Joomla expert, not looking to spend too much as my jobs are not major if you can work out a decent price for the above jobs then we can create a relationship and I will be needing constant help/modifications.

It would be great if you could share your experience in your replies to do with joomla and web design modification.



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Installation Sugar CRM (Community Edition)


We are looking for someone who could install the Sugar CRM (Community Edition) on our shared hosting account. The Admins of Sugar CRM told us that it should be done within 1 hour.


How to install Sugar CRM on a shared hosting server?:

Download: (please take download for Windows Users)

Please let me know whether you are interested.


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Fifa Gaming League With User And Admin Panels

I am after a website coded in either PHP or C+/.Net

The website will be a text based league system, based around an Xbox 360 Game. The website should allow one or more leagues to be added and/or customized through an Admin panel.

The website should allow users to submit results after playing each other. If a user agrees with the result, it will be published to the table. Otherwise, the result will be sent to a Admin Panel for the Admins to decide.

The website should allow users to play as a SINGLE user or as a TEAM.
If as a TEAM the website should utilise a mini ADMIN portal for Managers of clubs.

The website should make use of a shoutbox, (similar to Ajax shoutbox) to allow users to post topics.

Similar websites;

Basic website;

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