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Tic Tac Toe Game – Android

I want Tic Tac Toe game in Android.
There will be user vs user mode and User vs Computer mode too.
i would like to have admob in apps main screen
an add in app, check it please

if you have any other idea to make this game more good
than you are most welcome

Happy Bidding

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Webview With Admob Integration App

Small scale app required with webview and integrated admob advertisments.

Full details to be personal messaged.

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Simple Android App

– This site is to show a muscle car and 1 extra picture of the car like from under the hood
– There is a text file on my site that has a list of all the picture names (eg. 1000.jpg, 1001.jpg etc)
– App reads from a text file and choose a random picture to show inside app
– Once picture is shown, it will display an action bar that has "Next|Prev|More"
– Randomly above and below the action bar I want admob
– When a user hits next, it pulls another random pic
– When a user hits prev, it should go back to previous pic (remember last 7 pics to go back to)
– When the user hits more, it will display the pictures "Extra" picture (eg 1001_1.jpg 1002_1.jpg)
– When displaying the "Extra" picture, again, randomly show admob at the top/bottom of the action bar

I need the source, ability to add my admob info

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Iphone App

Iphone app to be developed with Google ad (Admob) This is a simple app that will grab information from another website and display it to the users. You should be able to integrate admob and submit to itunes.

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Integrate AdMob Into Android Application

Integrate fully working AdMob service into my Android App

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Add IAd And Admob Into Project

I am looking for some one who could write an iphone project example for me.

i hope some one who could create an opengl es app. and add iad and admob banner in this opengl es app.

so all you need to do is create a default opengl es iphone app by using xcode.

add iad and admob banner in this app.

so you need to do as the following.

1 check if the devices OS is ios4 or not. if not show admob banner.

2 if the devices OS is ios4 check if iAd banner is avaiable or not. if not show admob.

3 if iad is avaiable show iad.

all the iad and admob should add in opengl es iphone project.

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Mobile Advertising Network Site E.g Admob

Hi i am Looking for a Script for Creating a site for Mobile Advertising Network e.g Admob.Com . Script Payment method to user must be i also want banner exchage system in this script.
i want to use this script on linux shared hosting

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IAds Sucks, Need Someone To Add Admob Back In Too!

So when iAd doesnt load app shows admob instead..

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Modification On Quiz Game

Hi all

Im looking for a developer to do some minor tweaks on my existing quiz game., I just dont have the time to do so. The tweaks would inculde:

1. Add iAds or AdMob support depending on the OS
If (device OS == 4.0)
show iAds;
show AdMob ads;
2. Enable the In-App Purchase functionality so the user can purchase the app to remove the ad banners.

Please only bid if you can start immediatelly and have an existing rating (or are happy do to the work with only one milestone payment at 100% completion).
Good luck!

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Analytics Dashboard UI Similar To

What I need or require:

I want to have a Analytics dashboard similar to Admob so i need a usable prototype on User Interface .The UI functionality should be similar but the design( pictures ,styles, javascript etc ) must be different.

That is with advantage that if the developer render the UI through ruby on rails.

Reports UI Shall include :

-Home :
-Dashboard :
-Visits :
-Unique Visitors :
-Length of Visit :
-Depth of Visit :
-Loyalty :
-Visit Interval :
+Geo Stats :
– Region Drill Down :
– Country Drill Down :
+Device Details
+Browser :
– Browser Drill Down :
+Operating System :
– OS Drill Down :
-Screen Resolution :
– Screen Resolution Drill Down :×320
-Overview :
-Advertising :
-Direct Traffic :
+Referrals :
– Referral DrillDown :
-Search Engines :
– Search Engine DrillDown :
-Keywords :
– Keyword Drill Down :
-Track Sources :

+Site Usage
-Top Content :
– Drill Down :
-Page Title :
– Drill Down :
-Entrance Pages :
– Drill Down :
-Exit Pages :
– Drill Down :
-Event Traffic :
– Drill Down :
-Manage Events :
– Add :

The developer who is select will have to provide me updates about the status and progress of the project every 2 days.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
Admob shall have developed its UI Component on ExtJs, you may modify it but have to rewrite by your own so that it would infringe the copyright.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:

Hand-on experience on Application UI Design with ExtJs and Fusion Charts.

Timeframe for delivery:
Depends, expect around 1 week

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Need Someone To Remove Adwhirl And Add Admob

Have a simple soundboard app. Have adwhirl SDK implemented, need to replace with Admob SDK.

I dont know what the fuck Im doing.

I have no problem adding admob, I just cant properly remove adwhirl without getting errors when I try to build app in Xcode.

Very simple and easy money if you know what the hell you are doing.

If you bid more than $30 US you will be ignored. If you have no feedback you will be ignored.

Here is a link to the app.

I will send you code and admob sdk, you send me back working app, and if I need to know it you explain to me how to put app ID into code. Im not an idiot, I just need a file name and a codeline to find it in Xcode.


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Iphone Banner Ads For Admob Mobile Marketing

I am looking for someone to work with who can help me create banner ads for admob mobile marketing campaigns. If you have experience in creating banners ads the mobile platform and in app ads that would be great. Knowledge of how admob works especially targeted to iPhone is a plus as well. My budget is limited now Im looking to partner with someone for the long haul. Help me make money and I will make you glad you did.

My first banner is for my mobile marketing company. You can get a feel for me at

Thanks for your time. Dave

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Simple Game Only One Level


I just need a quick simple 3d game app with only one level, but keeps scores, plus admob ads

I will pay between $30-$250 for this app which is only one 3d level with scores and admob ads.

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Need A Scale App!!!

I want a scale app similar like: 1.Touch Scale, 2.Finger scale

Also needs to have ads maybe with admob.

thats it. it should be really easy for a iphone developer

Please contact me for more information if needed

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Admob Ads

Admob ads for the lite version.

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Hide Admob Ad In A JavaScript (phonegap) IPhone App

I am building a picture book app using PhoneGap, The app is working through Javascript. I am using the Admob Objective-C code for advertising and I have the ad placed above the webview. I want to keep the ad in place on 3 main menu type pages (instructions, info, main menu), but I want the ad to hide when the book pages are called.
Since the app is built primarily using Javascript
I need somebody to code a Javascript function to hide the the admobs objective c code when the book is called. The ad should reappear when the menu is called back from the book. I am guessing that this would be done through JSON? 

I can provide a .pdf overview of the app, and the project.

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Android-compliant Slideshow Application

1. Overview
Client wishes to launch in the Android Market store an application containing preloaded images which will at a minimum offer users the ability to easily browse those images, set them as wallpaper, and review associated text information related to each such image. Additional functionality would offer the ability to ingest as from an aggregator such as AdMob, and to enable users to personalise the image by adding their own text.?
The applications will be sold for a one-off charge, and the content will be static and not renewed. In order for the contents of the image collections and associated text information to be edited/replaced, the application should be supplied to us along with a Content Management System. ??
1. Specification For Developer?
a. Access Slideshow Application?Slideshow should be built in accordance with Android SDK and be able to be downloaded from Android Market, and consumed on Android handset. Application should be sized and compressed so as to take no more than 10 seconds to download over average wifi or 3G link.
b. Front Page display?On opening the application the user should be presented with a front page containing branding, an image, and a thumbnail menu to navigate between images.
c. Image Display Page?Each image should be displayed full screen at high resolution. Menu options are

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