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Content Writers – USA EXPERTS – Website, Ads, Articles Etc


Im looking for EXPERT writers for my websites, blogs, ads, comments and tons more. I need someone who can writer with a american style.

I DO NOT want spin content or oversea writing which is horrible.

I want 100% unique content and american can understand it.

Writing good is one thing but writing so it make sense is something else.

Alot of work for this project.

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Classified Ads Website

I am looking to create a website similar to with a secure admin page. It is very important for the admin page to be secure as Site must be hack proof, and of clean design. I do not want Copyright infringement and violation of Gumtree so the back end should same as Gumtree and front end should be your own design to respect to Gumtree layout and copyright.

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Apple IPhones Unlock/Jailbreak Website

I am looking for someone who has the ability to manage a small project. I want you to create a website and
a product. The product is a software for jailbreaking or unlocking iPhones. So what I need from you is the website
and the product. This includes:

* layout
* integration
* coding
* installing of the various plugins and script
* the software and a PDF manual (or a membership site where the customer can get their purchased
product) – least priority
* etc. (everything you will see from the references below)

Website reference 1: (my #1 choice)
* this website has a membership site where the customers and can login and download the software and
instructions, very good conversion and product.

Website reference 2: (my #2 choice)
* hopefully this is the minimum standard I can expect and get from the winning bidder

Website reference 3: (my least choice)
* this one is a PLR being sold in ( But I dont want a PLR I want a customize one.

* both website 2 and 3 has a downloadable software and PDF manual/guide

Additional things I need (this will be updated regularly)
1. The software needs to be updated regularly so I will be paying everytime I request an update
2. I like website 1 because its clean and simple plus it has a blog which is a MUST so I can create new content
3. I am paying primarily for the website, coding and the product (software) but I am obviously willing to pay more
if you already have a good experience with website conversion and copywriting which is the costly one but then
again brings in the money.


Please prioritize the website creation as I am thinking if its better to create a separate project for the software

Thank you.


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Classified Ads Website

I would like a professionally built classified ads website
similar to and If you are not familiar with those
sites please visit them. Some key features it may need:

No user registration needed to post!
Free to post ads
Users may pay to make ads Featured
Users may pay to make ads run longer
Unlimited categories and subcategories
Unlimited regions, cities and areas
Ability to add custom fields for each section
Complete search feature, including custom fields
Event Calendar
Image Submissions
Email verification for ads
Image verification for spam protection
Picture upload with ads
Automatic resizing of photos to reduce dimensions and size
Option for users to report abuse
Automatic expiration of ads after a configurable duration
Specify ad expiration time for each section
Automatic deletion of ads after a configuratble number of abuse reports
Form to email the poster, with attachment, without revealing his email
Block certain attachments, like EXEs
RSS feed of listings with configuration options
Search engine friendly urls for ads (using mod_rewrite)
Language file to change the text used on the site
Setup different featured and extended ad options from the admin
Automated Paypal gateway
Control all aspects of ads from the admin
Block users by IP address
Bad word filter
Charge users for posting to selected categories/cities.
supports formatting in ads.
Added basic spam filter.
Added mass IP block.
"Postable" categories and regions.
"Required" custom fields.

Some Configuration options:

Initial city to show ads from
Enable/disable event calendar
Enable/disable image submissions
Show/hide left and right sidebars
Sort locations and categories alphabetically
Number of columns for showing categories
Ads/images per page
Show number of ads next to categories
Show number of ads next to subcategories
Number of pictures uploadable per ad
Maximum picture filesize
Allowed picture file types
Width and height of resized pictures and thumbnails
JPEG quality of resized images
Currency symbol to use
Enable/disable image verification
String to replace bad words with
Show/hide category list in the left sidebar
Maximum number of abuse reports needed to automatically delete an ad
File types and maximum size of attachements allowed when contacting posters
Number of ads to include in the RSS feed
Number of characters to show for ad description in the RSS feed
Enable/disable featured ads and extended ads

I will get more into details with the winning bidder. Im not familiar with site building
therefore I am not sure what the cost is for a project this size. I would rather pay more for
quality work, so if my price range is too small let me know …I would like to have a long term relationship
with the winning bidder for all my future projects… Thanks

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Copywrite Full Content On Website, Classified Ads, Etc…

We are currently looking for writers that can write essays, phrases, and articles for our products and services. We are a small company, with a small budget, and we would like to show our market that we have a competitive edge.

You will write about 10-20 articles and essays for our website and classified ads to market our brand, products, and services.

This is for a Digital Printing company that prints business cards, posters, brochures, flyers, and etc.

This is your opportunity to make a name for yourself as a freelancer.

Kindly pm me your works. Thank you.

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WordPress Classified Ads Website

I am building a classified ads based website with WordPress and the popular classified ads plugin AWPCP for WordPress. The site is 90% build, but as I am not super knowledgeable in PHP I could use some help with some PHP and CSS tweaking to finish of the site and polish up some areas of the layout.

Looking for someone who is very strong in PHP, Javascript, CSS, WordPress and also has a good sense of style and design for giving the site a finished looking design.

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Iphone Template For Classified Ads Website

I want to set up iPhone/mobile recognizable template based on existing classified website. Already have website working. so you dont have to build the website. What you need to do is to write Iphone compatible tempelate that will look nice on iphone. Please go to see The website is based on the open source free platform. You need to build iPhone template for it. You can check their sample templates for normal browser at the websites. Please take note mine is version 1.5.4 which is older than current one.

And Create the iphone application which will open the website on Safari browser without the address bar. It will display more like its own user interface. The application NEED NOT to do submission to apple store. I will do the submission myself.

If you want to clarify any doubts, please send me private message.

Thanks and regards,

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Need A Classified Ads Website

We need a classified ads website very quickly.

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A Complete Website For Classified Ads

We need someone to build a webpage like for us.

We dont need quite as complex system as they have. The core function of the website should be to sell your used phone (without a plan), or to get out of your existing plan (cell swapping). Check out and see how they do it.

The search function will be an important part of the site.

We also need a easy to use backend where we can control the site from.

The site should be optimized for search engines.

– What information will we be able to control from the backend?
Well, we expect the bidder to be able to determine what will be needed, and also have an active communication with us about what functions to implement.

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