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Actionscript 3.0 Advanced Experience

Need advanced actionscript 3.0 expert for 15 hours of work. I need to see good feedback and lots of portfolio experience specifically relating to auctionscript 3.0. Repeat work possible.

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Visual C + Expert For Datafeed Software

We are looking for a professional developer to create a desktop software application for xp/windows 7 – the software displays data from a datafeed provided

This data feeds also include examples – the application software we require is advanced, and also posts to other third party systems.
It will alo require an encryption to lock the software with a USB key, and a serial number upon installation.

We are looking for an advanced user, who can program fast and efficiantly and provide ongoing updates.
No sales teams, just one great programmer.

All details will be given to good developers with good ratings. Software examples will be required.

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Steganography Application

I need a steganography software that could embed hidden message and retrieve data. The cover image must be in JPEG and it must be good quality after the embedding process.

The method that must be done within this project is spread spectrum. Besides, I need a tutorial on this steganography as Im a newbie in this field.

additional info:
I need a big help in learning advanced color theory, compression techniques and various image formats, sot his qualifications are:

-experience in advanced image processing
-strong knowledge in coding and color theory
-experience in steganography
-teaching must be done in C/C++/C#

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Advanced Spinning, Expert Article Rewrites


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Magento Debugging: Advanced Search Shows Too Few Results

I need some debugging for my Magento Online Shop.
I have a problem with the Advanced Search that I need to get solved urgently.
The Advanced Search shows by far too few results.
There are about 1500 products in my shop listed in categories and the Simple Search finds all. But the Advanced search does only find about 830 of them.
I tried all ideas I found on forums on the web, of course refreshed all indexes, cleared Magento Cache several times etc.

My Magento version is

Thanks in advance for your bids – but please only bid if you are sure you can solve this!

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Web Site Design

"East of Air" is a Massachusetts-based company has an immediate need for creative graphic and web designer with a solid understanding HTML5, Web standarts, Photoshop, Illustrator,CSS 2&3, and a contemporary portfolio to demonstrate these skills.

* Design and create simple, elegant front end
* Strong grasp of design basics, such as hierarchy, color, and composition
* Advanced knowledge of Macromedia Studio, including Illustrator and Photoshop
* Minimum 4 years designing for web/mobile
* Advanced understanding of HTML 5 and CSS 2 & 3
* Ability to manage and meet deadline, and work both independently and as part of a team
* Flash and video skills a plus

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Advanced Joomla -Link Components

Need advanced programmer; solo preferred. Urgent

1. We need to be able to select images in joomgallery and save them to a folder/file (call it favorites for now) – 4 in total
2. We need to be able to save .skp (sketchup) files in a folder/file and display in a gallery so that other users can download/edit them. We then need to be able to save to favorites
3. We need to be able to select product images from virtuemart and save them to favorites
4. Need to be able to see whats in favorites gallery (sorted for each client)
5. Need to insert images from favorites gallery into html template

Max budget: $50

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Advanced Joomla – Scheduling Component Needed

Need senior/advanced joomla program to custom code a feature

Need component to
1. Recognize date of purchase in virtuemart
2. Set a deadline for designer 7 days from them (excluding north amercian holiday)
3. Notify admin task needs to be assigned
4. Admin logs in and assigns to designer
5. designer accepts and notification goes back to admin
6. system reminds designer 5, 3, 1 day out if task not completed
7. 2 final sign offs of task (first by designer, then by admin)
8. once 2 signs off, task closed

accept, they will be shown the client file (html file) ..need to pull this in from admin panel

max budget: 40

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Mass Registrations Advanced Algorithms

I am looking for individuals that already have proven system.
who can know this well how you can do this.
please be understand before you place your bid.

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Online Printing (advanced Site)

Please read carefully.

I am looking for a professional team to do an online printing website (advanced).

Main Requirements:

Customers will be able to choose from templates of visiting cards, brochures, calendars etc and put their name, address, upload pictures etc and save it in their profile and post order for printing the item to be shipped to them.
We will need a checkout system for online payment like paypal.

Reference site can be given.

Who can bid:

1. If you have done online printing website and designing websites(I will need proof)


2. If you can provide that you have more then enough skills in FLASH, Action script, PHP and AJAX, and have done large scale projects (I will need proof)

If you have read this please add "fotoprint" in you bid message.

Payment through escrow.

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Joomla: Need Advanced Programmer For Scheduling/Task Comp

Need senior/advanced joomla program to custom code a feature

Have a specific area for designers. Need to have some scheduling/tasks/admin features

-need a feature that will recognize the purchase date of a package in virtuemart and auto-assign a deadline for task (7 days)
-staff need to be able to check off their availability on calendar (need a list of weeks 3 months out and they mark yes/no with ability to edit)
-admin needs to be able to assign task (design file) to the employees who are available that week
-once we assign, employee needs to accept task
-when they accept, they will be shown the client file (html file) ..need to pull this in from admin panel

max budget: 60

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Advanced Google Adsense Integration Into VBulletin

We are looking for a freelancer experienced with vBulletin who can help us with advanced google adsense Integration.

We wish to Integrate google adsense in non-standard positions, similar to the site here:

We must be able to set which advertising shows to specified usergroups.

Plus we would also like if possible for the edits made to be compiled into a plugin so they can be easily installed onto our other forums.

Experienced with vBulletin (Plugin Development & Template Modification)
Experienced with Google Adsense

The winning bidder will also be given future vbulletin tasks.

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Ajax Advanced Search Results

Need advanced search results for my site via ajax.

So when a user checks a filter the search results will adjust accordingly.

Only Show Items with:
Pickup Available
Offers Allowed
Sort By:
Total Price
Seller Rating
Location (top nav)

Note that if a user checks multiple options the search results should alter to everything they checked. By default the search results need to be effected by the location they selected in the top bar (country or city search).

The results are stored in a mysql database.

03/07/2011 at 12:11 EST:

Also another variable the search needs to pick up are the categories (top nav)

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120/90 Sec TV Commercial, CGI Animation, User Video

For an advanced Anti Aging home SPA product/kit we require:

120 second DRTV infomercial spot
5 minute user instructional video (how to use)

Our anti-aging kit combines a hand held Galvanic, Photo Dynamic Therapy, Micro-Acupuncture massage spa type instrument and 4 unique gels incorporating advanced peptides

Please bid based on the attached excel/deliverables file, indicate milestone payments and dates

For additional information and website/URL contact us

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Advanced File Hosting

The website is going to be based on a file hosting script called Xfilesharing Pro
Tasks to be done in the script:
1- Customize the design.
2- add Theses opitions:
– adjust server configurations to have a raid 1 option.
-give an option to the downloader to download from 2 servers (1 in Germany and 1 in the US)
-Design a different file manager script with flash or any other language as long as it looks good and works fine.

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Need After Effects Project Edited.

I uploaded the After Effects project to I need you to change the 9 blue boxes with text in them to be replaced with 9 different 2 second videos that I will give you. I need all the effects and camera movements to stay as they are currently. If you can do this, how long will it take you and how much would it cost? If you can do this fast and cheap, I will be more than willing to pay in advanced if you have a good reputation. Thanks in advanced!

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Advanced PHP Tutorials

I have recently gotten back into programming. And I am learning that there is so much more out there then there once was. I mean I already knew there was. I like the concept that you can take short tutorials and learn the basics in no time. However, once you get past the basics, you have to goto each function and see what it does. I do most of my programming in PHP. I know with advanced PHP there is things like cURL scripting, web scraping, AJAX and many other things.

What I want is a bunch of advanced easy to understand tutorials on all these subjects. I would like suggestions on what tutorials I should make. If you are an expert in 1 tutorial and somebodyelse is an expert on something else I can make a private project in order to hire more then 1 person.

I am going to create a webpage and set up these tutorials sort of the same way as w3school does. I am going to call these tutorials something like Advanced PHP tutorials. I would like tests questions that I can add at the end of the tutorial Perhaps after I have it together I can sell an advanced PHP certificate to people who can pass all the tests.

Please let me know what it is you can write a tutorial about. What suggestions you have for tutorials. Let me see samples of past writing work as well as past programs.

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Advanced Webmail System

Employee will create an advanced webmail system, with admin panel, server base. The script will be kind of like Gmail, Yahoo mail, or Hotmail. Also, it should be able to connect with the database.

The graphics / outlook should be outstanding. The webmail system should contain all the features, like inbox, sent draft, and recycle bin etc.

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Job: Php-programmer

Invited php-programmer with experience in web development from 3 years and above.
Important to have experience in creating and maintaining high load systems
(Sites with many users).

Required Skills:
– Native function of PHP – Advanced Level
– Zend framework – the average level of
– MySQL – Advanced Level
– NoSQL – entry level
– Skills algorithmization – Advanced Level
– Setting up the server software – basic level
– The presence in the portfolio of experience developing heavy-systems –
– Ability to understand someone elses code – required

Full-time, the combination is not allowed.
5 days to 8 hours.
Remote work.
In the team.
Communication through Skype and through the bugtracker.

Payment – from $ 1500 for an interview.
Probationary period – 3 weeks to pay 60% of the stake.
Bonuses and awards for performance.

Fill out the form via the website:
We must receive your letter and invite you for an interview.

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Advanced Spinning, Expert Article Rewriting.


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Advanced Spinning. Expert Article Rewriting.


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Advanced Spinning. Expert Article Rewriting.


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I have some Premium WordPress themes for online newspapers, magazines, and city portals.
The first theme I want to install is the Advanced Newspaper theme from Gabfire:

I am willing to pay $50 to customise (graphics including logos, minor structural changes, and plugin installation) of these premium themes. We have a portfolio of over 100 domains that we wish to develop so there will be ongoing WP projects for the right freelancer.

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Advanced WordPress Plugin – Database, PHP, XML And More

I am hiringfor a seasoned developer familiar with WordPress to work with me on some development projects over the next three months (Feb – April, 2011).
The project involves:

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Advanced Spinning, Expert Article Rewriting


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Sit Google Adwords Fundamental And Advanced Exam

I am looking for someone to sit my google adwords fundamental and one advanced exam. I would supply you with my details and on completion of the exam would complete payment. My understanding is that each exam takes 2 hours and costs $50 each so this would be included in the total cost so it is clear.

I am looking to complete this asap.

02/02/2011 at 7:56 EST:

I can also pay the exam fees upfront if this helps.

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Advanced Google Search2

I need someone to do a very advanced google search. I need someone comfortable with things such as + "Mexico" -inurl:cancun

If you know this type of query but are far more specific at searching google this is your job. Experts only please, we have tried lots of queries and we need someone who is a real expert. This could be a 10 minute job for a real expert.

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Advanced Spinning


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Zen Cart Shipping Module Customization Or Creation

My Zen Cart store currently uses CEONs Advanced Shipper Module.

The problem is that now UPS and USPS have both since changed their API. I need someone to either fix the issues regarding UPSs change to XML/SOAP and USPSs new change in their API.

This solution could compose of writing an entirely new module that does exactly what Advanced Shipper module does, or to fix the current module.

If you are going to write another module, you should know how advanced shipper works. Im using it because it allows me to control which products have certain shipping options. Some of our products can only be shipped via UPS. And the rest are usually USPS. Some products CANNOT be sold outside of the US, and some products dont have products to ship (Training seat reservations).

The module also allows customers to purchase a combination of products with those different limitations. For example, in the cart could consist of a product that can only be shipped through UPS, and then the others are USPS. So the cart separates the cost of the two products and gives two different rates, and totals the total shipping cost.

Applicants should know Zen Cart inside and out and should also familiarize yourself with CEONs Advanced Shipper module.

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Advanced SEO

Greetings, we are looking for someone who can build out our seo, specifically for a limited number of keywords with very little competition.

We already have social media, blogging and link building underway. However we need someone to optimize the website, build the perfect title and do the appropriate onsite optimization.

This project must begin immediately as competition is growing rapidly.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Google Advanced Project And Site Development

We are in need of a advanced Google Adsense Project that requires someone that has advanced skills in design and programming. We need someone that can do everything when it comes to programming.

Since this project is confidential and we will not like to post other details, all programmers that are advanced at programming and developing websites, please contact us and we will send you all the details.

Also, please forward portfolio and once you have full details and can accomplish task, please place the bid. We require such a design layout or functionality as Commission Junction And Linkshare. We are only referring to appearance and user browsing but will require much many more features.

Please send PM and e will send you details and if you can complete project, please only then bid.

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Advanced PSD To HTML Conversion – 3

4 pages of PSD to HTML
– CSS file
– 4 HTMLs

Budget: $80

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