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Custom MS Excel Formula

I need a custom formula created for MS Excel, compatible with 2007 and newer. This formula will determine total material usage based on the following:

1. Material units are 10 sticks. The returned value will be in number of units.
2. The material is used to build a frame: minimum dimensions is 4 x 4, with no maximum size, using 2 increments.
3. The formula will optimize material usage and use waste as applicable.
4. The formula will factor is waste due to 45 degree cuts at the corners.
5. A joint cannot fall within 4 of the frame corner.

Please let me know of any questions or clarifications.

Thank you

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EXCEL Formula(s) & Or VBE Macros

This project is for a MASTER OF EXCEL

Freelancer to provide formula(s) and or maybe VBE Macros for use in numerical spreadsheets EXCEL 2007.

I need this NOW !

Please PM for details.

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Excel Formula Help

I have a requirement for someone to build a formula which can do the following:

I have two sets of data in spreadsheets A and B.

I require a formula which can look at a time (hh:mm:ss) in a cell in spreadsheet A and look up the matching time in spreadsheet B, and also check that another cell in the same row as the matching time in spreadsheet B has criteria "X" and return the data from a third cell in the matching row in spreadsheet B.

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Simple Excel Formula

This is a project that might now even be a project…I would appreciate any help you can give a formula for a cell in an excell sheet that simply adds a 1 in front of the phone numbers in a column of cells. BTW, I manage a few companies and have editing, programming, data manipulation, legal, etc. work all the time and would appreciative if someone could send me this excel code "gratis" – my usual source cannot be reached today.. I will return the favor by sending you the type of work you do for other projects.. I do not need any other fancy spreadsheet, just one formula for one cell that I can copy down..

At any rate, the attached spreadsheet is a column with phone numbers I wish to call. In order for my dialing software to dial correctly, they need to have a 1 in front o the 10 digit number. Since I will need to add the 1 to hundreds of phone numbers each week into the future, Id rather not do this individually, but instead find out the function that will turn the first column into the same number with a 1 on it. i.e. 214-723-3492 would now be: 1-214-723-3492. I dont think the dashes matter.. Does anyone know the function or can write this function?


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