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Russian Advertising Expert Wanted

I am looking for a NATIVE Russian internet marketing expert.
I am thinking about selling my stuff in Russia / Ukraine.
I need someone who will help me to make my estore visible on Russian internet.

You must know:

Russian search engines, directories, price comparison sites, PR sites and everything else.

I will need submission to these sites.

First what i need is market research to look at competition and to decide.

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Need Some Research Done

Hi There
I need few excel sheets populated for some information.
1. I need some info in excel sheet about oscar/Golden globe/BAFTA winner movies and actors
2. I need info about filmfare/IIFA/Screen awards winner actors and movies
3. Need info about various football tournaments arranged day wise for 2011 and annually for next 4 years
4. Need info about various cricket series/tournaments arranged day wise for 2011 and annually for next 4 years
5. Need info about various tennis tournaments weekwise for 2011
6. Need to verify some information about festivals.
7. Need to prepare lists of contacts of advertising agencies, schools colleges and universities, advertising agencies, radios, TVs NGOs and software houses in Pakistan/India.

No escrow. Give us your best price as we will need a lot of work done. Will prefer having a deal on per unit basis.
Maira Sarfraz

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Virtual Currency Website


My name is Steve Paul and I am a entrepreneur out of Vancouver. I am inquiring about a quote for your services as I hope to start my online business. What I have envisioned is a website in which a consumer completes an Ad Offer and in return is rewarded with virtual goods. Also, there needs to be a transaction-based virtual currency rewards system built with the website. Users will be rewarded with virtual currency for each activity they complete. The currency rewards must be manageable in an admin. Other modules such as shopping cart will need to access the currency system.
If your interested, please let me know your email or msn and I will describe this project in further detail

Below is something similar to what I want, although it has quite a few significant differences. :

I need a ad network platform that is like ,, , etc…
I am looking to build a startup that will focus on virtual currency monetization

provide a managed offer platform for social media, such as social networks (facebook, myspace, hi5 etc), social applications, virtual worlds, online games and even mobile applications. The goal would be to monetize their virtual currency while driving quality leads and value customers to online advertisers.

Lets say you are playing blackjack. You can acquire chips by either using a credit card, or you can take an advertising offer, which will reward you with chips. Advertising offers maybe as such: applying to Netflix which might be a couple of hundred chips or you might fill out a survey, which would be worth 50 chips. Making it a CPA based model.

what types of serving software do you have that we can have a look at?
What are the limits on ad file types and sizes? Are there rich media ad types that require an external vendor? How big can an ad be before it incurs an additional bandwidth cost?

How are we going to be able to tally the metrics that is going to be important to the clients and us.What types of actions can be tracked and how difficult is it to implement tracking of advanced metrics?

Can custom reports be created? If a client requires reporting in a specific format, can you provide this? If so, is there an additional cost?
Are you able to provide reporting that displays the important metrics and carves up the performance data for us and our clients to see?

What service options can you bring to the table in order to support our efforts?
Should something go wrong with a campaign, can you bring resources to bear on a problem to get it fixed quickly? If the ad-ops queue gets backed up significantly, can you step in to handle an overflow of traffic requests? What are the pricing structures for these support scenarios?

Basically what we are looking for is a simple and rich program that will let us do our job. Also in the process provide publishers with an alternative payment platform that allows users to earn virtual items (goods or currency) in exchange for completing CPA offers.

Unlimited Publishers, Agencies, Advertisers, and Administrator. Can use as ad management replacement
Forecasting inventory / Inventory management
Advertising Rate Cards, Dashboard, Geo Stats
Demographic profiles, Shopping Cart, Campaign Budgets
Dual Ads, Geo Targeting, ad code (ad tag) automated generator
Keyword Targeting by meta tags and page scans
ability to Run ad network,
Advertising in Game. Ads in Video ads. Mobile ad serving
Video Advertising. w/ ad server video player
Automated Self Service Advertising System w/ Directory
Flash video click thru tracking and pixel tracking
CPM, CPC, CPA, Number of Days, Bidding ad buys
ECPM: Effective cost per thousand impressions
Publishers & Advertisers automatically Sign Up
Buy and Sell your ad Space Automatically
Automated payment system to sell advertising
Payment Gateways:
Billing Interface for all clients. Security controls in place


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Craigslist Ad Blaster Advertising Needed

Looking for someone to post 1000 classified ads around the united states for my vehicle wrap company

We have the AD ready to be COPY AND PASTED in different FREE classified sites.

Only one advertisement is allowed per site typically. (for example, craig slist

In your bid, PM me of the types of classifieds you will be posting in and how long it will take you to complete the project.

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Telesales Marketing Professional

Telesales Marketing Professional is a new property selling website with a difference you can list your property for FREE with no agents fees or commission payments. is also an advertising portal for property related websites, as well as an advertising vehicle for property sellers in the United Kingdom.

Users (Listers) are encouraged to register and to upload their Property Listings (as many as they like) to the website via the Property Listing Wizard.

The site also has an active Guides & Resources section, supported by relevant advertising, a blog and regular newsletters and information bulletins, also providing a platform for advertising.

How do and the Telesales Marketing Professional make money from this service?

The Telesales Marketing Professional will be selling advertising space on each of the listing pages of the website. This includes properties that people List on the website as well as articles and news feeds in the Guides & Resources section and on the Blog. Every page provides further opportunities for advertising to be sold.

Having done some research (which will help with), the Telesales Marketing Professional will approach businesses that are local to the specific property for sale or rent, and offer them a package that is based on payment on performance. Geographical relevance will be as important as business relevance that is, the Advert should offer goods or services both relevant to the properties being listed, as well as a useful service to people looking at those properties.

There are currently five advertising slots available on each page. We will want to sell each position (which could be a banner advert or text link) on the basis of CPM cost per 1,000 impressions.

There is no requirement for prior knowledge or experience of CPC, CPM or other specific Internet processes as all relevant guidance will be provided. But a determination to sell advertising on the site is a must!
Although cost-per-click, or CPC, advertising is enjoying great popularity, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) advertising is still an effective way of reaching potential customers on the Web. Instead of paying per click in a CPC arrangement, in a CPM campaign the advertiser purchases a set amount of impressions. An impression is a single instance of an ad appearing on a Web site.
CPM-based advertising can be a cost-effective alternative to CPC deals. For instance, in CPC-based advertising, you pay for each click your ad receives. Let us say that you are spending $1 for each click; 10 clicks costs you $10.
In a CPM-based campaign, you may pay $3 for 1,000 impressions. If your ad receives a click-through ratio of just 1 percent, youre paying $3 for the same 10 clicks. will be looking to achieve £10.00 per 1,000 impressions, or 0.01 pence per impression. This allows an advertiser complete flexibility as to how much they wish to spend with us and for how long. It also provides flexibility for the Telesales Marketing Professional to sell packages which maximise the revenue of the business and improve the level of commissions that can be earned.

We will pay £10 per hour initially for set up and familiarisation, which will be limited to £150. Once the Telesales Professional is established and making sales, we will then pay 25% of the value of the business sold. If an advertiser repeats the advertising, the Telesales Marketing Professional will continue to receive the 25% commission ad infinitum. The intention is for a Telesales Marketing Professional to be better off earning commission, than on a job or per hour basis.

Wed be happy to explain or talk through any questions you have let us know!
Sell It Yourself!

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I recently started a website thats getting around 6,000 hits a day and would like some help with bulk advertising ankd helping people visit my site. I have a goal of how many members Id like to have. More details to follow and thanks for the offers. By the way, $150 is the highest Id like to go because I spent some money designing and building the site. Thanks

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Customer Service And Advertising

Hi there;

We are looking for customer service for an upcoming website. MUST be a very reliable, reputative company. Looking to work and grow with longterm. Serious inquiries only.

Please forward your website, state the amount of employees and other companys you are working with.

Also, need help with advertising once the website is launched.


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Advertising / Sales / Marketing Letter Needed

I need an ad writer or advertising / sales / marketing expert for the following:

A professional written letter (full page 8 1/2 x 11) with design to sell a website to potentials clients.

My target market is new entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.

We know, there are thousands of website companies out there, so we need to be the one that stands out. What would inspire a business owner to redesign his existing site? What would inspire an entrepreneur to come to us for his website to be developed? Why us? Thats your job, to inspire someone to choose us other than our competition.

If the client already has an existing website, I want them to upgrade to what Im offering.

The advertising will be used as an insert in a small local advertising print magazine.

I will provide more details upon request.


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We Need Custom Designed Catchy Advertising Banners.

We need some one to Design Catchy Advertising Banners.

This job is easy we need the designer to go to each website (theres 22 sites ) and create 1 animated advertising banner based on the sites selling point and one diffferent .png advertising banner from each site then take the same .png banner and make it in two other sizes.

Please send me your design profile.

We Need You To Start ASAP.


ONLY People With GOOD FeedBack and Skills Should Apply !

Bid Low, We Are middle man – OutSorcing Wat We Do Best!
Job Could Defintly Lead To More Work With our DesignTeam.

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Text Link Ads Script

I require a text link advertising script similar to for use on our own private network of websites to sell advertising space on our sites, and other advertisers websites.

The type of functions we require is the same as what is currently available with Text-Link-Ads, so potential creators are encouraged to familiarise yourself with their system.

Typically, the system should be able to display websites which users can purchase advertising links on, and to be able to sort by category, cost, PR rating or Alexa ranking.

The user should be able to obtain full information about the website that they are seeking to purchase adverts on. This information is a combination of user submitted information, and also Alexa rankings and Google PR – so the script should incorporate the capability to recover a websites/webpage PR and Alexa ranking, and to calculate potential advertising values using other metrics should be incorporated into the script.

A payment system is also required to take payment for adverts purchased. The ability to take payments (via paypal) and refund or pay advertisers via paypal is also required.

The scripts is required to remotely display adverts on the advertisers website also, by means of a piece of code inserted in the advertisers webpage or website. The capability to operate across multiple platforms and programming languages is also required, depending on what system and coding the advertiser uses –
ie, php, asp, or even a blog site using wordpress, vbulletin etc.

Basically the script is required to act as an intermediary between the webmaster selling advertising links, and the webmaster purchasing advertising links, and to be able to take the details from one, and display it on the other, via remote scripts which would operate on our own server.

The ability to create user accounts, and also operate an affiliate payment system/referral system is further required.

Potential creators should make sure they fully understand the requirements of this project before they submit a bid by explicitly stating this in their bid details.

I can upload or provide a link to view text-link-ads system to potential creators requiring this. If you require this information, please ask me.

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Professional Classified Ad Poster

I need someone to do 72 classified ads posting daily to help us do online marketing and advertising.

This person will have the opportunity to have a long term position if they perform well.

If you are interested in this job posting please respond.

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Marketing/Advertising/Lead For Software

We need a marketing/advertising plan for our new website/software to generate lead.

The product is a PC Monitoring software for business or parents. (guardbay dot com)

You are to provide us with a marketing plan that will succesfully generate sales.

We are looking for techniques such as blogging, email advertising, social networks or any other interesting way to gain exposure to potential customers.

We are not interested in Adwords or SEO.

Please tell us what you can do for us to generate leads. No copy-paste comments Thank you!

We are looking for long term relationship with successful applicant.

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Huting Bbs Webmaster For Affiliate Or Advertising Or Cooper

hi everyone
I am becky ,A employees of a B2C website. I know there are many Elite webmasters,i need your guys help me !!
I am huting some webmasters of bbs/forum, for Cooperation.
my plan is :I publish product information, and contacts on your bbs/forum( the products selected based on your forum), as an official capacity.In returns,We can provide a Super big discount for members of your Forum, I promise, that will be a great discount.then,your Forum members can get exclusive discounts.besides, we can give your Advertising and management fees, or Affiliate Programs commissions, which will vary depending on the actual situation.
that is my plan, or we can talk about it .
so ,contact me ,if intersted!

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Advertising Partners Needed – Healthcare Focused Sites

Advertising Partners Needed – Healthcare Focused Sites.

We have limited budget and wanted to buy add space across healthcare focused websites.

Alexa, pagerank and non-spammy content is a must. They must also be accepting advertisers on their websites.

We are open to banner adds / other types of adds.

What we are looking for is a list of possible partners.


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Looking For An American Women – Help W/ Social Marketing


Im looking for a person who can help out with advertising a website for coupons and discounts (similar to retailmenot and

I would really appreciate it if you can tell your friends, family and co workers about the website and possibly ask them to tell their friends about the website

Please let me know if you are a fit for this job.


American native (must live in USA currently)
Has lot of connection who can help out on small favors

Thank you

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Need Advertising For My Website


I am not looking for SEO or Ebay Buyers.
I will pay only for results. I will pay 10% of commission of my weekely sales to advertiser.
I have a system to know where the traffic and sales are coming. If I earn 1000$ I will pay 100$ to advertiser.

You can use your own blogs, websites, facebook accounts, twitter account whatever.
If I get sales, you will get money too.
This is my website


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Creating Advertising Portal Similar To (

** I need a site as describe above

* I need a comprehensive database schema base on state
* SEO and API is definitely a must
* Needs to be customizable
* Design can be minimum (clean frames) but feature/ function needs to be distinction.
* It will be an ongoing development (after project completion) if satisfactory of the functions/ feature and work ethic is met.

* Please do not bid too high as per-budget is low.


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Advertising Website

We are currently looking for a website developer to create a new advertising website for our company. The developer must be very familiar with PHP, mySQL, Javascript, SSL / Money transfers, XML, and Flash (xml and flash may not be required depending on the developers abilities). This is a big project and we require a good developer that can stay on top of his work and stay in touch with our company by AIM, Skype, MSN, or Google Talk. The developer is not required to make a design as one will be provided for them.

Note: Do not bid on the project if you are under the age of 18. The developer will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure and Non- Circumvention agreement before getting all the details for the project

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Advertising Flyer

I need a flash banner designed along with 4 different flyer design. Design to be edgy this will be targeted towards gamers.

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Need Facebook Advertising Expert Within 10 Hours

Hi i need Facebook Advertising Expert Who needs To Be Very Strong In Raising Daily Ad Spend Limit

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Need Facebook Advertising Expert

Hi i need Facebook Advertising Expert Who needs To Be Very Strong In Raisinf Daily Ad Spend Limit

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Internet Advertising And Marketing Consultant Needed

I am affiliated to a website that is involved in helping prospective students compose statement of purpose for admission. Therefore I need an expert who is knowledgeable about proven strategies that can actually boost customer patronage. If your idea works, then you will be well compensated. Thanks.

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Advertising Page For Business Directory

Need an expereienced and professional provider to design and produce an attractive advertising page within one week.
The provider needs to be in the advertising line or agency and understand how to put up a professional and winning advertising page.

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Only For INDIAN Freelancer

Only For INDIAN freelancer

We are INDIA based Company that provides Forex Signal with Money back guarantee. We are looking for sales representatives to improve our sales on different State in INDIA

We don

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Target Marketing And Advertising

We are a growing information security compnay and are currently looking at conducting a targeted marketing and advertising campaign to reach out a new product and service to the Australian market place. Initially the campaign will be ttargested to CIOs in the Sydney and Melbourne regions.

Details of the product and serviecs:
1. Network Penetration Testing
2. Application Penetration Testing
3. Network Vulnerability Assessments

The above 3 products and services that we inten to launch are quite uniqe from our offering and we would like to reach out to a mass market.

Essentially we are looking at someone who can build us a marketing plan and advertising plan that will be very focused and targeted to the audience we want to reach out to.

Will share more details if required.

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Easyjet Repositioning

Develop a strategic advertising brief to enable a communications agency to develop a strategic advertising plan to meet specific advertising objectives.

Easyjet are concerned about their positioning where they are only perceived as a low cost airline competing with price led Ryanair. They want to reposition as the airline of choice for cost conscious business travellers and are considering looking at longer haul destinations

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Help Me To Market My Business Through Social Networking Site

I have a start up internet business that requires a Social Networking Advertising compent. I need help getting my business on to these sites and possibly maintaining them on a regular basis. Please contact me if this is your area of expertise. Thank you.

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Help Me To Market My Business Through Social Networking Site

I have a start up internet business that requires a Social Networking Advertising compent. I need help getting my business on to these sites and possibly maintaining them on a regular basis. Please contact me if this is your area of expertise. Thank you.

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Need Craigslist Poster

I am in need of one or many bulk advertiser(s) who can post in almost every major city on Craigslist and other advertising sites which will be provided to you if you are selected.

I am needing this service to promote my prelaunch of a business. I am looking for someone that can place 200 ads per day. You must have the software to track them to make sure they are not ghosted, or flagged, and if they are they have to be replaced.

will pay $0.10 per ad for every ad you post in the list of advertising sites I will provide to you upon selection.
Ads that are deleted, ghosted, or otherwise not posted for any reason will not be paid to you. This is for a permanent position that i am looking for. So you must be very good at placing ads, and tracking them, to make sure they are up and running.

You will have to supply your own programs/equipment that may be needed to post ads in multiple major cities. (i.e. proxy server, e-mail accounts, etc.)

I will provide you with the 2 websites I would like to be advertised on.
I will provide you with a HTML ad to post

You must provide a daily(or weekly depending on how many ads you can get posted that dont get flagged) report showing the exact link for where the ad is posted.

Do not bid if you cant or dont know how to post ads threw out the internet for sites like craigslist!
If you are not happy with the $0.10 an ad then please do not bid. it seems low, but will increase pay as I see how you progress, and do the job correctly. This is just a starting point.

I look forward to working with you.

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