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Financial Advice – Online

Hi All

Im looking for someone to help me do research for a project.

I need someone who can research web sites from Australia, UK, Canada and US (in that priority). The research is to find the following

Web Sites that provide individuals to educate themselves on financial advice. The web sites will have some of the following characteristics

Provide basic support for individuals to learn more about financial advice/financial planning
Help with tools. These are mainly calculators

Allow individuals to access a range of products and/or direct advice.

Im not expecting every website to have all of the above. The person doing the research should be able to idnetify how user friendly each site is and how it adds value to the users.

The report back should be concise and highlight the following

The top 10 websites overall
The top 5 websites for Australia
A simple table that contains the following;

Name of each site
Key speiclaisation eg investments, broad advice, direct shares, general education
Core attributes in terms of best features, eg easy to use tools/calculators, simple advice, good forums for sharing information etc
The name of the business that owns the website (ie need to know the key business as opposed to just the name of the site, note also, some could be ran by government departments)
Is if free? yes no, pricing details
Why you liked the web site
How you scored them to end up with a top 5 in Australia and top 10 overall

Hope this is clear and happy bidding

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Fenton Property Group

My requirements for a web site that can be easily viewed on both computers and all mobile devices is to create a web based portal for " residential property investment advice " that teaches people about the advantages of property investment along with capturing their data i.e. Name, email, state & country they live in.
On the site I will recommend books, seminars along with having advice and links to other related services.

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Vicidial Installation And Advice

Help and advice on a vicidial installation
Installing G729 codecs
setting up an outbound phone server (predictive dialer)
using vicidialnow. I need about 3 hours immediate advice – Only bid if you are an expert in vicidial

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Mentor Wanted – We Need Software And Architecture Guidance

We need a SENIOR software expert to ADVISE us on the best software / apps / plug-ins for a planned website.

You will work from our existing basic Use Case document (and also prototype web pages we have already prepared). You will also communicate with us to gain a deeper understanding of our needs and to discuss the pros and cons of various software options. Good telephone English would assist and would speed-up the process.

The site is a complex B2B operation involving many suppliers / many products and collaboration between many managers / many experts / many buyers. It is a unique sort of site involving a new business concept for which no similar website exists.

The site will have unusually heavy commercial traffic from day one. So, identifying the most appropriate software is critical before we commence building the site.

You will have EXPERT understanding of available software and/or SaSS, including but not limited to:

Complex CRM / collaboration systems.
Secure Document Management.
Complex Product Catalog (not the usual simple cart type).
Multi-language and multi-currency.
Real time data feed.
Mobile phone applications.
Cost of Licenses for recommended software.

You must have an expert understanding of various GOOGLE applications and possible customisation of such (we have a particular reason to prefer Google offerings – but only where sensible).

You will have an OPEN MIND and be prepared to research latest software. You will not be biased by limited experience in just a few pet applications.

Please say the FORM in which you will give your advice (we have no preference).

You may give us just SIMPLE MENTOR advice. Or, you may choose a more complex from of advice as best suits you.

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Gnucash Accounting Experts Advice

We are looking UK based Gnucash users please

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Relationship Advice Blog Needs Traffic And Facebook Fans

We have a relationship advice blog that is cute, fun, and targets the gen Y demographic. It doesnt have a huge amount of content but will grow over time and certainly have enough content for initial readers.

We also have a facebook page set up for the blog that we have not spent time promoting.

We are looking for increased traffic to the blog and building a readership base which will involve developing a facebook presence (fans, likes), SEO and other internet marketing initiatives suitable for blogs.

Please PM us with your ideas on how you would approach this project, we will give you the blog link after initial discussions.

This is a fun and heartwarming project, real readership base required that we can build over time.

Start your bid with *WAC* to show youve actually read this request.

Thanks for your time and your bids!

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In Need Of Web Developer/programmer

I am creating a website for users to ask questions and receive advice. The way the site works is that a logged in user asks a question and then gives 2 choices for answers. People will come to the site and chose an answer like a poll. In addition users can give advice in a comment section and also up and down vote comments. The site is similar to yahoo! answers as a reference.The site must be able to have profiles with ratings attached, database the questions and answers, and be usable whether the person is logged in or not.

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Magento Product Type Setup – Need Advice

Need advice on how to setup product in magento.

–Eyeglass Frame

–Each eyeglass frame has many variation based on a Unique Color ID and Size.

–We have 30k colors.

–Customers select Color ID and Size when purchasing.

— Each frame (Color ID and Size variation) has a unique SKU / UPC

— Configurable product attributes are not supposed to be unique values. But, customer select simple product by selecting Color ID and size. Can we have 30k values for a configurable attribute option?

Looking for advice…

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SEO Expert Needed For Advice And Work

We need an SEO expert to check our web page content, advise on changes needed to improve traffic, and carry out that work. This is a simple martial arts supplies online shopping site.
This is a low budget project.

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SEO Advice For Starting Website

Write an SEO advice report to improve traffic to a (85 page) website about migration to Australia.
The report should explain in detail what steps I should take for every page to improve its google ranking and it should explain how to increase the overall google ranking.

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Live Sporting Website Required

Looking to have a website built that will be able to handle live streaming content such as sporting events, will need several channels to run several events at the same time, must be able to view content from the webpage (no downloading of program necessary), website needs to be user friendly and offer very good quality of stream to a large audience, users must be able to pay and login, would need advice on how to get feed from sat to website or what service is best used for feeds, operation of this website should be fairly easy to maintain and will need full advice on how to run as i am fairly new to this type of service.

any web developers with similar projects to view would be advantageous.

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Photoshop Job: 6 Banners

Need 6 banners to be re-done. Website: The 5 on the frontpage + 1 on the left lower corner. Template is to be downloaded here:
Prefer working with someone specialized in Photoshop, doing a lot of banners. Western (Europe / USA) is also a pre.
Please leave me your email / skype. I will provide all information for you to review before taking on the job.
Please note: it is not necessary to design the banners, just replace the text + pictures from this templates standard banners. I will provide, text, font, background requirements. I will also provide pictures (jpg…). They may need to have background cut.
Finally: even it is an extremely simple job with clear instructions and requirements from me, I would appreciate working with a designer that is able to advice options that will look even better. Also looking for advice on the logo size / placement.

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SEO Expert For Advice

Looking for SEO expert to advise and coach me for getting my website fully SEO friendly.

Also need few advices for Google adwords.

Only serious bidders needed.

You must have Good experience in SEO.


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Need MTA Advice

I need a mta that can send high volume and track bounces. I need some help setting up. Looking for something like pmta or comparable.

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Search Engine Optimisation And Blog Advice


I have an existing website which I would like help to have a greater amount of traffic in my chosen area. Bridal make-up in Canberra and Sydney Australia. I would also like to create a second website that would be linked to my current one, however it is more in the style of a blog type business. This website is targeted at health and lifestyle.

If you have experience with creating traffic and website optimisation, that is most important to me. I would like to have access to changing content.

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Character Amination – Poker

This is a fun project I have been asked by a client to look into its feasibility. We are looking to build an animated character which would give advice on playing poker online ( Single Table only ) . The software should be able to screenscrape to see what cards are out and in our hand and give advice, support and humours comments etc…

We might be interested in including a probability calculator. At the moment the scope is just No Limit Texas Holdem but we would like to add other games.

If you have any experience in builing animated interactive characters please drop me a line with some examples of your work. Poker knowledge is desireable but not essential, we are more intersted in your skills in software development and charater animation.

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Need Photography Setup Advice 10$ For 10-20 Minutes

I need a photography expert who knows how to setup a professional light box + flash…
need recommendation on what to purchase & how to set it up.

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Writing Ads-Interior Design Blog

I need ads written for my interior design website and blog.
The ads will be used in the following formats
Print: Post Cards, clasified ads
Online: Google adwords, Facebook Ads

Website information for the ads:
Ask Designer-Submit a question about interior design and receive advice from an interior designer
Design My Room-Submit a room to be redesigned by an interior designer. Receive a 3D rendering, product specifications, and design summary
Articles: advice and information about interior design
Blog: topics and trends in interior design
Website run by a professional interior designer
Free interior design advice

The online ads should be short, to-the point, and entice the reader to visit the website. I want to emphasize the professional service that Im offering.
The print ads should be informative , but not too wordy and encourga the reader to visiit the website.

I am offering free interior design advice, but I dont want it to sound like a scam or gimmick.

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Bulk Mailing Advice

We are looking for a highly experienced freelancer whom will assist us for 7 days with advice on best email delivery.
We need some pointers, note this is not a long term position 7 days only.

Thank You

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I want to develop a website which provides betting advice for select sporting games.

It is based on a theory of betting where an initial bet is continually reinvested with the winnings on sporting games (i.e. tennis, football, basketball) of odds ranging from $1.15 to $1.40.

The website will have a forum for users to add their tips and their advice can be rated by users.

The forums will be split between different sports and have sub sections i.e; basketball – nba, football – English premier league.. and so on.

The purpose of the website will be to provide advice for the many people who practice this theory of betting and can help them make informed decisions.

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SEO Expert Advice

Im in the process of finishing up my website, majority of the site is complete.

Looking for SEO specialist with a portfolio who can research the best keywords for my website, give me general SEO advice on how to optimize my pages and willing to guide and assist me in making changes. I want to know what changes are being made. This is a potential on-going project, I will continue opening new projects for you. I know theres room for much optimization improvement on the website, so the more information you provide with your bid the more interested Ill be. Having a good portfolio of sites youve optimized will help me in deciding as well, thanks.

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Iphone Ipad Application Expert Advice Wanted – Video Apps

I am looking for a real expert in iphone and ipad apps.

The essential feature is you must have experience with integrating video into iphone apps. Have you made an app like the Jamie Oliver app or pocket girlfriend

If so I would like to speak to you for advice on app development and integrating video with iphone / ipad apps.

I would like 5 hours of your time – this will be by email or preferably by skype conversation.

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Video Setup Advice

I am in need of advice on a digital video studio setup, shooting and streaming. Need a video professional to advise on a low budget video studio setup. Looking for 2 or 3 camera setup in home for quilting demonstrations. Will involve shots down from ceiling as well as wide front shot/side. Will need advise on lighting, camera, audio and web streaming. I have a lot of web and graphic knowledge just not enough to make it look good. Looking for a list of componenets needed to purchase, how they are setup and support during setup. Will look at hourly rate for the initial setup as needed. Will be looking at broadcast quality later so possible additional work.

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Help And Advice With CSS

Hi, im a part time webdesigner with a reasonable handle on html using d/weaver cs4.but Im a noob with css.
Would you be interested in helping me along on a 60 pager Im doing at the moment? I have several pages which I cannot get to work properly, and my style sheets are a mess.
I expect something like 10 to 15 hrs of your time would be necessary.

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Help And Advice With CSS

Hi, im a part time webdesigner with a reasonable handle on html using d/weaver cs4.but Im a noob with css.
Would you be interested in helping me along on a 60 pager Im doing at the moment? I have several pages which I cannot get to work properly, and my style sheets are a mess.
I expect something like 10 to 15 hrs of your time would be necessary.

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Legal Advice For Starting Online Sports Betting Business

Looking for lawyer or expert regarding legal advice with online sports betting business. Need someone who is familiar in starting off shore online betting company. Please provide me with your feedback and portfolio of your work in this business.

General issues which need to advice me include:
– in which country to open off shore company
– what type of company to open
– by whos service will i open company
– what are the fees, where is far less expenses
– in which company to open bank account
– prices for all that
– internet marketing advices
– where to find hosting company
– in which countries is not allowed online betting
– everything regarding this business to succsesfull, easy and cheap start!

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Research / Article – Maths Exam Techniques

– Need minimum 1500 words, more if suitable.
– Article for exam technique when doing mathematics exams NOT PREPERATION for exams.

Article should focus on completely on various techniques and approaches that can be taken within a maths exam.

Each concept should be explained longically and practical applications/advice should be provided.

The purpose is to provide unique and useful knowledge to mathemtatics tutors (so they can do their job better) and maths students (so they can perform better in exams and get some ideas for approaching exams differently)

We do not want any waffle! Only real information that can be used by students inside an exam room – absolutely no filler sentences to make more content. This should be concise and succinct and practical advice.

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A Lot Of SEO Articles For Jobs And Careers Websites

We are content writers specializing in providing content for careers and jobs websites, due to increasing demand, I am interested in adding more writers to my team and simply looking for people with flawless English who can deliver unique high quality articles on time, articles will be screened via copyscape premium.

The pay rate will start at $3 per 500 word article. Please make a bid for 20-500 word articles ($60). These 20 articles will be on titles of your choosing but based on any 10 categories (2 articles per category) from the various categories listed below; if you do well on the first 20 articles I will have as many articles as you can write on a daily basis for you every day.

Please have a sample article on any of the categories in your bid, in your sample include any 3 keywords from the list below. The same list of categories and keywords will also be used for the 20 articles if your bid is successful. Articles will be paid promptly on delivery if they meet the quality conditions:

Thank you.

Career Assessment,
Career Development,
Career Management Advice,
Changing Careers,
Cover letter advice,
Cover Letter Samples,
Cover Letter Tips,
Create your Resume,
Develop your Career,
Education & Training,
Finding a Job,
Following Up,
Getting Hired,
Getting Promoted,
Getting Started,
Graduate Job Advice,
In the Workplace,
Interview Appearance,
Interview Preparation,
Interview Questions,
Job Interview Advice,
Job search tips,
Job-Hunt Strategy,
Leaving Your Job,
Negotiation Tips,
Plan your Career,
Professional Development Advice,
Professional Networking,
Resume Advice,
Resume Samples,
Resume Writing Tips,
Resumes & Letters,
Salary & Benefits,
Salary & Wage Advice,
Salary Information,
Starting a New Job,
State Employment Information,
Work-Life Balance,
Workplace Advice,
Workplace Issues,

sales jobs,
construction jobs,
marketing jobs,
retail jobs,
customer service jobs,
accounting jobs,
engineering jobs,
medical jobs,
it jobs,
warehouse jobs,
hotel jobs,
media jobs,
banking jobs,
teaching jobs,
trades jobs,
manufacturing jobs,
executive jobs,
human resources jobs,
insurance jobs,
legal jobs,
mining jobs,
jobs technology,
state jobs,
oil jobs,
property jobs,
jobs from home,
automotive jobs,
architecture jobs,
jobs sports,
consulting jobs,

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Need Some Advice

Need some advice on how many words can be used for page names in Google, should stop words be taken out, best seo way to categorise pages etc.? Would like to have more than one provider to bounce questions off of from time to time if possible.

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HTML Language Consultant – Long Time Partnership

Hi everybody, im looking for a HTML language consultant because i have to develope some simple projects but i dont know about anything of HTML programming language.

This consultant has to know well HTML language, Flash programming and some Website Redirecting systems.

I will pay 30 dollars for every advice; an advice is composed by my first request, some email exchange to explain me what to do and a little of service in caso i find problems.

I will pay in the end of each advice.


I wait for your bids.

Thank You

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IPhone IPad Android Lifestyle Advice Apps

I am seeking develop an app template for a series of Lifestyle advice apps (iPhone, Android, Ipad and potentially Blackberry).

I would prefer to work in HTML and jquery for conversion through phone gap but I am open to alternatives

These apps would incorporate text, video, animations. One the core tempas created I would require the developer to modofy for each individual lifestyle a.

I would request that bidders provide an hourly rate and examples of previous work (including time/cost to complete these projects)

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