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Iphone Adwhirl Project


I would like an expert to integrate adwhirl into 5 of my iphone apps.

integration will require the developer to remove original ads in the app and replace with adwhirl.

i have the complete instruction for this.

Budget is $200

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Need A Few Small Things Done For Iphone App!

Hey There,
I need someone to do 2 small projects for me.

– replace my iad/admob adview controller with adwhirl controller in 2 of my apps

– Figure out why the apps crash on launch on ipad.

They are both very simple soundboard apps, and Im sure the ipad crash is just something stupid I did while weak-linking iAds or something.

They are both basically the same app, check out one of them below.

This is a small project and if you know what your doing this should be very easy and take you an hour at most.

I will send you all the ad network SDKs you will need for adwhirl as a .zip file so you dont hav to waste your time downloading.

Please have experience with Adwhirl.

I will not look at any bids over $100

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Need Someone To Remove Adwhirl And Add Admob

Have a simple soundboard app. Have adwhirl SDK implemented, need to replace with Admob SDK.

I dont know what the fuck Im doing.

I have no problem adding admob, I just cant properly remove adwhirl without getting errors when I try to build app in Xcode.

Very simple and easy money if you know what the hell you are doing.

If you bid more than $30 US you will be ignored. If you have no feedback you will be ignored.

Here is a link to the app.

I will send you code and admob sdk, you send me back working app, and if I need to know it you explain to me how to put app ID into code. Im not an idiot, I just need a file name and a codeline to find it in Xcode.


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Need To Do Iphone App Version Of Website

Hey There,
I run a news aggregator website and need to do an iphone app version of the site. We started this project 2 months ago but the programmer we were working with fell off the face of the earth, So we have some of the backend stuff in the site end already, and we have a very detailed wireframe and all the assets (JPGs etc)

But basically the app will pick up rss feeds from our site and display the feeds and the news articles they link to in a iphone web app.

You need:

– To be quick.

– A good communicator.

– Know MySQL, PHP, Xcode, and how RSS works.

– Have Skype and or Ichat for screen sharing (They are both free and great)

– Have built an app before and have a good GAF rating

– Be familiar with Adwhirl SDK

When we choose a winner you will get a detailed wireframe of the app and design, all related graphics and assets, app key id, and adwhirl code.

All you will need to do is build app in iphone sdk 3 including ad code embed and deliver it to us and we will codesign, build it, and submit it.

And before you bid keep in mind this is a medium project $250 to $750 and we are thinking more like 400 if possible so if you bid a grand you will be ignored.


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