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Adwords Expert Needed

Im looking for an experienced Adwords pro to overhaul my campaign. I currently have around 110 keywords and spend under $40 per day on Adwords for my health supplement. I want to increase both the range of my keywords and my spend, but need an expert who can do the research and testing to get me the best CPC and sales conversion rate.

I need someone who can:

– Indentify both good keyword opportunities and negative keywords that arent worth the cost
– Think creatively to expand my range of keywords
– Help increase my clickthorugh rate and quality score
– Create and test new ads for effectiveness
– Test the conversion rate for different landing pages
– Provide optimization suggestions

I do *not* want any SEO services. PPC search engine marketing only. This job is for the first 30 days of campaign management, with further opportunities available depending upon results.

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US & UK Targeted Traffic Needed

Need Targeted Traffic to my site from US & UK regions only.

Strictly no SEO or any other link building,

You must quote how many unique visitors you can provide from my targeted countries and duration to achieve it.

I need only ethical way to get this work done, so you must be ready to let me know what strategy you are using.
You can use any way like Adwords, FB campaigns etc or whatever ethical way you know.

No Generic bids. Do not need any other services.

No Newbees..

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Google Adwords Campaign Management

Required Search engine marketing person for handling campaigns

Need to work on keyword analysis, Grouping campaign management, & optimization, set up proper advertising campaigns for google adwords. Do analysis for month and make changes by every week to get better positon. My budget is $30 to $75.

Please add your past experience related to this.

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Adwords A/C

Send me the PMB to ask more details.

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Adwords Project

Google adwords

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Adwords Live Campaign

Hi. I need someone to creat adwords account and run it with my campaign. I have new website and credi card for it. But you should guarantee that campaign would not stop. So you must be adwords professional

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Need Adwords VCC & Vouchers

I need ONE Google Adwords $100 or $110 Voucher and also ONE Google Adwords $10 VCC. I will use these VCC and Vouchers for USA adwords account so if it will be work good then I can provide many jobs in future.

Happy Bidding.

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Want $100 Adword Coupon Fast Today

I need Google AdWords coupon codes

Please bid for 10 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

Scammer Get Lost From here

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Convert Existing Flash Banner To Adwords Accepted Banner

we have a set of banner, 4 sizes
we need to convert each of it to 3 formats, flash, gif and jpg which acceptable by google adwords (regarding to animation, filesize, etc) (so total is 12)

link to existing banner will be provided upon request on pmb

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E-Book Production

1) Format an existing 60-page word document (on Growing a Small Business) into a compelling E-book product. This will involve:

a) Optimising fonts and formatting etc
b) Inserting appropriate graphics at your discretion
c) Expanding paragraphs which have been marked as needing extra content. There are c. 20 such paragraphs in the document, each of which will require less than 10 minutes online/wikipedia research in order to write a sufficient paragraph.
d) Checking spelling and re-checking formatting
e) Publishing in pdf.
f) Give metrics-based suggestions for an AdWords campaign to market this product.

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Adwords Optimisation & Management

I have been running a succesful adwords campaign for one month but yesterday sacked the campaign manger as he was not proving reports and still after 4 weeks had not supplied Analytic codes.

I currently have 1 campaign with 14 ad groups. I need someone to come in and tweak the account. Get rid of the non performing keywords and add new keywords. I notice I am also loosing out on clicks due to budget so I need advice here.

So with this project you will be cleaning up my current campaign and reducing cpc.

Only certified google people need apply

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AdWords Project & Possibly Frequent Future Work


I represent a Canadian automobile dealership. We have prepared a Google AdWords campaign, following generally recommended principles — separate Search and Display ad campaigns, very granular keyword splits, modified broad match, appropriate geotargeting, negative keywords, relevant ads and landing pages. Despite all of this, we are having difficulty increasing our clicks and CTR.

Our suspicion is that there is something very fundamental that we have missed, which if done could substantially improve our campaign. We are looking for an AdWords pro to take a look, provide feedback, and make any required adjustments. There should be no need to build a new campaign, hence the lower price point.

IMPORTANT: I am looking to build a relationship with one or multiple AdWords professionals for future work. I anticipate many similar projects in the future. If you are interested in building AdWords campaigns of moderate complexity on a regular basis, please send me a bid and any additional information you feel is relevant.

Criteria for this project, and for the ongoing relationship: Communication skills, responsiveness, diligence, and substantial experience with Google AdWords. All criteria are equally important to me. This particular project is small, but there is opportunity for regular ongoing work, for the right candidate(s).

Feel free to PM me with any questions.


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Vouchers Needed.

I need over 50 adwords $100 vouchers over next few days.

THIS IS NOT ACCOUNTS, but just vouchers.

Payment instantly.

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Adwords Verified

We need a freelancer to take the Google Adwords exams on our behalf so that our account can benefit from the features that comes with being Google Adwords Verified.

The will be numerous other projects to follow for the winning bidder.

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Want Adword Coupon Fast

I need Google AdWords coupon codes

Please bid for 50 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

Scammer Dont Bid Here

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Google AdWords Coupon Codes Needed

Need Google AdWords coupon codes that have the Value of $100

Please bid for 50 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

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Google Adwords Expert Needed

We are in the flash game arcade site business, specially girl games. This is a fairly new site and i am planning to drive some heavy traffic to it with Google Adwords. We are looking for an Adwords Expert.

I am looking to make the most out of my monthly budget. The traffic also must be targeted to people who are interested in my website.

I am looking for someone who can:
1. Guide and teach me the best way to use Google Adwords.
2. Do keyword research on which keywords i should buy to make the most out of my monthly budget.
3. Run through how to set up a good campaign with me.

This may be an on-going job if the first campaign is a success.

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Google AdWords Coupon Codes

I need Google AdWords coupon codes that can be generated at following address:

Please bid for 10 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

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Adwords Expert Needed


I need someone to look into my adwords campaign.

I want someone who is professional enough for this particular job.

You would need to look into it and optimize existing or create new one more profitable

Need expert advice for landing page

Please bid, only if you have positive feedback here.

Its an urgent project

Details provide to winner

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4 Logos, 2 Business Card, 3 Banners Design

You have to design and provide ready to print formats :

– Logo: 4 unique logos for different services. Some logos may have a brand statement as text below it.
– Business card design – 2 nos
– Banner: Need 3 unique Banner Designs for 3 different services for use in google adwords. each banner design is to be delivered in 6 standard sizes as used in google adwords.

Creative Designer required
There can be 3-5 reviews for each of the items.

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Adwords For Website

We are looking for Search engine marketing Professional to create and manage Campaigns with High Conversion Rates for this website

You should be a Google Certified Adwords Professional (Certification Link Verification) and should have executed numerous successful Adwords campaigns with high conversion rates ensuring minimal CPC.

You should be able to do:

+ Keyword Research including long tail
+ Keyword Analysis
+ Keyword Grouping & Organization
+ Identify Negative Keywords
+ Adwords Campaign Creation
+ Adwords Campaign Management
+ Effective Ad Writing to Maximize Sales
+ Create Converting Landing Pages
+ Split Testing
+ Ongoing Campaign Optimization
+ Able to achieve minimal CPC with High Conversion Rates
+ Most importantly Generate Sales & Ensure ROI

Please provide relevant credentials and past achievements in Private Message Box.

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20110319 – Google Analytics & Adwords Goal Setup

I need someone with conversion tracking experience. Someone who knows what I should be tracking and also how to set it up properly. The website is a lead gathering site.

Google analytics is already installed on my Joomla website but may not be functioning correctly so you need to test it.

I need to get the Adwords goal tracking and conversion tracking functioning correctly. There should only be a few goals to set. It needs to track when someone contacts us from Adwords and also from all other sources through analytics.

You will need to properly test the functions of all tracking.

Payment by escrow.

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CS Cart Google Adwords

I need someone who is can install Google Adwords tracking code for me (or show me how) on my CS Cart Shopping Cart.

Should be a quick job for someone who knows what their doing. Must have CS Cart experience! Please show previous CS Cart experience / Google Adwords experience if you have it.

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Adwords Exam

Please help me with getting Adwords certification. I have received 86% result. So the needed level is just a bit higher. Let me know how would you like to proceed.

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