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How To Link Nextgen Gallery Thumbnails To Album Subpage

Hello, i hace a website with wordpress self-hosted and thesis theme . I need help for the plugin Nextgen gallery in two situations:

1) nextgen gallery when i create a gallery i also select the option to generate the relative ALBUM subpage with its shortcode [ nggallery id=x ] automatically placed in the html editor of the new subpage. This code is a default to show the nexgen gallery. Now, when i generate a gallery sub-page with the process mentioned i want the shortcode to be: [ nggallery id=x template=carousel images=15]. This to replace the gallery with the carousel.

2) each of my posts has a nextgen gallery with the thumbnails that opens in a lightbox frame. i will disable the thumbnails effect and want to link those thumbnails to the relative Album sub-page created. Also a nice thing would be each thumbnail opens the relative images already showed in the subpage carousel.

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Gallery Website

Dear all,

I need a simple website with 4 pages and focus on the gallery:

– some requirements for the gallery

– easy to upload album
– automatically watermark
– tag face (optional, just as facebook)
– show hits per album
– add comment on picture or album
– notify adminitrator when people comment on image
– like button.
– colors of the gallery need to fit with website design.
– automatically resize

Gallery need to work fast.

I want to make a simple logo of his own photo. (cartoonize his photo),

This website is for my little brother starting a photography career so, i would like to have a fresh young and cool design.

as this is a gift, budget is very tight.

look forward to your bid.

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Need An Expert In Php To Do 2 Things That Are Really Simple


I need someone highly skilled in php to add an album art script to which when searched will show the album art next to the song which corresponds to the album on the left currently where there is a banner, i want to replace that with album art covers.

I also need someone to edit the download.php/layoutlist.html files associated with x10mp3 search engine script so that when they click on the "download" when searched, a cpalead pops up before they get the download, currently when i put cpalead on the site with an "on click" event the download still occurs, i dont want that. i want it only when the user does a survey, the site redirects to the download the person clicked on.

*************For the right person this will be very easy and fast cash. The highest im willing to pay is 30 dollars so if you cant do it for 30 DONT BID AND DONT WASTE MY TIME.*************

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Band Album App


We are requiring a simple application that will have all music from an album, upcoming dates and news etc. so I guess that it will need to be linked to a website,

It needs to be supported on both iPad and iPhone and also an Android version is required.

We request that the code be commented so we can use the code for other albums,

Please in your bid include previous application development works you have created

Also, it is to be noted that by bidding on the project, the bid winner understands that we will retain exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.

The Xcode project files and code will be required to be sent to us

No part of the app or code sent to us may contain any copyright restricted 3rd party components (including GPL, GNU, Copyleft, etc.) unless all copyright ramifications are explained and agreed to by us in writing

Thank you very much

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Convert Homepage To .html, ADD SEO TO SITE And Photo Album

My SIte, is great. However, the first page is redirected to an asp site. I want it html and I want it optomized for search engines. you gotta be good at what you do. I also want to add add words and a few section on the page, google adsense, and specials via text banners and add my phone number on the top. Anything else would be great from the artist.

I also want to add a photo library so people can share their photos with us. And of course, put our twitter and facebook page links on the site.

DO a good job and we have lots of other work. Be proactive and make suggestions!

THis is a $50 tops project. DONT BID ANYMORE. I have the .html template if you want to use it.

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Pictures Search

Hi guys
This is a little project with a simple interface with JSP and HTML that work with local files of albums and pictures that do the following :

* Upload a Picture (Upload a picture in a specific album )
* Delete a picture (Delete a picture from an specific folder or album)
* Create an Album (create a directory when you have all the pictures there from that album)
* Move Album (move and specific directory or album with all the files inside to another route )
* Delete Album (delete a directory or album )
* Comments (add a comment in to picture , could be that create a txt file with a comment according to the name of the picture )
* Rename a picture
* Rename an album
* Search a picture by name
* Search a picture by create date
* Search a picture by comment

Regards if you have any doubt dont hesitate to contact me


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Tag Music Collection

I have a bunch of music (genre: metal) that has to be processed.
You will use Tagscanner (see here: to add tags to my music, a lot of tags are messed up and info should be gotten from the filepath which will usually contain artist and album and/or year, some tags are already quite good but need to be tweaked as i want some specific tags to be there and some specific tags not there 🙂
[Note: this is for my own personal collection]

So, you will use tagscanner through TeamViewer in my VM, uploading/downloading is not a possibility.
Then foreach album, there is about 80gb worth of music, you will find the according tags, using either existing tags (which will most likely be correct already) or or or any other website found through google.
You will fill the following fields: Track Number, Title, Artist, Album Artist (= same as Artist), Album & Year.
note: for title "soundtrack 2" or similar is not acceptable, you will have to find the album and fill the titles accordingly.
If possible covers would be nice.

small note: tagscanner has a very nice way of retrieving info from the filename by using masks, for example if a whole album has filenames like this (and there are no tags):
1 – band – song.mp3
2 – band – another song.mp3
then you can retrieve tags for the whole album at once by specifying "%track% – %band% – %title%" as mask.

another note: add thrash metal ftw in your offer so i know you have read the whole page 🙂

Please tell me your price for the whole music library, which is as stated above around 80gb, which is something around 5000 songs.

Greetings, skier_

03/17/2011 at 11:47 EDT:

After you have done the first 500-1000 songs (which really doesnt take that long) i will want to see the outcome, if it doesnt match my description, i will have to find someone else to do it.
After this first test, i will do milestone payment!

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Need Psd Converted HTML And A Jquery Script

I have a psd template that I want to convert to html and I need a jQuery script like the one in this website mtrwestern dot com (left nav).

Work includes:

4 more pages with the same template. (get a quote, calendar, photo album and contact us)

"Get a quote" Page will be a page with just a form.
"Calendar" Page will be a pop up calendar with the daily specials.
"photo album" Page will be a flash photo album that Im going to buy from template monster that needs a few small modifications.
"Contact Us" Page will be simple contact form page.

please pm you work plan and samples of work…..I need this asap!

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Facebook Upload Class In PHP

Web Developer – for an PHP Upload Class (with Zend Framework will be nice)

the script should run on the Command Line in Linux
it should upload and create the following:

!!! Upload for a Company Page – not for an Private User Profile !!!

1) create an Image Album
2) upload images from local to Facebook in the created Album
3) create an Event for the Site (with all data required) and Upload an Event Image

Please experienced developer who wants more work in the future.
( Nice to see some references in facebook APP development with Zend Framework -> next project )

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Help Editing Photos In Photoshop

Hello I am a photographer who need someone who can help photoshop some pics. I shoot a lot of pics so you can choose which ones will look the best, I need about 30 pics total some from every background in the album. I just started photography so I estimate my business to grow, if youre fast and efficient and good for my budget, I can give you steady work. Please put your bid with a sample or two from this album to show your skills and speed with the photoshop program.

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Facebook Photo Upload From A Website

I want a configuration which will enable visitors of my website to share photos on my site to their facebook photo album in one click.
To be more specific, I want to enable users to uploads photos which are on my site to their album in one click.
You can refer this site, which has the feature what im talking about.

LittleTag. com

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We are a small media company working in the music industry looking to hire an expert flash programmer able to create a web application similar to this


Our client is releasing an album later this year and we want to run a competition exclusive to fans that have purchased the CD.


The app needs to be able to interpret video data from a web camera (built in / attached to the computer) and recognise the album artwork with specific symbols printed on it. Once the CD is detected the user is offered a form where they can enter their facebook or twitter login details. After they pick a social media platform the app automatically posts a status update on their wall/feed with link to competition page and short promotional message.
This action confirms that the user has enrolled in the competition and logs them on a list we will use to pick winner from at a later date.


This project is quite urgent as we need to be confirming the album artwork next week so we need to know if we have to include any QR codes or specific symbols in the album design.

Look forward to your offers.
Forward Thinking Music

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Php-mysql Photo Album Script

Php mysql photo album gallery script need. The script should use jquery pop up on opening of an image.


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Social Engine CMS – Customise Photo Album

I need a modification in the photo album plugin.

When the user upload photos in the album, they are approved by the administrator before appearing on the album of the user.

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Interactive Photo Album Website

A website that allows users to register and create their own albums by using templates and tools provided.

This website needs to be database driven and interactive. A use case will be:

– new user registers a new account
– upload multiple photos
– select an album template
– put each photo into each page of the album
– edit the cover page design
– edit the album pages
– add captions
– edit text
– decorate page with toolbox
– view the album in slide shows
– check out to purchase the album
– share the album with friends

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Facebook Apps Wanted

I would like someone that can help me to create a facebook apps that can create , upload and tag photos album automatically. However, it needs to integrate into that website.

User can pick the banners they like then the apps help them to upload into their photos album and tag them. Everything will do automatically.

I would like a similar website like: Fbanners [dot] com

I have already got the domain name and hosting service.

This is their apps page:

I also want to have the flash allow user to customize their banner and upload it to their photos album.

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Need A Music Manager For My Admin Area

OK I have a website already in production it

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Fixes To A Site Work

I need these issues fixed on a site. Ill pay $50 for it.

– I tried to create 3 new albums (2

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CSS & PHP Photo Album Repair

Have photo album install

Need these items fixed…

1) Use framework from website (header and left side)

2) Have photo album load on page in order in center of page.

3) Make sure all aspects of the album works, in IE8, chrome and firefox

FYI..Database is all setup, software is in working order just needs design work.

Look for work to be done ASAP

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Indian Wedding Album Design – Digital Album

I have about 2000 images, would only choose the best ones,
I am needing to make only one album

I am wanting layflat 12×14 with 50 flush mount pages.

Will provide images in a CD

Let me know if you are interested!

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Wedding Album Designer

Iam doing wedding album designs for the past 12 years in chennai. Now iam doing some orders from canada also. Anybody need album designings please contact me.

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Facebook Photo Album

i want to add album tab to my website for every user in my website some thing like facebook where user can creat album an make description for eash photo added in his album, and can add more as they want
thank you

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Need A Music Manager For My Music Website For Backend

I am looking for a script or a music manager from where I can add, edit, upload mp3 sigle files. Moduel will be added to the backend. I want to be able to

1. Add album Image any size editable
2. Add album Title
3. Add description
4. Add Album artist unlimited
5. Add Album songs unlimited and upload upon finish so multiple songs like 15 at the same time. So need fields where I can add more than one song and upload the entire album to the website front end.
6. Ability to add 2 CD at the same time or when one is completed
7. Active/Deactivate each songs and albums and downloading
8. Clean design
9. Detail on each album, songs that how many times they have been downloaded
10. Ability to edit album title, description, songs titles, artist
11. set play time for each song to my spec like 30 sec or ext..

Looking for a complete music manager in which I can manage Albums and songs

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10 CD Covers

I am needing 10 different CD covers designed and really quickly. These will be for Digital only releases. I am going for a very hip and modern look. Please send me some examples of your work. If I like what you do for these covers we might hire you again for some higher paying gigs. This is for a national record label with hundreds of releases each year. Thank you for your quick response.


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Photo Album W CMS

This is an add-on to an existing site.

We wish to have a photo album added to a page with a CMS. We have a CMS already, chosen developer will add this new functionality to existing CMS.

Heres how it should work:
– The Admin will upload photo via CMS.
– The CMS will resize the image to a thumbnail (small) and album size (medium) photos.
– The front-end photo album will look similar to this site: Album size image above with thumbnails below. Mouse over any thumbnail and the Album size image is replaced with current mouse over image. The image will stay on the last mouse over image. Also link below each album size image to "download original" which will allow user to download full-size image that was originally uploaded.

Programming language of existing CMS is php.

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Facebook Music App

We need a Facebook App created that would allow a user to post there content from our website on to their Facebook Band Page or Personal Page. We would like this to be similar. On our website we would like to have a link for each album that would allow anyone to create a box on their Facebook page with all the content for the album they choose.

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Worpdress Audio Track And Album Management

Build an audio track and album management plugin for worpdress.
More precisely, make the garageband wordpress theme module, usable with another theme.

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Adobe AIR Application – Online Photo Album

I need an Adobe AIR Application program using Flex. This is a Photo Album application can be run on an Internet browser which allow the user to Add/Post new photos and then write some comments about their own photos. The User Interface must be Simple and Easy To Use; something like this:

Lastly, I need to integrate this application with MySQL Database, to save the Photos and Comments. The user can then choose the album they saved earlier and to view it again. The Database integration part is NOT in this project scope, but I need the advice from the developer/designer to tell me how to save the information to the Database.

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