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Personal Assistant (Students OK) $1.50 Per Hour

Please understand this job details: We need candidates from USA and Europe Only!

*We do not need teams and companies

*The company only needs individual freelancer who can work for $1.50 Hourly (Payment Method: PayPal)

*18-24 Years Old | High School and College Students are very preferred | Without working experience to Freelance Sites

*Reliable, Honest, Trustworthy and very competitive to websites and always available

*Candidates that lazy, cannot work after I interview and do not like to work for $1.50 Hourly, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY!

What kind of Job does Our Company Provide?

*The company spend money just to advertise your skills to get more clients, you only get jobs if the clients likes your skills

Candidates must apply to us directly: (skype: remoteworkingteam)

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Looking For 3-5 American Writers For Various Projects


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Looking for 3-5 American Writers for Various Projects  

Looking for 3-5 American Writers for Various Projects is project number 841126
posted at Click here to post your own project.

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Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 11/01/2010 at 19:46 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

11/03/2010 at 19:46 EDT
(1d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (15 reviews)




I have an immediate need for 3-5 writers. If you have no experience, that is not necessarily a deal breaker. I am most concerned with the capability to write proficiently in AMERICAN STYLE ENGLISH, grammar, flow, spelling issues and the ability to follow directions to the "T".

Our team has several clients in need of content and we are behind. Those selected for this project must be able to start immediately. This will be regular ongoing work for as long as the writer is capable of meeting our needs and our deadlines.

All work produced will be considered "Work for Hire" under U.S. Copyright Law and you will not be able to use these articles again in any way, including using the work as samples for future clients.

Our topic range is very broad, so there will always be the opportunity to write on a variety of topics if you start to feel burnt out in a particular area. We currently have a need for topics in medical and pharmaceutical, pet and pet related, shipping and courier industry, beauty, dental and orthodontics, outdoors, events, small business, business marketing, various product descriptions, etc.

The STARTING PAY for content is as follows:

Rewritten Content:

300 words: $2.50
400 words: $3.50
500 words: $4.50
(Im sure you get the picture.)

Original Content:
100 words: $1.25
200 words: $2.25
300 words: $3.25
400 words: $4.25
500 words: $5.25
600 words: $6.25

We generally review consistently working writers after one month for pay increases.

If interested, please respond immediately using the rate for 10 rewritten articles of 400 words each (though the actual assignment may vary), the timeline for completion, and a sample of your previous writing. Samples will not be used for anything other than judging your capabilities. If you have a link to previous work, that is preferred.

Please state that you have read all requirements and agree to the rates above by stating "Agree" at the end of your bid.

Thank you and I look forward to putting you to work!

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15 Years Experienced Virtual Assistant Looking

I am looking for job work

I have worked for 11 years with a callcenter as manager

My experties include,

Email support
Chat support
data entry
Email Validation
Form Filling
Document Scanning
Web Designing
Psd-CSS-HTML conversion

employers looking for honest , hardworking Virtual assistant please contact

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Looking For Joomla Developers

We are in need for a web designer/coder with good skills in joomla, php, html, css, photoshop. You need to be dedicated and hard working. Work is on project base.

Work will be to create joomla sites, PSD to joomla, create templates and other. We are working on linux servers, and using mosterly php, mysql, html etc.

Please provide us with your hour rate or project based price.

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Personal (Virtual) Assistant To CEO

Need help sending emails, responding to clients, booking my schedule, and many other tasks. Can all be done online.

I run a fitness company & publishing company. Check out my main company here:

Why should I choose you? Do something to stick out….

Also list your hourly price. This will be upward of 5 hours per week.

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Virtual Assistant $2/Hour – Compile Online Data Into Excel


Virtual Assistant 20 hours for 1 week. Looking to pay $40. If I find you are not producing the work that is possible to do within 1 day, you will not last long-term. No time-wasters please.


I am looking for someone to search an online database of public records, and compile their findings into an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be sent to me daily.

I will contact you every morning to give you your tasks, and give you instructions for the day.

The search criterion is very basic and easy to follow.

Additional Requirements:

1. Good English skills. You will need to be able to read English proficiently. You will be searching various databases, so you need to know what certain words mean (very basic, however). Also, it

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virtual personal assitant

looking for viirtual personal assitant. Prefer a women.
Must have excellent English.

Main function is to build a simple website and confiugre the same site for different sales letters and ebooks. This is simple stuff like proof reading, basic html, working with automated delivery of ebooks, paypal, email lists.

Other tasks will be ad hoc projects as I assign but will mostly be email and web research.

Qualitites to have:

clever and good communicator
reliable and honest
uses initiative and follows orders without being micro managed
good copywriter
good with the web
good with graphics
good with seo

This position starts at $300 per month for a full time 8 hour per day 5 day per week position. If we are happy after the first month it goes up to $350 for the 2nd and 3rd and then after 3 month increases again.

Person must be available on skype during those 8 hours per day.

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Flash animation

In need of a flash animation. My client ( converts full sized vans ( to four wheel drive. A factory 4 wheel drive option is not available. The general concept is a looping flash animation that shows all of the 2wd drive parts (tires, rotors, axles, steering parts, brakes, etc.) flying out from under the van and off the screen and the new 4×4 parts (transfer case, axles, steering parts, brakes, rotors, etc.) flying from off the screen back under the front of the van. The converted vans look virtually identical to the originals except that they sit about 3 inches higher off the ground. We can supply images of all the original parts and the van, we just need the animation – and it needs to look impressive. PM with any questions not answered.

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