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Port Android App To IPhone

We have written and coded a working Andorid App that needs the look and feel improved by an experienced developer who can extract the best UI from the underlying capabilities of the Android system e.g. select boxes and buttons

We have the JPEGS for improving the look and feel

When Finalized we want the app REPLICATED as an iPhone application

Full scoping document and design description will be provided while finalizing the scope

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Simple IPhone Application (port From Android)

I am looking for a simple iPhone application to be ported from android.

The app will have a search box, button, and iframed webpage.

A user types an ingredient/dish into the search box, then hits enter or clicks the search button. The iframe loads this page with "garlic" as the example search term.

When the user clicks the + and – links these links must load in the same iframe.

When the user first loads the app for the first time, garlic should be in the search box and it should load

If you have an android device you can see exactly how I want it to work. The app is called food flavor pairings.

Maximum budget is $300. I will pay 50% up front and 50% when I receive a file that successfully uploads onto the app market. You will not have to wait for app aproval.

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