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Web Portal For Maid Service

I would like to have a similar website as gmaids dot com. The key feature I want is that it has to be equipped with an interactive calendar for user to select their service slots. The platform must be also able to port over to iphone and android app for later phases. The current project scope is focusing on the website only.

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Senior Android Developer – Mobile/Web Market Leader – £60k

Senior Android Developer – Mobile/Web Market Leader – Central London – £60k

My client requires a motivated Android Developer, to join their rapidly expanding team. You will be working on cutting edge projects in specialist areas with significant opportunity for professional growth. This is not a normal development position.

All applicants must have:

– commercial experience in delivering a rich media, or communications application developed for Android 1.6 or later.
– a background in mobile application development on another platform, iPhone, Symbian or Blackberry.
– excellent knowledge of J2ME.
– experience calling web services and external APIs.
– UI implementations working in conjunction with designers.

The ideal applicant will also possess some of the following:

– significant exposure to at least one additional language (objective-c, C++ highly valued)
– knowledge of security concepts (cryptography, digital rights management (DRM), web-based attack vectors such as XSS, SQL injection, etc.)
– professional and commercial experience in the area
– an interest in emerging mobile technologies and protocols
– SQL skills and an understanding of alternative storage mechanisms
– web development skills including HTML, CSS, XML, PHP
– a broad understanding of digital audio, video and still image compression techniques, including knowledge of related commercial and open source software
– experience working with revision control systems (subversion preferred)
– basic understanding of issues surrounding internationalisation and localisation for multi-territory deployments
– understanding of the TCP/IP protocol suite, in particular HTTP

Dont worry if you are missing any of these ideal elements. The position will give you the opportunity to broaden and update your skills as you work, and you are guaranteed to find it interesting. It is an excellent role for anyone with related talents seeking a stable role in an interesting and established company that will appreciate and reward their contributions while affording opportunities for professional growth.

Zetman is acting as an employment Agency for the purpose of this vacancy.

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Mobile Apps Developers

My company creates, develops, tests, distributes and markets Mobile Applications on the Dutch market. My clients are the corporate clients, Advertising Firms and Media companies.

I am looking for the best iPhone and Android developers around. Very specialized in the development of Mobile Apps.
– Experience in the development of Apps for the iPhone & iPad.
– Experience in the development of Apps for Android
– Essential to be fluent in English or Dutch.
– Essential to have a portfolio of Apps that you have created yourself.
– Essential to have knowledge about how to get the app high in the app stores (of both Apple and Android).

Best regards,

Jasper Bongers

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Android Emulator

My app is modified based on the source code of android emulator. I have it built into apk file. In the androidmenifest.xml, I can see there should be 2 processes in the app. One process is started when the app starts. The other will start after I launch the actvity EmulatorActivity and the service EmulatorService. What is surprised is that each time I start the activty EmulatorActivity, the 2nd process starts and then died at once. If I install the original emulator app that I purchased from market, my app runs well and the 2nd process can start with no problem. I even dont start the original emulator app. I need help from android professionals who has experience on this.

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Universal Smartphone App

Im looking for someone to create one universal smartphone app that can be used with iPhones, iPad, Android, Blackberry and so forth. I have a bunch of ideas and I need someone who can take these ideas and create one phenomenal app.

It needs to be very simple and easy to use. I dont understand programming, so please make the app 100% clean, no bugs and no crashes.

I do want this app upgradeable and grow constantly, so whomever I hire, they might have a customer for life. As Im new to this, Im not sure what else to include, but we can discuss more on this during the project.

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The GUI must be sleek and written using QT. It should support windows, Mac, iPhone and android platforms.

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Nokia Developers

i need a Nokia developer for designing and creating new applications for Nokia.

First application:

The application should be combined with all the things. Here are my requirements and examples:
1.RSS channel we have 10 categories please see Pulse (application for Android and Iphone)
2.Live TV streaming like we did it last time
3.Video (podcasts) this is a list of videos that can be played live on the phone like youtube application
4.Livescores xml data
5.Banners we have to be able to show different banners from our system from the web maybe we have to make some simple web based application to serve this!
6.Video add this is the same database with adds, but this will start just before the stream starts, something like the adds in youtube.
Everything we have it for web and we have the Database for everything.
Only we have to make another streaming package, because of the quality.

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IPad/Android EMagazine

Create an e-magazine that enables our readers to view our publication on iPad and Android devices.

Features we require are:
– Home splash screen with the ability to browse the covers of multiple editions
– Ability to add future and past publications
– Ability to zoom on each page
– Page flip effect when browsing publication
– Use of hyperlinks throughout the publication
– View single page in portrait mode, View double page spread in landscape mode
– embeded video

The following link shows a good example of what we are wanting to achieve:

The publication is created in InDesign and is approx. 360 pages.
A complete pdf file will be supplied to work from.

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Stream Audio From Axis IP Camera To Android And Iphone

Axis IP cameras are using VAPIX (open API) to transfer remotelly audio from camera mic over http, and to send audio over http to the integrated camera speaker. The audio is raw stream, encoded with G711 (mulaw encoding).

We need a simple code (library, codec, or utility class with few methods) which will play the streamed audio remotely from the camera mic on Android and iPhone devices; and vice-versa (to send audio from the android/iPhone microphone to Axis camera speaker, over VAPIX API.

The audio must be clear with correct encoding/ no white noise.

It is preferable to apply, if you have already experience with VAPIX and deal with this / similar problem before.

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We Need An IPhone/Android App Created

We require a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed.We need the applications to be built from scratch. It will be a marketplace like freelancer. This is a SMS related app that sends text msgs. We have the website in development!

Please only bid if you have previous experience.

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Voive & IM Using Open Source For Android, IOS And RIM

Project Description:
Development of a mobile client which provides Voice and IM simultaneously. It requires a skilled developer who can port existing open-source software, modify it and enhance it.
The client is required to be ported and operational on Android, Blackberry and iOS3 and iOS4 and should comply with Apples Apps Store requirements. Desirable but not required to function on iPad & iPad2 and Honeycomb also.
It is highly desired that a Cross-Platform Mobile (such as:, be used for development, making porting easier to other mobile phones.
Time is of the essence so only developers capable of committing the time to deliver the project on a timely bases should respond. We are looking for a firm/people, who can successfully deliver this client and are also available to develop other related projects as well as provide ongoing support as part of the project.

See attachment for additional details. Complete information (SOW) will be provided to the selected party under a NDA.

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Need Porting IPhone To Android Application

Require NDA and full source code at completion of project.

When to start: ASAP

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Android App – Language Translation

I currently have an iPhone app that translates English into another language. I need the text in that app changed, and the same app made for Android.

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Partnership With IPhone And Android Developer


We are an Animation Production House called Monson Kings Animation in India and are producing and executing animated feature films for international market. We also provide our Animation services in both 2D & 3D to our clients.

Now, we would like to expand and jump into the iPhone game and app development business. We are looking to form a partnership with an iPhone developer group/ company/ individual to make iPhone games and apps. It is a great opportunity for those who knows technical/coding/programming part but lacks the creative/CG/ Animation part to join hands with us and reach a new level in the industry.

The deal is simple:

> Our company will do the whole CG/Animation on our cost.
> Your company/ you will do all the coding on your cost.
> Profit will be shared at a negotiated percent.
> Both party can take part in Creative discussion.

Please Note:

> You must provide me links to your previous works if you want to be accepted.
> We are not looking for a freelancer but for a partner.
> Please mention how much profit % share do you want in your PM.

Looking forward to make great games and apps.

Monson Kings Animation

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Blackberry / IPhone / Android Application

I require a developer who can quickly develop a simple application for Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

The major functionality of this application is to stream audio from a shoutcast server. The application will in addition have banner rotation and text ticker and thats about it

I require the solution to be handed over so that the SHOUTCAST connection server can be changed as well as the banner adverts (to be called from a directory on a particular server) – I will explain this more if required. And then the application icon changed, compiled and uploaded to both App stores for BB, Android and iPhone

This should be an easy job thanks


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Migrate Simple Iphone App To Android

We need to migrate these two similar Iphone apps to Android
The application will look 100% similar to the iphone app

In general the applications contains a set of YouTube videos with some text on each video and a lead form that connects to though WebService to our ERP

The iphone apps are available for free at:

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Android PDB Decoder/reader

Read pdb file in Android, implement in attachment (main function is getChapters())

$100 project: implement class public class PDB extends BaseEBook{}

+$50 bonus: support big file (>16M)

***note1: support various encoding (for example, english/russian/german/chinese/korea/japanese), convert all to UTF-8 encoding used in Android.

***note2: I want other file formats too, includes chm, rtf, pdb, prc, mobi, etc. each one is $100, support big file (>16M) will pay $50 more, all use as the base class to implement, search my other projects for these.

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Android RTF Decoder/reader

Read rtf file in Android, implement in attachment (main function is getChapters())

$100 project: implement class public class RTF extends BaseEBook{}

+$50 bonus: support big file (>16M)

if you cant extract the chapter information, rtf -> html is acceptable

***note1: support various encoding (for example, english/russian/german/chinese/korea/japanese), convert all to UTF-8 encoding used in Android.

***note2: I want other file formats too, includes chm, rtf, pdb, prc, mobi, etc. each one is $100, support big file (>16M) will pay $50 more, all use as the base class to implement, search my other projects for these.

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Android PRC Decoder / Reader

Read prc file in Android, implement in attachment (main function is getChapters())

$100 project: implement class public class PRC extends BaseEBook{}

+$50 bonus: support big file (>16M)

***note1: support various encoding (for example, english/russian/german/chinese/korea/japanese), convert all to UTF-8 encoding used in Android.

***note2: I want other file formats too, includes chm, rtf, pdb, prc, mobi, etc. each one is $100, support big file (>16M) will pay $50 more, all use as the base class to implement, search my other projects for these.

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Android CHM Decoder / Reader

Read chm file in Android, implement in attachment (main function is getChapters())

$100 project: implement class public class CHM extends BaseEBook{}

+$50 bonus: support big chm file (>16M)

***note1: support various encoding (for example, english/russian/german/chinese/korea/japanese), convert all to UTF-8 encoding used in Android.

***note2: I want other file formats too, includes chm, rtf, pdb, prc, mobi, etc. each one is $100, support big file (>16M) will pay $50 more, all use as the base class to implement, search my other projects for these.

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Android Barcode Camera App

Barcode Reader and Camera Application for Android/iphone.

1.) Product will allow users to register/login in with facebook account.
2.) Read 1 or more barcodes and keep track of UPC codes
3.) Take a Photo.
4.) Upload the combination of photo and UPCs to a website

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Project In Android

1) Barcode Reader Application based on Google Android operating system-
An application which can read barcode of object through mobile camera and give information about the object and store information accordingly.

2) Friend Finder Application based on Google Android operating system –
An application for mobile phones based on android operating system which is can track location of a friend using Google maps and also update location of the user.

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Android Chatting Application

I need a Android Chatting App.

– User can register account and fill their interest in signup form
– They can chat in group or by category(I will give you a category name)

– I think I also need a server for running a chat Application?(means theyill register a account so their info send to my chat server?)

I am new to android and freelance so please also setup my chat server.. (I really dont know anything about this..)

Please note: I want to help other peoples(this app is only for who is suffering from social-anxiety) so I decided to spend money on this and help them, my budget is low..

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Experienced Iphone/android Developer Wanted

Experienced iphone/android developer needed.

1)Taxi fare calculator app
2)Taxi booking add-on
3)Couple of additional functions will be discussed with the developer.

This is test project to find our developer, we have more app projects on the line and in needed for a senior dev.

Get in touch if you have experiences in the mobile platform.

No time waster please.

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New Feature For An Existing Android App

Want to add an "add user to favorites" to an existing application. Take a look on the Google Market. "Rate my SelfPic"
Will provide source code to finalize the bid to few selected service providers.

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Bible Memory App

I am looking for someone with an good background in the Bible. This will help in understanding the importance and success of the project. I have been a youth pastor for 8 years. During that time, I have uncovered an incredible method for memorizing scripture. I believe an app following my simple process will be extremely successful in Christian circles. Ive talked to scores of people looking for a good Bible scripture app, but there are none to be found. There are only 4 memory apps on android and all of them are simple and not truly helpful.

I can pay, but would rather have a partner that would take my idea and develop the app. Then we could split the profit 50/50. This project would involve annual updates of content.

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Iphone, Ipad And Android App For My Site

I run a small site and i want an app that:

1) Get my articles via RSS and display like engadget app for iphone (a gallery with 3 photos at the top, with articles) and latest news below it, with thumbs.

2) Publish exclusive content to the app (this will be done from wordpress, using one category)

3) At ipad, the app most flip pages like flipboard

4) Tweet button and like on facebook

Three menu itens:

1) News
2) Twitter mentions
3) Videos (we will get from a category at my site, they are from youtube)

Your bid should be like this:

Total – US$ xxx
Iphone – US$ xxxx
Android – US$ xxxx
Ipad – US$ xxxx

I need like that because i dont know if ill make them all, depends on costs.

This is my first app and i need orientation in the hole proccess. Winner must have previously developed at least five apps and send me links. Be gentle in the bids, im not a company, im a person and my site is small. Tks a lot.

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Iphone / Android App Taxi Booking System

A booking system for customers to be able to book a taxi using the app for both Iphone and Android and automatically sends the information when booked to our base to dispatch the taxi.

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Android Application For RSS Feeds

Android application for RSS feeds

Looking for Android Application Developer, to develop an application will pull contents from RSS feeds which contains TEXT, IMEAGES(jpeg) AND VIDEO (mp4).

we need to include below functionality for Android application(UI should be as attached files = Android-EnglishUI.jpg for English language and Android-ArabicUI.jpg for Arabic language):

-List news items as categories. 13+ categories to display news items. Categories are included image file and video files in mp4 format.
-Arabic and English UI. Separate UI for both languages.(Option to select preferred language (Arabic or English) on initial application start then language can change from setting page to restart app to get new UI)
-Tag feature to a news items (Ability for the user to save specific news items in their bookmarking section for later retrieval. Option to un-tag/delete from bookmark section)
-Reading experiences with text increase and decrease.
-Default thumbnail as company logo. if no images are available.
-Next and previous buttons. Feature to go to next or back articles by finger tap.
-share->facebook, twitter, email and SMS
-Landscape mode view.
-Integrate basic analytics within the app (
-Integration with an Ad Network for banner ads (AdWhirl)
-A settings page for various things that user can add
-generic search.

contact me for more details with your suggestions to complete the application as soon as possible.


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Radio App For Windows Phone 7

Im looking for a developer to write a Windows Phone 7 Mobile app for Its a radio app. I already have an app for this for iPhone and Android. So if you like an example please check out EYE97 in iPhone or Android marketplace. I would want a very similar app.

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Writing Reviews For Android Game

The payment will be put in escrow and will be released once I have the reviews ready.

What i need:

1. I need reviews for my app, 1 review per android mobile application. Thats the only project task. I will pay 5 USD for review (the app cost 1 USD so will be 4 USD of profits). To buy the app you will need an Android phone and whatever you need to buy (your phone plan, google checkout, etc).

2. Review structure:
I need 5 starts review

3. Review requirements
Review should be 300-600 words. Original content, you write.
Review should contain 1-3 images inside its body. Original images, you screenshoted.
No grammar or lexical errors please. Native speakers from USA or Great Britain are preferred.

Best regards, Franco

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