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Animated Banners

We need 4 high quality and professional animated banners for our site
– You must be able to at our request change size/format.
– Banners must include our slogans which will be provided later.
– Banners should be clean design, creative, eye catching and top quality.
– We will provide you with link to our site
– You must generating banners until we are totally satisfied.
– We will own and retain exclusive copyrights to banners.

The potential designer must present examples of past projects and details of the client.

Please DONT BID if:
– You have never design professional animated banners
– You are expecting to get paid in full before the job is done
– You are outsource design to another

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Flash Banner Animation X 2 Same Styles

I need two banners animated in flash action script.

I have a leaderboard version and a square version to be animated with a page peel effect.

I have a specific brief in terms of timings and file sizes that I can supply to the winning bidder. This information, is from the site that the banners will be placed on.

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Interactive Story Book Ipad Iphone Xcode App Cocos2d Ios

I would like to buy the source code in Xcode for an interactive book/ animated book on the iPad with animated pictures, possibility to move/ throw/ move around objects by touch and tilt, gravity, possibility to change form of objects by tilt. Sound, flipping pages are also needed.
I would like to have source code for a project that is customizable so that sounds, pictures, animation and possibly extra coding can be added later on.

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728 X 90 Animated GIF Bannder Design

I need an animated GIF banner from someone this is creative. We will provide the text to go into the ad and exactly what the type of person is that we want to click it and then expect the designer to create from there.

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Want Short Animated Video For Website.

Hi there.

We are a Scandinavian based provider of many different web solutions.

We are looking for a freelancer, who have the skills to make a short animated video for a costumers website. Our costumer is pro photographer in wildlife around the world.

We have the idea of a short video (less than 2 min.) where a drawing figure goes around the world, and when he meets a wild animal, he takes a snapshot (yellow blitz) of the animal. Animal makes a sound (elephant, tiger og bear!).

The whole video should be very simple (black and white exept the blitz)

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Flash Design Project

i have 2 new projects and i need designer to design these things
#project 1: puzzle flash game
1 welcome screen , include player name input
2 game screen

#project 2: audition game design background & characters.
1. welcome screen design
2. game screen
3. animated character
4. animated cake ( when player jump correctly on the step)

I will provide the original images such as logo, static character, animated cake

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Wanted A Short 3d Animated Video For Website.

Hello guyz.

i want to create a high quality 3d animated video for my new upcoming website. this video is similar to ad video for website. characters should be of high quality. video duration will be around or less than 1 minute. i will provide a short story. video will be created based on that story. winner of this bid will get more work from me. based on quality of work and support. video is bit urgent for me. so quick work required. thank you whoever bids here. send pm and pfs so i can choose someone quicker as possible.


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Animated Video

We are a groupon clone business looking to do a 3d animated video clip explaining "How it works".

Please send short clip of any material done before. We are looking for some one to come up with the concept and produce the finished product with our branding and logo.

We need an innovative idea as we are on a tight budget.

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Animated Banners Needed

I need somebody who can create VERY attractive, eye-catching banners.

The banners will be based on two different sites, so I need two sets of 24 made. Each size will have three different themes, so youll create three themes for the banners and each theme will have the size I included below.

728 x 90
468 x 60
234 x 60
180 x 150
125 x 125
88 x 31
120 x 600
300 x 250

When sending a message please include examples of past work youve done for animated (gif) banners.

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Sprite Sheet


I need someone to design some sprite sheets (animation) for the following nursery rhymes, only a few things need to be animated on each rhyme:

1. Baa Baa Black sheep (e.g. animated sheep and animated master or dame)
2. Dickery dickery dare
3. Farmer in the dell
4. Hickory dickory dock
5. Hot cross buns
6. Humpty dumpty (e.g. sprites for a falling and broken egg)
7. Incy Wincy Spider
8. Jack and Jill
9. Lil Bo Peep
10. London Bridge
12. Mary had a little lamb
13. Mary mary quite contrary
14. Old Macdonald
15. Sailing Sailing
16. Simple Simon
17. The ants go marching
18. The muffin man
19. Three blind mice
20. Three little kittens

I would also like artistic background for these rhymes (cartoon illustration) on which the sprite would be displayed.


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Need Character Flash Animations. I Will Provide PSD.

Hi, I need a few 2D characters animated. I can be flash (which the other characters I have are animated in); However if you prefer to use a 3D package like Max, or Maya I understand. You would just need to map the characters on a plane with enough segments to bend properly (time saving if you know what your doing). I need a bid for a 6-8 hr day of animation. As seeing I have quite a few characters Im looking for the best deal. Please send me your animation samples only.


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Animation Cartoonist

1. Concept:
a. We are a small hostel located in a national park area next to a large lake (google maps Paluse, Lithuania…Tiki Inn). We are doing a "tiki bar" theme for the hostel part. We also offer Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals.
2. Marketing Focus:
a. Price per bed, not per room
b. Social environment
c. Lake side
d. Outdoors
e. Stand Up Paddle Board rentals
f. Groups
3. How we are thinking to accomplish our focus:
a. Given the multi-language obstacles, we are thinking to convey our messages through universal pictures, animation. Examples would be:
i. Animated version of our hostel and surroundings
ii. Animated version of our hostel full of people
iii. Animated version of a couple (guy being doubtful, girl being excited) looking at a Stand Up Paddle Board, then show a hand giving a money (non specific) then the couple happy and smiling on the lake
iv. Animated people enjoying tiki cocktails (more girl than boy ratio)
v. Animated office people (grayscale, boring) loop back to above. (need to show groups are welcome. )
vi. Animated Tiki girls. Coconut bra, hula skirt, swinging hips. Google it.
vii. Animated bunk beds vs room (I would like to incorporate a price here. But would like the ability to change it.
4. Discounts-We will add a booking engine for reservations onto our fan page (about 2 months away) they do not allow us to publish lower pricing or discounts that conflict with the reservation engine. However, walk ins are our business, along with people who contact us directly for a reservation. Individuals we would want them to use the reservation engine. Group booking we would like to push towards us. The group booking we would need to tie into the animation.
a. Idea-20 or so group looking at a online reservation screen generic with a caption of $$$$, and then a email, facebook fanpage and a phone in hand with a caption of $$
b. At the door discounts. Encouraging women to stay, will drive men to come as well. So we should focus on female discounts. I thought of two animated women standing at a reservation desk fully dressed, pants, coat, scarf over hair… ultra conservative. Handing over $$$ money. With the girl at the reservation desk show the word "tiki" same girls now dressed in shorts and bikini tops handing over $. You get the point.

We are open to creative suggestions. Look up Tiki cartoons on google and you will find some samples. The Tiki concept was started in the US in the 50s so i imagine that we should maintain this type of style.

Design and work will be used as content for our website and facebook fanpage. unsure of project budget. Please be honest on bidding. I am a value shopper, not a price shopper.

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Animated Gif Of Dictator Faces

Hi everybody
I am the owner of
I host a weirdo website that allows people to send animated gif images to index after signing few basic info. I have placed temporary animated gif images which are absolutely awful and not attractive. When you enter the page you will see bunch of human faces jumping floating and so on.

The basic idea is having a politician head showing fear under fire. I also want them to look funny. I have 19 dictators so far and need to replace them with better quality animations.

They can be cartoonized (but must look like the real character), iconized or whateverized. For example when people look at 50×50 px animated gif of Fidel Castro, they should be able to know its Fidel Castro burning in animated fire.

I will keep this project open for 2 weeks and I want samples. Make me sample of at least 2-3 of these guys and show me. Be creative and impress me. Dont make too childish, girlish or pinkish. When I spot a great sample I will reward this project to that person with full dedication.

Budget line is max: 35 USD for the set of 19 animated gif
Do not bid over this budget please.

I will constantly add new animations and new dictators. This means I will need the animator artist for future jobs as well and will pay him.

Animations should work in Mozilla firefox, internet explorer, safari, opera and chrome with no problems.
Let me remind you there will be tens of them on 1 single page.
Size must be minimum 50×50 pixels but it would be great to see 150×150 or more so I can resize them myself. About the frame rate. Make it good enough but let it work in all browsers.

You can see the dictators on my webpage and google them. All animations files named as dictator names.

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30-60 Second Promotional Animated Video For Dating Site


This project is for an animated video which will be featured as a promotional/introduction on the homepage of a relatively high traffic dating site, to the left of the sign-up form.

Were looking to spend around 150-200 dollars for this initial comparatively simple video (may require more complex videos in the future) but are flexible depending on your portfolio.

The video should ideally be done in After Effects and will feature moving typography or anything else that is in your opinion as an animator suited to introduce the service and present some persuasive information to encourage users to sign up.

The exact text to be used and possibly an audio file to accompany the motion will be provided.

If we like the work, there may be more projects to come with higher pay and more extensive animating required.

Please present a portfolio if you have one or any examples of things youve done in the past so we can get an idea of your work.

Thanks very much!

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Animated GIF Banners Required 2

Create 2 animated .gif (NON-Flash) advertisement, sizes (728×90, 300×250, 468×60 and 234×60) to promote brokerage house services.

Animation run time approximately 5-7 seconds.

With bid, you must submit link to portfolio with animated .gif advertisement samples.

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Animated GIF Banners Required

Create 2 animated .gif (NON-Flash) advertisement, sizes (728×90, 300×250, 468×60 and 234×60) to promote brokerage house services.

Animation run time approximately 5-7 seconds.

With bid, must submit link to portfolio with animated .gif advertisement samples.

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Short Animated Video

I am looking for a short 30-60 second video. The video can be animated. The video is of cell phones being tossed (or jumping ) one by one into a recycling bin. After a few seconds, a plant needs to grow out of the recycling bin.

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Animated Music Video

I am looking for someone to create an animated music video for an original composition approximately 3 1/2 minutes long. I have some styles in mind that I can share with you, however I also am very interested in hearing and seeing new ideas and approaches. I definitely want the video to tell a story, but not to be a literal interpretation of the lyrics.

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Custom Designed Character And Mascot

Custom designed character and mascot.


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Custom Designed Character And Mascot

Custom designed character and mascot.


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Create An Animated Video For YouTube & Website

I am looking for someone to create me an animated video. An introduction to my website.

"What is TryMyQuest?"

I would like to see people come up with their own design, but as an example, please see the video listed in the attached document. I like this style of video and im looking for something silmiliar.

This is NOT a screenshot video. It is an animated video with voice over. Although, you may use any graphics (koala bear, medals) found on the website other than actual screenshots.

I have a sample Script, which will need a professional touch to. I can create the voice over for you, or you can. We will go with what is best.

Please do not bid without first getting an idea of the site, and how it works, and the scope of the project.

English speaking providers preferred

Happy Bidding!

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Voice Over For Animated Clip. ~60 Seconds.

Voice over required for a "how to do" animated video clip for a new website.
about 60sec. similiar in shape to:

langauges required: Spanish (castilian), hungarian, english.


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Animated Product/tutorial Video

We are looking for approx. 1 animated videos of approx. 1-2 minute length each for introduction of a new product.
Animated videos to be shown on our website, youtube etc:

Video will provide information on the benefits of using our service. The story-board will be provided. We would prefer something similar to the tutorial videos such as with google voice:

or similar such as:

Generally open to different approaches and techniques so let us know what you can do!
Job (features; deadlines, etc.) will be finalized after partner has been picked. Previous submission of work samples via PM is a must – and your basis for decision.

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Ad Design For Cloud Hosting Site – Animated And Static


This project is to create image ads for use with Google, Microsoft, and other ad networks to advertise a new cloud file hosting site.

>> Two types of ads:
* Static version
* Animated gif version (five frames)

>> Three sizes
* Leaderboard (728×90)
* Medium Rectangle (300×250)
* Wide skyscraper (160×600)

>> For a total of 6 image ads

I will supply vector formatted file of company logo and tag line. I will also supply wireframe suggestions for each ad.

Please bid on this project if you specialize in ad design and can offer some best practice guidelines (e.g. color schemes, layout, etc.) that increase CTR. My goal is a good design that matches the websites scheme and maximizes CTR.

Note, that I will also require that I have all the legal rights to distribute the ads (i.e., I will own the copyrights and/or it will be royalty free and properly licensed).

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Animated "how It Works" Video For A Website. ~45 Seconds.

A 45 seconds 2D animated video describing "how it works" for a new website.

The video should be similar in concept to the groupon "how it works" video –

The video should be suitable for multilingual versions, and the project requires handling on all levels (from story board to high quality video product).

video required by begining of May 2011.

Talented, original, reliable designers with experience in such projects are welcomed to bid.


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PHP, MYSQL, Ajax Powered Gallery

Relisted project due to wrong Budget setup.

Ill try to explain my project with a broken English skills. I want a website quite similar to this:
But with different functions. I want people to reserve a slot (or a box) and put 1 image that exists in a gallery (or a folder) I decide. So no image uploading; people will choose from an existing gallery. Instead of full name I want nicknames. No payments as in the script.
After this operation complete, the nickname and the picture will show up in the main page. I was thinking an animated gif gallery for example smiling face, crying face or what so ever. I want description for each animated gifs in the gallery.
I want to have full control for images.
In the script above, the number of the boxes are limited. I want it to function like this: more people register and put an image to one of this box; more it extends. I want it to be endless. I also need a facebook connect option; possibly a facebook application out of it.
I want to be able to edit the template myself.
I want to be able to add more languages later on
After your job is done, I want to see a a demonstration.
I have some other projects in the mind and may need this person in future. This is my first time asking help from a freelancer, please excuse me if Im doing something wrong here.

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Animated & Eye Catching GIF Banner For E-currency Exchanger

We need a high quality animated gif banner in 2 sizes(728×90 and 468×60) in order to promote a website that offers electronic money exchange services. We will use this banners on forums and blogs so thats why you must be able at our later request to change the size format if we need to.

In the banner must be included:
1. our logo and slogan
2. website link, ICQ, YM
3. The services that will be promoted in the banner will be: exchange, sell, buy Skype Credit, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money using Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer, Debit Card.
4. the words: 24/7 support, fast & safe exchange, maximum discretion, extreme professionalism

we will provide you with the website logo to be included in the banner. We expect at least 3 design samples before choosing the final version.

We want to obtain a clean design, creative, eye catching and top quality banner, so please bid only if you have and idea about the e-currency market and you are able to create a great banner for such a business.

Please bid only if you have 5+ good reviews and if you can provide your banner portofolio, any other bids will not be taken in consideration.

Thank you and happy bidding.

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Short Animated Video


Were looking for a clever, talented artist/animator with a good sense of humour to create a simple animated video that will run for approximately 1 min 45 seconds.

The first job will be to create a look and feel for the animation and a few fun and interesting characters that will go well with the storyline.

We will provide you with the storyboard for the animation. A draft can be found here

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PDF Newsletter Animated Financial Markets Dashboard (graph)


A need a daily newsletter with a Dashboard made of "animated" graph like Fusioncharts or Fusion Dashboard (but I dont have these softs).
These tables and charts will be be feed by financial informations from Excel spreadsheet or directely (and ideally) from Bloomberg.

The process should be the most automatised as possible as it should be very quick to update every morning

Included is a sample of what I m currently doing with a non animated PDF printed from SERIF PAGE PLUS publishing EXCEL datas extracted from Bloomberg …
The second "animated" file is what I would like to have

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