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WordPress Site – Editing

Thank you for visiting my project.

Im looking for someone to edit my site (show me how to do it). Im having problem on a few things that someone experience in WordPress can sort out. Just 2 simple things :

1. Footer Editing – Footer file is in codes, if possible I want to take those links out from theme footer.

2. I want my categories to be "pages" bar (below header) – alter the theme codes.

I only have $15 for this quick project. Can do PayPal.


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Basic Brochure Site For Frame Shop

Im looking to have a basic brochure site created.
This site is for a business that creates custom frames.
The site design has to be classy (examples: and ) and include a slideshow that will showcase different custom frames.
The site was to also include a custom contact form ( example: )

Please be quick and creative. Would like this site finished within 2 weeks.
Thank You and Good Luck to all bidders!

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E-commerce Site For Book Shop

E-commerce website for a book shop is required.
Design with logo required.
Detailed requirement will be sent through PMB to selected bidders.
Happy bidding.

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Convert PSD To WordPress

Need a wordpress expert to convert a psd to wordpress.

We have around 15 projects every month. But we need a price for one to begin with, and if you are doing this good. Then we will use you to all our projects.

You shall be expert to wordpress
You shall be fast
You shall sent link to your wordpress site you have done..

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Links Needed – Link Building

Link Building needed:

1. provide excel document of link location and keyword
2. must be decent PR sites

I am great employer, release payment fast, and know good work. I am SEO specialist in the United States.

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Graphic Editing – Must Have Hemera Photo Objects Library

Need someone to do repetitive masking work from royalty free photos library. You must have your own copy of Hemera Photo Objects, youll be accessing 100s of photos from your own copy of Hemera for us to build a template library for a website. You may NOT source images from the web. Please dont bid unless you have Hemera Photo Objects.

Youll be grabbing the photos and putting them into folders by category. Please bid on 16 hours of such work.

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Project Manager Needed

Needed manager for following projects:
– Multimedia installation
– Web site creation (modernisation), and its management

Manager must:
– Know Russian language
– have good portfolio
– live in US or Europe

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WordPress Site Has Problems With Uploading Photo

A wordpress website has some problems with uploading images in articles. I was able to do this before, but now suddenly it says something like "cant connect to server". I dont know if this is the servers problem or the websites problem. Therefore i suggest that you upload website on your server and try to fix the issue there first.

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Some simple photo shop editing, i will post more information soon…

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Aucting Site Editing

I need someone to work on my auction site to edit the proxy bidding capability of the site. Proxy bidding exists normally when one item is for sale. However, when more than one item is for sale, the auction becomes a dutch auction. I want the site to function like a normal proxy auction when more than one item is for sale. I want to delete the dutch auction action of the site.

Currently,when a user posts more than one item for sale, buyers can bid on a lesser amount of the total quantity of items for sale.

Also, currently in the "dutch" auction, the first bidder bids a minimum amount instead of a maximum(proxy) amount. After the first bidder, the system works like a normal auction with the bidders bidding their maximum amount via a proxy bidding system.

I want the site to function like a normal proxy single item auction, even when more than one item is for auction. For example, when 10,000 items are up for auction, all the bidders bid according to a proxy auction system. They each bid to their maximum bid and the site bids via proxy for them. Also, I do not want the bidder to be able to bid for a lesser quantity than the total items available. (A bidder can not select a quantity less than 10,000 on the above example). Every time a bidder bids I want them to bid for the entire amount of items on auction. Currently, the system allows partial amounts to be sold to different buyers via the "dutch" auction function. I do not want that to be possible.

HTML, JS, and Perl are probably all of the languages used in the site.

A plus would be to have some working experience with an auction site.

A actually think this work maybe a simple job for someone who is proficient with HTML, JS, and Perl. The code is already in the .pm files for the proxy system. I just dont know how to edit the files to suite my needs.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

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Hi there

Looking for a fresh looking design a carpet blog .. i have all content freelancers should add all content / articles to my blog site in the uk

also required seo specialist to get hits of uk customers to my blog

to accept your bid, we need the following things:

1. we need to know how good are you?
2. send us 5 examples of different uk web sites, which are successfully on top of google because of your seo work.
4. what techniques will you be using.

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Website Security/vulnerabilities/bugs Finder

I am looking for someone who is expert in SQL injections, people who have private exploits, vulnerabilities to websites so they can work and maintain security to our websites. Our security is very very important and we pay VERY GOOD! Let us know if you are a good "white hat hacker". Cheers!

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Sing Up Needed

Hello man

I need 170 sing up to my site.

U must have a ability to change your IP to USA IP. so 100 sing up from 100 new 100 IP.

Please bid with Your price for 170 sing up and your method.

PM me to know more about it.Payment will through milestone.

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Niche Site Articles – Keyword Rich / Good Writing

I am looking to outsource the writing of some niche specific articles. I am willing to pay up to 2$ for 200 – 500 word article. Keywords should appear several times in the article. Content must be at least remotely interesting.

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Where In The World Is Rajib?

I am looking for Rajib, he moved to a different company and I wish to continue interfacing with him. Anyone know where he went to?

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I Have A Site Design. I Need It To Be A Flash Site.

Pretty simple project.

I have the design for a site that will be used as an artists portfolio. Pretty simple and straight-forward site. Trickiest part (which is not tricky) will be the portfolio page, which will have a slideshow of portfolio pictures.

Should not take more than a few hours.

Most valuable reason to do this project: I have about 100 of these same identical projects lined up for you to do.

Most important thing to keep in mind if considering replying to this post: know that you are good at what you do.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you! Contact me with any questions that you may have or if this post does not satisfy your curiosity of what the project entails.

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CRC site

CRC SITE, you know what we need.

Thanks again

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FINISH Language teaching website (Dmitry)

I am looking for a highly competent Web developer (or group of web developers) to bring a website to the standard where it can be released and usable by the public. A good percentage of the site is already completed.

I have previously used this site and found a number of extremely poor web developers so in order to set my mind at ease I will need well thought out reasons why you believe you are the best web developers for the job. I do not want a list of all the programming languages you know.

About the applicant(s)
The applicant must be:
experienced developer
Able to communicate both verbally and using written English
Hard working

I do not want to work with anyone who heads up a team of coders,where the coders do not speak and write in fluent English, I need to be able to talk to developers directly.

Do not waste my time!
I have just had two coders fail on me as they did not have the technical skills to complete the project. If you even have the slightest doubt that you cannot do what is needed, dont apply

Do not claim you can have the work done in a week if this is not possible.(many people like to give ridicules deadlines)
Do tell me exactly what the quote includes.

About the Job
Attached is all the information you should need to complete the project, read through carefully.

The site we are creating is similar to and

The idea is to provide a system which teachers and students have the ability to sign up to teach and learn languages to each other.
All lessons need to be booked and paid for and lessons take place in flash A/V chat room.

Important Note: This project needs to be completed in 4 weeks. Any Later and It will start costing us money.

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3D model and rendering of a new product

Have to create the rendered image of the new product my company is working on. You will work from my sketch, and will try to achieve the same viewing angle, texture, etc. The product itself is very similar in rendering complexity to the regular stapler (without modeling inner workings).
So you would have to create a 3D model, find proper textures and metal effects and render the image for me on a white plane with some minor shadows from omni source using your favorite tool (Maya, 3DMax, or anything else that I may not know about). Photo realism is very important.
You will also deliver the model files to me, so that I can (hopefully) reproduce the result later on.

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