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Constant Contact API Integration

Looking for a developer who can turn this around in 2-3 hours. Need when one enters email (in box, upper right) that the email goes to correct Contact List in my CC account, one click.

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Accommodation Booking Sites – Further Developement

I´m looking for a web developer with excellent programming skills (only developer with proven experience with the b o o k i n g . c o m XML API or L o n e l y p l a n e t XML API will be considered) to further develop my 2 fully functional websites, adding new features, XML API integration, database maintenance, layout corrections, functionality corrections, etc.
Check the additional project details attached.
I reserve the rights to add some new additional requirements before the project competition date.
I expect direct communication with web developer (not through other person) to add new functionalities, solve problems, find solutions mentioned in the document and communicate on Skype (chat and voice) daily from Monday to Saturday.

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Constant Contact API Integration

Looking for a developer who can turn this around in 2-3 hours. I have everything put together (HTML/CSS, etc.) but need it to post to my constant contact account. I have the API and everything. I have made it successfully work, but I cant get it to work correctly inside of a Facebook iframe. So you must be good w/ Facebook applications too. Fairly simple.

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Twitter API Project For Darshkemo Only

No details

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Paypal Subscription Checkout Gataway Programming/coding

We need to integrate paypal API 1 year subscription system to our website.

1. 4 pages or so to complete checkout process: client information input, showing subscription terms, etc…

2. Seamless integration with paypal-API subscription system (paypal payment flow)

3. Seamless integration with our subscription contents

4. Recurring system integration with paypal/and subscription cancellation system with paypal and website content.

For experienced, this system implement should not be a difficult task but a typical system for many websites.

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Likes And Comments On Facebook With Graph API

It is almost the same project as #938493. We need someone who knows how to use the facebook graph API. We need to post distinct Likes and Comments running on the same page.

Our app is written in 2.0.

Thanks, Brian

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Fix/intall Xcache And Zend

I have a cpanel that has following error :

XCache requires Zend Engine API version 220060519.
The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.
Contact mOo at for a later version of XCache.

I need a system admin that can fix this asap.
System needs to have cache install and it shall work together with Zend engine api.

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Add An API Functionality To Simple Rails App

Looking for someone who has worked with Ruby/Ruby on Rails and APIs to add an API functionality to a simple Ruby on Rails App. Looking to display images based on keywords. More detail can be given in message. This needs to be done ASAP, so only looking for someone who can start right away. Should take about 3 hours. Will pay your hourly rate. Please message me as soon as possible!

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API Project For IrisBlaze

This project is for IrisBlaze. Please only bid on this project if you are IrisBlaze.

Project for API as discussed.

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Rails Programmer That Can Integrate API

This project should take about 3 hours and needs to be done ASAP, today… Will pay whatever your hourly rate is. Need someone with experience with ruby/ruby on rails to integrate some API, for example, yahoo search or flickr, to a simple rails application. Whichever API is simplest can be implemented, possibly two. Really need someone as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Getting Data From Google Finance API

I require someone to write me a script to extract the following from google finance using the google finance API (

Open price
Close price
High price
Low price
Volume traded
Share code

This needs to be done for every stock in the asx (australian) stock exchange which I can supply as a list and should ultimately be stored in an online table.

Every day I want to run this script (cron job) and have it dump the end of day data to a mysql database so that I can build up historical data for share prices in the australian stock exchange.

All of the information on how to interrogate the google finance API is supplied by google in the link above and I will be suppling the list of companies for which the data needs to be returned, therefore I dont see this as an overly complicated job.



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Implement Paypal Pro API With C#

I have a website already running and I am taking online reservations. I am already taking user credit card info and later process it online. I have recently got a Paypal Account and I want to use Paypal Payments Pro API to be used so that I can charge my customers seamlessly while they make a booking on my website.

if you have implemented paypal payments pro before in an c# website please bid.


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Need Script To Translate RSS Feeds Via Google Translate API

I am looking for a script to install onto a server which takes RSS feeds and translate into English using Google Translate API.

Looking for something like:

# Supports HTML in feeds
# Outputs all feeds in utf-8
# Auto detects source feed language

Budget $150-200. Need urgently.

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Twitter API – Search & Archive Needed

We require a program to use the twitter search api for specific terms and archive the resulting tweets and info (handle, datetime).

Perl / Python only Please

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Google Weather Api. Custom Images

Hello everybody. Im searching somebody to realize a php script for my website.
I would like insert a meteo section on my website through google weather api.
But I would like use a custom images in the output.
It should have the today and tomorow weather with minimum and maximum temperature.
The output codex must be css and xhtml.
I hope to be explicit. Sorry for my english.
Thanks everybody, have a nice day.

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Script To Translate RSS Feeds Via Google Translate API

I am looking for a script to install onto a server which takes RSS feeds and translate into English using Google Translate API.

Looking for something like:

# Supports HTML in feeds
# Outputs all feeds in utf-8
# Auto detects source feed language

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Website Using Youtube API

Im wanting to get a website created similar to, utilizing the Youtube API to embed and replay Youtube videos. I would like all features of including these extras:

Allow the user to create a playlist of videos.
Search results when hover mouse over the video has play now or add to playlist option.
Display the top 10 replayed videos for the week, month and year.
Allow users to register on the site so they can save their playlist.

A fresh and clean design is desired, keeping advertisement spots in mind. If youre able to provide a mock-up image for the layout of the site then that would be greatly appreciated. Lastly the site must be lightweight and fast to use, not bandwidth or server intensive.

Thanks for your interest in my project and Im looking forward to working with you!

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Autocomplete + AJAX + Foursquare API

I need help implementing an AJAX search function that receives venue data from Foursquare API.
It should be display a list of Foursquare Venues suggestions based on user text input.

Im hoping to pass the JSON data to Token Entry or Jquery Autocomplete for the UI in my Rails 3 app.

[URL with contact link – Removed by Admin]

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Talented PHP Programmer Req. Familiar With Facebook API

I require a talented PHP programmer who is familiar with the Facebook API. My client requires a long term relationship with a programmer who can integrate Facebook Connect into their website. Serious Bidders Only Please. Only those with feedback will be considered.

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API To Integrate And OSCommerce

Hello Freelancers,

We currently have an oscommerce based ecommerce store and an ebay store on

We need an API to integrate the two which will update inventory levels and end/relist products on both ebay and oscommerce as quantity changes.

The successful applicant will need to be experienced in API (not just and oscommerce.


The cost of the project is negotiable depending on experience and qualty of work.

There is also scope for more work for the successful applicant as this software will need to be developed further.

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Full B2B Marketplace

FREE China focused B2B marketplace in English with translation options to Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), French, Spanish, Portugese,German, Italian .

I need a clean and visually appealing interface & scalable coding, it must look and function the part.

API integration: the developer will be required to develop a custom API function which will involve paypal, credit card checkout and bookings.

Will need bidders to demonstrate their capabilities and accomplished work.

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Facebook Api Iframe Work

I need some new facebook iframe based projects to do. very small tasks easy to do. get back to me with your facebook iframe based samples asap that u have done

dont write to me yes i can yes we have done I will report u to freelancer.

only get back to me with your links that I can check live

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Extending Magento SOAP API To Support Order Creation


We are looking for a developer to extend / customize the Magento SOAP API to support Creating Orders via One Page Checkout or equivalent.


We have an existing custom web application that already has user membership functionality, amongst other things.
We are willing to create corresponding user accounts on Magento (this functionality I believe is already available out-of-the-box via the existing Magento SOAP API / customer.create), however we want to be able to simply point our users to an <a href> link to the one-page Magento checkout, while logged into our existing system.

This would allow us to utilize the Magento SOAP API so that our users can make purchases via Magento, without having to rebuild the existing site around Magento simply for this ecommerce requirement.

Note that out of the box Magentos SOAP API contains an Order API, but its available methods do not include a way to create orders. We are looking for a skilled Magento developer that can build an extension to the existing Order API to support creating orders via a one page checkout or equivalent.


1. Code to extend the Magento – SOAP / Order API to support creating orders via one page checkout or equivalent.
2. Proof of Concept PHP SOAP client code that invokes the newly created SOAP API methods for creating an order.

Other Notes:

A. We will not be able to provide our existing web application code, due to NDAs. However we will be able to provide relative information in regards to how our code will be invoking the extended SOAP API methods.

B. We can also provide remote access to a clean Magento installation during development, as well as all the necessary user credentials.

Thank you for your time.

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Iphone & Android Api

We need application developer.
Our application will work on Iphone and Android phones and will gather data through GPS.
Goal with this application is to find like-minded people searching for various events and activities through
profiles chosen in api. On this application you will see your location and location of others who search
events and activities you search. It will run with synchronization on Google maps navigation showing your location.

We have all databases needed for this application.

We will hire only serious developers with option on future cooperations on our projects.

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Suresh Project: provides deals to a publisher like myself via their RESTful API. For those deals to be auto-entered into my site, we have to configure a test module for their satisfaction. I would like to use our test website which I can provide later.

We are given a sandbox to build and then demonstrate, before they will let us go live. Once approved by Adility, we move it to the real website.

Production Sandbox
Distribution API Key:

In order to obtain production API key you should provide working application for us to review.
Please send a request with attached URL of the website where we could check integration or application download instructions if you are using API in downloadable application to .
Note: please send your request using email address which you used to register on OffersDB.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Distribution API Key:

Distribution Base URL:

Distribution Base URL:

Further instructions on this whole project can be found at this link:

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Python Interface To Amazon Product API

I need a scalable solution that will enable me to retrieve large quantities of amazon product information, for my soon-to-be product comparison site.

For each of over 100,000 products, (preferably in batch) I will need this program to use an amazon api to retrieve product information such as price, comments, quality (Open-box, new etc), whether its from amazon or a reseller, quantity, and a few other key items.

+Use of an amazon api and not simply webscraping
+Done efficiently and scaleably, so the 100k items can be updated in as little time as possible
+Python coding strongly prefered
+If there are Amazon-set throttle limits, these need to be clearly stated.

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SIP API And SIP Library For BB5.x , BB6.x (Audio Only)

I would like to have a voice SIP API and SIP library for BB5.x , BB6.x and working sample codes.
What I need is only voice SIP. I dont need video call.

The developer for this bidding must have experinces in developing Linphone or any BB SIP.

Trial version 5 days for us to test before award the project is preferable

This is what I need
1) API and Library for BB SIP ( Voice only)
I need the API because I need to integrate your BB SIP project with my ABC project together as a single project. In case that you cannot make API, please provide your consultant to make my integration successfully.

2) API and library reference documentation and getting start guide.
3) Working sample application/codes which has following function.
– Log in
– Dialer
– Call status screen
– Account/Connection setting screen
4) The Voice SIP must connect with Asterisk server
5) Support term detail.
6) Delivery in 7 days after award
7) Trial version for us to test, maybe 15-30 days for testing after I ward you and before we fully pay you.

Please quote me the special pricing and term of payment

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ProPay API To Be Implemented In Ubercart

We need the Propay API implemented in Ubercart for online transactions. This is a new cart.The old cart was done using the same API, but on PRODIGX.

Propay accounts are ready, I have the test URLs and stuff ready to go.

This is just for module creation, implementation and testing on one product.

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Api Set Up Website

need to set up an api code with new layout for a deal aggregate, its simple code with new design layout,

bid if you free and can do quick turn around

thanks you

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3 Part PHP, Form-build, Email-send And Db-builder


I need 3 PHP files each handling their own task + test PHP file to test functionality of other 3.

Each of the 3 files will:

* Have a db-table for internal settings with "instance" ID + name to seperate saved data
* Provide an API to get/set/delete instance with all vars available.
* Be able to output XHTML forms to get/set/delete settings. With comment first <!– xx,xx –> width/height req.

On the example/test page you should be able to choose to get all settings forms inline on page or as jQuery dialog() with width and height as specified in <!– xx,xx –> at outputs first line (or by optional API-call)

So, on the example page, you should be able to make forms, set up new email post "instances" with reciver email for example, and create new db-tables… All with the help of the other 3 files and their APIs.

When setting up a new form you should be able to choose:
* Form name
* Form action, db-builder table OR email OR post request with hidden cmd value for service name and hidden redirect
field for showing thank you. if db table, build table for you with form fields, or select any field to exclude and
instead save to custom table/row
* Form should support everything from input, textarea, CKEditor, file upload field (save as blog if we want, attach if email.)
* Form should post to itself before sending API to save – to verify data, and use random generated id/names for values
and encrypting when receiving. Extra option to add hidden field with JS that is requeried to post (as spam protection)
* – support if wanted
* Have support to "add more" on group of fields, like adding unlimited photos to an article (when autobuilding tables,
use secondary table to store automaticly)
* Have support to hide group of fields if "Another delevery address"-type checkboxes/radios are set
* Be able to dump all data in API friendly format (JSON) when submitted correctly to POST
* Be able to group fields together with labels, columns, rows and extra text/br between.
* Be able to specify field type to error-check the form. text, html, numbers, date formats, file-types and so on…..
also use this info when calling db-builder API, and make available though own API

You can use many functions from:

but no need for google images. And no OOP, just plain files with reable PHP functions.

The email-sender only needs options for:
* ID/instance
* Name
* receiver email
* Custom email template, with support for %%varname%% and some way to loop out when unknown no. of fields, like article_id1, article_id2, article_id3.. and so on.

And it will need to output XHTML for new/editing instances, and API for GET/SET/DELETE any option on instance.


DB Builder

* Will save instance ID and "db"-name in settings table
* Will create 1 or more tables with one API call or by filling out form that it outputs in XHTML for inclusion as mentioned
* Will allow edits in tables/rows connected to certain instance id. Both instance ID and table name has to be correct for
get/set/delete APi to work. Allow same edits to be preformed with form that can be outputed to jQuery dialog or
inline for other PHP doc.
* Will take column names and datatypes a arguments for API to add new table. IF detected need of extra table for
linking in unkown number of articles/fields/image references or so, it will automaticly make 2 tables and store same
instance ID for both


The test document can be totally unstyled, no design at all, only links to test out the functions/APIs! Outputed API-forms for inline inclusion and/or jquery dialogs() should be styled, and have good web2 looks.

Extraordinary good work can result in bonus and more projects!

Dont place bid if you dont understand the project!

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