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We Need An IPhone/Android App Created

We require a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed.We need the applications to be built from scratch. It will be a marketplace like freelancer. This is a SMS related app that sends text msgs. We have the website in development!

Please only bid if you have previous experience.

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Partnership With IPhone And Android Developer


We are an Animation Production House called Monson Kings Animation in India and are producing and executing animated feature films for international market. We also provide our Animation services in both 2D & 3D to our clients.

Now, we would like to expand and jump into the iPhone game and app development business. We are looking to form a partnership with an iPhone developer group/ company/ individual to make iPhone games and apps. It is a great opportunity for those who knows technical/coding/programming part but lacks the creative/CG/ Animation part to join hands with us and reach a new level in the industry.

The deal is simple:

> Our company will do the whole CG/Animation on our cost.
> Your company/ you will do all the coding on your cost.
> Profit will be shared at a negotiated percent.
> Both party can take part in Creative discussion.

Please Note:

> You must provide me links to your previous works if you want to be accepted.
> We are not looking for a freelancer but for a partner.
> Please mention how much profit % share do you want in your PM.

Looking forward to make great games and apps.

Monson Kings Animation

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Blackberry / IPhone / Android Application

I require a developer who can quickly develop a simple application for Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

The major functionality of this application is to stream audio from a shoutcast server. The application will in addition have banner rotation and text ticker and thats about it

I require the solution to be handed over so that the SHOUTCAST connection server can be changed as well as the banner adverts (to be called from a directory on a particular server) – I will explain this more if required. And then the application icon changed, compiled and uploaded to both App stores for BB, Android and iPhone

This should be an easy job thanks


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Experienced Iphone/android Developer Wanted

Experienced iphone/android developer needed.

1)Taxi fare calculator app
2)Taxi booking add-on
3)Couple of additional functions will be discussed with the developer.

This is test project to find our developer, we have more app projects on the line and in needed for a senior dev.

Get in touch if you have experiences in the mobile platform.

No time waster please.

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Iphone / Android App Taxi Booking System

A booking system for customers to be able to book a taxi using the app for both Iphone and Android and automatically sends the information when booked to our base to dispatch the taxi.

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Blackberry App (next Will Be Android, Nokia, IPad, Etc)

This is a project to build a BlackBerry App

Next after that we will do same for Android, Nokia and iPad
Supported Operating System Versions: BlackBerry OS 5.X and later
Supported Devices: non-touch – 8500, 8520, 8530, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, 9700

Please get back to me discuss further. submit your profile and few of sample works done with similar projects. will select a developer who will able to complete within short time and best project cost.
DESIGN points

Splash screen will be used with our logo on the black background
After splash screen will be a registration screen: name/tel/postcode/country(drop box) where email is automatically set by Blackberry. The submit button sends these registration details to our support.

1) I like the functionality of this app:
Here is a poor version:
Use free data feed, not paid data (you can use free Yahoo feed
this is a font and colours for the index charts/details
Include markets and indexes
And Commodities

2) Integrate with 10 social networks: 3 Global – Twitter, FB, Linkedin,
2 Russian –,
INVITE FRIEND by EMAIL and social networks – Share the application with your friends and help them monitor and manage their portfolio.

3) Data free, not paid data feed

4)Content as must: stock quotes, (default preset is ASX australian market) and add indexes (default preset is major indexes, commodities, charts, news,


MARKET OVERVIEW – Monitor market trend with latest information on equity indices, commodity, and currency.

MARKET MOVERS – Get market data of most active stocks, gainers, and losers

WATCHLIST/PORTFOLIO – Customize your watchlist (like here CAN ADD PORTFOLIO )

CHARTS – View market trend from a variety of equity index and stock charts.

NEWS SEARCH – Read news that is moving the markets. Find the latest news on any listed stock using free internet data feed.

STOCK SEARCH – Search by stock symbol or stock name.

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Iphone App Developer

I have come up with a great idea for an Iphone application. I need someone with experience to build it for me. Ive been told it will be quiet a complex job. My finances are limited but I am open to offers. I can only tell you what the exact idea is once you have signed a NDA (non disclosure agreement) which I have attached to this post.

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Android Developer Needed

I am looking for a professional Android developer for a larger project. Please just place a placeholder bid here, write about your experience and give few examples of applications you made in PM. We will discuss further and agree on the price in PM.

I know this might be a bit strange, please see my profile and you will see how satisfied people that worked with me in the past were.

Thank you

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IPhone Blackberry Android App Phonegap Css Javascript

We are looking for a development team to work on an application that will be released on 3 platforms iPhone, blackberry,Android. We want this to be developed in Phonegap.

Some of the features that are required:
English/Spanish – option in settings to switch language based on users input.
Data entry – text entry, import/take pics from device, record audio.
Email – Send text, pics, and audio(if possible) to email address.
Get user location

Application is basically a set of forms that user can email.

Please send over any information or project examples that can help us make our decision. If you have already worked with Phonegap, html5, css, javascript, iPhone development, or blackberry development please bid for this job!

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Iphone & Android App Similar To Talking Carl

Seeking developer for Android app AND iOS developed app for iphone similar to Talking Carl and Talking Tom Cat without voice recording/repeating. The interactive 3d character is to respond to touch with animation and voice. This project will include a Lite and Full, paid version of the game. Developer is to create programming in appropriate OS ready for me to submit to Androids Marketplace AND Apples App Store. I will provide animations, audio files, and backgrounds.

I plan to continue this working relationship on future jobs which would involve updates to this app of additional features as well as new apps.

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IPhone/Android App Required

Hey Guys..

I need an app which reads all incoming sms and if the text in the sms matches some predefined text, it should simulate a keypress from numpad (0-9).

I have been told that its not possible in a non-jailbroken iphone. Ill be happy even if someone can make such an app in a jailbroken iphone.

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Iphone/Android App Developer

Hello: I need a simple iphone app developed. Must have proper and indepth experience in developing apps. I am looking for a creative and innovative developer who can come up with solutions to issues so that this app can be simple and easy to use. Thanks.

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Need 2d IPhone Game Developer

Hello bidder,

I need 2d iPhone Game Developer who can develop simple game for me only of one stage.

i have many more app to start with but right now my most priority is this iPhone game.


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Iphone/android/smartphone App Similar To Geomium

Hi there,

I am looking to develop an iphone/android/smart phone application similar to that of Geomium.

It will be a location based social networking application that allows users to access up to the minute deals/discounts offered by surrounding retailers (such as bars, restaurants, theatres).

Retailers will need to have the ability to push market.
Users will have the ability to locate friends and surrounding deals (interface with facebook, facebook chat and google maps).

I would also like the ability for users to be able to purchase the deals/vouchers and pay for experiences utilising near field communication (i.e. future proofed for iphone 5).

I would like the application to be incredibly simple and user friendly. It should incorporate practical and appealing design functions. Ideally I would like to deal with one provider who can build the application/platform and also the "look" and "feel".

Alternatively, I am happy to sort the design elements/look and feel through another freelancer if this is not your expertise.

Im not looking for a beginner programmer, i need someone extremely experienced and who can make this app VERY user friendly. The entire app should be very easy for me to manage with no programming knowledge.

Please only apply if you are the best.

Thanks in advance


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IPhone / Android Shopping App

Looking to develop a simple front-end shopping application for mobile phones and would like someone skilled at developing stable, fast applications for a variety of mobile phone platforms. Graphic design skills and asset but not necessary.

The project will function very similar to the application (only better and easier to use). Please see for an example.

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Blackberry PlayBook In Adobe Air App NEEDED IMMED.

Hello, I need a game made for the new blackberry playbook. This needs to be done in adobe air and i will need to own full rights to the application and will need it signed as well.

Please PM me for more information.

This is a $100 project.

Please submit samples of other works you have done.

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Duplicate Application

We want similar application as word lens see
so for iphone, android, blackberry versions. We need it in many languages.

Budget= $500
BEFORE YOU BID, see video and study it, so no fake bids please!!

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IPhone/Android Developer

A US Based company looking for an iPhone/Android Developer for long term commitment on several projects.

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We want similar application as word lens see
so for iphone, android, blackberry , smartphones versions. We need it in many languages.

Budget= $500
BEFORE YOU BID, see video and study it, so no fake bids please!!

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Iphone/Android App Required For Hair Salon


I require an Iphone/Android app for a Hair Salon which will be easily changed after completion.

The development and deployment will be done under my accounts.

All code and processes will need to be well documented.

The apps will be similiar to with a few minor changes and/or omit-ions.

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Application Wanted

We want similar application as word lens see
so for iphone, android, blackberry , smartphones versions. We need it in many languages.

Budget= $500
BEFORE YOU BID, see video and study it, so no fake bids please!!

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Pplication Wanted

We want similar application as word lens see
so for iphone, android, blackberry , smartphones versions. We need it in many languages.

Budget= $500
BEFORE YOU BID, see video and study it, so no fake bids please!!

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Mobile Application

We want similar application as word lens see
so for iphone, android, blackberry , smartphones versions. We need it in many languages.

Budget= $500
BEFORE YOU BID, see video and study it, so no fake bids please!!

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We want similar application as word lens see
so for iphone, android, blackberry , smartphones versions. We need it in many languages.

Budget= $500
BEFORE YOU BID, see video and study it, so no fake bids please!!

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IPhone/Android Greeting Card App

We are developing a fairly simple mobile greeting card application that needs to run on both the iPhone and Android devices.

The user would upload a photograph to the application.

The user selects from approximately 20 predefined animated "princess-like" characters (which we would provide in a video-based format… AVI, MPG, MP4).

The user needs the ability to enter the recipients name, which will be displayed at the end of the animation sequence.

We will also provide other applicable background graphics and storyboards for how the final output should appear.

The photograph that the user uploaded will need to be scaled to conform to a predetermined part of the screen. It will transition/morph into view on top of the background animation, then eventually take up the entire screen.

The final screen will contain the uploaded picture with the greeting words and the previously entered name appearing as an overlay to the picture.

The entire greeting sequence must be able to be forwared to the receipient by e-mail, MMS, as well as Facebook.

The entire sequence, from start to finish would be under 20 seconds.

Please contact us with any questions.

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Iphone/Ipad/Android App Idea And Technical Task Creator

Hi to all bidders I need one person or team who can provide me excellent idea with creating Iphone/Ipad/Android apps. I dont need software developer for this stage, I need good idea with nice tech task for programmer. What I am expect from your job:
1. Ready to made idea of creating new Iphone/Ipad/Android app.
2. Good and readable tech task for app developer
3. All ways and strategies of app monetization like free and non-free
4. Market potential
5. Revenue return by your opinion
6. It can be no one idea but it must be real and with real facts
7. I will prefer for bidder who describe to me step by step way of monetization of his idea

If you want to work with me you must clear and simple explain to me in PM what your Idea is about and why is must be investing. Better if you ready to give me some presentation of future idea. Bid will win not lowest bid but most best idea in future sense. Good biddings guys!

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Icons For IPhone And Android Mobile App

We need a set of icons created for use within our mobile app. Our app is available on Symbian, iPhone, and Android platforms. These icons help our app users to discover and download the right content within our app. More information on our app will be provided to successful bidder including some sample screen grabs to show placement of icons.
The icons are tapped on by the user in order to select that data category.

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Iphone & Android App For Joomla With Jomsocial Website

I need to an app for my website. the web site is set up with joomla and jomsocial , i want an app so that users can go on their profiles and be able to have all the same functions as they do on the site.

Will need to get updates in the near future.

Give me some details of how you might be able to do it or how fast. and direct me to samples of your creation. Thanks

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Iphone/Android/Blackberry App For Online Radio

Online internet radio is looking for a programmer to make an apllication on above. Please, do not aspply, if you dont have an experince and portfolio in the related field. Important: full pay upon completion and test only. skype: pomirtchi

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Android App Developer For A PHP And MySql Site.

Hello All,

I have some ideas for an android app and apple app for mobil phones. I want to start off with Android Apps.

I am looking for a seasoned android app developer.
I am looking for a developer who codes with performance in mind.
I am looking for a developer who has integrity when they build their apps.
I am looking for a developer who has a unique style when developing apps. Appearance, Functionality, Performance are very important to me as all APPS are rated by their users.
I am looking for a developer who will maintain the apps.
I am looking for a developer who will fix issues.
I am looking for a developer who wants a long term relationship.
I am looking for a developer who isnt shy about sharing their ideas.
I am looking for a developer who will test the app out before they send it to me for testing, you must insure that your functionality of the app works.

I prefer to only work with Developers who have a history on freelancer and have many ratings.
I would like to see your past work/portfolio.
I require constant communication via email or any other method, ON A DAILY BASIS. A summary email will work just fine and weekend and holidays I dont expect a summary. Please notify ahead of time when you have holiday.
I will publish apps.

My first app will be for my current website, I want to see if it would be possible to have the following in an app.

1. I want to create an app that basically will do what my site does.
2. My site is a three member website.
3. My site requires registration for each member.
4. My site notifies people when projects have been posted.
4a. I also want members to be able to take a video or picture from their smart phone and post it with their project.
4b. Other member type once notified of project can bid on project.
5. Members rate each other.
6. My site has MySql and PHP
7. I will want users to register via this app.
8. Only one member is charged a fee for registration, payment processing will be needed for this one member type.
9. I want my users to be able to send private messages to each other via this app.
10. One member will have logos of their business, would it be possible for their logo to show up?
11. Currently my site uses zip code db to notify users that match profile criteria and this maintains a 50 mile radius.
12. EXAMPLE: I want one of our members to be able to search for their needs by inputting a zip code (or using current gps location), and when they enter a keyword and if we have 10 registered providers that are within a 25 to 50 mile radius, 10 profiles will appear to the searcher and they will be able to contact SMS/EMAIL/CALL the users, once services are rendered, we want reminders of the searchers to rate the providers services. so we must tie these to members together somehow…
12. There is more.
13. I will need your professional input as well. If I suggest something and your experience suggests otherwise, please let me know and we can discuss.
14. Once droid apps prove successful, I then will want to open up another project to build same app for iphone/ipad.

Thank you.

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IPhone / IPad / Android / Blackberry – Audio / Video App

We are currently developing a site centered around Job / Employment News, Careers, and Job Orders. We will be having both audio and video streaming from our TV and internet radio show on the website.

Our goal is to have a mobile phone app for users to be able to ether watch or listen to our shows when on the go ether live or downloaded to there phone.

We would like this app developed for the major smart phones on the market such as Blackberry (up to OS6), Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Please submit your bid or questions. We would like these apps developed for our projected January 15th 2011 launch dates.

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Skilled Android Developer Needed

i am in need of skilled android developer. Looking for long term relationship. interested developers can send their past work examples.


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Iphone Android Blackberry Simple Data Application


We need a simple application that collect data and put it into the calendar.

We have a cardio frequency that records pulses data. It sends them by bluetooth. We need an application that receive theses data and listed them. The data have 3 values: date, time and pulses.
We also want that the application send the data into the official calendar each pulses to the right day & time. For example, under the calendar, you can find:

7:03pm 122bpm (beats per minute)

Finally, the application can generate an Excel file with all the data list in 3 columns. This file can be linked to mail to be sent to anyone.

We are open to any recommandation, advices. We want an experimented developer, so please talk about your last projects and your experiences.

Best regards,

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