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We need a simple iPad application to be coded using APPCELERATOR TITANIUM. We are not seeking our application to be coded in objective C. We are seeking experienced Titanium developers only with SAMPLES of their previous work.

We seek a simple iPad application, coded in Titanium, that connects to a .NET Web Service (SOAP) and performs the following:

– Authenticates the user
– Communicates with WebService to obtain document list
– Presents the user with a list of available documents
– User selects document to download
– Application communicates with WebService to receive an array of bytes of document (PDF) and presents it to the user

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Simple IPhone Game Written In Appcelerator Titanium

Looking for a simple "Concentration" (also known by some as "Memory") type game for iPhone to be written in Appcelerator Titanium (for quick deployment and easy handoff of code). There are many versions of this game already available, and such template could be something like:

The game would allow the user to go through various levels, each another game of Concentration with cards to match up, or cards to avoid matching up.

Written in Appcelerator, the game would allow the levels to call upon a sqlite db to determine the rules and cards files for each level.

Other things the game should include:
-splash load screen
-main menu with level chooser
-upon choosing next avail level, user would be presented with a "dossier" (cheat sheet) for that level, telling them what cards they need to match, which ones to avoid matching up. User would be able to complete the level if they successfully match up all the good cards in the allotted time without matching any of the bad cards.
-upon successful or unsuccessful completion of a level, user would be presented with a simple animation (the file would be called as spec in the sqlite db).
-help screen
-ability to play/trigger sounds in the bg of each level (ala Angry Birds)

Bid should include all the framework work to create the game, with the exception of creating the actual cards images for levels and sounds (placeholders would be recommended to be put in).

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Developer For Phonegap Or Appcelerator

i am looking for a phonegap or appcelerator programmer for a quick small application..

application flow is simple…

Home screen -> categoriy ICONS
click on category go to listing page..
click on a item and go to detail page..
item details (text, youtube video, images, google maps(current location) )
bid on hour base . and also mention estimated time.
and please bid with the answer of this question 2+3=?
no bid will be accepted without the answer.


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Convert A Unity3D Game Into A Titanium Module

There is a sample game on Unity3D compiled for iPhone as XCode project (

There is Appcelerator Titanium SDK for developing iOS apps (

There is module development API for Titanium –

We need you to create a new module that will have the xcode project with unity game inside and will launch the game from a Titanium project.

There should be a minimal titanium sample code on how to launch the module and the module sources. No data transfer is necessary, just launch the game and stop it and get back to Titanium code when its finished.

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Mobile App Development (preferably Appcelerator Js/css/html)

We are looking to make an app that retrieves data (in JSON/RSS; whatever the programmer would like) from our server and shows it in an app. Structure;

– all data has a category and a type (there are 3 types)
– icons in the bottom are to select the types
– a list of categories are to drill into categories
– after selection it shows a list and you can click into details
– when you are offline it should show the previously loaded information (not an error)

We would like something crossplatform (Titanium Appcelerator for instance), although the first version will be only iphone/ipad.

Please quote.

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Appcelerator Titanium Developer For Calorie Tracking App

Pull data from open USDA Nutrient Database, let user select what they consumed, add calories and save them. Needs to be done in Appcelerator Titianium and provide source code to me. Many more projects in the pipeline

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App For Android/Iphone (via Phonegap/Appcelerator)

We need to Implement an *Ecommerce* app for Android/Iphone/Blackberry via *Phonegap or Appcelerator*.


1st – Frontpage with a slider (javascript) and buy button.
The app should recognize your position and to know that youre in a certain place. If yes a certain price is shown.

2nd – Form to gather user info and credit card data (only the first time) then we would like to memorize the credit card data on the phone, we can use paypal or google check ut ANY PAYMENT SOLUTION IS EVALUABLE.

3rd – Code / Barcode Generator.

4th – Help/Credits page

Wed like to build it with a flexible technology like php/jquery/xhtml/css and then to port our apps on bb/iphone/android/ipad/ just changing the css and exporting teh overall pack via phone gap or similar solutions.

At moment we are working on the business model, user journey, wireframes, visuals.

We can pay for the dev of this project.
then, later on we can work together and share revenues.

We are a fresh Start Up based in London W1.

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Appcelerator Titanium IPhone Module

I would like you to build a Appcelerator Titanium custom Module based on route-me (an iphone library).It will need to be modified to support offline map support.

Please note appcelerator modules are made in objective c.It should be fairly easy for someone with objective c knowledge

The details of module development can be found here

And route me details can be found here

Details of offline support for route-me can be found here

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Mobclix Module For Appcelerator/Android

We need a module to expose the functions of the mobclix SDK to Appcelerator

Appcelerator allows developers to write applications faster for android. However as such we dont have anyone on board with Java/Objective C Knowledge

There is plenty of guides, however you need to know java to do the actual developing.

Howto Create a Module for Appcelerator

Quickstart Guide to the SDK for Mobclix

if you need any other info please contact us.

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Appcelerator For IPhone/iPad

Development of an application with Titanium (Appcelerator) in javascript for iPad. This application will allow to listen a mp3 selected in list and to view a video (tutorial video) selected in an other list. The video and the mp3 must run in the same time but independently, i.e. i can change the music without stopping the video and inversely

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Module For Appcelerator Titanium : Music Library Query Proxy

We are building an app using titanium appcelerator that needs to interact with the music library of the iphone.

This projects involves writing a module following the guidelines outlined here:

The module would be 1 simple function that would take as input a music library query, and return a collection of items.

This is the iphone API you would be creating a proxy for:

12/29/2010 at 4:32 EST:

Final deliverable would be the module code, and the code for a sample titanium application that successfully uses the module to query the Ipod music library for the 10 most played songs

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Titanium Appcelerator Simple Small Project: Android + IPhone

Basic requirements:

1. Take an existing and working small and simple demo for Titanium appcelerator, and convert it to compile and work with most Android and iPhone versions, on the latest appcelerator version.
Also a couple of minor changes are to be made to the new version

2. Existing experience with Titanium appcelerator is preferable

3. You can take the existing and working simple demo code or do a complete rewrite. which ever you prefer


Detailed requirements:

One of the code demos for Titanium Appcelerator is a simple application which is a simple client for web services, called Yelpr.

Video of demo:

Source code (improved for Android)

However, it seems that the code was probably written for older versions of Appcelerators mobile SDK.

1. Take the existing available code and make sure it compiles and runs on the newest Titanium appcelerator application and with the latest Android and iPhone versions.
or, do a complete rewrite, which ever you prefer.

2. instead of the Yelp web-service, we will be accessing a different web-service with different parameters.
As a result, the screens of the "new" version look like the original version but with different data fields

3. Also, a couple of minor changes are to be made to the new version:
One of the params sent to the web-service is the current phones GPS position.
As simple as the current demo is (see video), in the "new" version the "Nearby" tab which has many options (Restaurants, bars, etc..) should now only have 1 single option with an additional Drop down list, consisting of a set, hard-coded list of several options.
The "Search" tab also has the same Drop down list.
accordingly, the params to the web-service will be sent.
Also, there should be an "About us" option/window/tab

4. The current version is LTR (left to right). the "new" version is to be RTL (right to left)

Thanx 🙂

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Android Class For Appcelerator

In need of a Module to convert the SDK from mobclix for use in appcelerator. – Module Writing Guide – Existing Admob Integration. To work from as a base

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Android Class For Appcelerator

In need of a Module to convert the SDK from mobclix for use in appcelerator. – Module Writing Guide – Existing Admob Integration. To work from as a base

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Mobclix Module For Appcelerator

Need a Module to convert the SDK from mobclix for use in appcelerator. – Module Writing Guide – Existing Admob Integration.

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IPhone/Android Developer Using PhoneGap Or Appcelerator

Looking for someone to develop iphone/android app using any cross mobile framework using html5 and JS, Phonegap and Appcelerator are preferable .

The backend is done already and returning data with XML format , The graphic design is ready too . so its will be almost all about UI and JS and some effects and some GPS functionality .

Please includes links to screenshots of any previous development, along with a description of your part in the implementation process.

If you are interested please get back to me so we can discuss it more in details .

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Appcelerator For IPhone/Driod With Zbar Scanning

We are looking to hire a company/contractor that has indepth exerpeince developing iPhone/Droid applications using Appcelerator

The video camera must be able to scan a VIN barcode using Zbar Opensource scanning technology.

We have a fully functional Windows Mobile 6 application, so the contractor will have an existing structure, database, data flow, etc to work with.

Team must have project experience with Appcelerator and scanning technology a plus. Voice to text a plus as well.

This project is time senstive and we will only consider US based firms. If you and your talent are not based in the United States we will not consider you for the project.

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Iphone + Android Application

We are looking for the services of a developer capable of developing both iPhone and Android applications. Our current client is looking for an approximately 16 screen application built for both iPhone and Android. Experience with Appcelerator Titanium would be a plus, as it would cut down on development time.

The application would primarily be accessing a web service to serve up data. Other features are:

use of camera
on-board gps
Facebook and Twitter connect

Please bid for a full feature list

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