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Write A Press Release And Submit It

I need one good press release written for my grandfather.
After writing and approval, the press release should be submitted to as many places as possible.
It is to coincide with the launching of an "appeal for pre-orders" for my grandfather autobiography, which is an e-book available in English and Polish about his experiences during world war II.
Grandfathers appeal page is here:
Please provide some examples & previous achievements related in this area.
Please do not hesitate to ask further questions about this project.

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Research / Data Entry 3,000+ County Websites

I need to get data from 3,200 County and State websites. This is for all the counties and states in the USA. You will have a list of all the counties and states but you will need to find the websites yourself.

1. You will need to find the websites for the State Property Assessor and the County Property Assessor. You can normally use google to find the website, ex. Miami Dade, FL Property Appeal

2. Get data from the website. I need Appeal deadline date, tax estimate mail date, the website url, the appeal form url, the mailing address to send the appeal form. There may be a couple more fields but not much. I will provide the formal list. It wont be more than 10 fields.

3. Post this information on our online form or in a spreadsheet

We will verify each date and link so please be careful. If we are unable to verify a link or data you will not be paid until the issue has been corrected.

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Animated Commercial 60 Sec

I have a do-it-yourself property tax appeal business… I would like to create a simple (hopefully funny & memorable) 60-sec animation that can be aired on local cable stations prompting homeowners to appeal their taxes by the X deadline.

Here is the challenge:
-Illustrate how greedy lawyers simply rip people off (they charge 50% of savings or more)
-Show how easy it is to use the site and appeal their taxes
-Show how successful our customers are (over 70% achieve savings of over $1000)
-maybe incorporate testimonials

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Rassel – Project For FB – Appealing Recategorized Community

Rassel- this project is for 6 hours, 180 – for first stage in appealing re-categorized Community Pages on Facebook. (There will be a follow-on project for filing the appeal – that we can do within FBs time-limit to appeal).


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T-shirt Designs For Melange Appeal


Mélange Appeal is a T-shirt company.
Mélange- means mixture
Appeal- means attraction to someone or something

The concept of this brand is Urban Chic.

We are currently in need of six Designs to sell during the fall season. I need three males and three Females design. I need a talented graphic designer/artist to design a T-Shirt for my website. The design will be printed and then sold on the online and at trade shows. Please be able to delivery files in vector shape. And Color separation ready for silkscreen printer to print.

The T-Shirt needs to be so what chic and classic, sleek, clever, sexy and sophisticated at the same time an eye catcher. Would not mind exploring with glow in the dark inks

-I need you to create a shirt with

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Curtain Hardware Designer Needed

Design 3 unique brackets, finials and rods that have mass product appeal using our new invention. National launch scheduled for August 2010. Your design will go to rapid prototyping then off shore production. Just as Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn offer their own designs of curtain hardware they still have mass appeal. Designs need to be in SolidWorks or other standard CAD files to be used by Rapid Prototype machines. Job is now.

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