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Android Chatting Application

I need a Android Chatting App.

– User can register account and fill their interest in signup form
– They can chat in group or by category(I will give you a category name)

– I think I also need a server for running a chat Application?(means theyill register a account so their info send to my chat server?)

I am new to android and freelance so please also setup my chat server.. (I really dont know anything about this..)

Please note: I want to help other peoples(this app is only for who is suffering from social-anxiety) so I decided to spend money on this and help them, my budget is low..

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Android And IPhone Application Developement

I need someone who can develop an application for Android and iPhone. Application would work in sync with a database that gathers info from a number of selected websites and displays the data on a user interface that would allow for searches and alerts. More information will be provided to selected bidders in moving forward.

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Android And IPhone Application Developement

I need someone who can develop an application for Android and iPhone. Application would work in sync with a database that gathers info from a number of selected websites and displays the data on a user interface that would allow for searches and alerts. More information will be provided to selected bidders in moving forwad.

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Android And IPhone Application

I need an application developed for iPhone and Android, very simple interface with minimal graphic design elements (can provide images to developer of the idea). Project is to develop an app called "Bartender" where the application can be downloaded and then used by patrons in a bar/nightclub etc. to record drink orders i.e. front page may list:


Upon clicking Beer, options may then come up such as Low Carb, Premium, Local etc.
Upon clicking Wine, options would be Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, etc.
Upon Clicking Spirit, options would be Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon, Gin, Tequila etc.

More detail to be discussed with winning bidder.

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Android Horoscope Application

Need a daily horoscope Android app built. Will get feeds from rss to update horoscope everyday.

Will give an example of a similar app.

Need this done asap.

Please msg me to see similar app.

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Android Or IPhone Application

A Simple iPhone application to display course information and interact with users.

1. Should work on the emulator and the iPhone.
2. Requires server-side scripting and use of a database.
3. AS3 or other coding (use of C++ where appropriate (ie: iPhone SDK)
4. Successfully deployed and available on mobile phone or emulator.
5. Use of appropriate design principles
6. Logical order of content (will be provided with the winning bidder).
7. Quality of assets (image, buttons).

Get in touch

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Android Application To Make And Auto-answer Callback Calls

We are seeking an Android application that will mask our callback service. The application will consist of a dialler which will trigger a callback request using a USSD or SMS message to our switch. When the request is sent, the application will make the call appear to be a normal call by playing a ringing sound and auto-answering the incoming callback. More details can be found in the attached specification.

o The source code and IP rights must be assigned to us.

o The application should be compatible with at least Android 1.6 and up, but ideally 1.5 and up

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Android And IPhone Voice Changing Application

I want to get an application developed – which supports voice changing feature on Android phones and iPhones. Say I already have a pre recorded voice of someone (say User1). Now this Application should ask other users (say User2) to speak in front of the phone and the application repeats what User2 has said but in the voice of User1. I want to be able to use this code in a secondary application.

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Experienced Team For Android/iphone Application And Website

Looking to create a travel guide which will be a website, an iphone application, and an Android application. Both the website and the iphone/android applications will have one mainstreamed backoffice so that content updates will not have to be entered twice. All of the design for the applications will be provided, along with the home page of the website (we have a graphic designer who will provide all images for this). The rest of the website will follow the general design and functions of the applications. Most of the project is programming together the material that we will provide. We have a very clear idea of what we want, which has already been visualized in detail with explanatory notes for each page.
All source code and development will be transferred to us for full rights, and a non disclosure agreement is required. We are looking to develop a long term relation with a professional team for future updates and projects. We expect follow-up for any bugs, and reasonable hourly rates after that (please send us your rates). Expertise with google development a must. Must be an experienced team of iphone,android, and website developers (minimum 1.5 years in iphone development). Please send examples of your work (website(s) and finished iphone/android application(s) ).French language skills a plus. Please note- no outsourcing companies. $3,000 for full project (website, iphone application and android application)

Primary functions for the website and applications are the following:

-Integrated with google maps (and google earth for the website)
-Localization of users by gps
-Ability for users to e-mail each other within system, and IM
-Discussion forums
-Paid and lite version
-Points of interest on map, when clicked, will display multimedia info (videos, rss, audio, text)
-Ability for users to add points of interest
-Ability for users to vote
-Categorized lists according to votes, our picks, price etc.
-Advanced search for user profiles, points of interest etc.
-2 latin based languages (english, french) and ability to eventually display cyrillic text
-Augmented reality feature for points of interest
-User profiles which lists discussions followed, favorite points of interest, news feeds from friends etc.
-Comparison of profiles based on user click behavior

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Android & Iphone Application Developments

I am looking for the persons who can develop the applications for Android & iPhones.

Concept & Development are expected from Developers only,

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Android And IPhone Application

The aim of this project is to build a simple, native application in java, etc, that will work in the Android phone and the iPhone, of course.

The app will provide access to a website where the customer will access through a password their personal page, where they will provide the information for a database. The app on the phone needs to have the ability to download and update the information from the database of the website either every time the app is turned on, or on command from the user. Then, the app will provide means to execute related commands. As part of this project, the supplier has to manage the approval and release process, and make sure the app will meet all terms and regulations of to the "Android Market" and the "iPhone App Store".

I will need a NDA executed before more information is given.

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Android/ IPhone Application

Im wanting someone to create for me a tax refund calculator for both the android and iphone platforms.

I can supply the calculations already used within my website which will just need to be ported over to each platform.

The UI will need to be very simple and request income, tax year and tax paid. the final calculation being a Refund/Tax due figure.

There will be a form after the calculation (Name, email address, contact number) Application will choose to be contacted via email/phone or both-> The form once submitted sends the information to a php located in a https website and makes an alert in the app saying “your request has been sent succesfully!

-I would ask for source code during and after completion and retain full ownership rights to the code.

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