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Android Horoscope Application

Need a daily horoscope Android app built. Will get feeds from rss to update horoscope everyday.

Will give an example of a similar app.

Need this done asap.

Please msg me to see similar app.

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URGENT: iPhone app to display events and article content

Create an application for iPhone/iPod touch that provides the following:

– User downloads application from our website or from iTunes (when it is approved – the application must be written in such a way to meet itunes apps approval requirements)
– User can use it immediately with FREE content
– User can register online and then can receive additional content (they will need to logon via the application)
– Via the Preferences the user can choose what content to receive, by content type and by date.

– Content type: Events, Articles, Offers, Contacts (entertainment, music, art magazine)

– When a user has internet connection, the app will synchronise its data with the server and the content is downloaded automatially to the iPhone. So that it can be used offline

– Display data as follows:
a. Calendar format
b. List format
c. Contact/Phone book format
d. Search bar available at all times
(The interface should be simple and similar, if not the same, as the iPhone interface)
e. Actions: the user can convert any content to become an action
f. The user can convert any content to become a CONTACT or a CALENDAR ENTRY in their iPhone
g. The user can send any piece of content to an email address

– A MySQL database should be created that will store all the content and that can be updated directly or via other means (such as an import routine), images should be optimised and stored in the database
– We should be able to customise the look and feel of the application and force it onto the users, such as colors, logo, graphics, etc. the elements should be modifiable via a backend interface and stored in the database.

Example content will be taken from the website of the magazine.

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