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Migration IPhone Apps

My company planned to migrate existing portal system to iPhone Apps. PM for more details.

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Mobile Apps Developers

My company creates, develops, tests, distributes and markets Mobile Applications on the Dutch market. My clients are the corporate clients, Advertising Firms and Media companies.

I am looking for the best iPhone and Android developers around. Very specialized in the development of Mobile Apps.
– Experience in the development of Apps for the iPhone & iPad.
– Experience in the development of Apps for Android
– Essential to be fluent in English or Dutch.
– Essential to have a portfolio of Apps that you have created yourself.
– Essential to have knowledge about how to get the app high in the app stores (of both Apple and Android).

Best regards,

Jasper Bongers

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Migrate Simple Iphone App To Android

We need to migrate these two similar Iphone apps to Android
The application will look 100% similar to the iphone app

In general the applications contains a set of YouTube videos with some text on each video and a lead form that connects to though WebService to our ERP

The iphone apps are available for free at:

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Iphone App Interface Design (No Coding)

We are looking for someone will experience of designing mobile apps for iphone and android to design the user interface for a new app we are developing. This project is just for the design work – NO coding is required at all.

The app will be used to search for a local business in a particular category, and is based on one of our websites – so much of the design will be based on the website.

There will need to be 4 pages designed:

1) Search Page – the user will have the option of using their current location via GPS, or can manually enter their zip code into a search box.

2) Company Page – this will show the name and address of their local company, along with customer rating (out of 5 stars), a button to navigate to a contact form, a button to navigate to a testimonials page, and a call back request form (name, phone number & email).

3) Contact Page – this will include a basic contact form and a send button.

4) Testimonials Page – this page will list testimonials and star ratings that the company has received from clients.

We are looking for somebody that can complete this simple task within the next couple of days. You must have experience of designing apps, to ensure that the design of the app will function well once coded.

When bidding, please give an accurate timescale to complete the project, and provide examples of other apps you have designed.

NOTE: Just to confirm, we only require the design of the app NOT any coding work.

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App Integration With Gps External Navigation Apps

We have an existing app for iPhone to find restaurants and pubs in seaside towns with Gps localization. The app is based on a database and the request to the database is managed through a web service.

Now we want to give users the possibility to integrate the search with two important Gps navigation apps running on iPhone. From the details page of the restaurants the user will launch the external Gps app to find the route.

Budget: 400 $.

Please bid only if you have experience in this kind of integration for iPhone.

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Iphone Native Apps

We are looking for some one who can do/ convert one of the webapp which we have done into Native iphone apps,PM for further info .

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Functional Spec For 3 X Iphone Apps: For Marta

as discussed – this is the project to create the functional specs and plans for the three iphone apps for the client – in the hope we can move the main project forward more quickly!


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Simple Apps Template For Demo

A company requested to do a demo on iPhone Apps, the project have two phases, phase I will be demo and we need to show some concept on our proposal; phase II is actual production. At this Job, we mainly focused on Phase I first.

The apps is designed for an internal company to prompt their products and events;

1. Splash Screen, when the apps launched will show the splash screen and until user tap anywhere then jump to main menu.

2. Menu Screen; with 5 tab and navigation bar on top.
2.1 Event List; First Tab
2.2 Product; Second Tab
2.3 Photo Gallery; Third Tab
2.4 Contact; Fourth Tab
2.5 Location; Fifth Tab

Tab Layout:
1. Event List Tab
– Simple Table view with 5 Levels
– Show the event name
– Tap on each table row can alter row text

2. Product Tab
– Advanced Table View with 5 Levels
– Advanced Table will show Image at 1st Line Left, Price at 1st Line Right, Description at 2nd Line
– Tap on each table row can alter row text.

3. Photo Gallery Tab
– We will load certain images, e.g. 10 images
– User can swipe left and right to go back and forth view
– Click on each View can prompt a individual message; e.g. Assign a unique ID for each image

4. Contact & Location Tab
– Just only 1 Simple View Only, just put a different label is ok

Attached with simple structure; above Demo do not required any actual data so developer can put their own testing data and ensure the workflow is works then ok.

– Source Code Required
– Able to complete on before 6 Apr 2011.
– Please PM for any question

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Secure Call For Iphone And Other Apps

1) We need an Iphone Secure Phone Application…

Calls between two Iphones with this software should be encrypted….

2) We buy your ready Iphone App Projects

if you have ready Iphone applications send a message through getafreaalancer with name and a brief description….

we need following:

1) Source Codes of the Project
2) Detailed Documentation of the Software
3) Hardly Documented Source Codes (Every Procedure in the Source codes must be explained in detail, every line in the sourcecode must be commented)…

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IPhone, Android, IPad & Blackberry Phone Apps.

We need someone to convert the profile page of our social media website for iPhone, Android, iPad & Blackberry phone apps.

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IPhone/iPad Freelance Programmer

I have some projects to develope so i need freelancers withe knowledge and experience in mobile iphone/ipad apps.

I need to be intouch via remote and skype/gtalk to explain the projects, test, meetings with designers, etc.

If you want to be part of a virtual team and you have skills to develope iphone/ipad apps, please contact me here, send me CV, apps i can download from app store, or any other info about your profile.



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Need Facebook App Developer

Im looking for a professional facebook developer to create an app that let users create apps with their own content.
I have an example if you would like to see how it works.

If you have developed some apps, i would like to see your samples, thanks.

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IPhone/ipad App- Similar To Existing App In App Store

– I need someone who is very experienced in developing iphone/ipad apps to create a GPS based, searchable data base app to be easily updated by the admin. There are similar apps available using different content.

Here is what I am looking for:

– A developer who is very experienced in developing iphone /ipad apps with at least 2 apps in the Apple/ android markets.

– Someone with a 9-10 star rating at Freelancer

– Someone who cares about their work and will see the project through to completion and offer suggestions/improvements to make the app successful.

– If the app is successful there will be many to follow using same app with basic changes and an Android version.

Here is what you do next:

– Reply with examples of previous work for iphone/ipad apps that you have developed.

– If I like your previous work, I will contact you with more details on this project so we can move ahead.

– Please only reply if you can meet the stated requirements.



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m looking to create 2 seperate apps that run using the same base programming. Both apps have the same function but would use different graphics and both would be very simple and able to go through the entire app in 5-10 seconds.

The app(s) would essentially take approx 50 objects randomly displayed in columns on Screen #1, the user would select one column (7-10 objects). After the user selects a column Screen #2 would appear with those 7-10 objects specifically placed into different columns. The other 40-42 objects will again be randomly distributed into columns filling in the gaps of the specifically placed "User Selected" objects.

Key components:
1) Random (or as close to) distribution of objects into columns
2) Specific placement of the 7-10 objects the user selected in Screen #1 onto Screen #2

This is the major function of both apps, with the only difference between the two being what the objects are being displayed. (eg. playing cards, icons, numbers ect.)

This may seem confusing but would become very clear if we started working together.

I have all designs of how I want every screen of each app to look like and am looking for somebody to turn my idea and graphic templates into a working app that meets the Apple Standards and can be sold on itunes.

Because both apps run using the same programming and contain the same functions I do not plan on paying full price for 2 seperate apps and would like to agree on a price for both combined.

Thank you,

Cody Rose

coro ent.

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Google Apps Email Programing Testing

Just set up google apps for our buisness, having trouble with programming incoming email to addresses.
need someone who is familiar to check settings, test and get working

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IOS UI Design For IPhone/iPad Apps

I am in need of a GOOD graphic designer that have experience working with iPhone and iPad Apps.
I need to give this app below a face lift and I need someone to design the new layout.

I have other projects down the pipe, so this can be a long term relationship if you do a good job and are reasonable with your fees
Please have some examples of previous work.

Thank You

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Wish To Buy Iphone/ipad Apps (games/entert/edu/util..)

I wish to purchase iPhone and iPad apps with source files each of which is priced ~500$ or less.

Here are categories I am interested in:

>>games (especially the ones with in-app purchase functionality)

>> entertainment ( client-server type of applications are great interest to me)

>> education (any education app on iphone/ipad will be considered)

>> utility

The apps must include all source code. I am not asking for full-ownership, you can still keep the app on appstore, if you like.

Please send me description of the app, iTunes Link if Available, price and other details

I will consider all types in the above categories.

Thank you.


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IPhone Batterie Apps Design

Need 1 design for a iPhone screen for a Batterie apps. Layout will be provided, just need a cool redesign.

Please provide samples of your iPhone and Android Apps desings.

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Mobile Apps Developer Needed (iOS And Android)

I have multiple apps that need updates and bug fixes and am looking for a developer to work on these and future apps going forward. This is not for a specific project but for a long term partnership.

Please forward your hourly rate and sample projects.

SVN or Git experience is a must.

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IPhone, IPad, And Droid Apps Needed

PLEASE READ FIRST: Do not PMB me or email me about this position. To do so will result in an instant disqualification from the project. This is one of the ways we can determine whether or not the prospective provider understands and follows directions. Do not require a Milestone Payment or Escrow because they are too much hassle if you dont perform. You can tell by our feedback that we pay promptly and many of those providers are still working for us. Do not put a high bid or an escrow requirement because these are automatic disqualifications as well.
If you have questions post them on the Project Clarification board.

I have several apps that I need developed on the iPhone, iPad and Droid platforms. Some are very simple while others are more complex.

PLEASE DO NOT BID U.S. prices if you are not from the U.S. because you will price yourself out of the project. There are lots and lots of developers in the U.S. that do these projects but I am looking for a more economical solution.

I would like for you to bid your hourly rate and I will then provide details about the first project and allow you chance to bid a flat fee as well as the hours you anticipate.

The job will be paid in two phases, the first half when the app has been tested and the second half three-four weeks later when we have had a chance to do more in depth testing.

The winning bidder will likely be the person/group we use for a number of projects, however we want a quality product. We also do not want to constantly have to give directions or check your work. We will tell you what we want and give you a deadline (that we agree on) but we want the app to be substantially completed when you turn it over to us for testing.

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Looking For Facebook App Developer

Im looking for a professional facebook developer to create an app that let users create apps with their own content.
I have an example if you would like to see how it works.

If you have developed some apps, i would like to see your samples, thanks.

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AND I CAN PAYFOR EACH 1000 NEW USER WHO JOINT THE APPS( i have tool that exam it i will share it also)

the apps called LUCKY LOOKS its a social slot machine

The user have to have 50 friends, and only real HUMEN TRAFFIC will be exaptable from development countrys

this bid is urgent starting time in 2 days so bid and be attractive with the ofer i will provide some more job

only profeshional profermance acceptable.

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Experienced Iphone Developer For Jailbroken Apps

I need an experienced iphone developer who has experience in developing apps specifically for jailbroken iphones.
I need to see example of your previous work.
You need to be available via skype.
You need to be able to speak fluent english.

I need an iphone app done that will take advantage of an incoming audio stream and be able to record it.
Submit your bids based on that. More details will be given to qualified bidders.

Also include the word DiG in your bid or it will be deleted as spam.

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Web Designers And Developers

I am looking to select a panel of 3 professionals for our web design and development work. We will then request quotes from the three selected on a regular basis. This will be ongoing work, we currently get between 4 – 8 web projects a month.

We will use the following criteria to choose the applicants:
1) elance rating/References
2) Portfolio of work

Core Skills
– PHP/MySQL/Linux
– Joomla! (Create template from PSD, custom extensions, etc)
– Drupal (Create template from PSD, custom extensions, etc)
– Sitecore

Desireable Skills
– vtiger
– Android Apps
– iPad/iPhone Apps

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Facebook Application

I am buying a copy of facebook apps you have already made please send me a link for a demo of your app and the price you want for a copy of it.

Buying multiple apps must follow facebook TOS and be iframe

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Iphone & Android App – Talking Dog

+++ BID WITH PEACE OF MIND. Ive selected "Seal Proposals" so nobody else will know you bidding price/ details! +++

Talking Dog App

Would like a menu of preloaded "phrases" that could be activated when some one scratches the dogs stomach.

Would also like the app to have the ability for the user to enter some words that could be played back.

15-20 Audio quotes to be played from the application.

## Must be high quality Graphics like Talking Tom App ##

Please review these apps (Talking Tom – Talking Larry) This is the quality we would like.

I would like the app to have a "share this function" so users can send a link that advertises the soundboard to their face book pages…..and twitter if possible.

Please make quotation for both platforms & separately individual quotes.

Must have previous applications successfully uploaded within iTunes.

Escrow: 50% once the project is agreed and refined.
Payment: 50 % release to you within 48 hours after the app is approved by App Store.

1. For serious bidders only
2. You should have apps selling on App Store
3. Honesty, integrity and long-term partnership are important. Do not bid if youre not interested in long-term partnership.
4.) Please Provide Portfolio

The app is to work on iPhone and iPad. A few more iPhone projects are to start soon. Winner will have the best chance to win the projects.

LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP is important for my future apps. Do not bid if you are not interested.


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IPhone & IPad Apps Needed

I am looking to buy iPhone Apps, Utility Apps and Game Apps priced from $250-$750 dollars.

Apps Must Include Full Ownership and All Source Code.

App must already be entered into iTunes and not a "free" app .99 and up only. Or if app has not been entered into iTunes you must have the ability to submit app for approval and guarantee Apples acceptance of the app.

Please Send Description of the App, iTunes Link if Available, Price and Other Details

All iPhone apps will be strongly considered if your app meets the above criteria. My budget can be expanded for an exceptional app and offer.

Looking forward to viewing all offers and developing a long term working relationship with sellers of the Apps.

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Facebook App Developer

Experienced Facebook App Developer needed to design and code a Facebook application based on our job search website. The application should be able to send job search requests, retrieve them from our database, and show the results to the user. Should have "share" and "like" options.

Examples of what were looking for (wed like something similar):

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Android App Developer Needed – Preferably Australian

***Please note: This project will be remunerated by a percentage of the download fee (20 cents AUD per download). Please only bid if you would like to offer to be part of this project for that amount***

We require a devloper with knowledge in Android apps development.

Our project will require you to take existing apps and bundle them into a single downloadable app. We have secured agreements with these apps copyright holders.

Our team will take care of all the negotiating, marketing, investment and management required for the venture, all you need to do is take existing apps and develop the code to bundle them into a single download.

Remuneration will be in the order of an ongoing percentage of the management fees collected. This model has been successful for iphone.

Experience with Android apps development is highly desired, however a candidate with strong knwowledge in Java would also be considered.

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APP For Android And Apple


We need a professional APP programmer for Android and one for Iphone concerning 2 APPS.

It means we like developed 2 APPS for Android and 2 APPS for Iphone.

We offer USD 300 for Android APP developer and USD 300 for Iphone developer … for both APPS.

So please do not bid higher that USD 300 if you are interested !!!!!!!!!

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Facebook Application.

W want to design a simple facebook application with 10-15 different questions and should be able to generate all details of users who use the application, it should be user friendly application. Application should be like freinds quiz / quiz planet in short it should we should be able to change questions in apps. Only developers who has made few facebook application should apply. You need to send me your prior facebook application work demo. we also need someone to develop iphone/android apps for our website. details would provided to eligible freelancers.

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IPhone App Game Development

IPhone games wanted to buy and other apps if they interested us. If you have iPhone games developed that you havent already posted on the app store or one that is already on and you are looking to sell please let me know the game and the price. Prices are negotiable. Serious inquiries only. Please give link to game if it is already on app store.
Partnerships may also be considered as we are marketing specialists in iPhone apps.

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