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German Native Writer For Product Descriptions Seo Article


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German native writer for product descriptions seo article  

German native writer for product descriptions seo article is project number 956691
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 02/20/2011 at 7:13 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

03/22/2011 at 7:13 EDT
(29d 22h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



I need a person/team to deliver us unique fresh article, product descriptions and texts in native german ! (within a week after won bidding)

1. We need 7 individual "SEO" product descriptions (home textil industry b2c) which can be also been used as template for more items (like if they have different colors / pictures /sizes etc… )(around 150 – 250 words) + short description (keyword density for long description around 3%)

2. An About us site with around 200 – 300 words

3. 3 Individual SEO Articles with promoting our webshop and products with atleast 200 words

Copyrights will be ours ! A good result may lead into several upcoming jobs…

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SEO ARABIC Expert Requested

Only ARABIC people. Companies are strongly prreferred

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Need SEO Article Writer And Post In WordPress!

My website is

I need a USA ONLY writer who knows SEO and how to properly post WordPress articles!

I have a very strict policy since most people on here do NOT WRITE PROPER ENGLISH!

You must know how to post in wordpress, use SEOPressor, use All-in-one SEO, use tags, and submit in proper categories!

If you meet all these requirements you will be hired long-term and must post 5 articles a week!

Also articles only need to be between 200-300 words!

I also will not pay if articles are not unique and do not pass copyscape!

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Wanted: SEO Optimized Unique Article Writer

I need 10 SEO optimized original and unique articles that are grammatically and structurally correct. I will provide a keyword phrase for each article.

These are the simple guidelines I need from the writer:

1) Each article MUST consists of a minimum 500 words.
2) Each article must have at least 4 paragraph
3) Must include up to 10 one word phrase (LSI) keywords into the article (I provide LSI keywords)

Please do a research before you start to write on the topic. I will not pay for any duplicate or spun articles. Your articles will be checked using and my own in house software.

Please do not bid if you are not comfortable with the terms required. Please place the TOTAL FIXED PRICE you expect for the project. Remember to put a reasonable "delivery within" time for the project.

If you can deliver what Ive mentioned above, you will be exclusively included in our long term article writing team.

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SEO – Arabic Targeted Keywords For Specific Region

Objective: topping Google results for certain Arabic keywords for specific regions

Methodology, full plan, timeline should be submitted

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

SEO – Arabic Targeted Keywords For Specific Region

Objective: topping Google results for certain Arabic keywords for specific regions

Methodology, full plan, timeline should be submitted

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

SEO – Arabic Targeted Keywords

Objectives: website already in the SERPs, need to improve rankings, target Arabic Emirates, Egypt, Libya etc.

Bid with PM giving timeline, methodology, backlink sources etc.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

SEO – Arabic Targeted Keywords

Objective: topping Google results for certain Arabic keywords for specific regions

Methodology, full plan, timeline should be submitted

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Longterm SEO Article Writer And Web 2.0 Specialist Needed

I am in search of an expert in SEO article writing and Web 2.0 properties.

I have several clients that need this type of work.

For each client I have I will need between 6-14 articles per month and 4 Web 2.0 properties per month.

Web 2.0 can be Squidoo lens, hub pages, wetpaint, livejournal, multiply, and ning.

You dont have to search for new content for the Web 2.0 properties. Just take what you have written for the articles and re-purpose it. Make sure its not duplicate content though. Pictures and images is a must on these. Images must link to website or blog that will be provided

Each article is to be between 500-700 words. Must be rich with content, no plagerism, great English, and no spelling or grammatical errors.

I will post to the article sites. As far as the Web 2.0 material it will be your job to post to them.

This will be an ongoing project and will be getting bigger as the months go on so I am looking for someone who wants a longterm work and can handle a huge workload.

I will pay $4 per article and $4 per Web 2.0 content.

I must proof read before posting is allowed and payment is sent.

Id like to see examples of work done and how well your content was ranked in the search engines.

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Herbal Article Writer With Quality SEO Content Wanted.

I need a quality content writer who is familiar with herbal remedies. Do not bid if you are not. This is a serious subject and need serious writers.

… The article topic will be provided and you will need to produce a UNIQUE article of 400 – 450
words. Article topic must be well researched.
with keywords included. No duplicate content – each article will be checked for plagarism.
… You must have a general understanding of SEO.
… You must be a native English speaker with excellent writing skills, and each article must be checked
for grammar and spelling.
… You need to be able to grab the readers attention early on and keep them interested.
… Writer agrees that FULL rights to articles including copyright is transfered when full payment is
… You are bidding intially for 20 articles. If the articles are top quality there is the chance of
another 80 articles and for regular work. I am willing to pay well for the best.
… Articles need to be complete within 7 days.
… This project may be awarded to more than one person intially.
… Future articles will be put into article banks, so SEO very important.
… You will need to send me 3 of YOUR samples before this project is awarded and agree to all the
above conditions.

I am looking for someone who I can work with on a long term basis and build a good relationship. If you are not what I require… do not bid. Dont waste my time or your own.


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Content Writer – Keyword-rich Article Writing For SEO

Open-ended project writing keyword-specific content for SEO purposes. Hundreds of keywords targeted. Content needs to be updated regularly.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Content Writer – Keyword-rich Article Writing For SEO

Open-ended project writing keyword-specific content for SEO purposes. Hundreds of keywords targeted. Content needs to be updated regularly.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

SEO Article Writer : Need Articles For Designer Perfumes


This Long term Project

need who is expert in SEO Articles for Perfume, fragrance industry .

Description : Min: 450-600 words
Price: $2 per article

-> Must be grammatically correct and no proof-reading needed.
-> Must be 100% Copy scape passed
-> Native English writer preferred.

Im looking for good quality articles with nice flow and good grammar. Must be creative and pass copy scape. Only brand-new original content articles will be accepted

I needed 10 articles in 7 days : articles will follow in category like gift for different holidays ,anniversary, valentine day gift, father day gift, and find more festivals and then i need you to write on specific brands perfumes , watches

I will give you keyword and i need those keyword density
Please show me examples of previous work.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Hi there and thank you for showing interest 😀

I am looking for a long-term RELIABLE SEO writer – you will be required to write informative articles and reviews on many different sectors, including mobile phones, electronics, fitness. Most of these articles will be required for article marketing so quality does not have to be great. I however expect good english and most importantly reliability – in the past I have had writers go missing after a couple of projects, that is NOT what I am looking for.

Please ONLY BID if you are serious aboiut working in a long-term partnership. You will have to either have good ratings, or provide me with actual references of people who you are working for.


This project will require you to write 20 articles on a topic of my choice – you will get $1.5 per 5oo word article, and I may also require you to write a 300 word article in which case you will get the proportionate $0.9 – the content must be completetly original and you english must be good!!

If you think are capable, and have a PROVEN track record then I will consider you.

Instead of giving me articles you have written, a better idea would be to provide me with HUMAN references. Alternatively, if you are experienced enough your feedback and rating on FreeLancer should suffice.

Above all I am looking for someone who has GOOD ENGLISH, IS HARDWORKING, CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE. If you can produce good articles when I need you to, then you are good enough 😀

If you think you are suitable then please let yourself be known.

Thank you for reading


1) Articles must be completely original and will have to pass CopyScape
2) Write like a native english speaker…good quality is essential!
3) No spelling or grammatical errors
4) Good use of keywords done naturally…if this is required for the article. I will specify.
5) Write in a way that the AVERAGE person understands.
6) Meet any deadlines….this is really important to me. If you agree to a deadline, mean it.
7) Articles must be written manually and sound natural.
8) Articles MUST be between 500-600 words…anything below 500 will not be accepeted.
9) I will have the copyrights to all the articles written.
10) Must be able to communicate efficiently and promptly…when required via MSN messenger.

Where possible, I will provide layouts and tips on how you should best write the articles. I will not just leave you on your own and pay you when I need to…this is about a strong working relationship.

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SEO In Arabic & English

We are looking for the top preferably can write and read Arabic very well who will do for us one
time submission of our web site (in Arabic) in UAE and Kuwait, K.S.A, Qatar, Bahrain top search engines
like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, bing, and etc……
and the same time can get us the best and top rankings in search engines in UK and Canada and the us

We are looking for SEO experts that can optimize our site and can get us guaranteed good and higher
and better rankings than we have now, send us the detailed proposal about the services you will provide us.

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Need Article Writer For SEO/SEM Online Business

I am a member of The Keyword Academy and I make niche websites based upon potentially profitable keywords that are searched in volume on Google. I normally need a minimum of 10 unique, 350-400 word articles. 5 will be on the website, 5 will be posted on Ezinearticles. The 5 posted on EZA will also be sent (and slightly worded differently) to Hubpages, Squidoo, and other article submission websites by me. However, all I need is someone to write the 10 articles for me. The minimum amount of total words is 350 per article. I will pay $30 for someone to write me 10 per project (1 niche website, all the articles). I have about 30 projects I want to work on over the year, and depending on how well I generate revenue over the coming months, an increase in the pay is guaranteed.

What the writer will have to do is research information on whatever keywords I give you and then the writing. (for example, if I tell you that I am going to create a niche website on WordPress from the keyword "brown sweater", I will provide 4 or 5 other keywords as well, but you will need to do sufficient research to pop out 10 articles from those keywords, most likely 2 articles each keyword) I will also provide a title for all 10 articles to make it easier to research more specifically. I give alot of liberty, just research and write SPAM-FREE and ORIGINAL articles.

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Native(Fluent) American English SEO Article Writer

Looking for experienced individual article writer that is FLUENT in American English. This includes proper use of common American expressions and sentence structure. I need a number of articles written in the medical weight loss niche.

Required Skill Set:
1. Fluent American English
2. Exceptional writing skills
3. Knowledge of writing for SEO
4. Ability to follow instructions
5. Speed without sacrificing quality
6. Ongoing communication

This is what I need:
– 10 keyword optimized articles
– 450-550 words each

Article titles and respective keyword(s) will be provided through PM – IF YOU ASK.

Articles must be 100% original and pass copyscape. No article spinning allowed! I will own all rights to the articles and they are not to be resold or posted anywhere else, on or off the internet.

Please provide at least 5 examples of articles YOU have written (in the weight loss niche, preferably) – No examples=no work.

To make sure you have read the entire post please start your bid or PM with “Got it!”, if you dont I will not entertain your bid.

I look forward to hearing from any and all qualified writers!

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Article Writer/ Seo/ Virtual Assistant /web 2.0

Need someone familiar with article writing, seo, creating web 2.0 pages (squidoo, hubpages, infobarrel etc) and wordpress customization and implementation.

I am basically looking for a full time virtual assistant but this is a one week trial too see if I can find the right candidate. 30$ for one week. And a starting wage of 50$ per week after that.

Tell me about yourself and show samples of your work to be considered.

only bids of $30 will be considered.

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SEO for blackwrtites

SEO and writer

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