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Edit WordPress Theme (Twenty Ten)

I need a very expierenced word press designer to help me customize a few settings on my Word Press theme called Twenty Ten.

The employee MUST know how to change the padding size of the main table, right sidebar and above the header area. The large padding gaps must be taken away so there is no big gaps.

The employee MUST create a divider line for the sidebar because right now the Main Content Area and Side bar are connected.

The employee MUST be able to Remove the H3 page title from all pages; Example: Home Contact Us need to be removed from the main content area.

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NRTA Website

NRTA= is name of TV/Radio

The concept of this website is to publish NRTA content on website. The contents of this website are; video clips, photos and text.
This website is not only bound for Afghanistan visitors, the target is visitors all over the world who are interested to use this website.

NRTA website areas:
This website will have Admin and User front end.

User front end:
Front end area will contain 12 pages static and dynamic pages as following:
1- Home Page (dynamic)
This page will have blocks for
Latest news (grab latest news from news area)
Latest video clips (grab latest news from news area)
Latest photos (grab new photos as thumbnail from photos page)
Informational block (static data, if added)

2- About Us (static)
This page will have text about NRTA, static data added by admin.

3- News page (dynamic)
This page is for news; categories of news, news will be added from admin area.
List of news in this page, each news with short text and thumbnail (if added) and link read more to read full story and in full story page have comments box for visitors. (Enable, disable, edit and delete news and comments (approve by admin) from admin area)

4- Photo Gallery (dynamic)
In first page have categories list (thumbnail and text) and after clicking the category loads another page having pictures of this category. Comment box (approve by admin) and admin area to upload photo, delete, edit, or disable and enable a picture.

5- Video Gallery (dynamic)
Same as photos gallery to have category with thumbnails and text, comment box but the video clips from youtube, admin will add link of video from youtube and will appear in video page.

6- Programs Page (static)
In this page to have schedule of Radio and TV programs.
Two blocks one for TV and one for Radio.

7- Jobs (dynamic)
Page for job, jobs will be added from admin area and will show here as list. And read more link for details page

8- Web mail
No page, but a link to another website.

9- Term of use (static)

10- Privacy

11- Contact us
Contact form and above block to have text there.

12- Articles (dynamic)
Articles page to have list of articles and read more link to read full story

13- Share point for Files (dynamic)
Only can be accessed with username/pass. A place to share files like File Manager.
This share point will have videos, photos and others categories/directories.

Admin Area – back end:
A place to edit and control all contents of above pages.

1- All text field should have advanced editor to add content in it both source editor/Rich formatting with necessary formatting bar.
2- Comments list to approve, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
3- Photos and video clips; add, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
4- Article and News; add, delete, edit, disable/enable.
5- Edit About us page.
6- Edit Privacy page
7- Edit Term of use page.
8- Edit contact us page
9- Jobs; add, delete, edit and enable/disable.
10- Edit Programs page.
11- Upload/change logo
12- Website settings; Title/ meta tags and more.
13- SEO friendly and separate meta tags for 12 pages.

Other features if needed to add.

Language Support:
Website will be in three languages;
Dari left to right layout
Pashto left to right layout
English default right to left layout

For each page and content there should be 3 blocks to add content for every language separately, even data for meta tags.

Search Engine:
To have search engine to search for content in page.

Statistic block in front end
Number of articles
Number of videos
Number of audios
Number of photos
Users online

Add captcha to prevent spammers

Includes latest, news, photos, videos, articles and jobs

All thumbnail and graphics will be provided by us, if needed during design. The overall theme should be theme of Media.

And some minor things at end if needed.

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Website Devlpt With Online Order Process, And User Area

I need to complete the development of a website. The design is ready, i provide the PSD files.

The website is simple. We are designer. We sell logo designs, website designs etc …So we propose few packages. the customer select a package, go through an easy process of online order, pay via paypal. he receive email confirmation etc…
There is also an user area, where he can check his order, is profile etc …

To figure out the kind of job, go to It will be in the same idea.

You will receive images of the PSD files to figure out the website to be developed.

I need a coder that will work full time on the project from the start to end. No coder that uses to get multiple projects to work on will be admitted.

It is quite easy project, development time should not be so long.

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Ebay Templates Needed

I currently sell on ebay and my listing description template needs a new look. Im looking for someone to design a new template (2 versions, same layout, just different colors for 2 selling accounts). Listings are fairly simple, description area, shipping info area, payment info area, 2-4 pictures (is it possible to do a light box or zoom effect?) and a banner across the top.

Please submit examples of similar work.

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Member Messaging System

I am looking for an experienced programmer to build me a solution, that allows the company to send messages to a area/inbox unique to each member of our website, based off the tags that they have in infusionsoft.

this is very short, let me know if you any experience in this area and I will send you more details.

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Web Design Needed For A Social Network

In need of a talented web designer to create a design for a social network website. The design will include:

– Frontpage with a large banner showcasing a image, latest blog entry, and an request invite form.
– User profiles that has users avatar, personal information, list of photo galleries, a guestbook.
– Photo galleries page – list of all photo galleries
– Individual photo page

Each page will have a header area with a navigation menu, logo, and user login area. There is also a footer area with misc links.

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Website CMS With CSS Template And Client Access Area

Im a freelance photo retoucher looking to build on online presence using a CMS eCommerce/Shopping Cart website that supports CSS templates for easy display of content.

Other than the main features of a CMS website, including a gallery for artwork and/or photos that can be ordered as prints, I need a Client Access Area where clients can upload their own images to be retouched and/or printed. I also have a very specific pricing structure for retouching and printing as well as offering discounts to specific companies and organisations.

The layout should be clean, easy to navigate and professional. Artwork will be provided for CSS template design as needed.

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Website CMS With CSS Template And Client Access Area

Im a freelance photo retoucher looking to build on online presence using a CMS eCommerce/Shopping Cart website that supports CSS templates for easy display of content.

Other than the main features of a CMS website, including a gallery for artwork and/or photos that can be ordered as prints, I need a Client Access Area where clients can upload their own images to be retouched and/or printed. I also have a very specific pricing structure for retouching and printing as well as offering discounts to specific companies and organisations.

The layout should be clean, easy to navigate and professional. Artwork will be provided for CSS template design as needed.

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Fix Registration That Is Not Posting To Admin Area

I have an existing website where a feature was previously working and does not work anymore. The site has a registration page to register with user and password and name and address, etc. Once registered, an email is sent to the admin email address and that part is still working, but once you log into the admin area, the registration information is not displaying so the admin person can accept the registration. I need someone to determine why the registration info is not showing up in the admin area.

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Integrate Cart (based On Prestashop) Into Site

Need someone able in Prestashop to complete cart project.

Basic English/Chinese cart has been integrated into site, but some things left undone and bugs need fixing:

Single form checkout; paypal and alipay already integrated. Initially working OK but pay form dropdown now not working.

Order management system not installed in admin area – needs to be set up.

Photo upload bug – needs fixing.

Product info input in admin area buggy – needs fix.

Category page has sub-heading in English; needs to be in both Chinese and English with relevant sub-heading for each category.

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Spanish Website Translation

Website translation required to add the spanish area of the website: workourglobe dot com
All pages must be translated, and edited for the Espanol area of the site. HTML will be provided, and completed HTML is required, to allow for simple upload, without entering the translated text into the HTML.

Pls send any questions before bidding, and immediate start is required.

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WordPress Plugin – Membership Area

I need a membership area in wordpress with customizable options, in every membership option the member buy credits wich he can use to download zip files offered with image, description and download button. The value in credits of the zip files has to be customizable by the admin, and when a member select the file, this is added to a virtual cart. The virtual cart is on the sidebar (widget) with the name of the member and the residual credits. When the credits deposit is 0, the member can buy again the credits.


memberhip1: 200credits, membership2: 400 credits
the new member (selected the membership1)after the payment enter in the site and with 200 credits in the deposit select zipfile12 (value 10 credits) and zipfile15 (value 20credits). After the checkout from the sidebar he can download two zipfiles,and he can use 170 credits for next downloads. When the credits will finish he can buy 200 credits more to continue to download new zipfiles.

The payment system for the membership area will be paypal. After the payment I need an automatic customizable email with confirmation and communications.

More details in private messages.

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PHp Coding To Redo Layout Of Existing Site.

I have inherited a hand coded php driven web site. The format is two columns with two (2) additional data fields in the top banner area. I would like change to three columns and have the entire page centered in the browser, rather than flush left. The third column would be an additional data column for the business card size ads. The data would then populate all three data areas, without duplication, and refresh in random order on each page load. There is currently a limit of 20 ads to be displayed and this additional column is partly to accommodate more member ads. The limit on Ads which is managed in the Master lists controls to the pHp would also need to be adjusted.

I have been able to modify individual pages of HTML but have no experience with pHp programming and cannot figure out how to change the main layout to allow the three columns as described above. The new layout would have a left col. fixed at the width of the ads, the right column fixed as the width of the ads, and the middle column could be set (hopefully) as expandable from 500 px (approx.) to 700 px. (plus or minus). The left and right should be expandable based on ad width, as exists now, in case we go for slightly larger member ads.

The second existing data area for ads, located in the banner portion, would expand to three ads horizontally. This used to be considered the premium ad area but now all ads are treated equally.

The top data area, which is used as web specific comments and links – not for ads, would expand to fill the area as far as the right column (as is now) and will continue to be populated by the current method of coding HTML pages loaded in through the database.

The footer are would be best if it could span all three columns and be set up so I can change content in Dreamweaver HTML, primarily to be able to put contact/help/facebook/ etc. links there.

One other parameter which might require adjustments is the drop down menus in the members and non-members area, allowing that they are SPRY Framework menus created using Adobe Dreamweaver. Id like to be able to continue this method.

To look at the existing site, for what needs to be changed, go to: Of course all pages would need to work in the new layout.

Lawrence Peterson

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Future Medical Application

This is a request for a demonstration fun android application.
Step 1 use device to create simulated picture, on devices without camera simulate it took a picture. Picture/simulation will be of individual in face forward, arms out, legs slightly spread.
2. display will cycle through simulated picture similar to a scan, changing color as if doing infrared, ultraviolet, thermal, xray, mri, cat scan
3. after scan display will focus on chest area with option to click on highlighted area, lung, heart, tracha – side bar can appear with different button flashing like a futuristic medical scanner; choose area for results does not have to be functional just flashy
4. high lighted area when selected will display random normal values for area selected resp rate, breath sounds, heart rythm, sinus clear, pulmonary function values
5, final results screen, option to rescan, advertisement from our organization

This is not an actual medical application just a simulation of what could be in the future. Focus for this is on the Respiratory Care community

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Jquery Swimming Pool

I am looking for an Expert in jquery for a project if you have PHP, HTML, JAVA, C-sharp background
would be a must.

My Project is as follows:

1- When you open the application you must see on the screen a grid paper graph
Dimensions of the paper graph (15.5 inches long / 11.5 inches large)
(4 lines per inch / 4 1/4 inches squares per inch)

2- The scale is (1 square = 2 feet / 1 inch = 8 feet)

3- We must be able to reproduce what we have on a certificat of localisation of a property on it
Not in 3D just 2D exemple be able to draw a big square 20/30 feet scaled draw the house dimensions
draw all that we have on the plan but as squares or other shapes.

4- Then we must be able to draw a shape that includes the bigest empty area cause this empty area in
the backyard will be used to build a swimming pool.

5- Then once this area is determined we must be able to cut some feet from it all arround or from a
particular side to respect the city regulatory laws (exemple: the swimming pool must be 4 feet far
from the neighbour from the right and 3 feet from the left…)

6- Once all the above are done we have the area of reception (that will receive the pool) lets say
the area remained is 25 sq_feet then we click on a button on the screen and it opens a database
this database containes all shapes and dimensions of scaled swimming pools.

7- BUT the program will only show the swimming pools that have the same dimensions than the reception area
and the smaller dimensions.

8- Then we must be able to go thru those swimming pools until we find the ones we want to try we drag
and drop it from database to the Area, be able to rotate it right and left on the back on the face

9- If we like the result we push a button then the swimming pool sticks to the area, if we dont like the result
we push a button and the swimming pool is cancelled so we could get an other one and try it.

10- the swimming pools already exist in DWG format but could be transformed in PS.

11- We are not looking for a software or complicated application it must be easy so even a kid could
use it.

12- We would like it to be web based and could be on a network and a server so many people could use it.

I have done my research and I can show you some source code for the rotation and drag and drop….

We do not want to complicate things so if you think you can work with us do not hesitate to contact me

I have made an analysis of the project I can send you the documents if you are interested

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New Website


I want to create a website in order to list franchise opportunities and news, I already have one, it is made by joomla, but i dont like it at all.

I want the new website to look fresh and more useful, it does not matter if it will be in joomla or not.

you can check these website to know how it must look:

The website must contains the following sections and functions:

1- user area (advertisers) and online payment with functions for each one to have an account (you can register in the website and check the element in user area)
2- newsletter subscription
3-general search
4- search for franchises, to let website user to find the franchise opportunity according to the category and / or country and / or investment level.
5- main menu contains

Various budget bids are Welcome,

Minimum Price with good Experience will be considered and selected for long term.


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Create Template Of My Existing Website Using New Software

Please read carefully

1. Generic bids will be ignored and blacklisted
2. I am only looking for the basic site framework to be set up. I will add the content. Do not bid for the whole site.
3. You must read, write and understand good UK English
4. For legal reasons, sorry, no bids from the USA or US dependent territories.
5. The current site contains adult content – sorry – no bids from Islamic countries, P R China, Cuba, North Korea
6. For reasons of security – no bids from Africa.
7. Dont list hundreds of websites you have worked on – I dont want to know – just THREE GOOD LIVE EXAMPLES


After almost two years of frustration I have decided to move away from using Soholaunch to manage my photo gallery members site. I am considering Drupal and Joomla and have already looked at Maxmedia.

My site is – please note it contains adult content.

The site comprises the usual standard pages – home, about, links, legal, contact.

The site has currently some 300 galleries, over 10,000 HD images, over 6,000 SD images and the related thumbnails – some 33,000 images in total. Before you ask, you are not getting access to the members area.

What I need is:

+ A free area of the site where prospective clients and visitors can view sample images
+ A secure members area where clients can view premium images and video
+ The ability to interface with Verotels payment gateway
+ A CMS allowing me to RAPIDLY BULK upload, name, link and display photo galleries and leave them either available to public access or restrict them to members only
+ An assurance that the premium gallery content directory is secure from direct address access, (an assurance that Soholaunchs full Pro edition and Viasteps Premium Gallery plug-in cannot provide).

Recommendations for Drupal or Joomla, or any suitable alternatives would be appreciated, but please ensure that you include any information about potential pitfalls and shortfalls.

Please understand that I am a self-trained HTML / ASP programmer, but my knowledge of more advanced programming could be written on the back of a very small postage stamp, so please keep the responses simple and jargon-free.

I have the following software available to me:

+ Filezilla
+ Putty
+ All major browsers
+ Paint Shop Pro X2
+ Arclab Watermark studio
+ Better JPEG
+ Microsoft 2000 Office Suite. (I do not use the Windows 7 version of Office.)
+ Wordpad, where I adjust my own code on the odd occasion I need it.

I run Windows 7 Pro on a high spec laptop. I have a second laptop available running XP Home.

Many thanks in advance.

Please start your bid with the first word of the previous line, just so I know you read it all.

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PHP Scripts = Website + Admin Area

I have an existing functional complete website + powerline + members area with admin. I need the custom scripts taken and created into a new website with SAME features and functionality on a different domain within hostgator. New graphics salvaging many of the existing. Videos & content I provide.

Post a response, ill provide the domain with user access to view members area.

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Joomla Module And 3 New Positions

Im working on a layout that that needs three new positions added below the component/content area in the body. I also am trying to find a module that I can place in that area that can list 4-5 services and when hovered over the name it shows a corresponding image on either the left or right of the area. (I can show something like Im talking about if requested) Im sure there is something on and I just cant find one. I also would want to style that module using a specific image I have created.

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Kids Music Game – Identifying Instrument.families

Flash Instrument Identification Game for Kids

Company: Music Discovery for Kids

Project Description:
We are looking for a game developer to help us create a game that teaches children what part of the orchestra each instrument belongs to (i.e. the viola belongs to the string family). We have the graphics we would like to use for this game.

Basic game: The game would have various instruments presented on the bottom of the field where a single instrument would randomly appear. The player would need to drag and drop the instrument to its orchestra family area. Instruments would need to have a short sound played when player clicks on them before dragging it to the family area. Once the player has placed the instrument in the family area and lets go of the mouse, the "Thats correct" or "Incorrect" sign would appear. Players are given 10 questions at a time. After each set of 10 questions, the player can send their score/report card to their music teacher via email action script in the flash.

Note: The winner bidder of this project may be asked to create a second instrument game: identifying instruments in the orchestra.

Project price: $30 US (negotiable) per game. This project is to bid on creating ONE game.

Serious inquiries only.

We do have other projects to bid on – check out our projects area.

Feel free to PM us if you have further questions.

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Website Admin Backend And User Abuse Reporting

We have a website that was built in PHP and using Mysql – it has been custom built inhouse using our own custom framework. What we need is a feature that users can click on and report other users, block other users, report their comment and post as spam or other things. We will then need an admin area to see and manage these and also to manage users, see how many users joined per day, per hour etc. From admin area we should be able to delete users, update their email, change their usernames etc. We can simply start out with something basic.

We want to protect the site from spammers – for example – a spammer go to the search page and use a bot to get all the content then send them a message or add them as a friend – we need to show the capcha code after a certain amount of navigation by the user or after user send xamount of message or comment and or friend requests.

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Urgent Upload Area

I need someone to create a simple upload area for a client and company to use.

Client needs a separate login and password where they are directed to a internal page where they can upload a few different files with no file size limit

Company side needs area to view and download the uploaded files in the folder

This is very simple design. I have interior page ready to put code into

I need this completed tonight

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Admin Area Optimization – 2

As discussed.

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Liferay Portal

I would like the existing component of a website and its design to be turned into a Liferay portal. The look should stay the same, but with all the Liferay portal and Liferay Social tools. Id like the portal to have an employee and client login, so that employees can communicate with clients and share documents, chat, screens, and engage in a video/voice conference from within the private area of the portal (a system that works kind of like webex or adobe connect for example). Also, I would like the portal to have an e-learning area, where I can load course material (discussion forums, student mail, document exchange, quizes/exams, etc.) I would also like the e-learning portal to have a video/voice conference screen from within the e-learning portal just like in the employee-client area, so that I can hold live and interactive online courses. Additionally, I would like the student area to have a grade report area, where a student can look up his/her milestones and grades and where I can leave feedback. I would also like there to be a payment methods for clients (for services that I offer) and students (for courses that i offer). This payment system should allow the usage of the 2checkout payment system provider.

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Private Database Driven Website

I need to commission a website which takes data and images from an established website on a daily or weekly basis the website is and saves the listings (it is only 1 category of listing so there will only be approximatly 20 listings max a week) to a database on a webserver which is accessed from a restricted area so a simple login will be needed when you go to my website and want to access the restricted area.

i then need to be able to export from within the secure part of the website, in a format which i have made up, both pdf and excel documents. i have drawn up how i need the data to be displayed. i have also developed a access version of the database which i am happy to share with the successful applicant.

within the database i want to be able to search results based on date and also want to intergrate the google maps API, you will see what i mean when i send you the templates i have mocked up.

there will be the potential of more work, ie the construction of the general access area of the site for the successful applicant.

i will retain copyright of the website created, all databases created.

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Admin Area Optimization –

As discussed.

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Image Needs To Be Fixed On Site In Admin Area

Image upload needs to be fixed on site in admin area

looking to have done asap right now

In admin area when adding a product image will not upload and its shows "nogd" after trying to upload

please bid now – looking for a fast fix ! $30

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Image Upload Needs To Be Fixed On Site In Admin Area

Image upload needs to be fixed on site in admin area

looking to have done asap right now

In admin area when adding a product image will not upload and its shows "nogd" after trying to upload

please bid now – looking for a fast fix ! $30

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Simple Member Area With Codeigniter

We want to build a simple member area consisting register and login feature (and forget password);
there is only 1 page at member area, displaying some information (1 textstring, and 2 tables, with next & previous button ajax), and 1 field where member can put something and click request (ajax)

while request button clicked, it will add entry in several table and email both member and admin

admin area, login,logout, can see list of request and process it (put some data, like batch number), and script changes a column at database & email the client that process is done.

design is simple (no graphic), just as neat as possible; must use code igniter; table structure will be provided; program flow is provided (send PM to see); source code must be provided.

it is very simple project, can be done in 2-3 hours by CI expert.

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