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Looking For Article Submissions

Looking for someone who will be submiting articles every month, starting from 500 article submissions and approved backlinks. You have to provide a report with submited and approved backlinks.
Please be aware that we will pay only for approved articles backlinks.
This work is long term.
You must have a paypal account.
waiting for your offers,

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Full Time Assistant Needed

I need an assistant to basically send emails all day.

I will send you a video on what I need done and you are to send a minimum of
100 emails per day.

This is a full time role at $150 per month + Comission.

Looking for someone reliable who wants to work with us long term.

Please reply with your resume attached – NO RESUME NO JOB!

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Article Writer Needed

We required a experience article writer for long term.

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Long Term Working Opportunity!

Hi Bidders!!

On freelancer, Im looking for a team of competent and reliable writers who are willing to work full-time. All the write must be able to provide original contents and excellent grammar. the writer must stick to the guidelines and also the deadlines. Grammatical mistakes and copied contents will not be tolerated.. the project will be terminated immediately and you will not be paid at all!!! you will be paid as soon as the buyer approves the work, if the work does not get approved, I hope you know the answer better. the writers should be available to communicate throughout the day. skype and gtalk are preferred means.

The Intial rate is $1.25 per 500 words, however, if you turn out to be a good and reliable writer, your pay will be increased with time.



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Talented & Motivated Account Executive – Long-Term Potential

We are looking for ambitious, energetic individuals to join our Inside Sales Team.
Headquartered in New York City, we are a fast growing start-up company (similar to livingsocial) in the emerging daily deals market.

This role is all about building a market by identifying and calling on the top local merchants in New York City, negotiating irresistible offers on behalf of our subscribers and local consumers.
We are looking to find highly motivated, engaging individuals that have clear reasons why they are driven to sell for our company.

This role calls for individuals who are: (1) comfortable selling over the phone, cold-calling into various types of local businesses; and (2) confident as they prospect and close leads in their assigned market.

As part of our team, youll:
Make a high volume of outbound sales calls to an assortment of local business owners daily
Manage your own leads and drive the full sales cycle from prospecting to closing
Educate your prospects on the power of online advertising with our company
Produce better, long-term business results for your clients as you take them beyond traditional methods of advertising through our solution

Qualifications & Characteristics:
Bachelors Degree
Exceptional phone skills and professionalism
Unwavering work ethics
Outgoing and personable
1+ years sales experience in a professional environment
Comfortable working from home
Native English-speaking individuals only

Project Requirements:
We will provide you with a list of leads. You may also be asked to gather your own leads. Each lead will be a restaurant, spa or similar type of local business that has ran a deal-of-the-day campaign in the past with a provider such as livingsocial or groupon. The problem were looking to address is that their last daily deal provider may not have been able to get the business enough pre-paid customers. We want to help fill-in the gap and get them some more. So were offering to re-run their last deal with our company in order to get them closer to the results they were looking for. Your job is to consult with and close as many leads as you can. Closing each lead should be relatively easy since the businesses that you contact will likely have been under-served by their last provider (i.e., livingsocial or a similar but smaller version of livingsocial).

This project requires the closing of at least 40 leads. Youll have access to a high volume of leads. For each lead that you successfully close you will receive compensation. You will get a fixed amount of money for each deal that you close plus a fixed commission for each sale the deal attracts. So, the sweeter the deal you negotiate for our subscribers, the higher your pay will be. This project provides the potential for a long-term relationship with our company.

Send us your resume and a brief message explaining why you would be a good fit for this project.

Thanks in advance for considering this project. We look forward to a great, collaborative working relationship!

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Grab EMails And Send Emails For Us!! Long Term Work

WE are looking for a professional with atleast 2 years of experience who can send 100k emails daily and have his own USA email lists of Youngsters .
If the results are good and inbxoing ratio is good we will hire you for a very long term work .

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Need Reliable Writers For Long Term – #4

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Need reliable writers for long term – #4  

Need reliable writers for long term – #4 is project number 1008056
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 04/02/2011 at 6:02 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

04/07/2011 at 6:02 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



Hi bidders,

I need professional writers to work with me.

My requirements from the writers are
1. The cost per 100 words is $0.20 at it will be incremented if your service is professional.
2. Articles quality should be maintained.
3. All articles should be original
4. All articles should be plagiarism free
5. All your submissions should meet the deadline exactly.
6. Maximum time awarded per submission is 24 hours.
7. The cost is based on number of words I am asking and not based on number of articles or not based on number of words you write.
8. No Re-writes are allowed.
*** you have to write a sample article about Health and Fitness and post them on the website . If you provide me your approved articles link in that directory, then I can make sure that you read the project description.
This process saves me more time in verifying your samples. If your work got accepted in that website then I can make sure that your works quality is good and plagiarism free to meet my standards.
Then we will discuss further about the project. I need writers for long term, so we need to discuss about all the situations before starting the work.
9. Your works will be checked on to check the your works quality, there your works should not show major issues and also your works should score minimum 60% in that.
10. Articles with low quality and submitted after deadline will not be paid and the copyrights for those articles are yours.
11. Good communication should be maintained.
12. The payment will be made in 2 week-ends maximum (This is the time required for verification and proof reading of your works. It might be made earlier if the daily work load is lesser)
13. The number of words may vary for each article, So the cost is not based on per article it is based on words count.
14. The payments can be made in GAF or Paypal or (NEFT for Indian writers).

If you have any doubts which is not mentioned in the project description, ask that in the project clarification board or in PMB.

Happy Bidding!

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Hiring UK/US/AUS/PHILIP Writers-Long Term (750-1000 Words)

Hello writers,

Were hiring few more writers to share the heavy workload for regular writing jobs including articles for longer articles (750 -1000 words). You can expect as many articles as handle if youre quality writer or team. But we need only US.UK or native English speakers.

The topics can be any ranging from sports, health, loans and finance, internet marketing and more. These articles will have specific format so bid only if youre good at following directions nicely.

You must bid only if——-

you hate plagiarism
you stick to given deadline and submit jobs on time
If you accept the rates
If you want to work for long term
you have time to handle regular and daily assignments 5 days a week
you can write 3-4 such articles everyday
you double proofread and double edit your articles for any typo, grammatical or syntax errors. The article should be error free and in perfect English
if youre creative and can write multiple interesting articles on a single topic or keyword if needed.
if you have great and quick research skills.. and you do not just rewrite some other article. We hate stealing others content.

The rates will be –
$6.5 for 750 words
$4.5 for 500 words
$5 for 600 words
$8.5 for 1000 words

Please send your proposal with a relevant sample on either internet marketing or sports. and answer the following questions in your message

1- Whats your good name and from youre?
2- How many articles you can write everyday and of what wordcount?
3- What are your favorite topics or niches? Or youre flexible to write well on most of the topics.
4- Youre individual writer or have a team? If team, how many members (they should be native only)
5- Are you comfortable with daily assignments and daily submissions?
6- Do you work at weekend?
7- Do you know whats copyscape, and SEO? (We need only well researched original articles)
8- Please state that you will not show our articles as samples to other clients.
9- Write a quick sample now or send some articles you wrote for sampling purpose only.

Add "dedication" before your bid. And place a bit of $30 so we can test you with 3-5 articles first

Thanks in advance

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Long Term Article Writing Project1

Foreclosure and Travel Articles

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Promote My Services To Get 100 Sales/provider

I have gigs on fiverr and some other provider like fiverr(6 provider) and I need someone to promote my gigs to get 100 sales/provider. You can choose one or two provider to promote.

My gig is about making adsense blog with blogspot/wordpress and submit some article into it. I have 6 provider for this gig and I need around 2-3 person for this job.

So place you bid only for 100 sales/provider and how long will you do this. I will accept the lowest bidding and no milestone requested.

Contact me or send pm and i will give you more detail about this project.

If you think this project is a scam and cant trust me, you can choose not to bid.


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Article Marketing, S-bookmarking, Press Releases

Hi Freelancers,

I am looking for someone to manage the PR side of link building to my website/s by doing some simple article and press release writing and submissions, along with some social bookmarking.

I have very specific requirements to follow that need to be repeated each week along with a report to show the work that is completed.

I need the below..

1 x unique article to be written and submitted to 10 top article directories (including 2 optimised links to my sites. 1 per site).
1 x press release written per week and submitted to 10 press release distribution sites (with 2 optimised links to my sites)
10 x social bookmarks per week linking back to one of my sites.

I am looking for a trustworthy individual or team that can guarantee the weekly requirements above, with all work being completed by Thursday each week. On this day I will need a report to prove that all work has been done, not just links to the article directories but to the actual posts. If the posts are not yet live then I would require other proof of submissions.

I would like the winning bidder to start this immediately and I am looking for a long term working relationship.

There is obviously 2 articles that need to be written each week, one article, one press release. For these I will need someone who can write in PERFECT English and someone who can write in an imaginative style rather than boring articles that you see everywhere else.

Please provide me an example of a press release and an article that you have written so that I can see the style of which you write.

I am willing to pay $20 per week for this service so please only bid if this is a price you will work for. (bid 30 and send PM)

I look forward to receiving your bids.


p.s the first set of work will need to be completed by Thursday 24th if hired over the weekend. Please bid if you can do this.

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U.S Based Consumer Writers/Reporters Needed, Huge Potential

Consumer reporters needed.

High earnings potential!

You need to be:

– Based in the US

– Internet savvy

– Able to quickly and efficiently write error free english

– Able to – REPORT – on current events without including an opinion – no tips, no advice, no hype – just tell it the way it is.

– And have an approved Adsense account (for ongoing work after completion of this freelancer project).

Writers will be responsible for selecting, researching and writing 200+ word news reports (unbiased, factual accounts of current events).

We focus on consumer stories – shopping, deals, specials, travel, product launches, tech, health, home, media, and a limited number of reviews.

>>> Ability to write interesting, eye-catching, effective headlines is critical.

All writing must be original (except for properly attributed quoted material).

Stories are entered through WordPress, I can teach you how if you are not familiar with WordPress.

You must be self motivated, determined, able to write and proofread your own work, and submit the story with correct grammar and spelling. I am generous and supportive of my writers, but I dont nag at you to get the job done, you must have self discipline.

The starting pay for the first two weeks is $1.50 per report.

The $1.50 per report is just for two weeks to start. The goal will be to establish a long term relationship with you recieving a generous share of the ad revenue. You should earn much more than $1.50 a report that way. Please bid $45 and message me for details.

You will need to submit 3 reports a day, five days a week, on average, to participate in our site.

You will receive credit for the story in the byline, great for writers trying to establish themselves.

Those that include a sample consumer news story and headline with their bid will receive the highest consideration.

Some of my current reporters (and myself) are stay at home parents and/or homeschoolers, this is a great opportunity for those who need some flexibility in their day to day schedule… but you do have to write consistantly.

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I am hiring today!

I need a writer to work for me. Please state how many hours you are available. I would prefer someone who is always online and has their own laptops / personal computers. I need an honest, creative and bright writer who can write about a variety of subjects.

I prefer someone who has knowledge on SEO, Ezine Articles, Internet Marketing, and Blog Writing. Please list down your skills when you apply.

Pay are as follows:

300 words – $1
500 words – $1.75

If you do not agree with the payment terms, please do not apply.

To verify that you have read my instructions, please type "You are Beautiful" at the beginning of your cover letter.

Thank you!

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Medical Article Writers Needed

Looking for several freelance writers to produce original, non-copy writ articles of the medical field: new technologies, procedures, medical advances, health and fitness. Some research may be required. Sample articles must be provided before freelancers will be chosen. All articles must be spell checked, proof read and supplied in American English. Possibility of long term jobs for the right people.

All articles will be reviewed for approval. Only approved articles will be paid; by word approximately 200-500 words.

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Serious Article Writers Needed For Long Term


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Long Term Article Writer – $1.00 Per 500+ Word Article

I am looking for an excellent writer to write long term for me. You must have great English skills (I prefer native speakers) as well as the ability to do research for your writing.

There is no up front or milestone payment for this job – you will get paid weekly based on the number of articles you write that week.

–The payment is $1.00 per article.
–The article length will be at least 500 words each.
–The subject will vary. Some could be wedding related, diamond rings, alcoholism, eating disorders and more – you should be ready to research and write about anything.

These articles will be written for different purposes (content for websites, articles to submitted to article directories, etc.) so you will have different directions which will need to be followed.

Are articles must be 100% original and must pass copyscape.

I am looking for someone who can write between 15 – 20 articles a week. So you should be able to write 3 – 4 500 word articles a day, 5 days a week.

Bid for the first 100 articles – should be around $1.00 per article.

Lower bids get higher consideration.

Include at least 1 or 2 writing samples written by you.

** Even though the bid is only for 100 the job could turn into a much longer job for the right person.

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Native English Speaking Writers Needed For A Long Term Work

Hello writers,

we are looking for committed article writers for our ongoing projects for a long term.

Writer must have the following expertise

1. Have good command on written English and grammar.

2. Have perfect writing skills

3. Produce 100% original articles.

4. Payment is weekly based through GAF.

5. Payment would be released after the final approval of the articles from Client.

6. Please include your bid rate for 100 words and how many words can you manage daily


Happy bidding

Copyright: We retain full ownership of all the articles with complete copyright to use, publish, etc. on any of our web sites of all work purchased from you.

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Native Speaking Writers Needed For A Long Term Work

Hello writers,

we are looking for committed article writers for our ongoing projects for a long term.

Rate: 0.75 USD for 300 words Article

or 0.25 USD for per 100 words

All above rates are fixed

Writer must have the following expertise

1. Have good command on written English and grammar.

2. Have perfect writing skills

3. Produce 100% original articles.

4. Payment is weekly based through GAF.

5. Payment would be released after the final approval of the articles from Client.

Happy bidding

Copyright: We retain full ownership of all the articles with complete copyright to use, publish, etc. on any of our web sites of all work purchased from you.

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Ezine Writers Need For Long Term Work


I need few native English writers for Ezine..

I have 100s of articles that I need to submit in Ezine daily..articles will be 250 words each..

you must be aware of Ezine or his guidlines..Writer with Ezine account or Experience hire first..Please bid only if you think you can,otherwise please dont waste your hard work and my time..


$0.9 per 250 words…

Need in bulk always..


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Only Kenyan Article Writers Needed For Long Term


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WordPress & Joomla Expert For Long Term

Hi , I need JOOMLA & WordPress expert to work with me for long term , I have lot of projects and my current team dont have time , low rates with good feedback would be highly preferred , send me 5 of your good samples only.

Low price and good feedback only

Currently I have 3 psd to wordpress conversion , so bid for 3 psd now.

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Need Targeted FB Fans Provider – Long Term


Ive need individually or all USA/UK/AUS/CAN/NZ/EU Country Targeted Facebook Fanpage Fans Providers. Only serious bidders bid on this project. If you expert only 1 or 2 Targeted Countries may bid also. Ill select more providers for this project.

You must provide your Rate and Accurate Time of Delivery for 1k fans. Without this your bid will not accepted. Please give a best and reasonable price for long term business.

For Targeted FB Fans criteria :

I need Real and Active Targeted Fans for Facebook Fanpages.

Please think and must be remember before bidding: NO SPAM, NO FAKE, NO BOT.

Fan requirements:

1) they must be real people (no fake accounts or bots)
2) they should be from the Targeted Country (No others country)
3) Over the age of 18
4) Should have 30+ friends & 3+ pictures
5) should have regular status updates
6) No duplicate and B&W picture profiles
7) Must Targeted Countries individual IP

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Leads Leads Leads… Get Your Leads!!!!

We are a premier source lead provider. We are able to beat any competition when it comes to providing leads. We are able to produce any type of lead you could want. We can deliver them in just about any method you could want. Our data is the best and freshest out there!! Just send me a message with the type, the quantity, and how you want them delivered and I will tell you how much it will cost you. We have an A rating on the BBB because of our service history. I promise you will not be disappointed with the leads we provide. We are looking for long term buyers. Please dont be offended if you are mistakenly thinking that we are just going to give you the leads and have you pay for them after you are done with them, we are an actual business, and businesses dont work like that. If you want a small sample at first to see what we can do, we can sell you a small sample, if you want 1000 leads per day, we will position ourselves to give you 1000 leads per day, this is what we do!!!

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PSYCHOLOGICAL dissertation/lab report using the materials I send you to meet all requirements for the experiment carried out by myself and my team.


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Native Article Writer Needed $1 For 300 Words Long Term Work

Its a long term project. I want native writer who can work before deadline.I want writers to be on-line also in weekend.
Its a long term work.

Bid with following details.

1)How many articles you can give in 1 day
2)How many hour will you be online in 1 day
3)Send me your sample work
4)Why you want this job?
5)Why I will give you this job.
6)your cv

Happy Bidding

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Technical Writers – NATIVE Only – $3/500 Words-Long Term



This project requires you to have a thorough knowledge of computers and excellent writing skills regarding the same.

Word Count: 500 Words

Payment : GAF only

You will have to provide a sample of my choice to show your skills as a technical writer. ONLY THOSE WHO ARE READY TO WRITE IT SHOULD BID.


if you have read the project details, write "i agree to provide a sample of your choice" in your bid.

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Technical Writers – NATIVE – $2.5/500 Words-Long Term



This project requires you to have a thorough knowledge of computers and excellent writing skills.

Word Count: 500 Words

Payment : GAF

You will have to provide a sample of my choice to show case your skills as a technical writer. ONLY THOSE WHO ARE READY TO WRITE IT SHOULD BID.


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I need permanent writers who can work for me on regular basis..

I need 10-20 100% unique genuine CS passed 500 words articles per day…

My rate is – $0.25 per 100 words….

If you cant write 10-20 five hundred words articles per day then please dont bid my project…

And if you run away after taking the project then please dont bid my project…

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( MIND IT, I NEED WRITERS FOR MY PERSONAL WORKS – PERMANENTLY)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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Long Term Article Writing

==========Article Writing Requirement===========

I am looking for article writer who can write very high quality articles for blog of a new ecommerce website. It is long term work.

1. I will give you some keywords but you have to be innovative, it is in the Bath Products niche.

2. It has to be UK (British) English without any spelling and grammar errors.

3. It is for Blog of a ecommerce site with a personal touch, hence it has be humorous, easy to read, funny and article can be in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Person to have readers coming back to the website.

4. Sometimes might have to write about new product launches as part of the blog for which enough notice period will be given.

5. You have to use a great article structure with catchy titles, short paragraphs, smart keyword adjustments without spamming, good subheadings, bulleted points wherever needed.

6. Article has to be 100% unique, plagiarism free, and pass 100% Copyscape premium account test.

7. You have to be able to write a minimum of 2 – 3 articles daily needed for about 250-300 words.

8. I will pay $1 per article.

9. Payments will be made through PayPal Only.

10. Payments will be made for every 20 Articles.

11. Will expect to work on this for at least 6 months and then extend if needed.

12. I will increase the rate further $1.25 or $1.5 after 3 months only if the article are high quality and satisfactory as per requirement mentioned.

13. I will own and retain exclusive copyrights to all paid content. You will retain NO RIGHTS to any paid content including, but not limited to, using the content yourself, posting the content as a sample, reselling the content or distributing the content in any manner including spinning or rewriting the content.

14. I am hoping to have a long relation and I have many websites in need of articles and more work will be promised.

15. No representatives, only if you are article writer bid with sample work. Bids with no reviews will be ignored.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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Bulk Writer ($0.1 120 Words) Articles

Hello All
I need bulk writer
Quality in articles and much have good experience in articles writing
i need permanents writers in bulk
Articles should be copyscape passed and unique
i will give you topic for articles writing 120 words only unique articles
$30 for 300 articles so kindly bid for $30 only
i will select 3 providers you need to write articles topic i will give you

PM me with your sample work it is ongoing project for all writers

this is long term project
"Hardu" write this words so i know that you had read the description carefully
happy bidding

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Transcript Rewriters – Long Term – $0.50 Per Article

I have multiple Chat conversations that need to be cleaned up, and edited so that it can be read/printed.

Input will be
me: How are u doing!
John: m fine, its rianing thogh.

and so on.. It will be approximately 50-100 lines. Some lines may be up to 40-50 words.

It needs to be cleaned up and made into an good conversation.
* Fix spelling errors (rianing => raining, thogh=> though.)
* Fix punctuations, How are u doing => How are you doing?
* Fix the order of questions/answers if incorrect (due to it being chat).

We will need approximately 4-5 articles rewritten each week, for the next 10 weeks.

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Need PHP/programmer Help. Winner Will Get Long Term Work

Hello all,

I have a partially created site. Please help me to complete this.
Am looking a freelancer or small firm.
I have many outsource work like web development, facebook apps etc..
So I need a person who can do php coding.

I need complete this site:
Register form alredy have register form.
Please read carefully. Type "Ebook" – when you bid.
Then need form for add ;
Ebook Name
Plublished by:
Shopping cart:
================= Also need ADD Category:

Then disply category, Best sellers and ebook news letter sign up form etc are at left side bar. check this-

This is a demo:-

Thanks… Lowest bidder can get this work, and will continue more work this type..

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