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Article On Foreclosures

What I want is a short and informative article on Foreclosures, aka "for dummies", for my real estate site. The target would be the novice investor that dont know much about foreclosures in the USA. Write about different types, differences between states etc, what traps there could be for foreigne investors etc.

I want some original content, but it dont need to be long or advanced, better well researched, could be real fast and easy if you are knowledgeable of the subject. I only want US writers.

Please PM me with deatils, questions, etc.

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Need A Partner

I am in need of an aspiring business enterpreneur as a partner.I have a business proposal;this is my idea.We make an online ecommerce site like etc a reality.
Dont worry about sourcing of product and so on.All are taken care of in my business plan which i will disclose to my eventual partner.I need someone who is genuinely interested in this proposal because this is long time relationship.Please if you want to bid on this project,tell me a reason why i should make you my partner,i mean.What can you do as a partner in the promotion of the business.Please serious bidders only.

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Need Dolphin 7 Installed Today Quick

Need Dolphin 7 installed on my domain asap today … i dont have big budget, and this job does not take a long time to do i know that..

let me know

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Article Writers Required

I am looking for Effective Writers with speed and accuracy . Lots of work is available with me and for long time. Indian writers are most welcome

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Part Time Long Term Job-250$ Monthly

Must have verified and active Paypal account.I need a communicative, trustworthy person with excellent organizational, computer, and business skills for the position of Regional Representative Agent. Work can be combined with any permanent or other part time job; average workload is up to 10 hours a week. No experience necessary. Please,message for more information at tasbirnitole at gmail dot com . Excellent benefit/compensation package, salary starts from $250 monthly.
18 years old or older.

Mandatory requirement:

*Paypal and moneybookers active and verified account( Paypal must be verified for sending and receiving funds)
*Western union money transfer knowledge
*24 hours communication if necessary
*start right now

Bid for 30$ without any milestone.

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Easy Article Wirting

It is very easy job. New comer are most welcome. This is my test project. I need some travel related articles. I would like to see some samples of your writing with your bids please. I will not pay for anything that has obviously been copied, scraped or otherwise fails to pass copyscape, as well as for very poor quality work. You can write your won experience and give some photo that place. Please mention how much cost, best time to travel, how?
country base articles:
1. Thailand
3. France
4. Cambodia
5. Tibet
6. Malaysia
7. Nepal
8. Singapore
9. Japan
10. India
11. srilanka
12. Bhutan
13. Egypt

My payment methods:
2. moneybookers

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Transcript Rewriters – Long Term – $0.50 Per Article

I have multiple Chat conversations that need to be cleaned up, and edited so that it can be read/printed.

Input will be
me: How are u doing!
John: m fine, its rianing thogh.

and so on.. It will be approximately 50-100 lines. Some lines may be up to 40-50 words.

It needs to be cleaned up and made into an good conversation.
* Fix spelling errors (rianing => raining, thogh=> though.)
* Fix punctuations, How are u doing => How are you doing?
* Fix the order of questions/answers if incorrect (due to it being chat).

We will need approximately 4-5 articles rewritten each week, for the next 10 weeks.

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Need Classified Ad Poster ( 2nd )

I need someone to post 30 ads every day in the musicians section.
I need each ad to be posted in a different city within the US only. You may repeat ads in cities, but no more than 2 or 3 times.
You must provide a spreadsheet ( excel ) with a link to each ad after each day. Its a long time project. So please only experienced bidder bid here.

Payment via GAF.


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Australia Only Backlinks

Hi All

This is a VERY specific request.

I am looking for Australian only backlinks. These need to be permanent.

1. These links need to come from australian IP addresses only.
2. These need to be links only.

Its in the jewellery niche, so im happy to pay for article syndication, as long as its in the same niche from australia.

PM me what you have with a price. The more detail you have the better the chances of winning this bid


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Long Term Article Work: $1.50 Per Article


I am hiring dependable writers for long term work to write original and rewrite articles. Topics will vary based upon the project. I will have work available everyday of the week, but only ask that you be available at least 3-5 days of the week. Any work assigned will need turned no later than the following day.

All articles will be 400-600 words on many different topics. All work will be unique and must pass copyscape. I ask that you complete a minimum of 5 articles a day. Please only bid if this is not a problem to meet the deadline and amount of articles needed daily. Articles will need to be written with good grammar, punctuation and spelling. These articles need to be unique and 100% copyscape Free and will be checked for plagiarism or you may not be eligible for payment.

I will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away these articles.

Ideas of articles that will need written are Facebook, Twitter, Android and iPhones, Internet Marketing, SEO, down to parenting, pregnancy, pets, etc.

The writer needs to start today!! You must be a Native English speaker and writer. I am wanting writers from the US because of the time differences and I have had issues with non natives writing proper English.

Payments will be made by Paypal on a weekly basis, $1.50 per articles. I do not do milestone payments, so please avoid bidding with the milestone option or you will not be chosen.

Communication is necessary, so being able to check your email throughout the day is required.

The lowest of bids will be chosen.

**Please put "I am an English Native" in your bids. Also, tell me something about yourself and your writing abilities.
If you were not chosen for this project, please apply again because I am always hiring.

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Forensics Tools


I couldnt find any one who can REALLY do forensics here. I have two exercises

Please check attached file of the first assignment. (I couldnt find the exercise in Google books so I scanned it)

Here is what I need you to help me with in this exercise:

1) A screen shot of each step in the exercise. (You can skip some of the steps if you want, especially if you think they are going to take a long time)

2) Under the screen shots, I would like from you to write 2 to 3 lines of analysis for what did you do in that step. (write anything, the professor loves quantity more than quality, so write what ever that looks good)

Thank you so much if you could help me with that.
bid for least

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6 Urgent Articles $10 – Escrow Payment!

I need 6 health articles of 500 words done in a few hours from selection. I will escrow payment of $10 for these 6 articles.

If i like the work there is a prospect of long term work as well.

PM me in how much time you can do this. I want someone who can do it in a couple of hours.


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1000 Social Bookmarkings Need To Be Done


I have a list of 1000+ Social Bookmarking Website..Since I am busy in other works..I need some one to submit all the content in those sites of a particular website.This is very urgent.Please bid soon..

If it is done in right time,that person will be hired for long term and given more projects every week.

Happy bidding!!!


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Technical Article For Internet Protocol Security

We are looking for a technical writer for our scientific magazine.
We need an article connected to internet security, we need a technical writer, who knows how the IP works and how connection and host communicate, means you have to have an IT background in networking in order to be able to make such article!
Of course, this report must be unique, it will be about 5 pages long. Not published before, and you will give us the full right of using it and publishing it in our blog.
Please bid if you are sure that you will make it in 5 days maximum time.
Thank you

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Component>> Mobilejoomla<< Expert ONLY

I need to configure a one site for mobile joomla which module setting and especially Menus.
Looking for experienced extension expert.
We need a help.
This job task will come sometime to our clients, so long time business relationship needs.
and require, SKYPE or YM for communication.

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Looking Exprience SEO Provider For Long Time

We are looking for more assignment. Who are always be ready to work with me.Following are the tasks listed below:-

1) Normal data collection task such as Data entry/data scraping etc.
2) Social Bookmarking
3) Backlinking,Using Angela pdfs, and creating profile.
4) Article writing and submissions
5) Link building
6) Link Wheel
6) SEO,search engine optimization
7) Directory submissions,submitting details to business directories.
8) Press release submissions,
9) Videos posting/uploading videos/video submissions
10) Product uploading on Joomla, magento, creloaded etc
11) Transcription/Transcribing
12) Voice over,Male and Female
13) Virtual Assistant,customer support

Note: If you dont have any great *reviews or experience then *please dont put your bid on this project and *dont waste my time.

** Please new freelancers dont put your bid on this project **

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Blog Revolution

I need someone or a team who can build many blogs depending on my google adsense account which can generate 20 $ daily as a start in the first 2 months , then average of 150 – 200 $ a day , with fresh content and the revenue will be shared between me and you, 25 % of total revenue for you, this job depending on your efforts to generate income and you will get 25 % of this income , this is a long time job which will be increasing and i am ready for more cooperation with the person or the team who will apply

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Marketing Persons Required

We are looking for sales persons from different cities of the world. From almost all parts of the world.
Have to meet the clients personally.
Part time work
Long term contract
can work on commission and salary
for further detail bid please

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Long Term Article RewritersIIOriginal And RewritesII Urgent

– 500 words
– Daily submission of around 7-10 articles/ rewrites
– Articles need to be 0% duplication. If articles do not pass copyscape, you do not get paid
– Need online contact either on email,gmail and regular updates
– Articles – Quality to be 100% in terms of spelling, punctuation,grammar
– I al looking for Long-Term writers to join my team, please do not bid if you cant stick to commitments
– Pay – 1 dollar per 500 words ( Rewrites) and 1.25 dollars per 500 words ( Original)
– Weekly payment, on acceptance of all articles


*** Rewrite this sample and Bid for 30 articles/ rewrites ****
Tips to Quit Smoking-

Are you finally ready to quit smoking? You dont have to do it in a vacuum, in fact here are 6 tips to quit smoking can help make the whole ordeal of quitting a little bit easier:

1. Begin by talking to your doctor. He can help you to determine if you will need a prescription help to stop smoking. When quitting, the withdrawal symptoms can be really intense so medications can really give you the help you need to get over the hump. Patients that use prescription help are two times as likely to be successful at stopping use of all tobacco products than those who try to quit cold turkey.

2. Make a list of why you want to quit smoking. Be sure that you list the benefits to you personally at the top of the list. Many persons, who decide that they want to stop for someone else, will start smoking again later on. Also, write down all benefits of quitting such as better health, more money, etc…. Keep that list near you at all times.


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Long Term Article Rewriting Work – $1/article

Proper English Required. Please do not bid if you cannot rewrite the articles using proper English. I prefer writer who can rewrite 10 or more articles per day.

Please rewrite the below paragraph: Bid without rewriting below paragraph will be ignored.

Rewrite the below paragraph:
If youre looking for a cheap web hosting service, there are many companies that offer low monthly rates to host (store) your site. Some examples are Yahoo, Bluehost, Network Solutions and Hostgator, just to name a few. Of course, not everyone is looking for the same webhosting features, but are all offers the same? The answer is no. Believe it or not, there are web hosting companies that have millions of websites on their servers. If you multiply that by the average monthly fee of around ten dollars a month, that adds up to some serious cash flow!
I need a writer who can rewrite articles in his/her own words while retaining the meanings of the original articles.

US $1/article of 500 words. Total $30/30 rewrites. Bid over $30 will be ignored.

I will provide 30 articles for you to rewrite and I should retain all rights to the articles written.

In rewriting articles you will
– Provide re-written versions that must be 100% original and unique while retaining the keywords. No sentences or paragraphs in your rewritten version can be uniquely identifiable from the original version (I will check through copyscape to detect any sign of duplication for each article. Each one will pass Copyscape and DupeFree for uniqueness of 95% minimum.)

– Provide re-written articles that have 500 words or more (excluding article title)
– You CANNOT outsource or employ others to write for you. Individuals representing other writers or companies are not allowed to bid.

– Re-write each article (INCLUDING article titles) in a way that its meaning is retained.

– Provide re-written versions that are grammatically correct and in standard American English and should make sense to the reader

– Article must be in Word 2000 format and must save each article as individual files.

– Must save the documents accordingly and DO NOT RENAME THE FILES so I can cross reference with the original article files

– All exlusive rights to the articles belong to me. As such you are NOT ALLOWED to use or distribute the articles in any possible way

Your rewritten version of articles are not allowed to be rewritten in the following manner

– changing only a word or two (e.g., substituting synonyms) and leaving the sentences still intact and recognizable from the original text;

– simply transposing whole sentences within a paragraph (e.g., putting the last sentence somewhere in the middle of the paragraph).

– using any software ( I want all of my articles to be manually rewritten)

Ill be having more rewrites coming up. As such the maximum bid of this project is US30. Bids more than that will be ignored. Good writer can expect to take up long term project with me in article rewriting

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Long Term Article Writer Needed

I am looking for experienced writers to write a series of articles on a variety of different topics. Writers must be able to create all-original articles that are of high quality, and must not have been made through the use of any article generating/article spinning software programs. All articles will be checked through Copyscape prior payment is sent to make sure that there is no plagiarism involved. Upon submission, all of the copyrights of the submitted materials will be transferred to me and as such, the chosen writer cannot use this as part of his/her portfolio or used as samples for other bids.

I will pay $1.5/article. This is a long term project and the rate per article will be increased based on the writers skills.

All payments will be done via PayPal. I do not do upfront payments. Bids that require an upfront payment will NOT be entertained.

Please submit a sample of your previous work and start your bid with the sentence "I have read and understood the project". I will only entertain bids that include a sample. Bids without a sample will NOT be entertained.

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Long Term Article Writing

I am about to embark on a project involving fulltime article writing.
Over the next month I will be compiling a team to help me write some articles on a daily basis, 5 days a week.
Looking to pay around $1- 1.50 an article, 5-7 articles a day, 5 days a week. Some will be rewrites the others will be actual articles you need to research about.
Articles will run between 400-500 words, and employer is looking for people who speak, write, and understand ENGLISH 110%.
Id like a sample article about whatever youd like around 100 words each, just to test your English and grammar.

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Experienced Article, Blog, RSS Writer For Long Time Relation

Hi dear,
i m new user.i m looking for some expertise.i will do my work very hardly.

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Experienced Article, Blog, RSS Writer For Long Time Relation

Looking for 15+ articles a bi-weekly.

Articles need to be Search engine optimization targeted.

Please Understand writing Guidelines Below.


Budget: USD $1 – $3 per article (450-525 words)

* You will need to Employ perfect English
* Articles need to be free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.
* 450 – 525 words each.
* All articles must have UNIQUE content, this can be verified.
* You must understand Search engine optimization as well, including keyword density. Not more than 2.5% keyword density.
* I will need exclusive and complete copyrights to any or all work purchased.
* The content writer for us is strictly for us. No reselling, reusing or re-writing.
* Some of the articles could be posted on associated content, ezine and helium. Pay attention to their policy and regulations.
* Article must be to the point and still preserving the body of writing [450-525 words] requirement.
* Areas of expertise in writing could be but not limited to: Bank Loans, appliances, cruise ships, waste – garbage, lumber, tidal energy, hardwood, sun energy, Reno, Vegas, used cars, fashions, hot tubs, gambling, legal forms, cell phones, awnings, sunrooms, handrails, Canadian shops.
* Professional writing where sentences make common sense yet have SEO embedded.
* Each article need to have a 2-5 sentence Summary as well as never exceed fifty words.
* MUST pass COPYSCAPE or the like.
* No plagiarism

Once article has been submitted it requires 48 hours to read, tested and confirm substance. Accepted articles will be sent payment the same weeks Friday.
I pay by the use of PayPal. Please highlight all requested keywords and phrases once you completed the drafts in word format.

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Article Posting


I need a serious and dedicate article entry clerk needed.

Please read carefully before you submit your quote
– You have to post 250 articles per day, searching over the internet based on my keyword.
– You dont have to edit the article
– This job is for a week only. You have to post 7 days regularly. If everything goes fine i will take for long.

Other basic instruction regarding effective article posting will be given later.

Please bid only if you are serious, i already had bad experience with delay and excuses.


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Long Term Article Ghostwriting – 10 Per Week

Please read the descriptions! This is a long term project and I wont consider any bidding that use generic message.

Read the How to Bid" section

Quality ghostwriter needed for a long term content writing.

10 articles (450-550 words) weekly, long term. Max bid $4 per article.

* Health & Fitness (Majority of the articles)
* Environment

– 10 original article titles will be given weekly.
– The articles will focus on a certain keyword terms.
– Length: 450-550 per article.

– All the copyright will be owned by me.
– Articles should pass copyscape. Any plagiarism means termination of the project. No payment will be made for the plagiarised articles.
– Articles should be very well researched. Focus on quality.

How to Bid:
– Write SPR1 in your bid – either in PM or message.
– Write me an original paragraph about What is Sustainability?
– Provide me sample of your work.
– PM me for the details of your bid.
– You need to agree to revise the articles if I regard it unsatisfactory.

Payment terms:
– Send per batch of successful articles (e.g. 10 x $4 = $40 per week).
– You need to send me an invoice weekly.
– Payment will be made within 1 week of article submissions.
– Late article will be penalised – 5% of payment for everyday its late.

– Freelancer PM
– Email
– Frequent communications needed!

Should there be any questions, feel free to PM me.

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Another Project Shawats Conservatories

This project requires 10 articles to written and published on ezine articles

Each article will have 2 signature links and anchor text which I will provide.

The subject matter will be conservatories, double glazing, upvc windows.

The person who does this, must have the ability of publishing all 10 articles. I do not want to have to wait a long time until articles are published.

these article must not in the future be rejected because of keyword percenetage etc.

The articles must be good english.

articles to be 500 words each

I need this project to be completed asap.

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