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Zdrenga Flash As2 Project Update

Please note this project is for Zdrenga only as he has created all the code this far. Further development of an existing flash as2 xml menu to incorporate accordion menu style functionality. This would update the xml structure to support additional nodes providing an type function. I will provide the lastest source code for you to update as usual.

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AS2 GURU to work on 1 or 2 project involving Adobe FMS, ( we HAVE TO work with AS2 bcos of time contraints )

now be clear about one thing – this site has a ton of _____ time wasters, who will not do as told, if you are planning to lecture us just dont even bother to bid,

we know what we want, how to acheive it and how much it will cost, we are FLASH progammers ourselves

apply with CV and portfolio and again dont offer re write, we dont have time or interest


PAYMENT TERMS : we agree on the work list, and moeny goes into escrow, when you achieve and deliver each milestone ON TIME the corresponding milestone is relased to you, i dont even want to talk about delays, i will not tolerate delays, payment will be immediate

( now i say openly i have 2 bad reviews as freelancer, the buyers were a*******, im not to blame, so bid with confidence, if you are honest to me, im the same to you )

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AS2 To AS3 Conversion (169 Lines)

I recently downloaded a file from Activeden, and discovered to my horror that it is written in AS2. Im looking to have it converted to AS3 with all functionality intact.

The file is 169 lines, including comments (its very well documented) – probably about 120 without comments. Thats split over three locations in the file – Im 98% sure Ive found everything, but if there are some extra lines tucked away in an object somewhere Ill happily pay extra.

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Finish My Flash Work And Solve Some Issues

Hi to all freelancers!
I need a freelancer with AS3 experience, PHP and MySQL to help me out as soon as possible…
Im working on a project that i started with AS2 but then i needed to modify to AS3, since
im not more expert at AS3 only to AS2 i need help on some features to finish the project…

Ill pay between $50 to $100, not less and not more.
Ill give the files and the features that i need to finish the project.
Good luck on bidding.

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Convert AS2.0 Flash Audio Player To AS3.0

I would like to convert an existing Flash Audio player built in AS2.0 to AS3.0

existing player is here:

if logged in, two more playlists are accessible

AS2.0 source file
dynamically generated xml file provided
full path to streaming files
news feed xml

window scroll currently used does not work in AS2.0

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Experienced Flash And As2 Developer Needed

Experienced as2 and flash animator needed for a flash banner.

will provide details via pm

job is very simple. but needs to be done immediately

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As2 And Flash Designer Needed Urgently

Experienced as2 and flash animator needed for a flash banner.

will provide details via pm

job is very simple. but needs to be done immediately

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Fluid Flash – Resize Slideshow Pro AS2 Depending On Browser

Here is my slideshow:

I want this flash AS2 slideshow to resize automatically depending on the browser size / screen resolution so that I can get it to be more "fullscreen".

There are several tutorials around for "fluid flash" where the flash stage resizes based on listeneres that detect when the browser resizes like here

I cannot get this to work correctly. My slideshow flash project is made in AS2 and I would like to get this coded in AS2.

I already have the slideshow so I dont need that. All I need is the code that would resize a flash project on an HTML page. I can submit my flash project to you for modifying once the bidding is complete.

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AS2 Text Boxes And Minor Flash Edits Needed Asap

We have an AS2 file that needs to have updates made to it immediately. The design is all complete. There are two places where the user will enter text associated with a symbol, that text will need to be saved so that it comes again when the user clicks on the instance of that symbol again later. A few other minor edits. This is for a presentation and is does not need to be associated with a database yet.

If this goes will, there will be months of work available. The presentation is on Friday, Los Angeles time. I will be selecting someone very quickly so, if you have solid experience in AS2/AS3 and integrating flash with php/mysql (for the future work) then please submit right away.

Game experience is a plus but not required.

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I need a as2 .fla file that is capable of loading text and images from a MySQL database. (images are simple relative links)

So i only need one file to load the contents from the 1st db row. I must be able to modify the .fla to assign which row the data must be read from.

After the project is assigned I will give you an example of the as2 .fla and access to the mysql database.

Thats it.


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Simple Modifications To .FLA (AS2) File

I do have a .fla file (in AS2) which needs some minor modifications (should take a skilled devel. not more than half an hour)

it is a fla that has a video player and an image gallery

— make content always centered stage (withtout using _stage) no matter what the SWF size is
— both items shall be miniized by default and only show when activated

i am looking for a developer from Europe, as there may be further projects.

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Rewrite This Code From AS2 To AS3 And Fill With Comments

I want someone to take the AS2 code from this page

And completely rewrite it for Action Script 3. Than fill it full of comments, thoroughly explaining everything thats going on line by line, I want at least 200 lines of comments (the comments can be on the same line as the code or the line above or both). Lastly, I want you to send me a working fla of the game which has the comments and has been translated to AS3.

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AS2 Flattr Integration Into A Flash AS2 Site

We would like to integrate flattr into our flash site.

We require the flattr button to ac in the same way that it does when used in html, see examples of the button in use here at the bottom of one of the blog posts –

this is use in html of course, we want the same thing in flash, so firstly it checks if the user is logged into flattr, if not it will call the popup to allow the user to login to their flattr account, once logged in they dont have to login anymore and when they click the flattr button on any website for that session it will simple change the button status to flattrd and update the count, also there is the option to subscribe.

Integration would be done via the javascript api and this would need to communicate with flash.

We would be adding the button to each record on dope awards and each button would have the username of the person who won the award, which we would collect when they make a submission. We would also have a version of the button for people to flattr site itself. So two uses, one for the site to be flattr and one button for winners of our awards to receive flattrs via our awards site.

You can see info on flattr integration here

please note this would need to be in AS2 and the button can be developed as a separate button standalone, we can then integrate into our site our self, we would just require handover of the flash fla, swf and associated javascrpt, php, html files, etc.

can you please provide a timeframe and quote?

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Looking For Good Company Technolgy C#, PHP, AS2, AS3 . Net

We need experienced AS3, AS2, C# PHP developing team/ company, project discussion in pmb.

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Smart Fox Pro & Openspace Expert Flash AS2 & AS3

We have all of our assets for our virtual world. Avatar dress up and locations. We are looking for a programmer that is experienced with smart fox and openspace, AS2 & AS3 and Flash. The first phase if already set up and the avatars will not walk they will only fly. Please get in touch as soon as possible.

Also please dont respond if you dont have experience with the rapid deployment of a virtual world. Please send samples of your work. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Port AS3 Preloader And Bridge To AS2 (Flash, Action Script)

The task is to take existing AS3 code and port it to AS2. (You will need CS5.)

The preloader has a default animation as well as functionality for serving an ad (four ad types:, swf, or image). To server the ad there is bridge class which dynamically loads during the preloader.

You will not need to do any animation work on the timeline.

Youll be given:
– .fla
– 4 ad classes
– 2 main classes (AS3 document class)

Youll return:
– .fla
– AS2 classes
– example swf and fla for each ad type
– brief instruction doc for installing the AS2 preloader

Time line: Start immediately and return it within 3 business days.

If youre familiar with AS3 and AS2, it should be a quick and easy project.

NOTE: The last person was not able to finish this. Youll need CS5 to be able to test. Please only bid if you are able to follow directions. Specifically, youll need to return the test classes which show the code is functional.


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CS5 Flash AS2 Calling External SWF Into A Frame

Need a container in a frame to call up an external SWF file and target it into the container when the frame comes up. The site is AS2 and built with CS5 Adobe Flash. This is simple but requires extensive knowldge of AS2 and Flash to make it work. I have the FLA file but I dont have all the components. so….this is not a trial an error work. If you know what you are doing, it will work on first attempt or you can send the fla file back to me so I can run it locally and test it. I dont want to send all the library components for you to run it. I will have to run it for you.


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Print PDF From Flash

I want to be able to print a PDF from my flash file.

It must be able to print online AND offline. So there cant be used a PHP file or any other server side scripting.

My application is in AS2 so I prefer a AS2 solution. However, if you can integrate a as3 solution in as2, then thats fine also.

Thank you for your time!

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Port AS3 Preloader To AS2 (Flash, Action Script)

The task is to take the existing AS3 code and port it to AS2.
The preloader has a default animation as well as functionality for serving an ad (ad types:, swf, or image).

Youll be given:
– .fla
– 4 ad classes
– 2 main classes (AS3 document class)

Youll return:
– .fla
– AS2 classes
– example swf and fla for each ad type
– brief instruction doc for installing the AS2 preloader

Time line: Start immediately and return it within 3 business days.

If youre familiar with AS3 and AS2, it should be a quick and easy project (probably a day max).

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Flash Accordion Menu / AS2

Need an Accordion menu created in Flash (see picture attached) for use with Flash website.

All links need to be Flash actions, navigating within the Flash file! (not URL links). XML data for menu is ok, as long as it links to inside Flash file – NO URLs.

Each category will expand and close separately.

Final file to be delivered as editable Flash CS4 file.

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Flash, FLEX, Red5, AS2 / AS3

Project details will be shared with qualified candidates in the PMB.

We do not post escrow payments – ever.

English fluency required.

Preference given to vendor in Central and South America.

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AS2/3 Link Manager


I need to develope a Link Manager AS Application.

1) Load a JPG as background
2) Click in "tools elements" to select the tool
1) Link Area
2) URL Area
3) mailto Area
4) Popup Area
5) zoom area
6) Gallery area
3) Draw a square over the jpgs,
4) you can create as many "areas" you need, after that save in an XML ( i will provide the tags structure)

Thats All

See attach screenshots

ALL bidders, please note:
1. You MUST have experience: creating ActionScript Applications. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE.
2. You must have some examples of your work.

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Add Google Analytics For Flash Book AS2 And AS3

I currently create flash e-books from pdf files, I need to be able to provide statics for each book.

I know that google now offers this for as3 and I think it can be done for as2 also.

I am looking for these stats:
Statistics wanted:

– Time spent viewing whole e-book
– Time spend on each page
– Pages viewed
– Last time e-book was viewed
– Pages that have been zoomed
– Home site clicked
– E-mail sent
– Which pages printed
– PDF downloaded
– Links clicked on
– Which words searched
– External links clicked

or as many as possible.
example of my flash ebook:

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AS2 Actionscript Help

Need help with actionscript features added.

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AS2 Flash Animation Project For Dipendra

Hi this is a Flash animation project for Dipendra.

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Flash AS2 Animation Expert Required

Im looking urgently for an experienced AS2 developer to help me with some urgent animation work.

Please do not bid if youre not familiar with AS2 just to tell me about your companys services because I will be extremely rude to you.

I need to know if you can program in ActionScript 2 and bring that together in a series of Flash animated designs (the designs have already been done they just need to be modified slightly)

There is only a little amount of work that now needs to be done as the system has to integrate with a CMS system (written in PHP) so we just need some minor tweaks and changes.

The successful applicant will be expected to work around the clock to get these changes done as our deadline is Wednesday morning at 0900GMT.

Please note you will also have to be available on skype during these times for regular contact.

Please write &99# to ensure me you have read the advert – AGAIN FLASH AS2 EXPERIENCED DEVELOPERS only not so called Company Directors

You will need to prove how experienced you are by doing one of the sample tasks before I award the project to you. If you disappear or simply talk and no action then you will not be awarded the project.

Happy bidding

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Page Flip AS2 Programmer Need

I need a Flash, Actionscript 2 Programmer

I have a professional page flip ASP solution and i need to add some features.

ALL bidders, please note:
1. You MUST have experience of creating page-flip interactive brochures. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE.
2. You must have some examples of your work.

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Flash AS2 Project For BittLoader

This is Project for Bittloader in Flash AS2. and budget is $20-$40.
Please PM me for details.


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Flash AS2 + XML Website

Hi all.

I need a AS2 Flash website with XML which will load text and graphics.

The website will have five parts (HOME, ABOUT US, CONTACT US, SERVICES, AND OFFERS) plus an additional MENU (LIKE FOOD MENU) button for restaurants. It also have 2 languages.

The idea is to put the text/graphic links in the XML for an easy update by me in the future.

I already have a layout for the website, i just need someone to put my Layout working on the Flash + XML.

Before bid, please make sure you can do this job.

Write "morpheu" in the bid for knowing that you read my project.


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Not So simple project with very simple directions. This is going to make someone happy. Send PM for detail.

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I need some help with an AS2 application. I have an application which should work properly but for some reason, it just not loading the correct contents and details from the XML. it could be because I have not placed the xml files in the wrong folder or because of something else. I just need you to view this application source files and let me know why and how I can sort this issue out.

Please bid only if you know enough about Flash AS2 and if you dont or just learning then please do not bid.

the budget is $45 for this project as it is a fairly easy project.


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Campaign Interactions As2

We need developers skilled in as2 to produce 5 campaign banners.
The code must be easy to realocate in other campaign formats.

We need drag, shake and a kind of race game code. More details will be sent to the candidates.

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Flash Coder For Simple Game In AS2 (premade Animations)

Looking for a decent Flash Coder/Developer to code up a flash game in AS2.

The game is nice and simple and all the graphics and animations have already been made, just need to be coded.

The game uses a very simple point and click interface, nothing but mouse interaction and timing stuff to code.

Should be very competent in AS2 and have made flash games before.

Im only looking to hire to speed things up, I would do it all myself but could use an extra set of hands, but I WILL be checking your work over to make sure your code works.

If you need more info on the game then PM me before offering a price. Also any examples of games youve made before would be good, but only if you coded the whole thing yourself, not ones youve done as part of a team.

Should be a quick and efficient worker, and most importantly SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH!!!

Please do not bother applying if you dont, I can tell if you are or not so youll just be wasting your time.

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