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ASP Developer For Contact Form


I need a contact form building into a web page that will have 8 fields and will send the data to the server via CSV. The server operates via ASP. I need to deliver the project on Monday so I will need the coding by Thursday Night/Friday morning. I also dont have the web page built yet so Ill need to know how quickly it can be turned around.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Shipping Module For Shopping Cart Website.


Need an experienced ASP Shopping Cart ( developer for online store. Full payment upon completion.

We need developer to develop a shipping module for our website www,

IMPORTANT: You must provide past work examples, including what part of project was your responsibility.

We Need from you:

– Shipping modules to be installed, like Canpar, Canada Post and DHL.
– Ideally this module would interact with my local postal service calculator to get the shipping cost rates, based on dispatch location postcode.

Full payment will be released immediately after Website has been tested to the level of high quality no problems. This is turn key operation, means this is developers issue to develop the product and hand us over to test.
Payments can be settled with only by GAF. No wire, no western union, no other method of payment is accepted.

No advanced and partial payment will be given for any reason what so ever.

Consistent communication on status of project is a must. Also time is essence of this bid.

** Buyers is allowed to copy development as and when and where he deems fit, he can modify change, reuse, un use any or part or all of development.
** Developer is not allowed to reuse, use, modify change , reverse engineer any or whole part of development.

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To Run C++ Program In A Web-site

I have a running software which is for our users who use it with password and ID.
It runs from a CD.
We want to run it on our website which is made in
Please give complete cost and time required.
We need to do it in 1-2 days.
Only serious candidates who can do it in 1-2 days may apply.

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A few hours weekly long term – Need an individual developer with a minimum of five years experience. If you are company with several developers, please dont apply. We are looking for an individual who can assist us with the sites maintenance, additions, changes, modification, and email broadcast. The site is a news and directory outlet. We pay hourly. No offsite work allowed. Need to access our server via remote service that is provided from our office. Must be available during our business hours of U.S. Pacific Time Zone. We are open 6:00am to 9:00pm our time. State your experience and hourly rate. As soon as tomorrow work may start. Good luck bidding. Lot more work available if satisfied with performance.

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Bike Compatiblity Site


I have a client who requires a simple site that allows them to upload bike information. The system will then have a set of accessories so when the user selects the make, model and year from a drop down box it will then return compatabile accessories and items for this bike.

This system must be developed in ASP.NET C# and connected to an SQL Database.

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Copy Of The BBC Website Homepage

I require (for a non-commerical learning site) a webpage that looks and feels exactly feels like the home page.

I need it as a Classic ASP webpage and callable Ajax (javascript) to another Classic ASP script to save the drag movements – writing to a cookie for each portlet position is fine so that the initial page can build the portlets correctly for the next time it runs.

The initial script must specifically ;
1.have portlet sections that can be dragged and dropped as smoothly and slickly as the website page.
– that sections can be easily moved around and do not need an exact position for the drag facility to work – unlike other jquery examples that can be found around the web.

2.exactly the same CSS setup is needed; so that the mouse over of the dragable [top] part of each portlet is highlighted with the portlet border.

3.that portlets can be collapsed and expanded with the triangle at the top left of each portlet (next to the portlet title). The collapse and expand must be with the same slick (prototype) animation effect.

4.Where two types of portlets are provided in the final delivery one where there is an EDIT option and one without. The EDIT option (see BBC site for example) will animate a section opening up that will present check box options for that portlet.

5.For each section drag and drop it must save the portlet section position with a Classic ASP cookie (from an Ajax Call) so that on the next reload it will be positioned exactly how it was left.

6.Each portlet must have curved corners in the same way as the website – no curved graphics just javascript or CSS to curve them so that portlets can be created easily after the project without any need for anything outside of the project delivery.

Although the colours shown on the example attached document are green and magenta, the site must have CSSs in the same way as the BBC site so that they can be tailored using the Customise this Page ptions:

Drag and Drop operation
The drag is easy to use for non-technical users, it highlights the area that it is coming from with a subtle grey area with white dotted border

And the moving of portlets to the new position shows the same subtle highlighted area.
Where a Drag operation is not completed it must return to the original position in the same animated tween effect as the current BBC site.

Documentation needed:
I will need an overview document explaining how the elements of the site has been put together so that I can understand it and change it where needbe – specifically the jquery/prototype functionality and how to adjust it if needbe (e.g. size, speed of drag, speed of drop, CSS details etc). I am a proficient Classic ASP coder so I do not need much about that.

Other Notes
Deliverable files should be uncompressed ASP, html, CSS, Javascript etc so that I can work through things clearly and easily.

This is not to be sold on or used in any commercial way so I think that means that if you need to use the actual BBC website CSS, JQuery etc then this will not compromise any license issues that they have. This is for a learning exercise.

The pages must be able to work on [primarily] Microsoft IE (8 and above) but also Firefox.

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Implement Paypal Pro API With C#

I have a website already running and I am taking online reservations. I am already taking user credit card info and later process it online. I have recently got a Paypal Account and I want to use Paypal Payments Pro API to be used so that I can charge my customers seamlessly while they make a booking on my website.

if you have implemented paypal payments pro before in an c# website please bid.


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Grab Data From ASP Based Website

I need a script that will extract the data from an asp-based website.
Its a lottery website, so you will basically be creating a historical database containing previous draw information such as balls drawn; payout per category etc.
Data must be extracted into a CSV or XLS file, and does not need to be displayed or formatted for the web.
The spreadsheet will contact approximately 30 columns.

The data for each entry (that needs to be extracted) is displayed on one asp-generated page.
If you would like to view the website, please PM me.

I will supply an example of a XLS file for reference.
Data will be checked for accuracy.

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Flash CS5 » ActionScript » JavaScript » ASP Classic Work

I am in need of an EXPERIENCED Flash Designer for editing a Flash slideshow banner. The site is built in ASP classic and needs some JavaScript development work as well.

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PayPal Payment Pro Integration ASP.Net AJAX/

Hi, we have a checkout page and intend to use Paypal as payment gateway. We are looking for integration code for Paypal Payment Pro and Express Checkout using ASP.Net and We had browsed past projects and found project # 673012 is exactly what we want.

Require all source code and a workable solution.

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Convert ASP Site To PHP

I have a website that was programmed in ASP.

You can either convert the whole website into a USABLE PHP website or re-program the site for PHP.

All the files will be provided via ZIP.

No bids over $100 please.

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Database Development

The website design stage is completed and I need someone to build a database for it.

Requirements for the database :

-Support for a large number of users
-A referal and point reward system
-A ranking system based on the lifetime points earned
-Dashboard for users/admin were both parts can track their progress/earnings
-A bonus points system shopping page.
-CMS panel through which I can add affiliate links with an image on pages
-Compatibility with a flash webdesign( Dreamweaver 8) interface

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Experience in developing databases / php using MySQL.

Timeframe for delivery: 2-4 weeks

More details available upon request.

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To create a supplier Portal (web front end) to an existing SQL Server (2008) system. (

1.Supplier to logon to system and be validated
2.Supplier to see a list of their orders which they can, at header level, accept or reject.
3.Supplier able to click through to the details of the orders and accept or reject individual lines
4.All activity (confirmation, rejections and logons) to be written to tables

We will provide template database and stored procedures, we need a developer to create an front end, which looks smart

We like using the DevExpress controls e.g. datagrid etc, so this would be benefit

Let us know what you can / have done before

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DotNetNuke / Or ASP.Net Business Management Website

I need a DotNetNuke / or ASP.Net website where people can log in and create different cases for investigators. Each user will be able to log in to the website and store all their information. This includes creating cases, adding investigators, keeping track of their clients, mileage/hourly data,Creating invoices and reports, storing photos and video, scheduling, etc. I prefer a DotNetNuke website, but am willing to go with a standard ASP.Net site if needed. This site can be really basic with no graphics, I just need some basic website framework to work around. To get an idea of the type of site I am looking to build, visit I want to do the same kind of website with the same features.

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I need someone to work with me on this project. The following has been done:

UI Design
Architecture – backend ie datalayer etc

I need someone to use the backend to get this project working + fix UI . The person needs knowledge of .NET 4 or 3.5

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Private Job For Shmai2


once logged in custreg.asp code points them to here if login is successful.


This page is stored in CustomerRegPages table. pageid is 23 – Good Login. this is the same place you added new cells for pro club form. So just do a quick hack as before. If the user logins and their ALTCUSTID (customers table) has something rather than null then display the new page which will be stored in new cell.

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.Asp Hotel Management System

Hi ,

I need a website written in
The details of the specification for the website are below:
1) the user should be able to Login to the system and book a room and pay by preferbebly by card and paypal.
2)non registered users can only get the Price of the rooms available but need to register to be able to make a resevation.
3)the administrator should be able to see the bookigs made and maybe see details of the users that have been registered and those that have made booking.
4) the website should provide information about the hotel and information page contact us page about us page as usual.
5)the code needs to be commented through out.
6)the information about the hotel and pics etc I will instert them later on.

I need a developer who can develop with high quality standart with good design. Developers who have done this job before will be favored. If you can show me a working solution of this kind it will be a great plus.

Im looking for a long term business relationship that allows me to outsource future jobs like e-commerce integration and drupal/magento/prestashop related jobs.

preferred communication method is skype.

Thank you in advance

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The website is about to automate management system of RTE IT (at
it has:
RTE IT inside management
Project Management system
Q&A / Custom Discussions & forums
File Systems
and …

it uses ASP .net 3.5/4 and MS SQL 2008/2005

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Outlook 2-way Sync With Web Application

Im building a web hosted CRM software using C#, and MSSQL backend. I need someone to provide me with a MS Outlook 2003 – 2010 add-in or plugin that will mainly monitor a special folder in outlook and sync the emails up to my web application. The plugin could be manual (the client clicks on a button) and / or automatic (whenever the client drops an email in the folder, it gets uploaded to the web application).
The other components that im interested in is a 2-way sync for contatcs, calander, events, etc…

a good example about that would be outlook connector:

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Php ,asp Install

Hi we are looking for some professional and decent php, asp install guys for our scripts we had 4 scripts previously installed but now we have 6 more already built files just need an install . If you are up to it let us know our budget is $40.00 .

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ASP.Net User Control OpenXML

Create a user control that will retrieve and OpenXML (Word, Excel) or PDF document from a MS SQL table based upon ID and display it in a definable region.

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Thus job is to create a log of user actions to a text file. Asp

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.ASP Team Member

Just looking for an ASP programmer to assist me on overflow projects in the future. Bid $30 and pass my little exam and I will allow you to not only earn $30 but you will also be able to get other .asp work too.

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Simple project with MOGRE

* No rendering required.
* No client interation.
* Input some 3D coordinates from XML file (You may specify any coordinate style in XML)
* Do any basic commands like rotate-left/right
* Dump the 3D result in ordinary 2D jpg .

Read more about MOGRE here:

* Language: C#
* Tool: Visual Studio 10
* .NET version 4

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DotNetNuke And Catalook Programming (ASP.NET)

The projects I need are:
Creating a module that let vendors export and import products from 5 different sites into Catalook.
(Sites like eBay,Amazon,Google base etc.), and as well publish new products on Facebook and Twitter
Vendors will also be able to dropship products by choosing which products from the entire site they want to push to other sites listed above. This project is half done.
A wizard to let vendors enter their products in an easier and faster way
Google SiteMap module for the entire sites products – current solutions doesnt work for large amount of products
Module that let vendors create a private shop on the site
Module that use Google automatic translation of products to each chosen language
Allow other sites to use our site Web Services for exporting and importing products

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ASP.NET Using C# LINQ/ADO.NET Entity Framework

I am looking for an experienced .NET 4.0 Web Developer with Visual Studio 2010 & Visual Basic.NET while using Team Foundation Server for Source Code Management. You must have experience in Object Orient Programming and be able to show projects you have worked on in the past. More information will be released once the project has been awarded. Experience using Windows Communication Foundation, LINQ and ADO.NET Entity Framework is a must

Will be written in ASP.NET using and SQL Server 2008 Visual Studio 2010 using TFS,, the site is currently very user and graphic friendly. All coding must be high performance and scalable. Serious bidders only. If you cant handle the project please dont bid on this project.

Excellent communication between me and the winning bidder is a must. Professionalism is also a must. Basically we want the site to have the functionality of those sites but be way better. Any questions please contact me at .
Only serious bidders will be considered. Must have previous ratings on to be considered. Once again Please provide past examples, specially relating to what we are after. Only serious bidders.

10% escrow once you win.
40% escrow when you show first full demo
30% escrow and will RELEASE the payment once approve.
the last 20% after release a month later for bugs fixed.

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Require An XML Feed From Ecommerce ASP Website – Experts


We have the source code of a ecommerce website that has been built on ASP. We need an XML feed from one products page. Need to create an XML to get title, description, image, price, size, etc. There will be a buy now button under each product which must be linked to that product on the ecommerce website. This is a simple task. There might be more work depending upon how well you execute this.

Only experts & someone who can finish in a day or two max.

answer this 5 + 9 = ?

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ASP / PHP Projects

As discussed.

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Website Inspired By Hot Uk Deals

Need a website similar to hot uk deals:

need to be able to register users
post new deals with full details and expiry
users are allowed to rate new deals
users are allowed to submit new deals
need discussion around each deal
need to categorise each deal
need search mechanism
new deals submitted to site need to be reviewed by admin before they are available on site

needs to be written in c#, with SQL backend.

needs to be written

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WebDesign Clone + Integration Of It To A ASP.NET

Web design and integration of that design into ASP.NET c# mssql dating website with VisualStudio 2008. (using visual studio is essentiol for this project)

Script has purchased from and needs a really professional work
design will be a clone of

Please turn me back with your at least 10 web design projects done before

web site is on dedicated server with windows server 2008 uses and c# as language and mssql 2005 database. it is coded with visual studio 2008 so it has to be handled and recompiled by it before upload.

Top quality designers please..


1- Check and download trial file to see what you will do
Probably will work over 100 files not only .css work


3- Dont send me copy/paste pms i will stop reading if i feel its copy / paste work.
Cleanly provide me your thoughts about the project, what will you do, which steps will you follow

4- You have to finish work at least 20 DAYS! stay away if you cant

CODERS less than 3 REVIEWS will NOT be ACCEPTED!

Thank You…

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Moving a site to GoDaddy (yeah, sorry – client picked it) thats in Need it configured since moving the files to the server doesnt do it!

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Its need to be in, AJAX, javascript, jquery, html, sql,

i will give u database design and script.

it will be like 25 high quality pages

skillset:, html, graphic design, sql, javascript, jquery, ajax

1. must be very gud in, ajax through jquery
2. quality html
3. optimized ms sql stored procs.
4. ajax, jquery,

will take interview of guy so i can get confirmed of quality

i myself is a coldfusion programmer,i will design database tables.

1. u need to design the website from my wireframe
2. need to develop html
4. help in developing pages.

there will be minimim 25 pages
1. a small basic learning managment system
2. and all general pages for accounts/ home page/feedback, display/enter/edit/delete from database

if u can do good design, good ajax, jquery and .net then only.

final paymnet will be after reviewing website without any bugs.

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