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Product Catalog For Home Decor Items

We need help creating a product catalog.


-There are about 60 items needed to put in the catalog. You will be provide with the pics and item #s
-Edit pics to fit into the catalog
-Catalog needs to have home decor feel to it, because it is for commercial home decor items
-Can be created in Photoshop or Indesign
– All pictures needed to edited.

Only serious bidders. Bidders with samples of previous work in the pm will get the preference.

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Word Press


I need a word press expert to modify the premium real estate theme smooth from gorilla themes. I would like to re-arrange and ad some features, give a personal look, and integrate a map similar to the one in in the home page. The project will not be finished until all the modifications are made and running properly within the theme. Provide portfolio that prove your WP skills.

Happy bidding

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Fix Home Page Button Going To Wrong Lang And CB Filter

I have a site with two languages (joomfish) and Acesef extension working good but with a couple of errors. I asked for support in Acesef, so I also have written their answers below each problem to help you understand.

1) Home page button in 2nd language brings you to default language home page. And company logo goes to 404.

I asked people from acesef and they said this:
This issues are not related with AceSEF, check the following link plz:

That suggestions is for templates that uses the mod_mainmenu module, however your template uses a different menu so you should report this issue to Shape5 developers.

2) CB userlist: when I make a search or filter users in 2nd language it gives results, but goes to default language.

People from Acesef answered this: Also you should report this issue to comunity Builder developers for search buton because not add variable the lang on the link.

So I need a joomla expert or php, make this 2 fixes.

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Content For A Medical Site

I need content for this site

You can take the material from this site and rewrite to be unique with quality.

Send me one home page as an example so i can compare and select the best with good price.

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Need Banner Ad


I need 1 banner ad to start but will need 1 or 2 on a monthly basis for my company , the banner ad will be the same size and style as the ones currently scrolling on the top of the home page.

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Ajit Singh

Hi All,

I have a fantastic piece of code written and implemented in Quartz2d which mimics the action of water which can be cotrolled by the user, all i would like is a Boat to be sitting on the water and when the user interacts with the water the boat behaves accordingly, i would need the boat to capsize if the users control over the water is aggressive in action. The wave itself is something i have never seen on the iDevice format and i think with the right marketing it can become very popular.

This game would be sort of like a prelude/volume 1 to another game i have in mind, just to show what we are capable of doing, like a way of building hype for a new game. I would need the game made to completion, with a home page, credits and buttons, all graphics will be provided and i would also like AdWhirl integrated into the code.

If this does well in the appstore then there will definately be an oppurtunity to develop a bigger game which i think is very innovative and different.

Please get in touch with me as soon as possible if you are interested.



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Home Page To For Moonboy Only

As per discussed

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PSD to existing system

I have a home page, Listing Page, and detail page.

I need these pages sliced in css or tables and implemented on the 3 pages also generate the sectional for 4 more pages.

its a simple php system for a car website. Very easy job.

ready to start right away

yhoo: eliteproxy

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Basic Admin Panel for Site

I have a website project I am working on, I need certain areas on the website to be editable from an admin panel. The website is held at On the home page I will need links/feeds of the most recent events (CI Seminars & Events) and links/feeds of the most recent articles (CI Trendz). Those pages are held at and and (the trendz page may work just like the events page but will know for sure by tuesday) I also need another page with a paragraph area that is editable from the admin panel. That site page will hold testimonials.

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Create 500 Links for 20 stores

We have 20 oscommerce based stores and are looking for white hat links to be created. These links can be posted on any reputable site with a home page of PR3 or greator.


Please note this is a non escrow project and we pay apon results.

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vbulletin project or just new php site

ok here is what i need

The Picture Worth A Million Words.

so here is the pic of the current site

new home page needs to look like this

tool bard has changed and their is NO forum or points or chat anymore

after somebody click on one of the new menu items they go to

each menue item should have its own w

after somebody clicks on a tutorial then go to

their they can make a comment, or click to download the start project file that will be a winrar file

once they click on watch they are taken to

files will be hosted but embedded on the site

and under the tutorial they will be able to click on different parts of the tutorial because the tutorials a long


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