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Tsunami 101

First app – I need an iphone app does featuring my webstore. It should be able to update items automatically and customers can order items online.

Second app – I need a iphone app that shows videos.

Every time first app is activated, it will go to first app.

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DEBT SETTLEMENT:::: Up to $2,000 per Client

We are looking for call centers that have the ability to work their own leads, and close their own deals.

In return, for each client that you successfully enroll into our debt settlement program, we will provide you with a 60% revenue share. On average each client should yield approx. $2,000 in revenue for you.

We have an online enrollment system, with e-signature capability. We will train your staff, and provide you with the tools you need to get started, except leads.

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Maths Website

Here is the brief from my client. We would want you to build the site and we would design it:
Many educational companies like ours have started to provide subscription websites to support their software products. We have a very skillful mathematics teacher coming to work for us next year to help produce some electronic resources and we are going to need a website setup to deliver them to the users and take their subscriptions. I would really like to have a template for the resources in place before our teacher arrives in August to start creating them otherwise I fear we will spend a lot of time faffing about with changing formats as we go.

Pretty much all the subscription websites I have seen are awful except the following:

The product is called GSP LessonLink, click on

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