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Iphone Game Artwork (splash,menu,background,icon)

Artwork needed for an iphone/ipod hangman type game.

The following assets are needed in PNG format:

Splash Screen 960×640
Menu Screen 960×640
Game Screen 960×640
Icon 512×512
Icon 114×114

Menu Screen needs the following elements:

[Title] (TBD)
Easy Game
Hard Game
High Scores

Game Screen:

see attached file for mockup of the game screen elements.

Please provide all assets in svg or psd format.

Communication is very important – please put the sum of two plus two in your reply so i know you have read this.

Please only bid if you have done similar projects and provide examples of work.

This is a small project, but I have many other iphone applications that need design work – would like to develop a good relationship with designer that can create sharp looking assets for games and other iphone/ipad applications.

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Business Investment Class

I need the following assignment done by tomorow for $5. Thank you..
Financial Assignment 3
Chapter 6

This financial assignment has the weight of 25 points. Specific information regarding the assignment is listed below.

Total Points: 25 points
How to Submit: Save your work in either a Word or an Excel file and send it to me as an attachment in an email message. You do not have to restate the question; just enter the question numbers and your answers.

Part 1

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Private Project For Jimmytayag – Game Assets

As discussed.

Only for jimmytayag.

Others need not apply. Thanks!

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Add Five Technology Logos To Frontpage

This project simply involves adding a row of five logos to the bottom of the left column on the following webpage:

1) Layout to be implemented in CSS, as the rest of the website is laid out in CSS. I will provide existing HTML and CSS for the frontpage.

2) Title to read "Optomus Core Technologies…"

3) onMouseOver, logo to double in size and include caption text underneath describing the technology.

4) The five logos are to appear in this order, and are available from here:

(If desired, the above logos may also be available in vector format from the relevant websites.)

5) Text to appear beneath logos onMouseOver:

Java: "Java" + "Programming Language" (2nd part to appear in smaller font underneath)
Tomcat: "Apache Tomcat" + "Web Server"
Tapestry: "Apache Tapestry" + "Web Framework"
Hibernate: "Hibernate" + "Persistence Framework"
MySQL: "MySQL" + "Relational Database"

A professional sharp looking end result is likely to result in more work.

Best regards,


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IPhone App Review And Promo Video

I am after a two (2) 2-3 minute videos to promote my new iPhone App

You will download the app (I will supply Promo code) so you will need an iPhone and create one (The longer of the two) review type video well voiced and one more of a promo video (the shorter of the two) also provisionally voiced but only covering features.


I suspect you will come up with some for form of a script?

Please provide samples of your work that best matches this job as well as the voice you will use (your or 3rd party) for in video or voice over. Voice over male or female. MUST speak English perfectly and naturally. Must be born speaking English .

Please get in touch if you have any ideas or would like to take it in an interesting direction. I am open to ideas.

I have assets available from the app design if needed. Any stock assets used shall be run past me before purchase. (If you choose to go beyond reasonable excepted assets to increase production quality lets discuss additional cost to the project) All assets will be legally acquired. On payment I will own full rights to this work. Will need to be used on YouTube as HD videos. I look forward to working with you.

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Modify WordPress Site

We are a catering company looking to modify our existing WordPress site to conform to a new set of designs.

The redesign is complete so little graphic design work will be needed further than implementing the design and using existing assets.

Assets include:
Flash animation
Variety of photos
PDF files

There are 8 pages that need modification:
Main page
Landing page
6 Menu pages

Please submit your bids promptly

Thank you

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Excell Finance

Using Yahoo finance, download monthly prices pertaining to S&P500, Ford and Cisco stocks on an Excel spreadsheet for the period December 2000 to December 2009. Make sure to include dividends if any have been declared (note that some data sources do this for you and report dividend-adjusted prices).

a. Estimate the arithmetic monthly average returns and standard deviations for those assets. Which asset would you invest in and why?

b. Estimate arithmetic monthly average returns and standard deviations for the above assets between December 2000 – July 2007 and August 2007-December 2009. Which asset would you invest in during the different sub-periods? Does risk change over time?

there also is a requirment to include a written response to be included in the project if you think your upto it then please bid but be sure it will be quality work. payment will anly be made if the project is deemed satisfactory.

there also exist an oppurtunity for regular work.

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3D Fashion Assets Production – Trial

We are a fast growing web 2.0 company located in HK, developing 3D fashion assets on the avatar, both male and female, like dresses, t-shirts, shoes, hairstyles, etc.

In coming months, we plan to enrich the catalog of fashion assets on our platform. 2D images for the design of the 3D fashion asset will be given as reference to develop, so potential candidate is required to have high execution ability. It will be a bonus if the candidate has similar experience in doing 3D fashion assets.

This project starts with 1 trial fashion asset. If suitable party is found, we can proceed to work as contract for 3 months to ½ year.
Interested Parties please leave your contact and portfolio and we will leave the next level of detail for you.

*Please quote your bid as per trial asset (1 textured and skinned model)

– Create a 3D dress model using 3Ds Max according to the reference images given
– The dress model has to be textured and skinned to the avatar skeleton in the source file given
– The look and feel, and the texture should stick to the reference images
– Please apply for the project ONLY if you are using 3Ds Max 6, 7, 8, 9 or 2008

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3D Fashion Assets Production

We are a fast growing web 2.0 company located in HK, developing 3D fashion assets on the avatar, both male and female, like dresses, t-shirts, shoes, hairstyles, etc.

In coming months, we plan to enrich the catalog of fashion assets on our platform. 2D images for the design of the 3D fashion asset will be given as reference to develop, so potential candidate is required to have high execution ability. It will be a bonus if the candidate has similar experience in doing 3D fashion assets.

If suitable party is found, we will work as contract for 3 months to ½ year.
Interested Parties please leave your contact and portfolio and we will leave the next level of detail for you.

Project Requirements:
– 3 clothing and 1 hair model, delivered weekly
– Please apply for the project ONLY if you are using 3Ds Max 6, 7, 8, 9 or 2008
– A prototype may be required for evaluation before contracted

Per Unit Requirements:
– Create a 3D clothing/hair model using 3Ds Max according to the reference images given
– The look and feel, and the texture should stick to the reference images
– The model has to be linked/skinned to the avatar skeleton in the source file given

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Power Up Graphic Work

We have to develop a manual of our of our program. There is lay-outing and some graphics involve. Content is only aprox 3500 words. You will need to be creative and play with use of paper sizes in an economical way. Resource is to be used with young people so needs to be interactive and fun.

Size: A5 BOOKLET with pages that expand out-words (draw box, table, etc)
Assets: Some image assets will be provided.

Paper: Uncoated paper.

Key words: Cool, non-patronizing, vibrant, fun, clear.

Allow for space on the design

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Need Article Rewriters Fast

I need article rewriters who can rewrite atleast 10 articles per day.

Writing Description:

– Articles filled with random or fluff words meant to fill space will not be accepted
– 100% correct grammar and punctuation to be used
– Articles will be from several different categories (mainly stocks and gadgets,electronics)
– These articles will be of random length

Article Uniqueness:

– Articles will be will be checked with Copyscape, Plagarism Detect, custom software to detect uniqueness, as well manual article reviews
– Articles must be rewritten at the paragraph level

Test Article (Please rewrite the below article and IM)

——————-Article Start———————–

Regulators on Friday shut down small banks in Michigan and Pennsylvania, boosting the number of U.S. banks that have failed this year to 151 as bad loans have mounted and the economy has been slow to heal.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over Paramount Bank, based in Farmington Hills, Mich., with $252.7 million in assets and $213.6 million in deposits; and Earthstar Bank, based in Southampton, Pa., with $112.6 million in assets and $104.5 million in deposits.

Level One Bank, based in Farmington Hills, Mich., will assume the assets and deposits of Paramount Bank; Polonia Bank, based in Huntingdon Valley, Pa., is assuming all the deposits and $77.1 million of Earthstar Banks loans and other assets.

In addition, the FDIC and Level One Bank agreed to share losses on $233.1 million of Paramount Banks assets. The agency and Polonia Bank are sharing losses on $45.8 million of Earthstar Banks assets.

The failure of Paramount Bank is expected to cost the deposit insurance fund $90.2 million; that of Earthstar Bank is expected to cost $22.9 million.

——-Article End———


-Writers from South Asia with low bid count will be preffered
(Range of $ 0.20-$ 0.50 per article will be given priority if any).

For more clarifications,IM me.

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Wedding Or Budgeting Website

I want to add the following project needs as specified below to a fully functional wordpress multiuser site with a membership plugin allowing users to sign up for their own blog for managing their own budget site or wedding site. I would like the full rights to resell or give it away as I see fit.

Project Needs for the internal workings of a WordPress Blog so all blog users can:

1. Incorporate Budget Planning to include budget planner and manager which includes a Cost and Payment Tracker with Snowball payment calculations(snowball function can be turned off)

Budget Planning Example:

Cost and Payment Tracker Example:

Snowball payment calculations is for determining the length of period that a user has to pay something. It would include the principle and interest and would calculate how long it would take to pay off at the current payment. User should be able to adjust payments to see how fast they can pay off an item. I would also like to enable and disable this function by the site I am using it on.

2. Task Calendar with email notifications. Can edit task by month, day. Mark as urgent or complete. including an Overview Dashboard

Task Calendar Example:

Task Email Reminders Example:

Guest Overview Example:

3. Customizable Task Checklists that can be added to calendar

Task List Example:

4. Guest List or Vendor List planner

Master Guest list example:

List Planner
Customizable Trackers
List or Vendor Contact Manager

5. Event Planning (keep track of all of the
Additional Customized Planner Worksheet tabs (to track lists or vendor payments)

Something very similar to but using WordPress Multi User functionality. WPMU has a nice calendar plugin that I already have access to so it might solve some of this but I am not sure about the other components I have listed above.

Additionally, participants will be able to track their budget from beginning to end and would like to be able to add a iphone app or something for handheld functionality in the near future after it is up and running so users can track their progress using their phone.

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Online Trading Community Website

Looking for an end-to-end solution for an online trading community web site that provides elements of social networking, buyer/seller e-commerce functionality, shopping cart technology and upload/download storage functionality leveraging AWS. Some design templates provided already. This is a multi-phase effort that will likely continue over the next few months and include a need for the development of a simple iPhone/iPad/Android app. Phase 1, detailed here, is primarily about making sure the technology works and can scale.

Who we are looking for:
A person or a team who has proven record for delivering effective web applications with great usability in the front-end (we will provide necessary design templates) and solid implementation at the backend (business logic and database).

A product that contains the functionality very similar to Some details incude:

1. Assist in the creation of a vibrant online community trading in high quality data files.

2. There will be two distinct user roles, that of a seller and a buyer. Although it is possible for users of the system to perform both roles, it is beneficial to view the two roles are separate.

3. Both roles will create an account on the site that will allow them to buy or sell data assets. A seller will then upload data assets to the site and set a purchase price for each item they wish to offer for sale and also assign tags to allow for the data assets to be searched for. A buyer will be able to search the site for data assets, preview them and then purchase them using a standard shopping basket metaphor.

4. It is important that the account created cater to both user roles, a buyer must be presented with information important to them such as credit balance, details of data assets previously purchased and possibly the ability to re-download previous purchases (up to a certain download limit). A seller will need to be presented with details of sales made, credits earned and the ability to turn those credits into real money along with details of items available for sale on the site and the ability to manage those items.

5. Items on the site will be traded using a credit system, where each credit has been assigned a pre-determined real world value. Buyers will purchase credits and then use these to purchase data assets. Sellers will accrue credits, which they then can convert back into cash. The site will take a percentage of each credit purchased.

6. To build the community feel of the site there must be an element of social networking features in the site including the ability to rate and review data assets for sale.

We do realize that there are some pen points in these requirements. For those, you can use your own judgement for the best possible implementation (think of usability, simplicity and functionality). We

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Rebuild A Webpage – All Design And Assets Already ~(jquery)

I require somebody to rebuild a webpage for me so it will work in all browsers.

Here is what the site looks like:

It needs to work in all sites, perhaps in jquery, and the loading bar must load within the B from top to bottom. The images have to change quicker and they will be 30% smaller. The images are quite quick already but this is the desired effect.

This needs to be done in the next 24 hours. I have all the images ready and the B as a transparent PNG.


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Project Finance

Project finance is the long term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of the project sponsors. Usually, a project financing structure involves a number of equity investors, known as sponsors, as well as a syndicate of banks that provide loans to the operation. The loans are most commonly non-recourse loans, which are secured by the project assets and paid entirely from project cash flow, rather than from the general assets or creditworthiness of the project sponsors, a decision in part supported by financial modeling.[1] The financing is typically secured by all of the project assets, including the revenue-producing contracts. Project lenders are given a lien on all of these assets, and are able to assume control of a project if the project company has difficulties complying with the loan terms.

Generally, a special purpose entity is created for each project, thereby shielding other assets owned by a project sponsor from the detrimental effects of a project failure. As a special purpose entity, the project company has no assets other than the project. Capital contribution commitments by the owners of the project company are sometimes necessary to ensure that the project is financially sound. Project finance is often more complicated than alternative financing methods. Traditionally, project financing has been most commonly used in the mining, transportation, telecommunication and public utility industries. More recently, particularly in Europe, project financing principles have been applied to public infrastructure under public

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Flash AS2 Developer With Decompilation Skills

We have lost the recent source code to our flash applet (disgruntled employee…) We have the source to an older version. Using SoThink.coms decompilation software I am able to recover the source code and possibly the assets (Im not a flash programmer so not sure about assets fully). The decompiled source code looks ugly but understandable. I am unsure whether the decompiled code then compiles back to a working SWF.

I need someone to:
1) be experienced in decompilation of SWFs.
2) Work with me to recover the source code and patch the old AS2 source using the same nice existing coding standard (ie, not just paste in the ugly decompiled source)
3) Recover the assets.
4) The flash applet needs to be tested with my help. Knowledge of poker would be an advantage.
5) leave me with clean AS2 source code which is same or close to the source of the SWF that we currently have in production.

Flash applet uses mosessupposes and also flash live streaming video. Knowledge of Flash Media Servers might help.

My guess is 1-2 days of work.

Since youll be working with me to test I would need you to have a Skype account and have clear spoken English.

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WordPress Plugin To Create Products

Our company has been tasked with the project of designing a product database using the WordPress 2.9.2 software.

Weve looked into various existing plugins to help us accomplish exactly what were looking for; however, none that weve come across seem to be able to fulfill the job for us.

Whether an existing plugin is modified to suit our needs or a plugin is written from the ground up; were looking for a custom entry form on the admin side of WordPress where the user can enter their product title, description, as well as a bunch of other product related information and include a variety of "assets" with this product.

The assets are in fact related files to the product (i.e. brochures, guides, etc) which may also be used from other created products within the database.

These asset would have thumbnail previews, description, and a title. These assets would either be files (word documents, PDFs, PPTs, etc.) or product images.

Wed like each product to have a primary image and a number of alternative images available as a product gallery. Wed also like to have the ability to have images (different from product images) insertable into the product descriptions (like charts, logos, etc).

These assets should be able to be created on the fly while adding a new product. The assets should display thumbnail previews of themselves when linking them to a product (so that its easy for the user to understand they are linking the correct product asset to the product).

The products also need to be able to be related to one another using a many to many relationship. So that if product A has a related product B, product B shows that A is related to it … and so on.

Unfortunately, the deadline on this project is fast approaching and so were looking for someone that would be able to devote a majority of their time into this project.

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Flash Components Maintenance

Contractor needed to make minor updates to broken Flash buttons on a company website. Original assets will be provided and contractor is expected to troubleshoot assets and/or WordPress-based site to fix broken links.

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Website Templates

I am looking to buy 20 to 30 website templates that should be royalty free and no proprietary or copyrighted templates. The template should scale horizontally and veritically without any "fixed" dimensions. The templates should work in ALL modern browsers like IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari. All the "assets" of the templates should be delivered after the job is done. The assets include all images, all psd files, all corel draw files, all css files, all gifs and all flash files and anything that the template needs.

It would be nice to see 50% of them have flash in it and a basic tutorial on editing the flash should be included in the deliverable.

Samples of your previous templates you developed is appreciated.

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Flash Website Reposted

Flash website only the actionscript 3 not the design.
I need an as3 developer that can help me make a site like bruceweber dot com but a lot less branching. Just the first level, I mean the polaroids open but no more levels or buttons after this.
Only 1 opened polaroid has to have an imageslideshow inside with captions.
All the other opened polaroids will have only text and images from xml, if need with a scroll.
The postcard stack you see wont need to animate the postcard to the backside like bruce, just a stack with postcards that you can click trough is fine.
I will put all assets myself later editing xml or mxml, In the meantime you have use mockup assets that I will give you. Some assets can be embedded.
Newsletter package we will use is acajoom by joobi. If you can emulate in actionscript the html form that acajoom originally uses it would be great, it will make everything work inside acajoom, including the confirmation email, if this is a problem, we can put a link to a html page that will contain the subscribtion form, but I prefer from within the flash site.
Bidders should speak English and deliver good quality work, show regulary progress through a demo, so I know its getting done. Also bidder shoudnt be afraid of a deadline that is reasonable.(10 days? or less if you are sure)
And another thing, when I report a bug bidder shouldnt take everything personally, its just so you know, not to disrespect your work. Bidders that can deliver quality within deadline receive a 10+% bonus
Good Luck!! Dave

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*****–Unity 3d Development–*****


We are looking for well versed team to create MMO in Unity 3d.

All assets and art work will be provided to the selected team.
Contact us for further details.


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Saas Solution Application Builder And Workflow Management

We are looking for someone to build a website that has the ability to track CRM, buildings, assets, vehicles, all in one application with the ability to build various modules, forms, business objects, and workflow management, reporting, and user portals. The bidder must be able to show past work examples, and how the application will have the ability to charge end users for the use of the modules and free trials.

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I Need Someone To Code A Flash Website.

I have designed a simple site and I need it coded in flash. The site was design in photoshop and I will provide all the assets. You must have Flash experience and prove it.

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Flash Website

Flash website only the actionscript not the design.
I need an as developer that can help me make a site like
bruceweber dot com but alot smaller and less branching.
I will put all assets myself, I think not needed xml, because
it will be much smaller. But maybe better with xml.
newsletter package we will use is acajoom by joobi, so
need a little php to post to the database. I have an example.
Bidders should speak English and deliver good quality work.

Good Luck!!

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HTML/CSS We Have The Designs, Do You Have The HTML Ability?

We are looking for a coder to convert our page designs into quality, cross-browser, efficient, validated HTML/CSS.

We have an active web site and plans to expand functionality and features.

We have a full time PHP coder in India so you will need to work closely with him.

We have the graphics and assets for all of the pages that we need and are adding more.

You will be required to take instruction a page at a time, and create the HTML and CSS in a timely manner.

You will work exclusively on our project and we will pay you for your time.

Payment will be at an agreed interval sent in USD and to arrive in the currency of your choice.

To bid on this project we will need to see a sample of your work, preferably live on the web.

You will also need to provide us with your hourly rate.

We only want to deal with one individual so no teams or companies please.

We expect to be able to discuss and modify a design live with you on MSN.

If you can design that that is a bonus but its not a pre-requisite.

Any questions, please ask.

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3 Contract And Related TOS

Although we already existing contract I find that they are simply too general and dont fit my exact requirements.

We need to create three contracts, one for client (North America), one for company (India, Asia eastern Europe) and one for staff/freelancer (India Asia Eastern Europe. We also need to create three TOS summarizing in short these contracts. All three contracts will cover approximetly the same topics

Great assets would be, someone who can write a contract that is recognizable by legal authority but still clear to the individual (non legal professional) who would read it without a lawyer

Another great asset would be someone who has knowledge to work in with countries such as Canada, US, few eastern European countries and of course India.

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Improve The Appearance Of A Training Course Presentation

What I need:
Create an attractive and original design (including diagrams/pictures) for the presentation of a training course on Agile Management Methods. The presentation has been created in Prezi (, and the new design can either be done directly in Prezi or as a high resolution PDF.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:
Training content and text will be provided. No writing/editing/typing required.

Specific expertise that I am seeking:
A designer with an understanding of Agile development methodology desired. Experience with Prezi is also desired, though Powerpoint design experience will be accepted. I will require to see a small portfolio before selecting.

Timeframe for delivery:
Please deliver assets specified within 2 weeks of selection.

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WordPress Website Development

Looking for: WordPress developer

Project: WordPress website (All design assets to be provided) for a restaurant based in Japan

Website features: Contact form, blog with java scripted comment boxes, photo gallery with thumbnail slide

Requirement: Fluent in WordPress development. Knowledge in Japanese language is a plus. Attention to details.

All design assets to be provided.
The project contains 5 pages in total with the features described above.

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