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DSD Assignment

i would like a tutor to work on my Digital logic Desgin using b2 Logic Software,
any expert with the software and expert at desgining
can pay 40$

B2 LOGIC software …………………this is very important

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Urgent Pascal Assignment Need To Be Done
need only project 2…..nothing should be copied from internet…all work should be unique
project 1 with solution is given as a sample……need very urgently within a few hrs time
can pay 40$

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Java Assignment Due Tonight!

Hello, I have part of the code but it needs some work. You create a stack, check to see if expression is has balanced parentheses in infix, then convert to postfix RPN, reverse polish notation. Please give me a quote, its my first time here and its due by midnight.

Instructions and current code attached!

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Facebook Project For Latika07 (Assignment 1)

More Details In PMB.

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Facebook Project For Latika07 (Assignment 2)

As Discussed.

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Facebook Project For Latika07 (Assignment 3)

As Discussed.

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Facebook Project For Latika07 (Assignment 4)

As Discussed.

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Software Design Assignment

itelia b is what we use you can download this

questions 1-4 are to do with this

please let me know ..i can pay 50$

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Java Assignment

Need help with a Java assignment. Introductory level, 2 parts. Detailed specification and sources will be provided.

Budget: 30$.

Thanks for bidding.

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Continuation Of A Java Index Assignment

Expand an already built Java indexer. Add threading, depth, index monitoring and statistics.

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Java Small Assignment
i can pay 30$

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Business Related Assignment
need the answers for rest of the problems except question 1..please check the excel sheet carefully for all the questions ..and i need the solution for all of it asap…..
i can pay $ 5 per question

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Wanted: Statistics Problem Solver

i have an assignment in statistics and it is very important to me to pass this one. I have loads of stuff to do.
**The topic for the assignment are the following:
one factor experiements – unequal sample sizes
testing for equality of variance – bartlettes test
comparing treatments w/ a control group – dunnetts test
duncanc multiple range test
tuleys test
analysis of means (anom) technique.
randomized complete block design
latin squares
tow factor anova
three way anova
2k factorial experiements
yates technique
fractional factorial experiements
non-replicated 2k factorial experiement
factorial experiements in a regression setting
placket-burman design

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HRM Report


I want to write an assignment for MBA Human Resources Management based on a study case (will be sent) and the following point:

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Java Assignment

I need my assignment done for a programming course that I am doing, I love to learn but find that other commitments have got in the way and I need some help here.

The assignment is to create a GUI stack calculator, should be a few hours work for someone in the know…

I need it in 2 days!

I can email the specs and the work done so far…

Will pay $30.

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Java Assignment Help Needed-

I m looking for help in my assignment. i.e Tic-tac toe game implementing Minimax algorithm, using pruning in Java. I have code in java for the game. I need someone who is good at implementing same and can instruct me , how its being implemented, improve the code provided.

it has not need to be big changes but importantly is how its been done. and what it ll do.
Must has to be done within two days, so, only bid if you can deliver.

I ll email the codes to potential bidder.

my budget for this project is $30 max.

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Need A Small Game Using Directo Mx( Assignment)
pls check the details.i want the code along with report 600 words with no plagiarism…
can pay 50

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Introductory Level Java Assignment

Need help with a Java assignment. Introductory level, 3 parts.
Topic: static variables, 2D arrays, aggregate objects, overloading constructors and overloaded methods.

Budget: 30$

Need it in max. 2 days.


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Academic Assignments/Dissertations


We are involved with analytical research work and also dealing with academic research.We do have number of academic work i.e.assignment/dissertation.

We are looking for efficient academic researchers who can write an academic assignment and dissertation on the given topic without plagiarism.Research Support will be provided but should be ready to work under deadline.

Please pm me for more details…


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I need someone for the long-haul. A long term commitment, with lots of writing and research work.

This is for a doctoral thesis. So a very high standard of writing is required, in addition to clear, logical sentences that are free from grammatical mistakes.

The first assignment I have for you is below. Let me know if you can do it up to a very high standard of writing. If you can, I will give you a lot more to do. I would like to work with the same individual over the next few months.

What is needed: An academic literature review of trends in international democracy assistance, who the main academic authors are, and what they said about it.

Before you begin writing, you need to understand what international democracy assistance is. This includes mainly US, but also international organizations. This is mainly financial and technical assistance given to local organizations on the ground to help push for governmental reforms. READ: the summary to understand what this subject is about.

To begin, so I can judge your writing quality, I will give you a short assignment. I will then follow up with more assignments if I am happy with the outcome of this assignment.

I am not interested in paying for a high number of pages. For me, it is quality of the content rather than the quantity or number of pages. So I would rather pay more for fewer pages done well, than pay less for more pages that are not done well.


Summarize this academic paper below. What are the main arguments? This will only be one part of the literature review. 2-3 pages. For now, this is a simple and straightforward assignment.

. Carothers, Thomas. Revitalizing democracy assistance
(there is a section in the article called "Summary" DO NOT simply rephrase that section. It needs to be an analysis of the whole paper)

MUST be free from plagiarism. I will check with a number of different plagiarism checkers, including automatic (e.g. copyscape) and manually searching for phrases and sentences myself in google.

Let me know if you can do it, please. Thanks!

03/20/2011 at 5:03 EDT:

Please also include a please writing sample with your bid. Bids without writing sample will be ignored

03/20/2011 at 5:06 EDT:

Bidder must have perfect, native English. I do not want to receive a good sample, and then have my assignment outsourced to a second user who writes at a lower quality. I am interested in a LOT of work, but need to find an individual that is good and reliable.

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Writing Assignment MBA (HRM) UK University

I want to write an assignment for MBA Human Resources Management based on a study case (will be sent) and the following point:

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Maya 3D Storyboard Animation 20seconds Duration

The website contains a number of 3D scenes as part of a lighting challenge. This assignment is based on Challenge #22 The Carnival. However, rather than download the scene from the website, you should download and unzip The Carnival project folder from Blackboard. This contains the same scene The website contains a number of 3D scenes as part of a lighting challenge. This assignment is based on Challenge #22 The Carnival. This contains the same scene but it has been slightly modified for the purpose of this assignment.

Your task is to use Maya to create a short animated film using this scene as your starting point.

Your animation must be at least 20 seconds long excluding any title sequence or fades. It can be longer but no extra credit will be given for this.

You may add to or remove elements from the scene as you see fit although, of course, you must not do this to the extent that you change the Carnival/Fair Ground theme.

You may also reposition and scale objects as you wish.

You may also add objects or alter textures as required.

You should submit the following:

o Your complete Maya Project file including all default directories and all necessary files, but excluding the full set of 500 rendered images used to create your animation.
o A series of FIVE rendered JPEG images taken at regular intervals through your animation.

o Your finished animation (720 x 576 pixels at 25 frames per second) and saved as an MPEG-2 file.

The purpose of this is in the following areas:

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Need An Indian Or Pakistani Business Assignment Writer


i need an academic writer to write a business assignment of 6500 words…

i will hire someone in few hours…

it is very urgent…..

i will give good payment..

quality and speed are must…


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Assignment 4

Job for java

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*UPDATED* Human Resource Management Assignment On Leadership

I require someone to write my human resource management assignment.

The description of what i need is below:

An organisation

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Human Resource Management Assignment On Leadership

I require someone to write my human resource management assignment.

The description of what i need is below:

An organisation

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{K} 2,500 Words Assignment On Engineering


I have an assignment on the topics from engineering, technology, or construction.

Details will be provided through PMB.

Deadline: March 18, 2011

Word count: 2500 words

I can pay: $35


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Assembly Language Assignment

All the instructions are included in this link :

To see this link, you will need to put a username and password:

Username: 3f03
Password: cas3f03

You will also need to download this:

So for this assignment, you just write the assembly code, and compile it in Linux. It is due on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011, so I preferably need it by March 14th.

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Regular Writing Assignment

Only reliable and good writers need apply.

I have regular writing and rewriting assignments.

You may apply if you –

Have top quality English

Can submit 3-5 articles per day

Submit only ORIGINAL work

I will pay $1.5/500 words and $1/400 words for writing
$1.25/500 words and $0.90/400 words for rewriting.

Those having knowledge of finance related issues will be given preference.

Thank you

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Very Smalll Excel Assignment…………URGENT

Solve the below attached questions….i will provide u the excel sheet with the tables(order & product)

Budget fixed: $15

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The job is pretty simple but i need only "COMPUTER GRADUATES" OR "PROGRAMMERS" because it is regarding help in solution of BCA questions there are 9 papers . But I will send you only one question as a mockup to see how you reply to that question .The one who writes the best and correct answer would win the project.

Not willing to pay much so dont bid too high and be reasonable.

If you are only interested in programming please specify
i will send you very simple programs question which you have to solve.

Can choose more than one bidder for fast completion.

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Write And Article And Post To 30 Websites


Im looking for native people who can write an article about a small wind turbine manufacturor in :
– english
– french
– spanish
– german
– italian

I need an article of about 500 words for each language. Once the article is written, it must be posted on 30 different *and influencial* blogs or websites dealing with :
– clean technologies
– and/or renewable energies

Here are the requirements:

– able to complete the assignment in 7 days or less.
– communicate with me (no MIAs and excuses)
– no outsourcing to another person to do the work (I need to be sure of the same quality)
– write in good language; no grammar and spelling mistakes
– blogs or websites must be *very* influential. Please indicate in your PM the list of the 30 websites you will send it to. Be sure you can post to these websites and be sure that they accept these types of articles.
– links to the published articles will be asked.

Payment Structure:

$5 for each article ;
$10 for publishing on the 30 websites.

Payment per each completed assignment. If the assignment goes well, I would like to hire again next time.

Thank you!

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