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Require Assistance To Complete Group On Website For Launch


The site is based on the groupon software by ndotdeals and I have set it up on my server.

However, there are a few things I need to edit and finish and some bugs to fix and also add a credit card processing method. If you can help me with this please bid. Some tasks:

– Launch of site
– Todays Deal at the top doesnt display todays deal
– Payment method at this point is only paypal, i would like to add a credit card payment method (not paypal)
-Some basic appearance enhancements
– Assistance with launch of the website – clean up the site
– i will also require the site to be fully tested before launch
– need to be reliable!

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Virtual Assistance

Like to transcribe some todos from a book, and put int into a plan about 1hrs work.

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Assistance With Configuring Vps Apache Php Mysql

I require assistance configuring a linux VPS Redhat. I believe everything is installed. I just need to have the Apache talk to the PHP and have the phpmyadmin set up. I have root access and a CPX control Panel installed.

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Required Assistance In Brochure Design


Need creative people in assisting me to design a brochure – a booklet and a single trifold, use printer friendly colors and optimize the space used for the content to be placed.

More details in PM. Please bid only if you are available for next two days and can work under time constraint. New freelancers are welcome. Please provide me a couple of samples.

The bidder who can do it at the earliest with a reasonable pricing and good presence on line shall be selected

Happy bidding

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Need Java Script Assistance

Looking for assistance in some java code I am working on.

This project budge is about $120 and will take about 4 hours.

Requirements will be provided after service provider is chosen. Please PM me for further information.

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Joomla Assistance Needed – URGENTLY

I have a project that is required to be finished in the next hour.

Please see

I need the business tab (all black with sub menus) to be created.

The package I have got from Joomla is sobi.

The website that needs the work done is

Thanks for reading!

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I need someone for the long-haul. A long term commitment, with lots of writing and research work.

This is for a doctoral thesis. So a very high standard of writing is required, in addition to clear, logical sentences that are free from grammatical mistakes.

The first assignment I have for you is below. Let me know if you can do it up to a very high standard of writing. If you can, I will give you a lot more to do. I would like to work with the same individual over the next few months.

What is needed: An academic literature review of trends in international democracy assistance, who the main academic authors are, and what they said about it.

Before you begin writing, you need to understand what international democracy assistance is. This includes mainly US, but also international organizations. This is mainly financial and technical assistance given to local organizations on the ground to help push for governmental reforms. READ: the summary to understand what this subject is about.

To begin, so I can judge your writing quality, I will give you a short assignment. I will then follow up with more assignments if I am happy with the outcome of this assignment.

I am not interested in paying for a high number of pages. For me, it is quality of the content rather than the quantity or number of pages. So I would rather pay more for fewer pages done well, than pay less for more pages that are not done well.


Summarize this academic paper below. What are the main arguments? This will only be one part of the literature review. 2-3 pages. For now, this is a simple and straightforward assignment.

. Carothers, Thomas. Revitalizing democracy assistance
(there is a section in the article called "Summary" DO NOT simply rephrase that section. It needs to be an analysis of the whole paper)

MUST be free from plagiarism. I will check with a number of different plagiarism checkers, including automatic (e.g. copyscape) and manually searching for phrases and sentences myself in google.

Let me know if you can do it, please. Thanks!

03/20/2011 at 5:03 EDT:

Please also include a please writing sample with your bid. Bids without writing sample will be ignored

03/20/2011 at 5:06 EDT:

Bidder must have perfect, native English. I do not want to receive a good sample, and then have my assignment outsourced to a second user who writes at a lower quality. I am interested in a LOT of work, but need to find an individual that is good and reliable.

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Assistance With Drupal

I am looking for somebody to help me out every now and then with php/drupal questions.

Currently I have an issue with the presentation and processing of webforms while building a new module in Drupal 7.

In the future I would furthermore want to outsource some development as well. I would like to receive a quote per hour.

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Client is seeking experienced Umbraco and Web Service developer. Client has C# and SQL experience and desires Agile pair programming for training and assistance in wrapping up an existing project using RDP. One to two days of assistance is estimated.

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WordPress CMS Website Assistance

Need some assistance with updating material on existing WordPress website. Were able to handle basic content creation etc, but need help with uploading some images, handling home page organisation, SEO issues, etc. Expect approx 1 days work intially, but may be an ongoing requirement for assistance.

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Marketing Ruby Slipper

Im a new florist based in Sydney and I am looking at increasing my sales. I need assistance with increasing my placement on search engines and also increasing my customer base of weekly corporate flowers and weddings.

As i am a fairly new florist and not positioned in a high activity area i also need assistance to market to the local area to increase awareness.

Id love to hear from anybody who can help me.

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Joomla Assistance

I need assistance updating a joomla site

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3D Wall Component Assistance – $30 Bids Only

I have a site using Flashloadeds 3D Wall Pro. Wall functions just fine.

Want to use Actionscript to cause the Camera to Reset to the initial position upon Zoom Out.

There are instructions for this on the Flashloaded site, but I cant get them to work.

Experience with 3D Wall preferred.

Please bid soon.


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UML Design Assistance Needed

I need some quick assistance on an UML design I am working on for a Program.

You must know UML very well and know to use various UML Tools. This should take 1 – 1.5 hours and please do not bid if you cannot communicate or will take over 4 business days. Requirements will be provided, if you have any questions please send me a PM and I will respond quickly. Thank you!

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WordPress Assistance – Gold Cart + W3C Fixes

There are two parts to this job —

1. Finish activating our Gold Cart shopping cart (WordPress plugin and semi-install has been completed). There are 200 products (approx) – we might need to manually enter all products/data IF we cannot get a flat-file to upload them.

2. W3C Validation – we have about 150 frrors that must be fixed.

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Assistance In Web Form Code Editing

I need programming assistance in changing this web opt-in form:

Right now, when people sign up, text shows up below the form fields alerting them to check their email. INSTEAD, I would like the subscriber to be taken to a different page when signing up:

Additionally, the form shows a glitch in IE (a small white bar at the bottom of the sign up box) that I would like to fix.

Thank you!

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WordPress Assistance Need

Good day everyone,

I require assistance with a WordPress project. I require someone who is efficient and has full knowledge of WordPress specially when it comes to custom posts / custom pages coding since that is the main reason I am looking for someone who can assist. This is very simple, just a few fields I require within a custom post and a custom little function with that.

I will discuss more in detail with the right candidate. Please provide examples or proof of knowledge in reference to custom posts.

Ideal cost $25 USD

We will require someone for a much bigger project with little bit more functions in a month or so, selected candidate will be also kept on file for this.

Thank you and happy bidding!

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I need someone to assist me in finding a loan that I can qualify for in the U.S. but not be a resident.

Please contact me via skype: marguritjohn

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Web Help And Tech Assistance

Assistance with website flash

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Java Client Assistance Needed – Application

I need assistance in writing a client for a web application I am building for a company. I need someone who has a clear understanding of Java components and with some Server technology experience. I will provide more information when I find a winner.

This will take about 6-7 hours of labor.

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Patent Assistance

I have filed a patent however it needs redrafting. Currently only three pages. I can send more information. Would suit patent agent.

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Cisco Server Assistance

NO PMs please. Just bid, when Im interested, I shall contact you. Thanks

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WordPress Assistance

As in title. only experienced freelancers

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Website Go Live Assistance

I have a website built for a retail business. But I need a days tutorial to help me understand how to use it, what the function buttons mean, how to download pictures, etc , so I can go live. I live in Glossop so an hours drive from there would be good.

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Shopping Website


I want to build a website as I imagine it.
It will be a shopping platform with a lot of features …

I need a team of developers/specialists who will be able to carry out and make real any idea I have about this website.
I need this website to be made from scratch. And to be bug free.

You must provide full script source code, handbook installation, installation and configuration, optimization and script protection.
Also you must provide guarantee and free service assistance for 6 months, and paid service for future assistance during 2 years, provide paid updates if requested from me in future.
Copyright belongs to me, you cant continue using and store it after project is done and paid.


Only Bidders with rating and experience are welcome ! (Rest will be considered as spam!)
Please make mention about timeframe, technologies and construction methods, your team professionalism …

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WordPress – Thesis Theme Design Project

Have just installed Thesis for my WordPress blog, and need some starting design assistance.

The main design that I would like to follow can be found at –

others that I like –

Here is my current blog, basically fresh off the install –

Id like assistance with the following items.
1. Header design – I had in mind using a different name for the blog, like Off The Beaten Track –
2. Nav Layout, Id like a top navigation like Home | About, then below the header, a basic Menu like Travel | Maps and Info (for now)
3. Assistance with creating an interactive Map of Mexico, with 4square Interaction where people can leave 4square check in comments on our map of mexico, and leave feedback about an area that theyve been to.
4. Assistance with the layout of a template post I would like to make which will have pricing comparison tables. I will provide the content, but I will need design assistance in laying out so that it looks attractive, and the same style can be used for future posts.
5. A photo of the Day area, where I can post into the blog an attractive photo for every day.

The successful candidate will likely move on to continuing assistance and steady work if they are interested.
sent out via twitter to the groups following.

Any questions, please post to the PMB. I prefer to work with people on a GMT 0-8 time zone, and generally do not work with providers from Asia/India as I need to have people online during our work hours to do training.


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Virtual Assistance With Good English (making Cold Calls)

Need a Good Virtual Assistant from India or Phillipines or Pakistan,who can make cold calls for me and set appointments for me as well as post classified ads online for me.People with prior telemarketing experience preferred.

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WordPress Support & Facebook Design Upload

I am about to blend a blogger blog and website into one WordPress site and I am learning my way around the new platform. I require some support with it and would like to be able to email someone on a regular basis for a month or so with simple questions and assistance with how to do things. One of the things I need assistance with is the sign up process to a mail chimp newsletter and how to integrate that so it is easy for people.

I also require assistance with the uploading of a Facebook design I have had made and maximising of that space for my business/site.

At this stage I imagine this to be a small project but it may grow. I would appreciate therefore if freelancers could post their hourly rate. Thanks.

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Java Coding Assistance

Need some help with Java to code an application we are building. Will provide further requirements when someone is selected. They should be highly skilled in Java and this should not take longer then 2 hours.

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CSS Assistance


I have some questions in CSS that need answering.

PM me for details regarding this basic 100% width double div I should already be able to solve.

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