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Program ATMEGA 64 To Control L298 H-Bridge (2) Motor Control

Microprocessor: ATMEGA 64
Motor Controller: L298 Dual H-Bridge controller
Motors: (2) DC Brush motors 1 amp max current draw per motor at stall
1- PWM (Pulse width modulation)
2- Reversing polarity to change direction for forward and reverse
3- Motor synchronization via Hall Effect transistor pulse signals from each motor back to microprocessor
4- Current sense feedback monitoring (and adjustability) from L298 to ATMEGA 64
5- Reverse direction when current sense limit is reached (adjustable feature)
6- Safety shut off – when one motor stops the other receives command to stop
7- Adjustable run time
8- Event Logger & reporting
9- EPROM memory to remember motor position when power failure
10- Communication to ATMEGA 64 via RS485 & CAN Bus
11- Addressability – each microprocessor will need its own unique address
NOTE # 1: There are several additional inputs and outputs that will connect to this chip that can be discussed in more detail
NOTE # 2: We believe that there are an abundance of programmers, especially in robotics, who have already done this programming with this chip. Our research has shown that the ATMEL chip is the preferred chip for this type of application. We would prefer to work with someone who has direct knowledge & experience with the functionalities listed above

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Atmega Based Robotic Project

I am looking for someone experienced with the AVR Atmega microcontroller family to help me with the programming of a robotic project. The main task is to avoid collision and obstacles when moving. The robot uses sonars as sensors, an analog joystick, 2 DC motors, motor driver and an Atmega microcontroller based controller. The language of choice is C and WinAVR compiler.

You must be experienced with AVR microcontrollers and have previously done some similar projects successfully. A good understanding of robotics/Automation is essential.

The deadline for this project will be a month. Only serious bidders please and no time wasters. Please do not bid if you are not sure that you can do the project.

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ATmega 128 Programming

Looking for a experienced ATmega Programmer. Must be able to code in C or Assembler in AVR Studio 4
I want to create a 16 Step Sequencer

Analog 1 is connected to a 100K Potentiometer to variable the speed running thru all 16 steps
Analog 2 to 17 is connected to a 100K Potentiometer which creates the Value of Digital out PIN 16 to 32
Digital PIN 0 to 16 is connected to a LED to show which Channel is active
Digital 16 to 32 will be then connected to a MAXIM DS1804-100 Digital Potentiometer (which connected then to a 40106 Schmitt Trigger generating a Sinus Wave)
Crystal will be a 16MHz
This is a private Project with low budget. Will write a good reference for your CV if requested.
When succefull, i have more Projects (one more is already planed including 7 segment and 16 segment stuff)

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POST Firmware Development For Atmega Board

P.O.S.T. C code routines for a board with an Atmega128, AT45DB041D, DOGM163W-A LCD (ST7036 controller),DS1339C RTC, 3×3 keypad, 1 ADC and I/O.

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