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Flash Driven Alphabet Teaching Video

We are seeking development of a Flash driven alphabet teaching video, built around the attached music and images. We are open to animation and any creative tools teaching the English alphabet. See attached music, alphabet letters, and related images.

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Million Dolar Page Website

Must be a very competent programmer.

Very Important: Bid only if you are qualified to do this work and you can be ready in 2 Weeks!!!

Please check carefully the requirements attached document. I already have millionpixel script that needs to be modified. Please check the attached doc so you can see the hold document and you dont have surprises in the future.

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Joomla Portfolio Component/module With Zoom

We need help coding a component for joomla 1.6 ASP. Its pretty much gonna be a showcase component for different fabrics (around 1000 fabrics)

its really important that you should be able to navigate in the showcase from a select menu. for (brands, materials, patterns, colors so i guess somekind of a tag feuter is relevant)

see the attached image for more details. There is one site with common features as we want, see:

Besides the select menu, its step 3 in the attached image that also is really important, to easily navigate between the fabrics and showcase them in a zoom feuter

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Need Experienced Online Graphics Expert Editor

Graphic tweaks that need to be done in the next 24 hours pays $40.00 USD

MUST have Skype to talk on.
MUST have at least a DOZEN or more positive graphic related reviews on GAF or other freelance sites I can view.
MUST have a large portfolio of ONLINE website graphics you have designed/created to show me on your website or some other online portfolio.
I dont deal with overseas middleman, project/bid managers or large companies, if YOU bid on this project you MUST be the one that will actually be doing the graphic creations/editing/revising and working 1 on 1 with me.
MUST be fluent in English.
As a TEST you must do the first assigned graphic tweak listed in PDF instructions attached (also attached the original .jpeg file that you edit for the TEST) and send it along with your bid. This is so I know that you can follow and understand simple but detailed instructions from me, secondly see your graphic skills firsthand and thirdly your commitment to wanting this project.

Bigger $75 project I have ready to go and 99% sure if you are awarded and do a killer job on this one I will give you that project. More details on that simple project is on the PDF specs.



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RFID Interface With SAP

Assign unique RFID to in coming vehicles in a plant. Some data fields will be attached to the Unique RFID. Need to develop a application which can call entered data from SAP server and update it at different points. At the point of exit a receipt should be printed giving details of attached data to RFID. We prefer to use intermac hardware but open for other suggestions.
Frelancers with similar project experience should response giving solution out line.

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Survey Used Engine Oil, Manila Philippines

I require a survey of vehicle service garages to find out what happens to used lubrication oil in Manila, the Philippines.

The attached report is to be filled out in full.

Please read attached report before asking questions.

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Explicit Scheme Of Burger’s Equation

I need an explicit scheme of Burgers equation with two degree accuracy in both time and space. I have developed such a scheme but which actually give more errors than the scheme with one degree accuracy in both time and space.
I have the data of u for h=.1, k=.01. and for other one combination of h and k which is attached as ua.mat file.
I have also attached the mat file to calculated the error for my new scheme.

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We need a SKILLED Joomla expert to add the attached photo gallery to our Joomla website today. We are using Sobi2 for our listings and need this photo gallery installed for our each new listing. Another programmer tried installing and failed. The photo gallery is partially installed, but no guarantees that it is installed correctly. It does not work. You must complete the entire job today, as this is not a big job.

Be sure that the photo gallery works in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Please see the attached file for more information.

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Flash Template Edit *Fast*

I need a Flash Template edited ASAP. This project will only take an hour at the most. All i am needing is some of the text changed, the portfolio photos changed, (I will provide the new images) and some text information added.

This will not take very long at all.

Attached is a Word document with the the menu and sub menus that need to be added, I will provide the list of graphics that will be used within those sub menus. The other menus need to be deleted from the template. Only pay attention to .2 on the attached document, the others do not apply.

Im also attaching the .fla of the portfolio that needs edited.

I know this will not take a qualified person very long to do at all, so please do not post outrageous prices.

This project must be finished by 8:00 pm Central time

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Optimizing Program (bin Packing)

Hello developers

I am looking for the right programmer to code an optimizing program.

The problem: My customers know the sizes they need to cut a plate in to, and they know the width of the main plate they cut the smaller pieces from. But they dont know the most efficient way of cutting them.

The solution: The software must be able to figure out the most efficient way to cut the required pieces of the plate.

First of all: User friendly GUI like the one attached this description. I am thinking something like C# – but it is up to you.

The first step in the program is for the user to type in how many pieces they need (see attached picture Screen 1)
Also there is a field for putting in the width of the plate (they always now the width).

Second step: The software now makes as many fields as the user typed, in the first step (see attached picture Screen 2)

Third step: After the user has types the dimensions in, the software makes a graphic cutting plan. (see attached picture Screen 3)

Further requirements:
There must be a check box for choosing to mix length and width or not.
The total length of the main plate needed must be shown on the cutting plan (and the typed in width).
It must be possible to print and save the cutting plan in PDF.
The software must be compatible with Windows 95 WIN 7 (no need for linux or OS).
At the projects end I will give a Danish translation of the text, to be copy/pasted in instead of the text shown in the attached file.
There must be a (simple) license control on the software. Must only work if the right licensID has been put in on installation.
At the end of coding all the source code must be delivered to me.

Hope to hear from you. Any questions ask before making a bid.

Cheers Michael

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Article Rewrite To Pass Copyscape

I have 7 articles. (Attached in attachment)
I need some skilled writer to rewrite them to pass copy-scape, so search engine will regard them as original.
Each article is about 1200 words.
Just use another expression to describe the same meaning from the original article.
I need this work to be done within 50 days.
It is a simple work if the bidder is a native English speaker.

I have only $30 budge for this project.
So please bid this project if you accept the price.
Those who attached previous work will be preferred.

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Split PSD And PNG And Insert Into Powerpoint


Basically I need you to spilt the attached PNG and PSD files into a powerpoint.

I need the powerpoint as my own "Iphone GUI designer". That mean I need to be able to move all the elements independent of each other.

See video for instructions:

I have also attached a samle powerpoint file, where I have put the first couple of picture.

– No need to make any double insert if the same picture is in
– Labels on buttons etc. should be editable in powerpoint (= no non-edible text)
– When one slide in the powerpoint is full you can move next to another.
– Pictured should be categorized when it is possible. (Labels, buttons…)

Important that work can be done within 24 hours.

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WordPress Theme

I need the attached designs converted into a wordpress theme. The site links to a thiRd party site from four areas:

site registration
site search
member feed

code is attached.

the centre of the page must be 970 px wide.

I will suppy psd files when bid is accepted – all images must be kept as individual layers so can easily be changed.

this is a redesign of an existing site –

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Make Change To My Sales Copy, Squeeze Copy,etc.

I have changed my sites offer, as well as name of site, I need someone create one squeeze page copy and one sales page copy by using the copy files in attached.

Detail guideline is in attached file, please download it.

I need an experienced copywriter to do this job, if you are not very good at copywriting, maybe you cant do this job.

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Motor Controlled By Proximity Switch, Design & Program.

I have a simple project that I need help with. I have attached a photo showing the layout. I have a battery attached to a gear motor that moves a magnet up and down slide that is attached to a pole. The motor is setup in such a way that the motor only has to run in one direction to accomplish this up and down motion. I want to setup a magnetic proxitmity switch at the top of the pole that will tell the motor to start and stop when it either senses or does not sense the magnet. My thought is that the best way to accomplish this is with a simple microprocessor with simple code that controls the power coming from the battery. It will run a pattern, Here is a breakdown of what I want to happen in the pattern:

1. Magnet in position 1 with proximity 1 recognizing it – Motor stopped.
2. Magnet in position 1 with proximity 1 NOT recognizing it – Motor Running.
3. Magnet in position 1 with proximity 1 recognizing it – Motor stopped.

I will need to be able to adjust the sensitivity of the proximity sensor so that I can get the magnet to stop in the right place. I need the project completed ASAP.
I think its pretty easy just the correct way to wire it, the programming, and what chip to use are beyond me. I am hoping to find someone who can work on this easy part because our next step is to include a timer and a remote to the next model and would like to use the same person for the next job.

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Vector Illustrations X 22 Images

I would like a talented illustrator to provide illustrations of the attached plants and animals as EPS vector images.

The illustration style does not need to be too detailed. I am interested in different illustrative styles. No cartoons please.

The EPS files should be hi res/large enough to be printed up to A3 size.

You should provide examples of your previous illustrations with your bid and please confirm how many days work this is.

See attached file so you know what images I need.


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I need some help. I have done the bulk of this program; however, I am just plain out of time. Please take a look at the attached file. I need to have it finished by Saturday around 7ish? Specifically, I am having trouble with the JDBC mySQL statements in the SEARCH function. Please see the attached WORD description for full details and also my .java classes that I have done already. You will need to adjust the and files in order to interact with your version of mySQL.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



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HLD Website Creation

I am seeking a website designer to create my website as per the attached power point presentation. My website offers interior design, colour consulting, home staging services as the first stage. I want my website to look similar to ralph, coco as two examples.

I would like this work completed within 7 days.

I want to be able to edit it directly once completed.

03/19/2011 at 20:51 EDT:

(Attaching a file with contact details is prohibited by Admin)
(Attached file removed by Admin)

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PHP For Form

We have created a custom contact form (attached). We use Office Auto Pilot as our auto responder/ stat tracker but they dont give the option for us to have a form the way we want it.

All we need is form the from attached to work properly with the OAP code that we will send to you.

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Translation Needed

I am needing the attached file translated into Chinese, simplified, and untraditional.
Attached you will find the document.


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Desing A Simple Home Page

I have an existing home page. I need to modify my current home page like attached file. Attached file is a mock up of new home page.

It is very simple design and i need it emergency. Your code should be clear and organized.
Please bid only if you can do it within short time. If you can do it successfully then more task will be provided you.

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VB 2010 Express Api Help

I will only pay $30 for a solution and nothing more.
Ok below is the code attached to fill up a webform automatically, It works fine.
The problem I have is using the api, it is also attached below.

What do i need?
I need the code which i have given to be rewritten and solve the captcha with the api, this example code is for the example code fills up the form and submits it without the captcha.
I need it to fill up the captcha and then submit it.

I have no experience in the api, and every line that you write must be commented.

"What can I do to make recognition accuracy near 100%?
Probably the best way is to send picture three times and accept most frequent answer (2 of 3 for example) "

The attached apis are for vb6 and, but i am using visual basic 2010 express
I have also included the 32 bit dll file source.
I will only pay when complete, i can put the money in escrow. When i have full instructions and fully commmented code, i can release the funds thank you.

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Translation English -> Spanish

Attached PHP language files must be translated into Spanish (There are 2 columns in each file, only the right column must be translated / the text after the = sign )

Only natural language from native Spanish lads! Only the files attached to this project!

03/10/2011 at 6:33 EST:

There is also a screenshot attached which shows what part must be translated!

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My name is Scott Purcell. Im currently living out of Sydney Australia.
Im looking for someone to help me build a website for my domain (Posting of contact details is prohibited by Admin). Productive Web Apps is a collection of links to the best productivity web based applications available online. The apps will be classified into groups with a brief description and review attached to each.
Ideally I would like the following features to be included in the site and if you could please give an indication of your experience with such features and the associated cost of each:

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Need Custom Ultimate Spinnable Spinned PLR Articles

I need a few dozen spinnable English-language articles on the following topics:

– Remote Network & Systems Management software
– Network computer security
– Remote backup software
– Managed Services (MSP)

all articles should be written as follows:

1) Each article should be in the "nested" Jetspinner format (see example attached)

2) Each paragraph is rewritten 5 times (see example attached)

3) Each sentence in each paragraph is rewritten 5 times (see example attached)

4) Each article should contain 30 totally different (rewritten) titles (not just by replacing synonyms, but completely rewritten whole sentences)

5) Each article variant (unspinned) must contain at least 500 words.

6) Each article must be of a high quality standard, written in American or British English, and suitable for submission to Ezinearticles and similar popular article directories.

If you can provide such articles, please let me know your best price:

a) per single article

b) any bulk order discount prices (10 articles+).

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I Need Logos For 4 Semi Attached Websites

Ok I need 4 similar logos
the idea is
4 Puzzle pieces each piece for a website

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Format RFP For Travel Company

This project needs to be completed right away.

I need someone to create a pdf document or word document of a Request for Proposal. I have attached the content of the form but I need it professionally formatted. I have attached a sample of how Id like it to look. The form will be emailed and Id like the recipient to have the ability to open it , then fill out the form on their pc. The spaces for recipient input must be editable but not anyother parts of the form.

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Simple Site Scraping Project:


i am wanting a simple scrape for some content from a website.

See attached document for more detials.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a simple scrape and the price i am willing to pay will reflect this.
It would only take somebody a few hours to extract this data manually.

There are 450+ different pages that i need the data scraping from.

as you can see from the attached document i am wanting eleven (11) columns of data extracting and inputing into an excel spreadsheet.

Payment will be honoured once the data has been checked and verified – within 7 days of completion.

thanks for bidding.

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Simple Web Design

Simplistic website design for photography. roughly 5 pages with flash elements, galleries, and contact form. Must be coded so that user can upload/update photos and galleries. Detailed description and examples are attached

02/13/2011 at 4:03 EST:

(Posting of contact details is prohibited by admin)
(Attached file removed by admin)

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