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Protect My Server From SYN Flood Attack

Lately my server is attacked with Syn Flood.
Can someone help me with a protection against those attacks?

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DOS (Denial Of Service) Attack

Need some who know how to Perform a DOS Attack on a website. Also must have knowledge of how to prevent them.

Layer 7 attacks and sync Floods

PM Info

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Fix OsCommerce Website Hacker Attack

We are running an oscommerce store with a custom template.

In the last few weeks we experienced SEVERAL hacker attacks we guess using mysql injection, but not sure.

Now, we tried uploading all the files back but after a few days the site gets hacked again.

We are looking for someone with excellent knowledge on Oscommerce and website security to check each file and all server configurations to find the virus, secure the pages and server so it does not happen again.

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Java Project

Engine : A programme to design an enhanced cost sensitive decision tree algorithm to detect cloning attack .Among the question the enhanced algorithm will answer is :

1) Where did the attack happens?
2) What type of attack happens?

Expertise : Java

Engine : running on an improvised decision tree algorithm with cost sensitve capability.
The end result : Testing result display in graphs ( precision,accurancy and etc). The algorithm will be run against normal decision tree and a simple cost algorithm.

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Fix Hack Attack On Server Plesk With Centos

Our server was attacked and we need to find the problem and fix it.
There is a possibility of a bad script, virus, bot net or some other hack.

The server was suspended because was scanning other computers on IRC.

It is possible that we need to reinstall Plesk and all the websites again.

I need someone that have security experience and can secure the server for the future.

The server is down I need the work done fast.

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Android LiveWallpaper Game

!! IMPORTANT : PLEASE GOOGLE "doom live wallpaper" TO GET A BETTER IDEA !!

I am looking to create something similar to the doom live wallpaper using my custom graphics witch for the most part are completed.

Project name:
Man vs Zombie (working name)

Talent Needed:
Programmer familiar with Live Wallpapers and able to add game like logic.

Brief description:
Man vs Zombie is a a simple 2d live wallpaper that incorporates small gameplay elements in order to give users a fun an interactive application that they may enjoy during the day without having to open up any type of application. This applications is very similar to the Doom Live Wallpaper currently available on the market. (google doom live wallpaper)

The main gameplay idea is to keep your avatar alive as long as you can by ordering your avatar to attack enemies in a specific order, picking up items on the ground, and restoring your health. There will be no penalty for death other than re-spawning.

User Interaction:
The main avatar will have an AI that is attracted to the closest enemies. Naturally the user might want to target a different enemy, by clicking on a new enemy, the avatar will stop fighting the current enemy, and pursue the new target.

The user may also click on an empty area. Which will make the avatar RUN. While running the avatar will move faster, but be unable to fire weapons while moving. A running animation will be shown.

There also will be a small briefcase at any of the four corners the user chooses. Once this briefcase is tapped it will slide out to and reveal the weapons collected by the user. If the player clicks on a different weapon the avatar will switch. The briefcase will slide back in either after a few seconds, or if the player clicks on it. (What ever is easier)

The object of the game is simple, the player is to try to is to defeat as many enemies as he can before being defeated. As a live wallpaper, the user can play at any moment he chooses without having to commit any serious time.

5 weapons types include
Unarmed – 1 HP (close range)
Knife – 2 HP (close range)
Baseballbat 3 HP (Close range)
Pistol – 5 HP (normal range)
SMG – 10 HP (normal range)

Avatar and Zombie NPC:

The a avatar will walk at a normal pace, while running will move him much faster. The Avatar will be able to attack with his fist (unarmed) as well as with weapons. Baseball Bats will have a unique attack, as they will be able to bash the heads of zombies if they are being pinned down. (see zombie lunge attack)

Zombies will move at a much slower pace trying to corner the avatar with numbers. Zombies will have 3 attack types.
Basic slash – 1 HP (close range)
Lunge attack – 0 HP (latches on to avatar, slowing the movement as zombie is being dragged, the player could use a baseball bat to free himself)

Bite attack – 3 HP

The scene will be large enough to be able to scroll left and right. If possible, the avatar should make his way into the active window that the user is currently on. The scene will include 3 buildings, (non of them are interactive, but the user shouldnt not be able to go through these. I believe this is called "hit detection" ) a background, and a street/sidewalk. The idea is to keep the avatar fighting in the streets/sidewalk.

!!IMPORTANT!! Before bidding please take a look at the doom live wallpaper, this is the best point of reference I could provide. !! IMPORTANT!!

(project mock)

(doom live wallpaper)

The source code will be required as I also plan to add, upgrade, and tweak images.

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Game Sprites

We are looking for some sprite images (preferably in png format) for a game. The game will contain 4 "hero" characters (of both male and female gender), approximately 4 types of "basic" zombie monsters and 4 "boss" zombie monsters.

Each of the "hero" characters will require animations in the form of:
* idle pose (single frame)
* walking
* running
* falling
* standing up
* taking hit from an attack
* normal attack
* heavy attack
* picking up object action
* throwing object action

Each of the "basic" monsters will require animations in the form of:
* walking
* falling
* taking hit from attack
* normal attack

And the "boss" monsters will require animations in the form of:
* walking
* falling
* taking hit from attack
* normal attack
* special attack

We have done up a couple of single character poses that we will be happy to pass on as an idea of what we are looking at. Feel free to use these as a guide or go with something completely different. Each sprite image should have a resolution of 84*84 and also use a transparent background. If needed, we can perform all the pixel shading within the image if you would prefer to create standard, single coloured images.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in to contact with us.

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Urgent – System Admin Required – DDoS Attack

We urgently require a system admin to help us with our server.
we are current under a ddos attack.

we are also looking for a system admin to help optimise and secure the server.

You must be available to start with immediate effect.
You must have experience with CentOS, Cpanel etc..
You must have experience in Server & Web Security.
You must have experience in dealing with Attacks of this type.

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Ninja Combat Flash Animation

I need 4 10 second flash animations done for my game. they need to be 760 x 400 pixels in size.

the background can be fairly simple and does not need to move. some silhouettes of buildings, mountains or something in the back.

the animations will begin the same, one ninja in the middle of the stage, then a second ninja will begin to walk to them, when the second ninja reaches the first ninja it will draw its sword and attempt to kill the other ninja.

the way the animations are different:
1 for a successful kill from the front
1 for a successful kill from the back
1 for an unsuccessful kill from the front (the defending player blocks the attack and kill the attacker)
1 for an unsuccessful kill from the back (the defending player blocks the attack and kill the attacker)

the graphics including the ninjas can be silhouettes, meaning looking like a shadow, but this must look professional. there are 4 animations but as you can see they all use the same graphics and animations and i hope your quotes reflect this.

please only apply for this if you have previous flash animations of this kind in your portfolio.

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Flash Game Designed And Developed

I need to create a flash game and interactive flash banner together with the game.

It is a shooting game or something along those lines where you have a big gorilla and you attack him with various weapons.

Ideally, I would want you to start with one weapon and than after you kill the gorilla, you can attack him with a different cooler weapon.

I am looking for something hands, gory, and violent… Not guns, more like baseball bats, etc…

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Select A Symetrical Aerofoil For Low Speed Application

Select 2 aerofoils that are suitable for low spedd(0 to 200km/hour) use.

The aerofoils should be efficient with low drag and high lift accross a range of angles of attack.

A report shall be prepared which includes:
– aerofoil options considered
– the 2 areofoils selected including pictures and numerical coordinates
– the lift and drag characteristics of each aerofoil for a range of angles of attack (0 to 45 degrees)
– typical applications for these aerofoils
– references to tests that have been performed on these aerofoils

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Need Help With Server Attack Malware Or Virus

My dedicated server has been attacked with something.
I saw pages with eval base 64 in php files. Files have been added to directory.

I have a dedicated server with cpanel.
I use it to host some of my sites.

What would it cost for you to clean up the problem? Possible back door?
Not sure.

and let me know what caused it.

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Remove Virus/phishing Attack And Secure My Website

Recently my website was hacked and has hosted a phishing attack.
I want someone who can remove all virus and phishing attack
After you will need to secure my website.

Budget; Max: 40$

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Competing In The New Era – Internet And Mobile Marketing

The corporate competition is moving into the internet and mobile world. The offline market is very saturated and very intense in competition. In the next decade, companies will fight in the cyberspace. It is war out there – this time it is a star war or cyber war

Looking for a provider to write a book of 100 pages, 250 words on the topic of corporate cyberwar.
The book should cover the following
1. use of black hat and white hat strategies to win the competition
2. need to protect oneself from a cyber attack and black hat strategies
3. need to know the vicious cyberwar tactics that can attack you
4. case studies of how the cyberspace is the next competitive arena

This is not a technical book but a marketing/management book.

Interested providers, please submit relevant samples of work done.

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Attack Of Malware

We are a UK company. We have a problem with a malware attack and we need to resolve the situation ASAP. Google is blocking visitor to our site. The site is we need action immediately.
Please quote ref number 3310 on all corespondence.Would all the people who responed yesterday please reapply especially tuxdmin.
Laurence Delany

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Competing In The Cyberspace – Cyber Warfare

Looking for a provider to write a book of 100 pages, 250 words on the topic of corporate cyberwar.
The book should cover the following
1. use of black hat and white hat strategies to win the competition
2. need to protect oneself from a cyber attack and black hat strategies
3. need to know the vicious cyberwar tactics that can attack you
4. case studies of how the cyberspace is the next competitive arena

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Malware Attack On WordPress Site – Reinstall/fix Required

Existing website and CMS has been attacked by a malware script. All data needs to be backed up and resolution foun or wordpress reinstalled. ASAP

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Ddos Attack My Site For Educational Propose Only


I would like someone to Ddos attack MY Site,and MY SERVER, every day for 2 months,
this is for Educational propose only, if you can pass my security and take down my site you will get paid

Thank you

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Joomla Site

My joomla site has been reported a block site by google. I dont know why. I think its infected. I need it fixed cleaned and protected from any future infection.

Heres the notice on the site

"Reported Attack Site!
This web site at —– has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences."

I need this done ASAP. Thank you!

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Bot For An Online Game

Hello, there is an online game called evony, found at
I was interested in purchasing a bot for this game if it is possible. Basically this will be an attack bot. What i have layed out in my head is a bot where you login to your account through it, then you imput the coords of the npc to bot on, select the hero from the list of your heros which the program would grab. Then imput the amount of each troop youd like to send. lastly select how many times to attack or select unlimited. select the delay in each attack by minutes or select no delay.
Now the amount of times to attack is pretty self explanetory how many times to perform the attack loop. now the delay means after the troops attack and come back how long to wait before sending them out to attack again.

also the bot should stop if they dont have the amount of troops they set to attack with.

any alteraion suggestions are welcome.

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Corporate Warfare – How To Defend/attack In The Cyberspace

Looking for a provider to write a book of 100 pages, 400 words on the topic of corporate cyberwar.
The book should cover the following
1. use of black hat and white hat strategies to win the competition
2. need to protect oneself from a cyber attack
3. need to know the vicious cyberwar tactics that can attack you

Interested provider, please send samples of relevant work done

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Security Audit/Cleanse

Job entails a security expert to analyze as needed up to 4 sites on a shared webhosting account. One oscommerce site is generating an iframe injection to the index file after the first body tag on an irregular basis for around 3-4 weeks. No other sites are affected, but as all four sites are on the same account, any of the sites very well may be hosting the file, code generating the injection, or vulnerability leading to the attack. The webhost cannot find the file or code as all files appear clean, no permission errors, ect. Log files do not assist in the matter. This is NOT a matter of ftp attack or stolen passwords at we have a strick ftp allow and deny that allows only our ip to access ftp. Sites on server include two wordpress sites and two oscommerce sites. The oscommerce site in question is heavily modified.

We are NOT in need of someone removing the actual iframe injection as it is easily spotted and removed by our team.

The audit is NOT to inhibit the use of the sites by customers. If you need to copy the sites to a closed system, bidder will be expected to do so. We expect the total downtime to the site as a result of modifications to be a matter of minutes, not days or hours. NO modifications, uploads, or file deletions should be enacted until authorized by our project manager.

The iframe injection problem is what we expect the bidder to isolate. If this is a shell script, modified code, xss attack, ect this should be completed first in regards to the iframe injection. Several oscommerce security patches are enabled on the oscommerce sites including Security Pro, SiteMonitor, htaccess protection, Anti XSS.

The iframe injection links appear to be outdated as the links end up redirecting to the actual Google homepage, not a spoof page. PMB for iframe code being injected.

Do not bid if you cannot finish the iframe problem within five days (or less). Do not bid if this is your first project on freelancer.

Winning bidder agrees to receive two escrow payments to be released in line with completion of project. The first payment for finding, isolating, and fixing the iframe injection problem, whatever it may be. The second to verify changes have worked, we will hold the second escrow for a week after completion, and release as long as the site is without an iframe attack. The payments will be split 50/50. Obviously if the injection persists the job will be considered incomplete and the second payment will not be released until a week has persisted without attack.

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DOS Attack Or ?

We are a quality company with a spotless reputation.

Our rating after 12 years in business, is A with the BBB.

A competitor is trying to attack us by putting up a web site with lies about us.

We want to hire a sharp programmer to bring the fake web site down.

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I need two similar websites. First one is vulnerable to any one type of CSS attack and the second one should prevent the CSS attack. Please make a website as simple as possible (4-5 pages). I need website to be developed in PHP.

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Virtual Heart Attack – Digital Encoding

Im looking for a website so awesome it will give me a heart attack.

BUT! The heart attack must not kill me.

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DDos Attack Solution Expert Wanted

I am suffering a DDos attack now.
I need a expert to resolve it THOROUGHLY.

EXPERT only. Serious bidding only.
This case seems to be very tough.

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Server Attack, Can You Deny It?

We currently have a denial of server attack. We would like to work with someone who can help trace it and collect evidence for a prosecution. If successful we can pay a healthy reward.

Due to the nature of this we need to resolve it quickly so time is of the essence.

I look forward to hearing from people.

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Config ASA 5505 Firewall

We now looking for someone who can help us config a ASA 5505 firewall(Transparent mode) provide by

The network situation is only one server behind the firewall as a web server ,there is no other users inside the network, we need the web server been protected from DDoS attack. is a layer out of the firewall and situation.

We are willing to pay 200 USD for proper configuration the firewall.

There is few key points to this configuration:

1.The purpose of this configuration is to maximum protect a single web server from DDoS attack, so smart security rules/policies are extreme important.

2.All configuration must be done by remote connection(ASDM, SSH), there is no possibilities for present in the data center in real life.

3. We require a quick set up guild after configuration. so that we can do the exact same configuration for our customer next time. (we just need to do it step by step, basically what you need to do is simply copy all your command you typed in with some notes)

4. We need to know how to change the maximum number of simultaneous TCP connections.(we prefer the website is visitable during the attack, so the firewall dont drop the normal connection, firewall can recognize the difference between the normal and attack traffic, and for now, please set up a most reasonable traffic simultaneous for a website which have 100,000 IPs a day)

5.(looks stupid but Important!) The configuration must looks complex and professional(not one or two easy rules, but need to automatically recognize most common attack traffic and drop them down, also another reason for this is, The manager in my customers company will feel much better about paying the money if they look it and thinks it is complex and not easy understand solution for them, some sort of political reason, so if there is 50 rules there and uses all the NAT AAA Globe policy etc, it will be great).

6. We ware receiving tons of ICMP connection request while we experiencing DDoS. So we like to limit or terminate it as it is useless for us.

As well as below is some certificate requirment for people who meet the need.

1. You need to have one of following(at least) certificate from cisco:

Cisco ASA Specialist(Preferred)

A certificate document is require to verify before starting the job.

2. 5 years or more networking experience is preferred.

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Attack Alert Needs Product Sales In And Around The World.

Our company site

Attack Alert is a patent pending internet security product that instantly warns, tracks and prevents hackers in the real-time and intimates the website owners through emails and SMS when a hacker tries to break in.

The product and its features even the pricing scale have been provided in the website for your reference.

The product requires sales as much as possible.

You will be paid for each and every product sale.

For more information. Contact us.

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Needs -permanent Solution For Ifram – Attack Report In Site

Hello ,

please bid only if you know the permanent solution for virus like –

iFrame , Attack Report in site .

how to remove permanently .

you needs send logical solution how you will do fix for permanent on PM. other wise your bid not be count.


Note – i do not want temporary solution , BUT permanent solution so you write on PM how you will do fix it .


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DoS Attack

I need help with a DoS attack. PM me.

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