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Virtual Audio Driver For Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) (repost)

Write a Virtual Audio Driver for Windows (addressed as VAD below). Must work under:

o Windows XP
o Windows Vista x32 AND x64
o Windows 7 x32 AND x64

The driver must appear as a normal Audio Output Device to Windows and any application. The
device must appear in Windows control panel – sound management and we should have the possibility to set it as default audio device. For Windows and any other application VAD should look like a real hardware driver and act like one.

Upon installation it should remember the previous default audio output device, and as its default behaviour should route all its input sound to the previous default audio device. It should notice if this device disappears or is replaced (for instance the computer gets a new audio card) and remember this incident(always just the last incident, not a history).

Basically VAD should get the input from an application and pass it directly to the former primary audio driver. This should happen with a minimum of strain on the CPU. VAD should be aware of what process is sending witch stream.

The VAD should have some API calls that can be addressed from other programs. The main call should be the possibility of hooking into the audio stream of a another program. Api calls should be protected by some sort of password mechanism, meaning that only applications that know that password or protection should be able to hook on the audio stream. Hooking on the audio stream means that the program gets to listen on the output of any given process but the stream flows further to the former primary audio driver too.

Source Code must be documented and Api calls will be documented by us upon accepting your bid.
Please do not bid for a DIRECT SHOW filter or similar solutions. We need this to be a proper System driver working in all those environments (keep in mind also 64 bit!)


Project will be executed as an Audio Filter Driver.
This Driver will be installable on Win XP32, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64.

It will have the functionality described in the initial project, without the Hardware device tracking described.

It will allow to identify the stream source process.

It will implement the following API calls that can be called from a third party application (this is a part where we can be flexible, your input or suggestions are welcomed) :

int VAD_HookStream(*char passcode,int processid, *streamReaderFunc callback_func)

Hooks all streams from the process processid and feeds the data to the callback function callback_func
If processid is 0 then ALL the audio data is feeded to the callback function

Returns a handler

int VAD_UnHookStream (handler int)

Unhooks a previous callback related to that handle.
retuns -1 if handle was not found, 1 if successfull, 0 if error

int VAD_InfoStreams (*char passcode, stream_info* streamStruct)

Gets the information about current streams that flow through the VAD at that point.
stream_info is a dynamic array of structures in form of a pointer list; Return value is the number of stream_info structures;

struct stream_info
int processid; //process id
int starttime; // time stamp when the stream started
int bytecount; //how many bytes were streamed until now
[here we could add 2-3 other info variables. ]
*stream_info next_info; //pointer to the next infomation block. null pointer if its the //last

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Stream Audio From Axis IP Camera To Android And Iphone

Axis IP cameras are using VAPIX (open API) to transfer remotelly audio from camera mic over http, and to send audio over http to the integrated camera speaker. The audio is raw stream, encoded with G711 (mulaw encoding).

We need a simple code (library, codec, or utility class with few methods) which will play the streamed audio remotely from the camera mic on Android and iPhone devices; and vice-versa (to send audio from the android/iPhone microphone to Axis camera speaker, over VAPIX API.

The audio must be clear with correct encoding/ no white noise.

It is preferable to apply, if you have already experience with VAPIX and deal with this / similar problem before.

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Audio File Transcribe

Please do not bid if your bid is above $30

i would be interested in some one transcribing a 3 hrs windows media audio file into well structured written english. all i require is to type out every thing that said on audio into Microsoft word .

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Seeking singer for 15 short songs.

15 short songs (average :20 seconds each.)

You will be responsible for singing:
3 part harmony and 1 short lead part).

Technical note:
1. You must have access to a professional microphone and software (or recording studio) in which to record the vocals. Looking for the highest quality audio output possible. No 16 bit audio tracks.

2. I will provide separate tracks that are "guide/rough tracks" where the parts are sung for you.

3. You must be able to sing in English Language. Accent is not a problem, but if your lyrics/singing is not intelligible to an English speaker/fan, that will not work. So your accent would be fine (if you are an English as a second language speaker) but your lyrics must be clear and precise.

4. You wont have to clean noise from you vocal tracks that will be done on my end.

SUBMISSION: Please include link to sample of you singing. I would prefer hearing your singing without the addition of effects. I will not consider tracks that include auto-tune. Tracks as simple as you singing to a guitar or keyboard accompaniment would be awesome as Id be able to better determine whether your have great vocals or a great studio/engineer.

The completed songs will be used for several album projects Im working on. Youll get textual credit in the album and music videos.

I retain all my copyrights and publishing rights to the songs. This will be considered a "work for hire".

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Java Screen/Screencast And Audio Recorder Applet

This remote usability screen recorder applet will be delivered by a webpage and will perform the following functions communicating via Javascript. (see attached file for accompanying dialog sequence)

1. Embed into a webpage and initialize
2. Get system information and return via Javascript.
3. When launch function called, launch a new browser window to the initURL and always-on-top controller window.
4. Locate and test an operational microphone or fall back to no microphone.
5. Prompt the user to start and then change the browser window to the testURL and display the first task.
6. Record the window and audio (if available), highlighting mouse clicks in the recording with a yellow circle and showing time and audio level on controller along with a pause button.
7. Wait for user to click "Complete Task" or "Abort Task"
8. Call back via Javascript the button clicked, task time and click count.
9. Display the next task and repeat until no more tasks.
10. Change the browser window to the completeURL and upload the file via POST, showing % complete progress.
11. Close the controller window.

Must work with both Mac and Windows, IE, Firefox and Safari. Finished product must include applet ready to embed with HTML/Javascript webpage demo and all source code.

It should have the following applet embed parameters


And Javascript methods:

returns: freeDisk,freeMem,totalMem,CPUName,CPUSpeed,OSInfo,NumOfScreens

launchController(initURL,testURL,completeURL, scenario, tasks, cbTaskComplete):
returns: taskCompleted, taskTime, numClicks

And any additional parameters, methods or callbacks needed for operation and error handling.

Bonus will be awarded for great work exceeding expectations. Additional projects and future work available.

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Regular Transcriptionist Needed For Overflow

Hi I need help with overflow transcription. I pay $12-15 per audio hour. Please bid for 2 hours of audio. I need someone who has experience transcribing and can complete the project with 3-4 days. I need someone is ready to start immediately. This could turn into a long term position for the right person. I look forward to receiving your bids.

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****Please do not apply if you can not guarantee the below transcript Quality and Turnaround****

An Organisation is building a trusted team of experts to do regular transcription/review/article writing etc. for the coming years to acquired an enviable reputation online for our high quality work at affordable pay.

We are now in need of members to do transcriptions.

Transcriber will be required to transcribe series of audio on regular basis as the job comes.

You must submit the assignment within the stipulated time else it will be rejected.

You must be trusted, leading to more frequent and varied general transcription work.

Accuracy must be above 95%; abt 7 blanks + time stamps per page.

Turnaround time: 15-60minutes audio every or within 4-10hrs upon receipt of audio.

We have continuous jobs for the right candidates.

Quality and turnaround is of serious consideration for us.

Pay will be between $3 to $10 per 1-3 Audio Hour; adjusted based on actual number of audio minutes/hours transcribed based on the output quality..
Payment will be made at least twice in a month or as soon as the invoice amount reaches above $35.

Let me know the hrs. you will be available for jobs and should you have any questions.

Pls include "Kwality Along Service" in your bid for me to know you ve read this, understood and agree.

Looking forward to your bids. Thank you!

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Ongoing Transcription Project

We are trusted experts doing transcription and data processing for over 20 years and in that time have acquired an enviable reputation for our high quality transcription and data challenges at affordable pricing.

We are now hiring transcriptionists and experienced editors. Someone to be trusted, leading to more frequent and varied general transcription work.

Accuracy: Above 99%; 5 blanks with time stamps per page is acceptable.
Turnaround time: 1 hour audio every day within 12-18 hours of audio receipt

We hope to have steady job flow for the right candidates.

Quality and turnaround is crucial to our projects. Please do not apply if you can not guarantee the above-mentioned transcript Quality and Turnaround.

Pay is between $8 to $12 per Audio Hour; will be adjusted based on actual number of audio minutes/hours transcribed. It is based on the output quality – $8 per hour for full review, $10 for blanks only review, and $12 for independent transcriptionist. Editors get $4 per audio hour. Payment is made twice a month or sooner when the invoice amount reaches to a minimum of $50.

Let me know should you have any questions. Looking forward to your bids. Thank you!

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CutterBox Audio

I am preparing a project for a Kickstarter campaign that involves audio, bluetooth etc. for Ipods and Iphones. Ill be paying for the design services myself though. Im looking to get a product design to put into the movie intro for the product. So renderings are really only thats necessary. Ill repost another project for product manufacturing and so forth after I have renderings to backup my project so thatll be a completely different posting. 3d animations of it turning around and showing all sides would be helpful but STILL shot designs are fine for now. There are two components to my project one similar to a watch and another component attaching to the audio device and headphones. Im looking to create it with a futuristic look similar to the pictures I posted. These are merely pictures i found to be used only as inspiration. Im looking for a unique design thats cleancut sleek and futuristic. My product differs slightly but the images can hopefully put you in the right direction of what im trying to accomplish once i get into details.

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Native American English Speaker For 2 Min Product Video

We have a 1-2min intro video for a technical web application and need a professional sounding, native American English speaker for the audio. The video is still in the editing phase, so timing is not that important as we can make sections a little longer or shorter.

Besides the speaking we would also highly appreciate your input on the text. If you have suggestions to make it sound more like a native speaker then we would be more than happy to change it.

Please send an example of your voice and previous work.

Budget = 50 USD

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Excellent Editors


Im in need of excellent proofreaders for General Transcription. I need someone with the the above skills and who is willing to proofread an hour of audio for $3 within 3 hours maximum and produce a perfect transcript. Must be able to proofread at least 4 hours of audio over a 24 hour period. Only serious applicants and please do not apply if you cant meet the set target in the required TAT.


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Spanish Audio Transcription

I need a Spanish transcription ASAP

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Spanish Audio Transcription 1:28

I need a transcription of an audio of 1 hour with 40 minutes
I need to complete this job as soon as possible

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Game Website

We are in the development stage of a new Gaming website.

We are looking for gamers with a talent in;

-Video Making
-Video Presenting
-Audio Editing
-Audio Presenting
-Web Design
-Web Marketing

If you are an avid gamer with a talent in any of these subjects, and want to join an ambitious web development then please get in touch.

All work will be on a voluntary basis for the time being.


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Training Materials Audio Recording In English (1k Words)

Voice recording in mp3 format (1k words) in English about computer software.


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Expert TRANSCRIPT Proofreader Needed ASAP (no Newbies!)

Seeking a $1 to $5/hr NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING proofreader specifically experienced in editing and proofing TRANSCRIPTS to audio. You can be new to Freelancer, but you *must* have experience in this area. This is a long-term EDITING/PROOFING position.

You will:

1. Use Express Scribe (or your transcription software of choice) to optimize the audio volume/settings/etc. to capture as much dialog as possible; then:

2. Proof either the entire transcript to audio, or just those portions that dont make logical/contextual sense (typically meaning an inaccuracy by the transcriber);

3. Research to resolve phonetic spellings and verify terminology (even if unmarked as phonetic) for EVERY transcript; and

4. Edit punctuation (and occasionally, but not usually grammar) along the way.

Please describe in detail the types of content youve *edited/proofed* (legal, business/marketing, IT, finance, medical, etc.), AS WELL AS your experience directly transcribing files, including how long youve done so for both, please.

For this long-term, as-needed position, you may suddenly have several assignments per week for a short while; then, you may have nothing from me for weeks or months at a time. Please expect a short proofing test before hire.

LOWEST BIDS (startup-friendly!) with MOST APPROPRIATE EXPERIENCE & SKILLS will be given highest preference.


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Website Animation

Wed like to find someone to animate a ~3 minute audio. We would provide you with the audio (and a written transcript) and would like someone to storyboard, then film the full animation, edit then speed up according to the pacing of the audio. An example of what wed like comes from . The purpose of the animated video is to colour our website.

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Voice Over/Audio Recording

I am looking for a female character audio/voice over to do short scripts (a couple for now) for powerpoint presentations.

What I am looking for in a voice:


2-Perky (Katie Couric-esque)



Please submit a demo demonstrating the above characteristics to be considered.

I like to make things happen quickly and once I find "the voice" I am looking for, we will get on the move. As you can see in my history, I hit quick and stick with voice I like.

Scripts will be short to begin with (intros) so you will know why the budget is so small.

These will be very short, around 2 minutes to start. (subjective, I know but you will have to trust me).

If we can find th eright voice, the parts will grow in size and number.



To view the opening presentation and get a feel for what I am doing, watch here:

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Downloadable Tours

I have a complete technical document, mock-ups, and completion phases that I can send if this project is something you can complete. It is very complicated, and requires a very skilled programmer or a team of programmers. Here is the general idea: will be a platform for user-generated content where individuals or organizations (

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IR Audio(music) Transmitter And Receiver Using PWM

This project is a ir audio(music) transmitter and receiver using pulse width modulation as the technique to convert the audio music signal into digital and transmit this digital signal using infrared, the receiving side must be able to hear the music clearly. the transmitter side and the receiver sides must have volume adjustment separately.

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Mod Clipbucket Script To Allow Mp3 Upload

We are using a clipbucket script on our site to archive recordings of our presentations. Right now we can only upload video files. We recorded a bunch of audio files too, and want to be able to upload them using the site we have setup. The audio files could even play just like the video files without a picture, or adding a logo of type of visualizer inside the video box would be a big plus. Right now any audio files uploaded result in a Failed message instead of showing up.
Clipbucket script accepts plugins or mods to the script. It would be cool if it was done as a plugin so it is easy for me to install it, but anyway to make it work will be good. The better it is done will be worth more.

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Diary/chronicle On Iphone/ipad

This is a chronicle/diary project on iphone.

The user wants to take some notes in text, add some video/audio/pic to the text. This will be local to the iphone/ipod.
But the user should be able to transfer the files to his/her computer. There should be also some privacy settings when you open up the app.

+calendar view
+add some texts
+add/record audio files
+add/record video file
+add/take pics

I need complete source code. I will provide more details.


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Video Game Interviews Transcription

Seeking an English transcriber to transcribe around 3,5 hours of transcriptions. The audio files that need to be transcribed contain interviews with video game developers.

Requirements are:

1) Skilled in the English language. You have to know the appropriate time(s) to use semi-colons, commas, periods, double and single quotation marks, ellipses, and em dashes; and

2) Accuracy, you dont hesitate to rewind a passage at least three times when needed, to ensure that every word of their transcript is as true-to-speech as possible. It needs to be done very precise! It is important not to miss writing down ANYTHING that is being said on the audio file.

Please only apply if you meet these criteria. Will accept a maximum 10% of total bid as a milestone.

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North African Churhes Audio/video/pdf…

Look this website as a sample. create a similar kind of website with all the features

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Need A Custom Audio Software Made (quickly!)

I need someone who is VERY experienced in coding for Windows to create a feature rich, nice looking, audio software.


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Flash Video Demo For A B2B Company

We are looking for a highly creative Flash programmer to create our video demo. We will provide the script for this demo and can help you with the concept. But, designer should be able to conceptualize and convert the script into animation and audio. Audio part is optional, but please specify that in your bid whether you will be able to provide audio or not. This is required also to confirm that you have read project details. You will responsible for suggesting all graphics and animation. The video has to be around 3 minutes long.

Here are some sample videos to give you an idea about what kind of work we are looking for:

These are just for sample purpose. More such samples can be provided.

Please do not bid:
If you cannot create such animation and storytelling.
If you have no past experience or references.
If you cannot complete this project in 1 week. We need someone who can dedicate good amount of time on this.

More information can be provided on request.

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Narrator For Small Child´s Book


We are looking for a narrator, announcer for a children´s book. Is a small book, just a few paragraphs.
Please check this link, the book is very similar and the audio too:

Budget: 30usd

Dead line: Wednesday 23/3

Is very important the fast communication, Do you have skype or yahoo messenger?

Please send me your audio samples or links.


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Html5 Video Audio Stream On Iphone


Were need your experience for this new project. We have create iphone app. But we have problem with audio streaming. We are streaming on web site with flash. But we need to stream to iphone, android and others using HTML5.

We just want these part. User must be record voice on iphone or android and could be upload our server. If our server oflline or doenst have internet connection, user can use mobile store, After problem fixed, user can synchronization.

Please send us your experience about i phone. By the way we have RED5 server.


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Green Screen Handsome Video Actor (30+)

Our job will be max around 1-2 min. in green screen. I need very competitive bids and I am looking for an actor who is handsome and with a good voice. Man should be in his 30s.No Post Production Work needed.We would like to receive video file in industry video format. With your bid, do share the video, audio and an image of the person who is going to do the video for us.Please make sure video and audio quality is equivalent to the link below.

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Electronic Audio Switch

Hi I need a simple switching device that is triggered buy and audio spike of sound

I have a trifield natural em meter

An iPhone that is programmed to record once it receives a sound spike in volume

And a hand held scanner that is tuned in to a specific frequency

the trifled meter will pick up any radio signal and will beep once there is one, I need this to then trigger the audio gate to open and let the sound come through from the radio scanner, once the sound comes through it will trigger the iPhone to record the audio samples

Should be quite simple for some who knows how to

I also have another project I need setting up once this one is done

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Looking For A Sexy Voice With An Accent


I am looking for a female with a sexy voice and with an accent, preferably an english, spanish or a greek accent. I just need the person to say 2 words.

The compensation is $30, no budging on that for a simple project as such.

When you bid, please include a sample audio file of your voice. Any bid with no sample will not be considered and will be automatically disregarded. Feel free to ask me any questions.


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