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WP E-Commerce Plugin Repair And Newsletter For Blog

For the current site we need someone who

1.Is an expert with the Word press WP e-Commerce plugin and can upgrade our shopping cart. The blog was moved up a directory which caused some errors with the cart now thumbnails are not displaying and the blog has errors whenever we try to Update to gold. need to fix errors so thumbnail pictures display correctly with the built in lightbox on the ecommerce plugin and the shopping cart functions as it should. (It was built and complete and was working 100% functional before the move only thing is it just needed to be upgraded to gold)

2.We have a subscribe button on the blog that needs work. send out welcome email and alert us of new subscription. we have newsletter plugin already installed you can use if it makes the job easier.

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WordPress Plugin

I want to integrate this (
plugin or any other which show image slide at front page
but not link to any page or post just like above mention vSlider .

Your job will be install this plugin and maintain blog under my direction long term.

only serious bider allowed.

show me demo first related this plugin or your chosen.

its urgent please.

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Changes To Plugin WP_Blog

1) there should be a default icon for each category
2) I want to show categories and super-categories in the drop down show – meaning, what we have now as catogories will remain the same but in the drop down I want to show them divided into super- categories. For example, carpenters, plumbers will be in a super-category: "service providers". and categories "lawyers" and "interior designers" will be in a super-category "consultants". The user does not need to be able to search via super-categories, just that they should see it organized like that in the dropdown.
The dropdown will look like this:
Service Providers
interior designers
In the admin, I should be able to asign a category to a super-category. (when adding a post there is no need to choose a super-category b/c user will choose a category which is already assigned to a super-category.)
3) add to post – I would like you to add a checkbox of "address to display" and only if it is checked do you display the address in the front end.
4) I have reconsidered the location. I do want check boxes when adding a post. Then in the front end, I want to display all the locations.
5) I want to make some changes to how post is displayed
6) I want to discuss how posts are displayed. I want you to program the system so that they display in the following order:
a. featured post (3 randomly)
b. post with the most ratings
c. post with highest ratings

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Build A WordPress Blog Post From A Text File In PHP

We need a php script running on the same server capable to add images, create a new nextgen gallery, and make a post.
-script detects an uploaded zip file which not yet been posted (script will run by cron job)
-unzips and installs images in a new gallery named the same as zip file. Images have description in a text file. One description for all.
-creates post using data from a text file (post title, category, etc.) adds the [nggaller=ID] tag

Basically creating a post and a gallery from a text file, adding images to a new nextgen gallery entry. As simple as that.

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