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Auto-Voting Bot

I need someone to set up automatic voting bot for a simple voting system. You are able to vote as many times as you want from your computer, I dont think the voting system tracks IP address. Let me know as soon as possible or if you need more details. I have attached the web address so you can see what I am working with…we are voting for Pete Trocano.

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Auto Image Resizer

I Have a facebook like script

Demo :

Coding have been done in smarty

I Need an image resizer

Like if image exceed specific width or height, it should resized to the size we have described


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Build A Website Like

We need a website created and designed similar to
You will first need to investigate on the platform to design the site with. eg (socialengine, php) and tell me how you are planning to use that platform to design the site. What plugins you are going to use, timeframe, what you need from us etc so we know if we can reply on you for such a project.

The website will be using 2.0 social networking funtions plus all the features you see in An example of these are listed below (but not limited to):

Allow charging your user to post
Proximity search
Approval, featured, sponsored
Mapping, Ratings, and Gallery
SEO urls / title
Multiple profiles / categories
Configurable submission types

Main Landing Page:
Slide-show for random featured businesses
Recent activities to capture latest actions related to businesses
Highlight for recent submitted new businesses
Popular auto-generated tag cloud
Popular categories
Popular locations
Sponsored businesses

Browse by categories
Browse by locations (city, state/province, country)
Browse by neighborhoods (regions)
Browse by tags
Alphabet (A-Z) quick filter thru results
Sponsored businesses always on top (easily customizable using css)
Highlight *featured* businesses (easily customizable using css)
Embedded global map for businesses

Search and Filter

Generic search by keywords and locations
Proximity distance zip search (Australia cities and postcodes)
AJAX auto suggest location search
Filter featured businesses only
Extensive sorting options, can easily see top rated, most popular, recent updated businesses etc..

General Configuration:
Privacy, public browsing option
Configurable proximity search
Optional configurable for validating of primary fields (summary, description, phone, url, location etc..)
Category and Profile mapping

Listing Types / Packages

Full *ads-like* for available listing types users can choose to submit
Ability to charge user for submission based on types (paypal, credit cards, etc)
Define different durations, or never expires
Optional Auto approval triggering
Optional auto mark business as featured
Optional auto mark business as sponsored
Ability to limit access (all, none, custom) to profile sections based on types

Claimable Listings

Ability to claim existing businesses
Admin can easy to manage and process user claims
Can specify which owners business can be claimed by others
User can view submitted claims and its status.
Manage Submitted Businesses

Easy overview of submitted businesses
Manual approval, featured, sponsored entries
Quick search to filter and see what you want
Update transaction requirement, expiration, type, and many more
User-Level Customization

Permission control: no access, view only, or view/submit business
Permission to logo upload
Permission to album / photos gallery upload
Permission to mapping
Permission to custom styles
and various of other settings
Business Page

Clean format and layout
Sponsored and Featured highlight (can easily customized using css)
Embedded mimi map with popup to bigger map
Rating stars and who rated
Support commenting with privacy setting
Mimi uploaded photo gallery

Most of these features can be found in lugins for socialengine and phpfox. (
Let me know if you know or have a better platform for this project. I believe and are using the same platform/scipt but i am not sure which script. If you can find out that will be great.
At the end of the day i want this site to perform and fuction exactly like

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Drill Down Search Menu For Auto Parts CRE Loaded Shopping Ca

Looking for a custom search menu for an Auto Parts CRE Loaded V6.4.1 store. The search functions will enable the customer to drill down to a specific part by 4 parameters. Year, Make, Model and Engine Size.

We would then need every possible part that fits those parameters to appear center screen for our customers to shop and eventually purchase. In many cases there will be multiple brands to choose from and even multiple part numbers for each of those brands

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Facebook Auto – Allow. Make Users Allow Fb App Automatically

I am looking for someone to build me a script that will auto allow permissions request to application. I would like it if the user did not even see the page. Should be run from the index of the website called in the canvas preferably but let me know what you got!

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Auto Accept

Need program that will refresh a web site randomly. Once an order becomes available, there is a captcha code, i will be by the computer so the web site must pop up for me to enter captcha

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Word Template – Document Properties – Custom Dialog

Word 2010 and Word 2007
I need a custom dialog box that prompts a user to add document properties:
1 – when creating a New document
2 – on SaveAs
3 – on Save prompt: edit doc properties y/n

User to complete/confirm standard properties, including:
Author (auto)
Company (auto)
Category (drop-down – Draft, Final, Expired etc)
1 – check boxes for common items, or auto complete from list of common items
2 – free text (auto-add delimiters)

Also Custom:
Department (check boxes)
Confidential y/n (if y – prompt password required y/n? if y then password dialog)
possibly others

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Want To Buy Facebook Auto-liker Script

I want to buy a script where someone automatically likes a page without having to click anything

Its called auto-clickjacking, you dont need to click anything , just a full browser load of the page does it. The OnPageLoad event does the work.

It can be done using DOM-Javascript and a browser exploit and FB-JS sdk offcourse.

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Copywriter Needed – Long Term

We are looking for an economical but very professional copywriter.

You must be good with writing excellent content for business, ideally an accountancy firm.

We will provide you topics and keywords and you will be writing keyword enriched content for us.

We would appreciate some sample article for keywords like "Accountants in London". Please explain how good you can write about this topic.

Successful candidate will be getting plenty of articles writing tasks, 10s of articles a day.

Please mention your hourly rate or rate per article.


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Auto Repair

I need three automotive articles 500 words each.

1. How to buy the best used car.
2. Ten things to keep your car healthy
3. New or used car, which is a better buy?

Due in 10 days.

Send work samples to be considered.

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VBA In Autocad

Hello, I have a project in Auto Cad and I need to get *.exe file from *.dwg file.
This *.exe file must be able to work without Auto Cad if that possible.

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FB Bot/Script To Create Accounts And Auto Like Pages

I need a bot/script that will create FB accounts. It needs to be efficient and fast. It must support decaptcher(captcha bypass) and it must work with large email providers such as Hotmail etc to verify the account over email. It must also support proxies together with decaptcher.

This bot/script also have ability to auto like defined Facebook pages based on the created accounts.

I need the script ASAP. The successful candidate will be someone who can design an effective and fast script (over 5k accounts/day). Also I want to work with someone who will be able to update and maintain the script/bot as well, as if you are skilled I will invest in additional work. This can become an ongoing relationship with the right candidate.

Please dont waste my time with apps or bots that dont work or are not made/modded by you as you WILL need to make changes due to FB updates at some point in the future.

An example of something that we want, would be FB Devil but that particular program is too slow and unreliable

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Auto Search Function

I need an auto Search Function for my wordpress theme at it will have the same functions as the search box at

As you start typing it will begin to looking for and suggesting items for you to look for.

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Auto Refresh And Click

I would need a software that would auto refresh web page till a certain link appears then stop refreshing page and click that link. And then if possible after new page loads enter certain text into form field/box.
It is fairly important that the link is clicked as fast as possible, before the page even fully loads if possible.

Thanks in advance, hope theres someone who is able to make something like this. Hope to hear from u soon.

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Auto Vote Perl Script

Need a quick perl script or other to auto vote for a contestant on a website.

Cookies need to be cleared and a supplied proxy list needs to be used.

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JQuery UI Expert Needed: Draggable, Droppable, Auto Scroll

I need someone to figure how how to fix the bug described here:

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100-250 Words Article Writers $0.04/word

We are looking for writers for our Auto Loan website. You will need to create short (100

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Application Auto Registering

I need an application auto registering.
This bot must monitoring the site. and when this site is open , start registering proccess and save confirmation page
This application must can work parallel (for example 500 register in a moment).
This site opens in about 5 seconds per day and all work must be done at this time.
i have to tell : there are some competitor in the site , due to this for me speed is very important .
i dont pay Initial milestone, I will pay 50% when tested beta version, and 50% on time delivery

If you can do it and accept these terms , bid on this project please

best regards

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Facebook IFrame Auto Resize

I have a Facebook application which i created. Its basically an iFrame showing a page from my blog. When it shows in Facebook, the scrolls show with it. I tried every possible way following others suggestions but I couldnt get the iFrame to AutoResize.

I need help getting my iFrame to resize to fit its contents.

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PHP For Form

We have created a custom contact form (attached). We use Office Auto Pilot as our auto responder/ stat tracker but they dont give the option for us to have a form the way we want it.

All we need is form the from attached to work properly with the OAP code that we will send to you.

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Android App

Make this for android

without auto save option. save photo – b&w folder in sd card

app info —-

1. install app form the market
2. open app select any picture
3. auto conveart to B&W, save pic
4. thats it

this is ad supported free app

i will give you ad sdk

you have to make –

icon for the application
screen shot for applicatipon
Description for the application(not name)

budget max $50-$200

PAYMENT(escrow) –

Design Ready: US$ 25%
Beta Release: US$ 25%
Final Release: US$ 25%
Google Approval: US$ 25%

time MAX 15 days

any question or problem pm me

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Android App

Make this for android

without auto save option. save photo – b&w folder in sd card

app info —-

1. install app form the market
2. open app select any picture
3. auto conveart to B&W, save pic
4. thats it

this is ad supported free app

i will give you ad sdk

you have to make –

icon for the application
screen shot for applicatipon
Description for the application(not name)

budget max $50-$120

PAYMENT(escrow) –

Design Ready: US$ 25%
Beta Release: US$ 25%
Final Release: US$ 25%
Google Approval: US$ 25%

time MAX 15 days

any question or problem pm me

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Link Building For Auto News Site

I need 40 niche one way links for my auto news blog site.


Minimum PR of the links must be PR2.
All links must be permanent with guarantee of 12 months.
All links must be one way links.
All links must be from relevant websites only.

Please bid only if you can complete my terms, thank you

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Auto Consult Theme

As discussed.

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Spaw Editor Image Auto Resize – PHP

I have spaw editor 2.x and the spaw file manager installed and working perfectly. I need a very small modification to make a call to phpthumb, imagemagik, GD lib or whatever script will work to auto-resize photos when uploaded to the site.

Currently when the user uploads a photo too large, the file manager alerts the user that the photo is too big. (I can see in the php code where it does this..) Instead of alerting the user I want you to figure out a way to auto-resize the photo when necessary and save it in the appropriate directory. The user should never get alerted if done properly.

Uploading, saving, etc all works perfectly.. I just need to add the resize piece.

Please have spaw editor experience.

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Website Design – Redo Current Website – Green Auto Dealer

I need a designer to redo my current website into a wordpress website. This will be a complete redesign and not all of the current content will be used. I have a design in mind but I want someone with great wordpress skills to help me perfect it. This website will have approximately 8-10 tabs and 20-30 pages of content all together. If you have any questions or would like to see the current website, please pm me.

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WordPress Plugin To Auto Copy Information Between SQL Tables

I need a WordPress plugin that will copy/add fields. Two tables into another two existing tables (that wordpress is connected to) .

I have two plugins, Phpurchase and BFT Autoresponder. I want the name of the person and email address copied into the autoresponder everytime someone makes a purchase in Phpurchase.

This really shouldnt take much.

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Myspace Mobsters Spreadsheet Site Upgrade is in need of of some minor upgrades.

The spreadsheet itself:
* Needs at least 2 design options, "Add Train" style and standard Spreadsheet
* Needs to calculate "Total Stats" including (but not limited to):
– Total Targets
– Total bounty amount (of all targets)
– Total cash spent via Mass Murder (Both for the user logged in & in totality)
– Total kills, fights won/lost, any other changes in stats
+ Individual reporting for each target as well as the spreadsheet as a whole
– Average Bounty, Cash & Deaths
* Stats display tool should be redesigned to match the rest of the site.

The Add Train after logging in via javascript and/or form submission needs the following:
* Auto-send friend requests to all members on the add train not currently on the friends list.
* Search friends list & send mob requests as necesary.
* Upgrade login system to include multi-user access, sessions stored in cookies & easy management via Admin Center.

Mass Murder (Auto-Hitlist):
* Needs to be completely redesigned, including an updated login system with form submission and javascript login options.
* Following limits required:
– By level (high & low)
– By bounty (high & low)
– By priority (High, Medium, Low)
– Maximum cash spent
* Check if target is "alive" prior to listing, display message if "dead" or already on the list.

New "Members Only" Features:
* Auto Punch/Attack/Hitlist that will run as long as the page is open in the clients browser (2hr timeout).

* Auto-setup via WHMCS (installed, just need an actionhook)
* Must be suPHP complaint

Script should NOT be obfuscated or encrypted in any way.

There is a fully functional DEMO Warlist setup for this project that will function as the sandbox. URI will be given upon request via PMB. You will have FTP and SSH access, root access to the server upon proper justification.

BUDGET IS NEGOTIABLE WITHIN REASON. However, this is NOT a hard project to complete; I could personally code all this in under a week, but do not have the time. So please bid accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to bidding.

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Auto Stand


Budget for a site of buying and selling cars similar to this one:


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Voice Talent – Phone Directory/Auto Attendant

Professional voice talent needed for a ~45 second Phone Directory/Auto Attendant. Only high quality work is acceptable.

Please provide SAMPLE of YOUR WORK.

Female voice desired. Young-adult not too mature; professional voice.
Male voice "okay" if not too deep.



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