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Blog Posting | Articles | Link Building

We have a UK site for which we wish to build some quality real estate themed backlinks (for 1 KW) by way of publishing some very high quality and useful content for external blogs (and similar) related to our business sector.

1. Based on our KW we will carry out a quick analysis of competitors websites for their backlinks

2. Find most valuable blogs ,forums etc that are providing do follow backlinks (and understand on what basis the links are dofollow.

(We will need to check that they are not going to be sites affected by the google update —— it has not yet reached the UK)

4. We will create some good content that people will find useful and interesting of about 500 words. We will provide pictures and maybe videos

5. You will create an account and submit and come up with a schedule for further posts — probably 1 per week.

The more input you can give on the various steps above the better. Just a very small number of quality links per week will be fine — like 3 or 4. Budget of $10 per week for 4 weeks so $40.

Please give your experience and comments on your approach. Based on your asking the obvious question and looking — I would like you to give your idea of the answer to 2 as part of your bid.

Spam bids etc will not be considered.

Thank you.

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Auto Blog Posting Script / Bot Wanted

have you got a auto blog posting script you could customize for me?

I need a bot/script to enable me to post an article to many different wordpress blogs.

I have 1000 self hosted word press blogs and have author access to them all. I need a way to post an article to all of them automatically.

The Bot would hold all of the log-in details for the 1000 blogs and up to 20 articles. Then I would like to schedule the posting so the bot posts the articles on a schedule.


> Able to add 1000s of blogs and manage them into groups, sort them, etc
> Upload up to 4 meta fields with each blog and sort on those fields once uploaded
> easily upload and store all of the login details
> able to post an article to all blogs, selected blogs, or specific groups
> upload many articles and auto post them on a timed schedule (cron)
> easily upload the articles in batches if they are txt documents (title, and body text)
> abilty to spin titles e.g. {green|purple|black}
> script can be hosted on a domain/server so it can be access by anyone anywhere

Any other features you can

How much would it be for you to develop such a script or even better, customise a script you already have?


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Web Blog Posting Fucntion – Magento Website

Need help with creating a blog function with magento design

function similar to etsy blog post

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Blog Posting/Writing

I need someone to write blog posts to several blogs.
You need to login to blogs and write 2 posts per blog of at least 200 words with an image.
Contents can be rewritten from any article with topics to be given provided it will pass copyscape.
Payment will be $1 per 2 blogs with 2 posts each or .50 cents per blog.
Bid $30 for 60 blogs.

This is long term if you are consistent with good quality.
PM me your blog samples or articles.
This is urgent and will hire asap.

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Forum Or Blog Posting

Ive so many websites, and I need some individuals or team to post on Forums or Blogs for my site referral. I need only Do Follow Forum posting. Only signature posting will not be accepted. Providers will need to post my links and URL directly or through a hyperlink.

Im looking for a permanent VA as Ive so many sites and Im creating more sites gradually.

Please Bid only if you have experience for the job. Leave a message with your rate and a sample of your previous work.

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Article Writing And Blog Posting

Greetings blog-writers,

I look for someone with experience in writing and blogging.

We need a total of 18 articles, 300 to 400 words. 3 per week for the next 6 weeks.

You will be writing for our website:

What I need is three articles per week about the pageant:

Here is an example of such an article:

Once you wrote an article, you need to post it to a blog and include at least one photo from the pageant and a link to

Dont bid if you dont have proven experience. Please bid for the whole project. We can pay weekly, once a milestone is met, but we dont do escrows.

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Rewrite Article And Blog Posting

Hello everybody,

I need a good writer to

1) rewrite an article and then post it to 25 different blogs. The article will include at least one photo. Its a plus if you maintain a blog or more yourself because not only do you have experience, you will also be allowed to post the article and the photo on your own blogs but we have 25 different blogs created for you where you should post the articles.

2) write a 400-500 word article about a beauty recipe or ingredient.

The budget is $30. If you are a good writer and do a good job this can become a steady gig and you can steadily earn $30 a month.

I will NOT ESCROW any money. I will pay through PayPal and after completion of the job. If you insist on getting paid through GAF, I dont have an issue.

Thanks for reading !

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VA – Forum And Blog Posting

Need somoene with fairly good English to post on Forums and Blogs. Other tasks may include creating accounts and submissions stuff.

I am looking for a low hourly rate. PM me your resume and eg. of your work and hourly rate.

Individuals only,

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Blog Posting Job

I need some some creator blog and post articles with backlinks for me.

Articles will be provided,Blog you must find yourselft.

200 X 2 blog per month.

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Blog Posting 01

Need blog poster to post on 100 blogs

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Urgent Blog Posting Needed

Need blog posting
Must have good language and grammar and making sense

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Blog Posting

Need 300 blog post. I will provide blog url list.

Need to create profile and make blog post with text content I provide. Simply copy and paste on each blog.

2 day deadline. $30-$40 compensation.

Data Entry specialist and more welcome to bid.

Thank You

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Blog Posting CT

Quote for 50 Real Estate

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Chinese Copy Editor And Blog Posting

We are looking for an experience copy editor with experience of formating and posting blogs using WordPress. The job will involve copy editing posts for our chinese blog

Any prospective candidate MUST be a native Chinese speaker with great English skills and an eye for detail and experience blogging using wordpress.

Posts will be submitted in text form, these then need to be formatted, images added and then post on the web using WordPress.

Posts will be supplied on the daily basis with approximately two – four posts per day.

An additional part of the job is posting items within our corporate site e-store, images, product information and pricing structure will initially be supplied but then the candiate will take full responsibly for posting items for sale on a weekly basis together with a tie in announcement on the blog.

Payment will be $2 per post paid in batches of 100 posts. Initial trial run will be for 10 blogs.

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Forum And Blog Posting


I need someone to post comments and links on forums and blogs on a daily basis. I would like about 100 posts per day. All of the comments will be about mens style.

We are willing to pay between $0.05 to $0.10 per post on an ongoing basis. Every post must be recorded (with URL) in a spreadsheet and submitted on a daily basis.

The selected provider will need perfect USA style english, and be able to write in a casual tone.

We would like to start this asap.

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Forum & Blog Posting

Need a person who will write posts on different niche-related forums and blogs about our software. Not spamming, real quality answers to questions. The list of forums/blogs: Yahoo!Answers, VideoHelp,etc.

Price: $0.01 – 0.02 for each approved post.

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Blog Posting

You will be posting on our site which I provide you. This is a long term position.

If hired as part of the team, you will act as a regular blog visitor and contribute positively. The posts you make should add value and your goal is to be respected by the community vs. seen as a spammer.

You will have to have avatar image.

You must have strong English writing skills.

For 100 posted topics you will be paid $30 / WEEKLY

Please ask as many questions you need before you bid and thank you for your time.

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Blog Posting Project For Seoblogmaster

As per discussion.

25 blog posts on High PR blogs.

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Blog Posting

I need some consistent people who are able to do blog posting regularly. So please do not bid if you cannot work regularly. All the posts will be related to Cricket so it will be added advantage if some one has interest in this game. There should not room for kind of Plagiarism. Send your samples and do not bid more than $30 for this project.
Happy bidding

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Blog Posting And Topsites Adding

Http:// ((On here some to post to all these blogs with some good content to match the topics )) (( to post matching content on some posts))

no spaming as the admin wont be keep and link will be but in the spam box

PLus after 100- ranking blog sites to be placed like below – topsits (( here you will find lots of top sites which you can add my links to in the right gatagary))

may need to make a banner for each site =

On these you will need to add the banner codes to a page so i can add these to my sites later

you will need to use the same user and pass for all-

this is for total of 7 urls

7 which are ready and more to come later on-

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Private Project For Abdullah (102210)

Article writing and blog posting.

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Forum And Blog Posting

We need a good forum & blog poster.

The first task will be:

Post to forums or blogs relevant to the topic of our website.

Post 120 relevant posts with links to our website in the 60 sites (no more than 2 posts on the same website) that you found:

– Comments must be relevant to blog or forum subject and demonstrate that you read the ongoing discussion;
– Each posting must have different content;
– Minimum 30 words of original and quality writing per posting
– URL Link to our website must be inserted in each posting and be active.
– Your posts have to be with SEO in mind. I will give the keywords in PM.
– The links must do follow.
– The page which the link is on must be indexed and cached by Google.
– Sites must be from different C-class ip

Once you post 120 posts, you will provide us with a report.

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Cooking Forum And Cooking Blog Posting

I need someone with experience of posting to cooking and cooking related forums and blogs to create a buzz around a cooking competition and get traffic to the clients site to ensure the maximum number of entries to the competition..

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Indian Traffic (from Forums, Blog Posting/commenting, Etc)


Need to get within Alexa Indias top 20.000 (20K) [been there, but dropped – unfortunately]. That is, bring the website within top 20.000 most visited sites in India. Currently, the websites in Indias top 80.000 (80K)

You can use these:
– forum posting
– blog commenting/creation
– facebook promotion
– twitter, you name it
– etc

Again! NO bots, NO automated traffic

Name your price and what youll do for it.

1. 30% owed when reaching Alexa Indias top 40.000 (40K)
2. 70% owed when reaching Alexa top 20.000 (20K)

3. BONUS APPLIED: an additional 50% of your price if you take it to top 10.000.

Happy bidding!

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Blog Posting To My WordPress Blog

Need someone to manually post blog posts to my wordpress blogs.

Please only bid if you are willing to do this longterm, the initial project will serve as a test.

Longterm, this will be 100 posts per day.

You will be posting to a wordpress blog, will need to copy and paste the blog post from a word document, and copy and paste to the end of it an html signature.

You will also use the autoschedule function to schedule the post to go out live at some future time. You will generally be posting 50 to one blog at one time, then the 2nd 50 to a different blog.

Please quote this based on doing 100 posts per day for a 5 day week (so quote the weekly rate)


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WordPress Blog Posting (200 Posts)

The job is simple:

I have a Worpress stand alone blog (on a private domain).
I need someone to upload & publish 200 posts on it.

I will give the freelance a username & password to the blog admin and she/he will have to upload:
* Post title
* Post title (SEO)
* Post body
* Post tags
* Publish the post

The hole 200 posts should be uploaded in onces (about 48 hours).


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Blog Posting & Little Promotion


I am looking for someone who can post ~30 articles into my blog.

Artilces are already written, Ill deliver them as google docs.
You will have to find add one image for each article. It will have to be resized cropped to specfied size (I can deliver PSD template)

Then it would be nice if you could offer way to increase presence of this blog for visitors (but this is not required)

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SEO – Blog Posting – Backlinks

We are in need of someone who can do some blog commenting on some high traffic blogs – good PR.

Building backlink campaign.

If you have a package of blog posts, and link building and other suggestions we are willing to

We would like to get reporting on this project with all of the blogs and backlinks.

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Blog Posting & Relevant Theme Links

Task One
We are looking for someone to produce articles (min 450 words) based on our keywords to target – place a keyword specific link back to your website in the article and then place the article onto a RELAVANT THEME blog – The links must be designed to be permanent and highly relevant within relevant text etc.

Task Two
We need relevant themed links from and .com sites. No more than 30 outgoing links and linking page must have at least PR0 and Google cashed. No Black Hat or banned pages, link farms. WE DO NOT REQUIRE DIRECTORY LINKS THANKS. We reserve the right to turn down links that are not good quality or relavant.

We need weekly reporting and payment will be made by escrow on completion of the project. We are looking for a long term relationship as this is a long term project. Successful and QUALITY work will be rewarded with a monthly budget and continued work. QUALITY & RELAVANT LINKS ARE THE KEY TO WINNING THIS BID

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Automatic Craiglist Posting For Long Term

Looking for automatic craiglist posting provider for long term. Same predefined ad should be posted on every hour during day times through out the months… Plz provide more details about your strategies with competitive price in PM.

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Blog Posting On 30 PR3+ Blogs

I want 30 Unique articles to be written and Posted on High Page Rank (ie : PR3+ ) blogs..

I will give you various topics and you need to write articles of more than 400 words on those topics. After writing Articles you need to Start finding PR3+ blogs in the Niche of those articles..

You must approach suitable Blogs and start guest posting these articles on those blogs.. I will give you two links with Keywords which need to be included in the "Introduction of the Author" or Byline of the post (needs to be in the content Area)

No posting on Adult or Illegal-content blogs.. You need to post a technology related article on the technology related blog only.. (Topics must be posted in the Same niche Blogs)

This work needs to be completed till 15-17th September.. Start bidding fast.. Need Quality work.. Lowest bid wins

Remember that Article writers charge about 0.8$ – 1$ per 500 words article, so for 30 articles the cost should be less than 30$.. Finding and Posting on Relevant PR3 + blogs needs to be done.. If you have experience in this work, then go for it.. If you are new, but can guarantee posting of 30 articles in 4 days, then take up this work.. So, the total cost of the project must not exceed 50$.. Lowest bidder wins..

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Blog Posting 50cents Per 150 Words – Bulk Work

I am looking for a writer to write me blog posts of 150+ words on any given topic.

I will provide you with a list of topics and you will be required to come up with the content. Each blog post will have 2 words that I will ask you to put in because I will use them as hyperlinks.

For example: The topics is "weight loss tea" , You will be required to write a general blog post about weight loss tea and include "product name" and "product name reviews" keywords in the article. No keyword density/seo etc is required, just flowing, readable content.

So, I will give you a list of topics and 2 keywords to be includes which will be in batches of 20. For example something like this:

sports equipment ## brand name 1 + brand name 2 (example: Sports Shoes ## Adidas + Nike)

– So write a blog post on sports shoes and include the words Adidas and Nike once –

* Content should pass copyscape and be grammar and spelling error free **

I want 100 blog posts and can increase if the quality is good, so please bid for 100 blog posts.

Post a SAMPLE blog post with your BID. If you BID with NO SAMPLES, your BID will NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Only bid, if you accept the rate and can finish the task given to you.

Payment is done, via paypal or GAF (your choice) but only after work is submitted – no milestone payment. If you dont trust me you can check my reviews!!

You must be available on Gtalk, Yahoo or MSN for updates and instructions. Looking for genuine hard working writer. I dont want time wasters!!

Please post "I Understand" in your bid, so that I know you have read the project requirements correctly.

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