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WordPress Site C

Site to be coded in WordPress with client-user-friendly content management access (will be edited/updated on a daily basis and needs to be easy to access). Design files provided in Illustrator. Includes a unique home/landing page with multiple graphics as navigation buttons (which wed like to wiggle or perform an action when rolled over). Other pages include About (standard text), Attractions (includes editable schedule with links to sub-pages), Pressroom (links to downloadable forms and graphics), Multi-media (need to import 3 photo galleries from Flikr and 3 videos from YouTube), Sponsor (logos and listings that link to external sites), Contact (standard text, link to Google Maps), Buy Tickets (standard text, graphic buttons link to external sites). All external sites should open in a new window. All pages should be coded consistent with design including layout, fonts, spacing, etc. We will provide Google Analytics code, metatags and site summary to be included in site. Budget is $550, 7 day turnaround.

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Customize Layout For [JTAG Videos For YouTube]

The project is to customize the layout of component JTAG videos for YouTube

component will be installed, and modified to be as the client wants.

Main idea: into left side, will be the current video playing, and into right side more videos to check!

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Customize WordPress Gravity Forms To Create A Formatted Post

I have a developers license for gravity forms and have the latest version (1.5 beta) installed on my wordpress site.

I need a form customized that creates a formatted post from the form elements in a specific order and format.

Form elements needed:

A headline. Body text. Another text area.

Company name. Company logo (with company name as alt tag).

Keywords. Supporting image (with keywords as alt tag).

Contact details (name, phone, email address).

I will need the post to be created using all form elements and follow a specific order and format I will provide.

After I choose your winning bid, I would like the form file exported so I can import it to my website.


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Bring Traffic To My Youtube Videos

I have 22 Videos on Youtube. I deleted my channel so I lost all the traffic. I need someone to send a large amount of visitors to each of these videos to gain popularity and reputation. I am on a budget.

Please message me and tell me how much traffic you will bring to each video and how long it will take.

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Camtasia Videos For WordPress

This is a very small project and I am not sure if it will be of interest to anyone?
But it all is down to money and getting paid I guess – so here goes –

I am struggling to find the correct coding to add a few camtasia videos to my worpress blog.

Not really sure how to do it.

I have tried various wordpress plugins – but I think that a knowledge of actual coding is required and I dont really have this.

This is not a youttube video or anything like that – i want an actual video to appear on certain pages and its a video that I have made through camtasia


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TRANSCRIBE YouTube Videos To Written English & Descriptions

62 video clips – 30 seconds to 8 minutes in length – 2 hours and 22 minutes in total – require transcription into written english – both what is being said along with short and concise visual descriptions.

Eg. "A truck is spreading mill mud in bands. Stephen: what we call this system is the three tails…".

25 video clips also need descriptions written – 25 x 150 words aprox. each, some key quotes from the transcriptions can be used in these descriptions but the descriptions need to summarise the key ideas presented in each clip.

Applicants will need good English language and writing skills, and be able to understand Australian accents. Applicants also need to be able to access the video clips via youtube, they are already uploaded, my username is shedmeeting. You can view them using the following URI.

A good understanding of agriculture and agronomic concepts would be helpful and preferable.

Transcriptions should be provided in word files, one per video clip, using the video clip title for the file name. If there are words you cannot decipher or do not understand, write what you think the word is and high-light with a colour so we can easily identify and correct uncertain words.


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Help Me Set Up An ITunes Podcast (iTunes Podcast Manager)

I am about to start a new video blog and would also like to use the same video content to create a video podcast that is accessable and can be subscribed to on iTunes.

I am not entirely sure how this works but have read that you need to "Make sure your files are on a server with a publicly accessible URL, that youve created your RSS feeds properly, and put the URL of your RSS feed onto your server"

Now I am not sure if that means I can use my YouTube videos for my Podcast or if I have to upload the video files elsewhere, such as on my site.

I am looking for someone that can help me to set this up.

I am looking for someone who has had experience in doing this. Please only bid on this job if you have indeed done this before. I would like to see examples of the Podcasts you have set up or currently manage.


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Green Energy Videos For YouTube

I need 3 videos, created using PowerPoint/Keynote and your own voiceover, on renewable energy/magnetic energy topics. I will give more details upon your acceptance of the project.

This project requires:
– a little research (prior knowledge is a plus!)
– writing 3 simple scripts
– creating 3 attractive PowerPoint presentations (NO copyrighted images!)
– recording 3 videos, speaking the script over the images

Length: 3 videos, each 2-3 minutes (5-6 slides)
Format: .mov, .flv, .mp4

This is an urgent project. I need your videos by September 21.

Please feel free to contact me with private messages if you want any clarification.

Thanks for applying!

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Create 15 30 Seconds Videos For Youtube

I will be looking for someone to create 15 videos to place on youtube. 14 videos will be 30 seconds long with the music of my choice and you will choose random pieces of art off my site for each artist at the 15th video will be 60 seconds long and i will provide all pieces that I want on that video. Instructions to be sent via a word doc

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Post YouTube Videos To WordPress. WordTube Theme.

I need someone that will search for any funny videos at YouTube and post them in separate topics at my WordPress.
There will be different categories in my blog like: cats, dogs, people and etc and you have to post a few videos at each category.

My WordPress have WordTube theme installed. so when you post YouTube video you add custom fields to the post like described here
While you are adding a video:

1. Write the title of the video,
2. Write some post text, related to whats on video to describe it.
3. At the bottom, you will see a Custom Fields part. Write thumb in Name part and write the thumbnail url of the video in Value part. For example: Click the Add Custom Field button.
4. Write embed in Name Part and paste the embed code in Value part. Click the Add Custom Field button.
5. Submit tags on right menu, choose the category and Publish your post.

I will need you to set a few tags to each post. 2-3 tags will be misspelled ones like if you add video for drunk people you can add misspelled tags like "peopel, poeple".

That is all. Adding video post is very simple and require no skills, takes a minute to find some funny video, get Embed code and thumb url and put them into post.

We will start with one group of videos. So I want your bid how many videos you are willing to post to my bog for $30. Bid $30, no other amount and your message say how many. Time is not relevant, so you can do that at any free time you have. Automated bids will be rejected, so to be sure you read all my description I want you to start your message to me with "POSTS: " and then state number of posts you can do for me for $30.

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Post Videos In A WordPress Blog (Italian Speaker)


i need someone that knows ITALIAN that can add videos to a wordpress blog with funny videos.
You have to look for videos in italian (in different categories) in youtube or other sites (ill give you keywords so that you can search better) and put those videos in the blog with a little text in italian to comment them.

Please bid only if you know italian (basic level, dont worry).
Ill identify if you use translators and ill close the project.
So, be honest from the beginning.

Ill pay for packs of videos.
Tell me the price for each post and the pack you are going to do.

Ex. 0,20 USD x 100 videos = 20 USD for a pack of 100 videos added.


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Video Editing Needed For 200 Youtube Videos

I need an experienced video editor who can pull down all of my video on a disk or digital cloud and categorize it by subject matter. I need videos edited to add an excellent intro and exit and the removal of all "umm..s", etc. Must be willing to upload videos where instructed and add proper key words, etcs.

Project must be completed by the end of the week.

Please only serious inquiries!!!!

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3 Videos For YOUTUBE Needed

We are looking for someone to make a few good quality presentations form our services and post them on

They must be named after our website.

I am looking to bring some traffic from video watchers and get better Google presence.

Our website is a Translation, interpreting and Transcription Services Company.

You will create the account and post the videos.


Looking forward to hear from you.

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WordPress Plugin Needed

Something simple needed for now.

I plan to add on, so freelancer chosen will be ongoing worker.

Show me WordPress Plugins you have done and Keep bids very
reasonable to be considered.

I want a WordPress plugin that works like this:

There are 2 categories for users.
1 category is for them to post the things they are good at
The second category is for things they are interested in
Then users are matched up

For example:
When a user A comes to the site and says they are interested
in plumbing and user B comes to the site and says they are expert
in plumbing.

These 2 people are automatically matched up

Thats it for now

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I am paying $10 for 2000 Posted Youtube Videos.

Im using a plugin on wordpress called wordtube where you can just paste the link in the plugin and then post videos.

Basically, I want you to post the youtube video from a category I choose and with each video, just add the thumb that is shown on youtube. Super simple job and easy.

I have several video sites, so this would be for a long term job. I usually include bonuses if you do a fast and good job without any mistakes.

Let me know if your interested and if you have questions, PM me.

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Youtube View


I need to increase my youtube views for a video. I need views and occasional posts and must rate video 5.0. All views should be generated from different GEO locations (IP addresses/ continents) and unique visitors: No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed. I preffer US, UK, Austrilia views.

You should not use methods banned by Youtube.

I need to have 500K views across 5 videos.

Please explain how you will achieve this task and how long it will take.

Funds will be paid in installments. Payments will be made every 1/4 of the way. Please do not use a method that will get me banned or my account/video suspended.d


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Youtube Expert Developer Needed

I need someone who is an expert developer in the filed of embedded videos and youtube technology

PM me for full details.

Thank you.

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Im paying $10 for 1000 videos to post.
I have a site with 3000 video names that need to be found and posted on my wordpress blog.

basically your going to search the name of the video and paste the embed code on the post.
Thats it. Pretty simple and fast.

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Youtube Views Needed

Hi Freelancers,

I need a dedicated and sincere freelancer who can take care of getting lots of Youtube Views for several Videos and doing it without the videos and youtube accounts being banned.

If done well, more work comes hereafter.

Thank you.

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WordPress Bot – Automatic Post


i want a wp bot with these options. Please read options very carefully, then dont sned me Pm with other details. i want only these options :

– I will add keywords as i want to bot, bot will go to the " " and will search all google, will get articles, documents, etc, will get these articles from google and will post to my wp site.

i want to get posts from only " " not any other site.

– articles must be without pictures or videos or any other material..i want only Text.

– Bot will add some tags to this Text ( minum 3 tags max 10 tags )

– Bot will add a sentences that i will add to the bot, to end of all text that it got from google. i can change this sentences from panel.

– I can give some works to the bot. For example scheludes. i will tell the bot that " Post automatically 5 post to this site everyday – or 2 days in a week – or 3 times at a day etc.. ) Or i will make it manuely. it must work both type.. ( with schelude and manuely )

– i want to use this bot, at all my WP sites. it must work at all sites. not only at 1 site.

Please dont send me " copy paste " messages for this project. i dont interest with your " team " or your company past..Only send me pm for this project.


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Post Comments On Youtube and Forum

Hello. I need you to post positive short comments (3 or 4 sentences) and ratings on youtube video about dating and also post comments in dating forum. The comments need to be from multiple users (men and women), different names, different emails and unique internet. Good English skills and comments should be about dating appropriate to forum subjects. Please tell me how many unique post you can get for the price of $40. My budget is $40 only for this project. Thanks for bidding.

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twitpic, twittascope and youtube all features clone

I am looking for a clone of with full integration into twitter. Please study completely how the pics are uploaded and how the links get posted on twitter, how the replies as comments of the pics also get twitted… every feature has to be there, even the API which allows to upload pics via mobile… Plus I want feature too in this site and you will have to work with the youtube API in such a way that we can bring in users youtube videos in there profile and have the comments that are posted to be tweeted. I want a unique and better design.

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site very similar to fmylife

I am looking for a site very similar to fmylife or other sites with user generated content. The only main difference is that I want to only allows submissions with a very specific number of words. All submissions must be submitted with the option for us to edit and approve each. After approval, we would like the submissions to be automatically posted.

Users must also be able to register for their own account and view their past postings, etc. Similarly, authors should be searchable and have all their postings displayed when their name is clicked on.

We should have the ability to add and delete posts easily. Also, we should have the ability to adjust keywords easily.

Only programmers with relevant experience and a thorough understanding of what is involved with the development of a site like fmylife should apply.

I have a strong vision for what I want to site to look like and how I want it to operate, but also want the flexibility to adjust it easily as it grows.

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Put up three Youtbe videos

I have the song and the images, video and audio. Need to put up on You tube, the provider also to help in putting a professional video with the information supplied. Need to have and incorporate some non copyright pictures and videos. Three videos in all. Iam looking for long term provider for my Youtube videos

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WordPress plugin SOAP REST autopost

I am looking for a WordPress plugin which goes out on a random daily time basis and reads my product SOAP/REST feed and creates an automatic post. That is the only functionality required.

Post must be WordPress compliant so that it does all the standard things like pings etc.

Please respond using the keyword Chelski and please describe your experience and solution. I will not read bids that do not comply.

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