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IPad App For Product Catalog With Ordering Function

Hi there,

We need a programmer(s) to build a iPad App and the backend (server-side). The App will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business iPad App. The GUI of the app, GUI of the backend and the technical designs of the backend will be provided by us.

Off course we need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.

– Only bid IF you have successfully delivered IPAD projects on
– Give examples of similar or other IPAD projects that you have completed successfully
– Have the tools and development environment to do the job well
– Can deliver a prototype quickly – A prototype is required and we will test it
– Will require the source code
– Ask questions in PM

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Ipad App. Product Catalog And Order Application All In One

Hi there,

We need a programmer(s) to build a Ipad app and the backend (server-side). The app. will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business Ipad app. The GUI of the app, GUI of the backend and the technical designs of the backend will be provided by us.

Off course we need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.


Marvin Binderhagel
GC Productions

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MAV-Backend Server Application Phase 1

Description of Organization:
mavnewmedia is young and responsive company with a passion to work with you to bring long term sustainable success to your business by providing the knowledge, services and IT tailored solutions.

We develop solutions for our clients as well as custom products to sell to an international market. We are looking for a partner to initially develop some components of our current application and later on build a long term partner for future develop of our projects in the pipeline

Project Purpose:
Web-based application to provide application to frontend client devices (web and mobile clients)

Functionality Needed:
Database, Backend Web Administration, SMS Integration, Statistics & reporting via graphs and reporting engines, google maps, Message template generator

Programming Environment:
PHP, Symfony 1.4, Doctrine, XML/JSON, Javascript, reporting engines, PHP Excel, MySQL

The professional will provide:
Concept, Database, Layout

I am looking for a contractor who can offer:
High Quality [over Fast Delivery and Low Price]

Additional Specifications for the Project:
* Work time scheduled to fit German core working hours (GMT+1. 08:00 – 18:00 + breaks)
* Daily code commits with sufficient comments in our SVN
* IM-Availability via Skype during working hours
* Mandatory status calls every 2/3 days
* Each design decision / approach is to be discussed with client before implementation
* Documentation is a key requirement for signing of code
* Emphasis is laid on good understanding of requirements to avoid implementation delays

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Mobile Backup App With Web Backend Needed For Client

Client looking for a mobile phone backup app and USER & ADMIN backend web managemant.
Inexpensive with all or most of the options in the product:

D A S H W I R E (dot) com

all functionality on the above needed. look at the site and mid way on page there is a PDF describing all functionality.

Please post if you have the expertise AND/OR you have built similar systems.

thanks.. Please send private PMs

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Website With Backend

We require a website to complement an mobile APP. Very simple straight forward website required to take user feed for some field and answer will be provided to user (in some cases instant and in some cases with in 24 hours). There is a backend developed for mobile application we want to integrate this website in that back end. Backend is developed using LAMP.

We will allocate this project very soon.

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I need someone to work with me on this project. The following has been done:

UI Design
Architecture – backend ie datalayer etc

I need someone to use the backend to get this project working + fix UI . The person needs knowledge of .NET 4 or 3.5

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Add Button In Magento

I need a magento programmer to:

1. Add a button in the backend that when clicked, runs a php script in a popup window.
2. Inserts the returned info into a database.

The code that needs to be run is already written. I just need the button in the backend of magento and the returned values entered into the database. This is an urgent project.

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Android Application And Web Service

I require an Android application which allows a user to login (create a logon) to a backend and upload location infromation. The webservice will then return information to the client which will be displayed on the device.

Backend will be Apache and PHP with MySQL server.

Require source for the Android appplication, webservice and layout of SQL database(s)

Further work in the pipeline including expanding on initial application and porting to Apple Iphone and Ipad

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Website Overhaul With Backend

We would like to update our website to have a more fresh elegant look, to help establish our online image. We have ideas on similar sites that we would like to use as examples, and will provide product images. It requires a backend platform capable of ease of management to decrease upkeep time, and allow people who are not familiar with coding languages to upkeep it, as well as the ability to add plugins (as we add more services for our customers). WordPress for example is a good platform, if the custom post-types can be establish and built for our needs.

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Rails Backend Development

I need help on finishing a backend for a Ruby on Rails application I have been writing. I am only looking for someone who can complete a few resources that I do not have time to finish. The following tasks would need to be done:

– Develop between 3-7 models
– Develop controllers for the respective models
– Write test cases for the controllers and models
– Write custom XML and JSON views for all the current resources.

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ECommerce Site With Admin Backend

Site Requirements:

100,000 Product Catalog
Multiple Currencies
Shipping / Tax calculation
Translations (English, German, Slovakian, Czech, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese)
Coupon capability
Email receipt functionality
Customer log-in

Inventory control
Shipping/receiving log
Customer management/Help Desk
Accounting software integration

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Website Manager Required For Our Business Seo And Backend

For our business we require a website designer and backend manager who can redisign and edit also create a backend system so we can do easy text and pics edits without much computer knowledge we are a national company but concentrate most of our business thru south west of england and south wales its quite a big job and would need not only proof that the designer seo person was capable but a probationary period so we could get some insight as we have lost a lot of money in the past please only reply if you agree to a 2month probation period and if successful we would pay then and if not successful a small payment only would be paid

we can offer u job security and a good rate of pay

Thanks for reading

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Magento Backend Developer

For a period of 3 moths which can be extended we are looking for a Magento and WordPress Backend develloper.

If you are willing to work in our office in Holland please contact me.

The first task that will be assigned to you is a community website written in WordPress and BuddyPress. After that we will have more devellopment based on the Magento platform.

The skills that are recuired:
English (ofcourse)
Zend Platform.

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Need PHP Developers


We already having a website developed using ASP .Net

So we need a PHP programmer who can conver the asp .net into PHP.We already have the required stored procedures.The programmer has to convert the asp .net pages into php.We are using SQl server 2005 as a we need the PHP website pages need to work as sql server as the backend.

This is a time sensitive project.I need the project to be completed within sunday.


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Website Design

Move from current website to new website…
1. Propagate Affiliate program/reset backend admin
2. Propagate Paypal
3. Propagate SSL Cert.
4. Propagate Web hosting/domain name serach/reset backend admin
5. Make any needed page changes
6. New website coded must be familiar with PHP/Oscomm
7. Website will be ready to "go live" upon completion
Must guarantee work for 30 day support

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PHP/MySQL/JQuery Website With Full Backend

I need a highly skilled PHP/MySQL developer who can work with a graphic designer (me) to build a full featured website with a backend for administration of article-based content including text, sound, images, videos similar to yet simpler than

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Facebook + Backend Application

To develop a facebook app with web cam capturing, image editing and some interactive functions. details are strictly confidental and will be sent to interested bidders. just feel free to send us a private message.

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A Section In The Backend So I Can Change Links Paths And Nam

A Section in the backend so I can change links paths and names for the "Quick Packs" on the main page of the Record Pool.

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Website Set Up

Move from current website to new website…
1. Propagate Affiliate program/reset backend admin
2. Propagate Paypal
3. Propagate SSL Cert.
4. Propagate Web hosting/domain name serach/reset backend admin
5. Make any needed page changes
6. Website will be ready to "go live" upon completion
Must guarantee work for 30 day support

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IPhone Auction App And Backend


We would like an auction app built for iPhone that will consist of two main tasks:

1) Build backend database which will include auction items and user information
2) Build iPhone app including geolocation functionality and ability to list and bid on items, as well as push notifications

Overall project is relatively simple, but fast implementation and creativity to get the product off the ground are critical.

Milestone payment shedule as outlined below, but equity stake possible in addition to project payment if the right skill set and assistance are provided:

– 10% on completion of requirements discussion and start of project coding
– 20% on first version with functionality
– 20% on development completion
– 25% on acceptance by Apple to iTunes
– 25% one month after launch with no bugs detected

No copyright code to be used (including GPL and GNU) unless its use fully disclosed to us with the ramifications explained, and we agree in writing. All copyright in the work will be retained by us, unless agreed in advance, or in accordance with the equity stake that we may agree.

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Simple Web Page With Basic CMS Backend (drupal)


I need this web page done fast. the template can be seen on as attachment. I need exact representation of the page. it has to support 2 languages (danish and English). i will need a extreamly simple cms as backend so the user can change there content without having to deal with any complexity.

All delivered asap.



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Creating A New Iphone/ipad App & Submitting To Apple Store

Creating A New Iphone App & Submitting to Apple Store

i need a company who is exert in creating iphone application.

We need a company to create an app for company staff to interact with one another. This add will be protected with password and userid. Only staff can use.

It will serve as a company portal with latest news , information and interactive.

For iphone4 and ipad
With backend system to upload and edit information
Password protected app
App icon design and input icon graphic into app
app navigation design
backend system design
documentation of code and user manuel
Upload to apple store until approval

Cost $1200

STIRCT DEADLINE First mock by 11 March 2011 (tested on end user iphone without backend system- static)
Able to test without backend system by 12 March 2011

Backend system and implementation 7-14 days

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Facebook App With Leaderboard / Voting System And Backend

Project as discussed with George.

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Iphone Mobile Application Social Network

Website & backend is almost ready & operational…

Develop these features on IPhone.

– Chat (create a chat server such, that chat is possible b/w website user & his buddy on iphone) or website to website..
– friends list (taken from the backend service) – only a cool UI needs to be developed
– profile page with comments (taken from backend service)
– User Activity page (taken from backend service)
– photo posting album & comments section (taken from backend)

Basically user interface needs to be developed for above. Backend service is 90% ready & operational..

Only a backend chat server might need to be developed, cos currently website to website chat is being done through a third party php script….

The UI needs to be splendid graphics work…

For above task : US $ 300.00

Bonus US$ 300 – if someone can develop a push based architecture using java technology ? or something, such a way, that when backend has some updates to send, the notifications can be send to the mobile client and then the client can pull the data, instead of client requesting every certain time interval for new updates…

i need data to be pushed to the mobile client when available… some one who has done this before, pls let me know.

I think this is supported for IPhone and it has to be for Black Berry as well, cos BB messenger uses same technique..

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Group Buy Website (working Template Plus Customization)

Im looking for a fully functional group buy script with the following mandatory features delivered within 7 calendar days. So Im not looking for you to build something from ground up. I need you to have an existing and functional script and add in whatever is missing from my requirement list below.

Please include a working demo for both front and backend. Only serious bidders please and lastguru need not apply.

1. Functionality similar to Groupon with a different look and feel. Color theme and logo configurable from backend.
2. Discussion board for each deal.
3. Deals time left must show # of days left as well as hours/minutes/seconds.
4. There can be an unlimited # of side deals.
5. Email campaign integration with templates for various features such as for the daily deal newsletter, new user welcome letter, deal achieved confirmation letter along with coupon, deal can celled notification letter, etc. There must also be a preview function on these emails from the backend.
6. Facebook connect
7. Country/State/City management
8. Payment gateway integration with Paypal and Elavon (
9. Easy and user-friendly interface for adding and administering deals.
10. Past deals must be display with the most recent showing first.
11. Footer area a CMS with configurable page titles and page content.
12. Multiple languages (English and Chinese at a minimum) configurable from backend.
13. Referral program configurable to a % of sales as commission rather than a flat fee.
14. Affiliate program integration with Post Affiliate Pro (

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CSS Implementation Backend

Ive acquired an admin template online and would like to have it implemented in an existing backend. Full source code available, need to change header / colors / buttons / background / fonts / tabs / etc.

This is the admin template Ive acquired:

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User/Company Database Backend Site

I need to have a website with a robust mysql backend to be able to capture user email and password, create accounts for them and have many customizable fields in it. It will also need to be able to be accessed by an iPhone/Android app once the website is complete and running. I can do most of the design work so this would mostly be creating a shell website and than all of the mysql backend.

There will need to be a NDA for this project also.


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Online Booking System With CRM Capabilities

We are looking for an online booking system with CRM capabilities.

We will be using Joomla for the website and we could use SugarCRM or similar so would prefer to have this integrated but it

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Need Backend System For Dating Site

I need a backend system/CMS to support a soon to be launching dating site which details events single people can sign up for. Below is whats required:

* User registration/login ability
* Simple and PRIVATE user profiles consisting of a few fields that are editable by the user
* Ability to insert new events and event details which will automatically go live on the site upon entry
* Email notices to users
* Payment system – Paypal, credit card, etc
* Ability to edit all content on pages, as well as title & meta tags for SEO purposes

Preferred language is PHP.

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New Website – Database Driven, Robust Backend.

New website complete with design, membership area, admin area. The areas would have to be password protected. The website would only serve 5-300 members max. It would need a robust backend. The member area would add records, return records, print records and display records for thier login only. The admin area would have reporting tools for the records and would be able to select records by date range, member, and various other variables. The idea of the website is pretty basic. I can provide examples after bids are placed.

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PhP Developer – Online Game Server



We need a mid- to senior-level LAMP developer to strengthen our team for 3 months, building our latest MMOGs web service backend.

You must be immediately available as we need to fill this position in the very short term. You will work at least 2 days a week from our office in Alabang (Muntinlupa), South of Metro Manila.

– Work with our lead back-end Php Developer on building backend web services for a standard MMOG which can easily be interfaced with iPhone or Android client code.
– Optimization of backend for performance and scalability
– Create coherent, organized code with sufficient documentation

– At least 2 years building and designing PHP-based web services
– Able to build the backend service of something similar to popular browser-based MMO-games of today
– Solid understanding of relational databases using SQL
– Exceptional knowledge of a popular PHP based Frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Kohana, Zend, Symphony, Cake, etc.
– Working knowledge and/or experience setting up and configuring a LAMP stack hosted in a cloud service
– Comfortable with command line/SSH administration
– Familiar with techniques in query optimization
– Knowledge in indexes, locking, transactions, etc.
– Experience using crontab/rsync/scp
– Eager to thrive in a fast-paced startup environment
– B.S. degree in Computer Science or equivalent

Company is located in Alabang (Muntinlupa), South of Metro Manila.


Enter your quote for a 3 months assignment (= total of how much you would charge for 3 months of full-time work).

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Facebook App + Backend Application

We are planning a facebook application which works closely together with a backend php application which has to be developed too.
Basically the backend application will allow to create some kind of polls which will then be published through the facebook app.
Details are strictly confidental and will be send to interested bidders.
Just feel free to send us a private message.

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